The Problem With Friends With Benefits - Sessions Ep. 2

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  • Part 2 of a 3-episode series
    Part 1:
    Part 3:

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    “Movement”, “Nostalgia” & “Slow Waltz”
    Steven Wilson

    Warner Chappell Production Music

    SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

    Footage provided by VideoBlocks

    Made by BFMP

    Lily Sullivan @LilyYily
    Sterling Brim @steelobrim
    Jared Popkin @jaredpopkin
    & Brandon Ficara as the Therapist

    Special Thanks to:
    Mikey Hawley
    Ricky Staffieri


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  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 5:50
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  • Nells
    Nells 13 days ago

    20 likes and i'll tell my fwb that I have feelings for him...

  • yoogrldude
    yoogrldude Month ago


  • Cinder HOWL
    Cinder HOWL 4 months ago

    seriously tho, I'd love to have a boyfriend. Friends With Benefits is something I'm okay with tho

  • Cinder HOWL
    Cinder HOWL 4 months ago

    I didn't expect Steelo Brim! love that guy!

  • Faith Granville
    Faith Granville 8 months ago +1

    Where do I find a friend who $275 dollars for frozen yogurt

  • dan020350
    dan020350 10 months ago


  • punkstarbear
    punkstarbear Year ago +2

    you can't expect one human being to fulfill all your needs. stop looking at relationships like ownerships. a relationship is an experience, not a possession. be a whole, complete person in yourself, and enjoy the experience of any relationships you pick up along the way. its like a meditation - keep moving on, don't get stagnant. its not like a loyalty card - you don't get more points when you stick around. you just take each experience for what it is and live in the moment while it lasts. live each moment and have no regrets. its remarkably simple for something people want to overcomplicate all the time.

    remember - you have to be a whole soul yourself before your soulmate appears. and a soulmate may only last for 6 months but it doesn't mean they weren't your soulmate.

  • Foxtrot
    Foxtrot Year ago

    role reversal

  • Gossipgirlx0
    Gossipgirlx0 Year ago

    i have been dating my fwb for 2 years !

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass Year ago

    If you tell some one what they need to hear and not what they want to hear, they resent you.

  • Takiko Taco
    Takiko Taco Year ago

    is it me or does she sound a little like demi lovato? idk... maybe it's just me lol

  • Citlaly Ireland
    Citlaly Ireland Year ago

    You are the business!!! So hot huerito😊😍

  • Gigi Drummond
    Gigi Drummond Year ago

    Ha ha ha - just keepin it
    1000 !

  • VangS
    VangS Year ago +2

    3/4 of the end of this clip went off course of its title.

  • Simsy 1741
    Simsy 1741 Year ago


  • Volstreed
    Volstreed Year ago

    Oooh, tell her how you feel. Do it. Yes! Such a good series! :)

  • Tgirl Lannister
    Tgirl Lannister Year ago


  • Sally Rasmussen
    Sally Rasmussen Year ago


  • alegre
    alegre Year ago


  • Alexa Mendoza
    Alexa Mendoza Year ago


  • Butterkeks Gangster

    Music by Steven Wilson - whooooooot? thumbs up

  • JustJazzy25
    JustJazzy25 Year ago

    Does the therapist have a neck?

  • Gage Cutts
    Gage Cutts Year ago


  • Sinnita Gounden
    Sinnita Gounden Year ago +1

    this is not what all "friends with benefits" relationships are like 😕

  • Kane Moffat
    Kane Moffat Year ago

    she's a fucing heartless spychopath

  • Lor I
    Lor I Year ago +1


  • Ailin S
    Ailin S Year ago +6


  • Invested Viewer
    Invested Viewer Year ago +5

    I didn't know Gru became a psychiatrist

  • Stace Girl
    Stace Girl Year ago

    Wow. Truth.

  • Kenpachi CG
    Kenpachi CG Year ago

    That is garbage.

  • Camillia McCown
    Camillia McCown Year ago +1


  • some one NAME VALENCIA

    umm this is weird I'm in this situation and I like I don't care that much but same time I'm like I rather get a real GF:/ idk what should I do guys

  • Chelsey J
    Chelsey J Year ago

    ya I hate it when they get clingy.

  • Kemo Kemo
    Kemo Kemo Year ago +2

    I disliked the movie in order to make it exactly 300 dislikes..
    Problems of having OCD

  • Maria
    Maria Year ago +5

    "Yeah but i am the hoe...and i wanna be a housewife" lmao i'm loling irl

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon Year ago

    I that guy was a Midgets

  • maybenotserious
    maybenotserious Year ago

    That ending was perfect xD

  • Samuel115s
    Samuel115s Year ago +1

    this hairstyle looks good on him.

  • Fizzy Izzy channel

    Where do I find Sterling from Ridiculousness

  • Mya Lake
    Mya Lake Year ago

    "Who's Gus?" Lol

  • WolfRyder
    WolfRyder Year ago

    Omg! That just happened to! :( I don't want to be a ho either....I wanna be a housewife.

  • Allison Mitchell
    Allison Mitchell Year ago

    Oh sh!t! It's Steelo! I'd pay HIM $275 to bring him froyo

  • Alberto Castrejon

    The part about the friends saying what they want to hear to make themselves feel better really got to me, its something I do to make myself feel like its not a big deal and it helps me sleep at night but hearing it from someone else point of view it reminds me of how sad I am, how much I miss her and how I just say things that stupid things just to keep my spirit up

  • Hetalian Tomodachi

    Sopranos anyone?

  • Karen H
    Karen H Year ago

    somebody give that rich friend a hug

  • Jakeisha Williams

    Lmao the black dude is funny 😂

  • Mout M.
    Mout M. Year ago

    So, is friends with benefits like a commn thing? When did this kinda relationship started to exist or did it always existed? Is this more from western culture or does other cultures engage in this type of relationship too?

  • ontiverosalexx
    ontiverosalexx Year ago

    "I say you ghost her" lmao that's terrible !!!!

  • yyyuuuiii0102
    yyyuuuiii0102 Year ago

    Love this !!!!

  • yixing park
    yixing park Year ago +21

    he's the side chick but he wants to be the wifey

  • Brickcellent
    Brickcellent Year ago

    I hate Buzzfeed, but I have to admit, this was good. Take this and run with it.

  • MOMMYkillest
    MOMMYkillest Year ago +1

    Lmao...exactly why I don't do friends with benefits. Too selfish for that.

  • bananananaO9
    bananananaO9 Year ago +1

    your always gonna get hurt when your a sidehoe

  • Pearlynn Wang
    Pearlynn Wang Year ago


  • Rutanga Katjivena

    steelo is deep yoh!!!
    lol #notice the sarcasm

  • Rutanga Katjivena

    oh my freakin amazeballs

  • gamjc
    gamjc Year ago

    Oh Chris...I legit feel your character...sans actually going to therapy and being jobless :/. #stillkindred

  • Lchantilly
    Lchantilly Year ago

    Why is it written 9568 likes and not 9k?

  • Svetlana Kerrigan
    Svetlana Kerrigan Year ago +1

    Am I the only person who thinks that friends with benefits is degradation?

    HARLEY OROZCO Year ago

    my baby steelo! 😭💖

  • ForeverGiselle
    ForeverGiselle Year ago +6

    Don't get into fwb unless you are strong and know you won't get attached...I got into fwb and caught feelings and when he broke my heart :(

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia Year ago

    What's with steelo's voice?

  • Juana Roa
    Juana Roa Year ago

    OMG STEELO! <3

  • Clio Charmian
    Clio Charmian Year ago


  • Michelle Ricciardi

    I am not trying to be rude or make comparisons, but I am enjoying this way more than You Do You. This moves so well in the same amount of time.

  • Sadie Delin
    Sadie Delin Year ago

    why can't men just enjoy the FWB relationship. It's fun, no drama, very little responsibility

  • marburge
    marburge Year ago

    Does anyone know where to find the song, Movement, from the ending?

  • Matias Sanchez Blanco

    why is everybody trying so hard to get a wife/girlfriend, isn't there more to life than that?

  • LadyChaos101
    LadyChaos101 Year ago +7

    "I'm..the...hoe. I wanna be a housewife" lmao

  • Baylee Horan
    Baylee Horan Year ago

    Yes jack in the box reference 👏🏼

  • Ashley Christine
    Ashley Christine Year ago

    I relate so much to this guy lol We have the same friends

  • GalaktycznyPies
    GalaktycznyPies Year ago +2

    Can I be Chris's cuddle buddy? and by cuddle buddy i mean gf. #ChrisIsBae

  • Briana Griffiths
    Briana Griffiths Year ago

    STERLING!! I never expected him to be in a buzzfeed video. 😂

  • grace
    grace Year ago

    omg I love the therapist

  • TheMeatIsRaw
    TheMeatIsRaw Year ago

    I'm in love with this series

  • William B
    William B Year ago

    Officially in love with these vids

  • ishr00i
    ishr00i Year ago

    Exactamente eso me pasa a mi 😐

  • SincerelyLizet
    SincerelyLizet Year ago

    "its 2016" OK dude I know its January 2nd but let's take this slow

  • Claudia Loyo
    Claudia Loyo Year ago

    Better than ydy

  • jill ian
    jill ian Year ago +2


  • Vanadium
    Vanadium Year ago

    Lmao the black dude is funny

    LENA PATEL Year ago

    I refuse to pay a therapist with no neck. Lesson to the wise: NEVER BE A FRIEND WITH BENEFITS!

  • gentlegirl88
    gentlegirl88 Year ago

    I need his job!!!

  • jesse pinkman
    jesse pinkman Year ago

    The therapist looks like he belongs in a David lynch film.

  • Arturo Angel
    Arturo Angel Year ago

    eeeewwwww cruiser board

  • Ashley Martinez
    Ashley Martinez Year ago

    Love Chris and Brittany!!

  • ariheartzkpop
    ariheartzkpop Year ago

    "yea, but i'm the hoe." lol story of my life

  • LovelyTheresa1
    LovelyTheresa1 Year ago


  • Logan Cai
    Logan Cai Year ago

    Does anyone else noticed the two other guy's personality. They are the talkative personality who really doesn't listen to what other people have to say, let alone, a chance to express one's thoughts. It reminds me of politics, where no one in the room listens to each other and just states their opinion over and over.

  • Torie Botts
    Torie Botts Year ago

    Stop buzzfeed :(

  • yenee94 Kate
    yenee94 Kate Year ago

    I love this lol

  • Sergio Arangio
    Sergio Arangio Year ago +1

    All I got from this is that therapists never give you straight answers.

  • Jennifer Dquette
    Jennifer Dquette Year ago

    OMG ITS 2016!!

  • Beowolfenstein
    Beowolfenstein Year ago

    It's Steelo Brim!

  • tyreece ved
    tyreece ved Year ago

    love the fact that they included 2016

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M Year ago +102

    I feel like if you're friends with benefits you still shouldn't sleep around with other people.

    • LittleRed
      LittleRed Year ago

      +championone2 yeah but what if the other person that they are sleeping with gets an std and then gives it to be person they are sleeping with and that person gives it to the other person. (Sorry that was confusing)

    • championone2
      championone2 Year ago

      but there's no feelings tho

    • cookiefighter
      cookiefighter Year ago

      +Jasmine M i think you should talk about it before getting into friends with benefits.. thats how i always did it, and it worked. and if someone gets anyone else, we talk ^^

  • GamingwithShevy
    GamingwithShevy Year ago

    Mee right now

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell Year ago

    this is so damn good would froth for a full tv show of this, protagonist is so easy to identify with

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett Year ago +1

    "Do you ever think people just tell you the things they want to hear?"
    Thing is that we all live in our own little bubble and live our own unique lives. The only perspective we will ever have is our own. Sharing our experiences is all we ever truly have to offer each other. Life on this planet is rather pointless, so enjoy what you can of it.

  • Hannah Schulz
    Hannah Schulz Year ago

    And that my friend is called bad communication

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