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  • Which fidget spinner toy is your favorite?
    - Tri-color Spinner: amzn.to/2pvL2X7
    - Fidget Spinner Wheel: amzn.to/2pgJ5NA

    Fidget Spinner vs Fidget Spinner: tvclip.org/video/1DKMwOcAFT8/

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  • Lia-Nazar 71707
    Lia-Nazar 71707 53 minutes ago

    i liked subscribed and turn on notification sounds

  • The Land of a Thousand Chins

    More sound=worse

  • Sam Hayward
    Sam Hayward 6 hours ago

    Hey guys hey guys I was watching you guys on YouTube Just a second and you guys are so funny so how are how are you doing listening I love your channel I love you too so much that's I even watch it in the shower but it's not like in the shower curtain I just I just I just I just I just I just I just bye bye to Miranda Miranda remember me

  • Sam Hayward
    Sam Hayward 6 hours ago

    I love fidget spinners so I got one myself and mine's is really nice it has a nice touch and a glow in the dark I wish I could send you a picture but but to know I just wanted to say I love your Channel and love you guys and you guys are my world you guys keep me happy and you guys keep me keep me concentrated on a whole bunch of other things that I would like to do in life and I am playing with my fidget spinner right now just so you guys to know and I hope you read these comments they are not mean they are very nice and I would just like for you guys to read me as a first one my name is Jocelyn Gonzalez and you could go find me on musically I like I like a musically is unlocked so you can find me on a lot of musically's like when I was little I got something for Christmas and I'm sorry messages bananas like so so going bananas so like I was saying it's lucky to have you guys like have a lot of things in life you guys need to work on so do I but for one set I would just like to say that you guys inspire me to do good things and you guys please tell me where you live I think I am where you live right now and we're going to Legoland right now I'm in a carved playing with my fidget spinners so I would just like for you guys to read this to know that we care about your feelings also these are not mean comments again these are comments that can inspire you to do good things for the world and you guys are very do good things for me so I want to spread some money and you guys are basically but I think you guys should be thank you for your time I'm telling you again these are not mean comments These are nice comments I'm just trying to say you guys are my world you inspire me to do good things for the world and you guys are not bad people you are awesome people I watched your video videos in the car and sometimes at hospitals so I would like to show the world what I'm made of and I would like to say one more time that these are not mean comments they're nice comments like when all is a little

  • xX_Sketch_Girl_Xx Gaming

    yup, its banned at my school

  • Lena oe
    Lena oe 14 hours ago +1

    whatΒ΄s wrong with the kids? ... a fidget spinner , for real ?!

  • Stanko Erik
    Stanko Erik 21 hour ago

    this is photos shop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Tyler Crosswell
    Tyler Crosswell Day ago

    Cool as

  • Mary & Suzy G
    Mary & Suzy G Day ago +1

    I love you guys so much like if you love them❀️❀️❀️😊😊

  • Alexander's Toy Mania


    ZAPS99 GAMING Day ago

    At 1.28 that fidget spinner I have that in silver

  • sparky time second channel

    i will give you a antire bag of fidget spinnets in the world if you subscribe to my channel my fathers a rich man

  • Pietra GonΓ§alves
    Pietra GonΓ§alves 2 days ago

    CadΓͺ os br

  • Haiqa Amna
    Haiqa Amna 2 days ago

    Haiqa and Amna

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D 2 days ago

    not yet band lol

  • Valdemar Borg
    Valdemar Borg 2 days ago


  • David Ratcliffe
    David Ratcliffe 3 days ago

    Miss monky is cute

  • Anthony Ariel Ipial Arciniega

    Que grito

  • Francisco Losada
    Francisco Losada 3 days ago

    You are askholl

  • Fr4sh Burrito
    Fr4sh Burrito 3 days ago

    At 1:04 why does he think its a RIP headphones users its not loud

  • Qaxpoketrainer Toy
    Qaxpoketrainer Toy 4 days ago

    Kids take fidget spinners like a toy and something that they need, or else they'll die. Fidget spinners are for kids that are autistic, or have ADHD.

  • Maris M
    Maris M 4 days ago

    The sound at the end reminded me of the THX intro sound.

  • ashanti garcia
    ashanti garcia 4 days ago

    Fidget spinners are banned from my school

  • Ω…Ψ±ΨͺΨΆΩ‰ rgwe


  • Mr Soran
    Mr Soran 4 days ago

    Fuget spinner sucks it's a wired stupid thing

  • Olynda Mentore
    Olynda Mentore 4 days ago

    i have one to and it lights red and blue and green

  • i am Dead Inside
    i am Dead Inside 4 days ago

    wtf is this they are possed by demons 100% what the hell

  • Neville Longbottom
    Neville Longbottom 4 days ago

    My school didn't get banned yet

  • Kel Green
    Kel Green 4 days ago

    Your my favourite YouTubers make sure you don't hit that πŸ‘Ž

  • Jodie Canvin
    Jodie Canvin 5 days ago

    It band from my school

  • Maria Molina
    Maria Molina 5 days ago


  • shrief hacker
    shrief hacker 6 days ago

    i need a fidget spinner:-(:'(

  • kidde13
    kidde13 6 days ago

    There are some really cool ones.

  • Christopher Rhodes
    Christopher Rhodes 7 days ago

    Your kids are horrible

  • Emily Mathews
    Emily Mathews 7 days ago

    Rip headphones

  • NetherStarLP
    NetherStarLP 7 days ago

    Spoiled kids

  • Enver Hilfiger
    Enver Hilfiger 7 days ago

    Jetzt den LED-Fidget Spinner hier bestellen: www.amazon.de/CAMTOA-leuchtende-Spielzeug-Autismus-Erwachsene/dp/B071V64KK9/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1502139186&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=fidget+spinner&_encoding=UTF8&tag=nver-21&linkCode=ur2&linkId=c66d7210ea2758ff25eda593ee2ded38&camp=1638&creative=6742

  • H Q
    H Q 7 days ago

    Hi it's me and my brother and brother are you and me and my brother brother and brother lol πŸ˜‚ and I know you are the best brother and brother I love you so much please follow me I love you so much please follow me I love you so much please follow me I love you so much please follow me I hope you're having fun today I hope your a great year is a good day for me you can thank you so so thank it for your life thank goodness πŸ˜… said he doesn't even have the same hair for a new year or so many of us are ugly but I can't help he me and brother I love it ugly and ugly like I said it doesn't work out here and I'm just so sorry to call me a boy I know I can't stop laughing he said I got it right here lol no one is gonna call

  • BoΕΎidar BuljeviΔ‡


  • Leo Gabor
    Leo Gabor 8 days ago


  • Haylie Friends
    Haylie Friends 8 days ago

    very nice video

  • ArchieBoy Gaming
    ArchieBoy Gaming 8 days ago

    No hate but you don't dab like that dab in the mean comments so the fans know what I mean

  • Jamie Stulce
    Jamie Stulce 9 days ago

    why were they so excited about fidget spinners

  • Josiah Singleton
    Josiah Singleton 9 days ago

    give me fidget spinner

  • Josiah Singleton
    Josiah Singleton 9 days ago

    give me fidget spinner

  • Mimi Ortega
    Mimi Ortega 9 days ago

    The spinner yes

  • Big Time Fidget Toys

    Hey Eh Bee Family! I sent you 6 of our Made in Western New York Big Time Fidget Spinners for a review/giveaway. Can you please let me know what happened, we haven't heard from you and it has been a couple months now. Regards, Robert

  • Amie Bugeja
    Amie Bugeja 10 days ago

    I have no o

  • Branden Ruiz
    Branden Ruiz 10 days ago +1

    My ears really hurt when he screamed

  • CorujΓ£o BR
    CorujΓ£o BR 10 days ago

    kkkk no brasil eu acho por R$ 20:00 aqui e BR porra

  • Mikkel Nereng
    Mikkel Nereng 10 days ago


  • Mikkel Nereng
    Mikkel Nereng 10 days ago

    Go to 0:1 rip headphone usersπŸ˜‚πŸŽ§πŸ˜΅

    KRNF XJR 10 days ago

    I got a lot of fidget spinners

  • Megalania
    Megalania 10 days ago

    My cousin has the same goldin figit spinner

  • Samuel Camp
    Samuel Camp 11 days ago

    Can I have one

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 11 days ago

    Can I please have wheel fidget spinner

  • Erda Ismaili
    Erda Ismaili 11 days ago

    Ay lavyu

  • Deadpool 243
    Deadpool 243 11 days ago

    l subscribe wen you add 1.k subscribe d

  • Claire Galam
    Claire Galam 11 days ago

    Do you no what is the of my fidget is gold and red

  • Claire Galam
    Claire Galam 11 days ago

    Hey i got a fidget spinner to

  • Taco the Team-killer
    Taco the Team-killer 11 days ago

    Instantly disliked. (Btw isn't this kid like 14 grow up child.)

  • Jeremy Cottle
    Jeremy Cottle 11 days ago

    Omg I love fidget spinners I've got a collection in a box in total I have about 17 and I have blade and light up ones to my favourite of your collection was also the coulourful one and the round one

  • Andrei gamingYT
    Andrei gamingYT 11 days ago +1

    RIP my ears

  • Theresa Taylor
    Theresa Taylor 12 days ago

    Can I have a fidget spinner I subscribed

  • Theresa Taylor
    Theresa Taylor 12 days ago

    I subscribed now can I please please please have a fidget spinner

  • Assassins creed 112233

    I wish to be apart of your family

  • Π³ΠΈΠ»ΠΊΠ°Π±Ρ€ΠΈΠΎΠ½ Ρ‚Π² Esengulov

    Π’Ρ‹ ΡˆΡ‚ΠΎ Ρ‚Π°ΠΊ Π°Ρ€Π΅Π½Π΄Π°

  • Patricio Esquivel Canales


  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 13 days ago

    can I have it looks live in the usa

  • Minecraft Review
    Minecraft Review 13 days ago

    "Helps with stress." Huh? NO IT DOESNT

  • Connor Lawry
    Connor Lawry 13 days ago


    • Connor Lawry
      Connor Lawry 13 days ago


  • santiago ibaΓ±ez serpa
    santiago ibaΓ±ez serpa 14 days ago +1

    NiΓ±os rataa

  • Maythe Guerrero
    Maythe Guerrero 14 days ago

    Can I have some

  • Tori Burnside
    Tori Burnside 14 days ago

    U guys act like idiots when you see a fidjet spinners exept for the mom and brother

  • deee dia
    deee dia 14 days ago

    Wtf?! People happend ?

  • Dealer Dealer
    Dealer Dealer 14 days ago

    And I am from lebanon

  • Dealer Dealer
    Dealer Dealer 14 days ago

    These are so cool

  • SpiderBoy Batugal
    SpiderBoy Batugal 15 days ago

    Hey ms monkey your weird

  • Matthew Lasso
    Matthew Lasso 15 days ago

    At 0:58 r i p head phone users

  • York Ciyy Lorry
    York Ciyy Lorry 15 days ago

    Take a photo

  • y Woolley
    y Woolley 15 days ago

    That is freakey when you sing

  • Yarely Estrada Marquez


  • Lucas Hogan
    Lucas Hogan 15 days ago

    I have a fidget spinner but my mum won't let me take it to school and it is banned from school

  • WarlockX 1280
    WarlockX 1280 15 days ago

    I have a fidget spinner and the color is a delta and its a ninja star

  • Video Wiz
    Video Wiz 15 days ago

    0:00 thank me later

    • Video Wiz
      Video Wiz 15 days ago

      if ur hardcore enough, 0:57 !!!!!!

  • Saheboon Jhingut
    Saheboon Jhingut 16 days ago

    i like the wheel one

  • Carol Gaming
    Carol Gaming 16 days ago

    These kids are so spoiled

  • Namlahang Limbu
    Namlahang Limbu 16 days ago

    I have that one!

  • Tatiana Hidalgo
    Tatiana Hidalgo 17 days ago

    I love is a girl in the video

  • Ruban Satkunarajah
    Ruban Satkunarajah 17 days ago

    do beyblade

  • Kman Price
    Kman Price 17 days ago

    I have the golden pointy one

  • Seaworthykey
    Seaworthykey 17 days ago

    Day or a baddie πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Denis XD
    Denis XD 17 days ago


  • Angela Hott
    Angela Hott 17 days ago

    I have a figet spinner that can light up

  • Ariel Baradillo
    Ariel Baradillo 17 days ago

    I had 27 of fedget spinner

  • Alannah Spraggs
    Alannah Spraggs 17 days ago

    Yes it is hhhhhhheeeeeeelllllp mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • adrian Calcedo
    adrian Calcedo 17 days ago

    is hust a fidget spiner

  • MrGabrielCookie Does Gamez

    0:00 rip headphone users...

  • Amayrani Malyani
    Amayrani Malyani 18 days ago

    i love the figet spinner that ur brother has

  • Isaac Zendejas
    Isaac Zendejas 18 days ago

    I have the wheel fidget spinner

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