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Comments: 1 769

  • The dimple on Nam's cheek

    Why is everyone being a salty bitch ?I don't see this as what ya all called "fake" ?C'mon on guys

  • Korey Eschenfelder
    Korey Eschenfelder 4 days ago

    Y'all are scared of nothing I love exploring ditch tunnels lol

  • anthony duncnan
    anthony duncnan 8 days ago

    Go to faze rugs tunnel like so josh can see and if u agree xD

  • Suicide Gamer
    Suicide Gamer 9 days ago

    Bruh if I did I challenge and I heard something I would actually wait record it and then run

  • lori ann
    lori ann 10 days ago


  • ectazygirl
    ectazygirl 10 days ago

    he saw his own shadow

  • Andrea Cowan
    Andrea Cowan 12 days ago

    cool video

  • Casper080104
    Casper080104 12 days ago +1

    fck sake man the one urban explorer that does not fake his vids is now being sucked in by the other stupid channels dude there faking it. you need to do a vid exposing them.

  • This Kid, Me Has Anxiety

    Don't let the comments get to you lmao

  • slop hovweton
    slop hovweton 16 days ago +1

    Whoever spray painted the walls needs to learn how to spell and make tally marks correctly

  • Soham Mulgaonkar
    Soham Mulgaonkar 16 days ago

    nice vid
    keep making great content :-) :-) :-)

  • Nicole Peterson
    Nicole Peterson 17 days ago

    Im going full screen.
    wish me luck.

  • Tim Panda
    Tim Panda 18 days ago +1

    Josh please stay away from these fake idiots

  • vynessah gravano
    vynessah gravano 20 days ago

    I vote for josh

  • Kansas City Southern

    Thats Looks Fun

  • museluvr
    museluvr 23 days ago +1

    Ok.. for me, where the guy said he'd have the fewest views, than he's the one who spooks Josh & Omar to run out.. was it staged for the views on his channel? Not buying it. Honestly, unless something is shown, not buying this one. And Josh, don't start the fake staged sh*$, please. One reason I've watched you is you don't do that. Don't start now as its a good way to lose subscribers and well, destroy what you've built on honest explorations.

  • The faze puk
    The faze puk 23 days ago

    faze rug

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson 24 days ago

    Ok seriously guys if you'd are that scared going into that game tunnel then bring like swords next time or brighter lights and believe me when I say I've been in scarier conditions then this like getting lost in a cave and barely making it out

  • Yeti YT
    Yeti YT 25 days ago +1

    3am: goes in tunnel. Apparently walks for two hours in tunnel. Runs out of tunnel. Probably took a little over an hour if they were jogging back so it would be around 6-7am, how is the sun not out at all?

    • Otter Gambler
      Otter Gambler 2 days ago

      Yeti YT It depends on the time of year, depending on what time of year it is, the sun may or may not be out by then.

  • B7az3r Cru5ha
    B7az3r Cru5ha 26 days ago

    It always the same tunnel

  • Freya
    Freya 28 days ago

    They are fast runners

  • Blade Master
    Blade Master 29 days ago

    Every one makes mistakes no ones perfect

  • Madison Skye
    Madison Skye Month ago +1

    y'all stop hating on him. he said he wanted to go to a tunnel. can't u just enjoy the videos he makes for y'all? apparently not πŸ™„

  • Abie Luvs
    Abie Luvs Month ago

    EVERYONE is tripping lol what about this is fake ?? if he thinks its haunted or that he saw/heard something then that's his perspective from exploring that tunnel people react differently to certain situations.

  • IntotheVortex
    IntotheVortex Month ago

    Is that an orb flying past at 4:54 ?

  • beasty1021
    beasty1021 Month ago

    Who likes my profile picture

  • Mari Skulstad
    Mari Skulstad Month ago

    I am not a big fan of clickbaits either, but that is mostly those clickbaits that makes it look like there is something bad or good going on and then it is not after all, and the title does not fit with what's in the article or video. I also dislike those "Dog attacks human, what human does next will surprise you". Atleast Josh is not like that.

    Why I do not mind his clickbaits is because I click his videos no matter what the title says.

    Take a deep breath and keep watching. Remember to exhale aswell though.

  • Julie Ducastel
    Julie Ducastel Month ago

    more scary challenges!!! wow awesome!

  • Jorge Ong
    Jorge Ong Month ago

    Try to explore the Queen Mary ship

  • jonathon elder
    jonathon elder Month ago

    Where's the tunnel at

  • Exodia The forbidden one

    they pussied out next time bring some safety like a taser / knife / baseball bat

  • Nyaluak Kucha
    Nyaluak Kucha Month ago

    shout out to the faze rug

  • Nyaluak Kucha
    Nyaluak Kucha Month ago

    that's litt

  • Noah Keck
    Noah Keck Month ago

    I heard little girl saying mommy

  • Exploring family life with Diego and Karen

    A great video the tunnel seemed like a cool place to explore . If not for this video another place I would have never got to see. Thanks for sharing . Keep up the good work and be safe always Josh.

  • Mario Yanez
    Mario Yanez Month ago

    Carlos be running out for the most views πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Your Eggs Are Ready

    thats creepy

  • pat lindsey
    pat lindsey Month ago +1

    1700th comment!!

  • Skalle Rav
    Skalle Rav Month ago

    Flood Light Flashlights Are Good Too, But Are Shit With Tunnels.

  • Ray Walsh
    Ray Walsh Month ago +1

    Josh honestly if you didn't have a good idea for a video I'm ok that you don't put out videos daily. I expect way higher quality content on this channel

  • outlawassasin
    outlawassasin Month ago

    Hi, I'm new to your channel (started watching today) And you are so awesome. Like I can't even begin to describe it. Also don't sweat this 801 people who disliked the video, There just jealous of how much fun your having, while there sat at home doing nothing, So Josh, EXPLORERS FOR LIFE!

  • illuminati cypher
    illuminati cypher Month ago

    its the devil's butthole!

  • Mutt Cure
    Mutt Cure Month ago

    Someone left their flashlight looks like ya'll have to go back now.

  • Some/one/you/use/to/know

    Fake or not I still enjoyed the video, It looked like they had a lot of fun with it :D!
    So stop being a negative Nancy and let them have their fun :>!

  • Lizzie_e
    Lizzie_e Month ago


  • Maria Sibiceanu
    Maria Sibiceanu Month ago

    You are the best Josh . You inspired me everyday to draw , I love your channel . I love your videos whit haunted abandoned places β˜ΊπŸ˜ƒ. When you come in Romania?

  • LEA.DE-LA-CRUZ 210974


  • NY Skywatch
    NY Skywatch Month ago

    Why do you guys always run away instead of staying and investigating?? You make exploring videos where you run away at the end of each one! It's ridiculous, you never do any worthy exploring or film any paranormal or interesting. And your haircut is ridiculous yo

  • SCPC Ghost
    SCPC Ghost Month ago +1

    There's way to many fake channels out there theses days, and the viewers are to blame for supporting them. They don't wanna see real paranormal stuff they want to see a horror movie.

  • A Kim
    A Kim Month ago +1

    Keep it real, Josh. Been here since around 100k or something subs. :/

  • Bryant Anderson
    Bryant Anderson Month ago

    Instead of flipping out for fake views go further so i can see more broo

  • Tkahoa
    Tkahoa Month ago

    How does someone explore abandoned places and is scared of spiders?

  • Itz- -Monday
    Itz- -Monday Month ago +1

    Fake af

  • Steven Nash
    Steven Nash Month ago


  • Junebaby Cici
    Junebaby Cici Month ago

    This isnt safe it there could of been a flash flood and it would of killed yall please think bout this kind of stuff

  • Better Every Day
    Better Every Day Month ago

    I feel like you'd contract some incurable disease going into some random ass sewage tunnel. NOPE!

  • Cackie Jhan
    Cackie Jhan Month ago

    Don't be pussies, go back and continue all the way.

  • Ana Carolina Goes.
    Ana Carolina Goes. Month ago +1

    I don't wanna be radical, I really like your vids Josh and I see, in all of then, a naturality that didn't see in this one. Sorry, but I disliked this vid :(

  • Ana Carolina Goes.
    Ana Carolina Goes. Month ago +1

    Sorry Josh, I really like your vids and I could like this one too, but faking? Really? You make a serious and cool vids of explororation! And I love that! 'Cause it's natural, not fake. If this video was some kind of joke I would understand (the showy title and whole thing), but Moe (I don't hate him, but he has fake things on his videos) was in this exploration and everything it's smelling like fake reactions! Sorry, but I had to dislike.

    P.S: I'm a fan from Brazil.

  • LilFoxWitch
    LilFoxWitch Month ago

    Explorer's Tunnel

  • Tiff Pollack
    Tiff Pollack Month ago


  • Brooklyn best
    Brooklyn best Month ago

    moe sent me dude

  • snow_wolf
    snow_wolf Month ago

    could have been ratman from GTA 5

  • kjetil andre taule
    kjetil andre taule Month ago

    that was so intense! wonder who or what was beeing in that thunnel????

  • Seth Johnston
    Seth Johnston Month ago +1

    Gave a dislike just for the title.

    C'mon man don't start fallowing these trends... :(

  • Daniel ::
    Daniel :: Month ago

    I was just playing outlast

  • Ernest Wilson III
    Ernest Wilson III Month ago +1

    Josh seems a bit out of it. He looks as he is drunk or high in this video lololol. I think Josh honestly had no idea what was going on and if this was fake then the other two worked against him to play tricks with his mind by using echoes and sounds of waterfalls to manipulation of sound waves to create a real reaction through josh to try to draw more viewers to their channels.

  • NETI
    NETI Month ago +1

    fake ass vid. He said that they had been in that tunnel for 2 hours (5am) and the sun was coming out so why when they came out there was ni sign if sun light? was the travel distance fake? the time it took place in? THE WHOLE VIDEO MAYBE?

  • Cookie Butter
    Cookie Butter Month ago +1

    Do a 24 hour challenge in a tunnel like so he sees it

  • Leslie Escobar
    Leslie Escobar Month ago

    im so fucking jelly! youre doing what ive always wanted to do! but my squad... -_-

  • sean butts
    sean butts Month ago

    why both of you leav big guy way behind

  • Melvin Mejia
    Melvin Mejia Month ago

    do more 3 am challenge

  • Random foxy Fan 217
    Random foxy Fan 217 Month ago +2

    Fake af

  • Cliff Senac
    Cliff Senac Month ago

    "no sign of life, no civilization" well duh y'all are in a tunnel πŸ˜‚

  • Alexis and Kyra's day Night

    And I thought I could trust him 😣
    I used to say something like...
    " He is the last person that I could think of to lie to his viewers..."
    very disappointed πŸ˜”

  • nedas kazlauskas
    nedas kazlauskas Month ago

    8:20 what happened? ;)

  • TDog Timthebigfoothuter68 following on Instagram

    u r a cool dude josh. keep what up the video bro

  • Sideburn Chicken!!! 101

    pussys get your ass back in that tunl

  • Anna Mazule
    Anna Mazule Month ago


  • Gale Reyes
    Gale Reyes Month ago

    I dont think it's fake

    KEITH IS HERE Month ago

    Go to @8:17 thank me later

  • ChristalClear
    ChristalClear Month ago

    Josh seemed like that whiney friend in this video πŸ˜‚

  • Clash Honer Gaming
    Clash Honer Gaming Month ago

    the sound where from a car driving over manholes

  • Jackie Barnes
    Jackie Barnes Month ago


  • Sonia Dieguez
    Sonia Dieguez Month ago +1

    Can you do more 3 am challenges plz

  • Dilan Perales
    Dilan Perales Month ago


  • Dilan Perales
    Dilan Perales Month ago

    Josh will win

  • max damage
    max damage Month ago +1

    i dont get it.. maby that person just wanted to say hi. and what is haunted about this tunnel?? im a big fan Josh but it think this vid is a bit lame man

  • zdog aka the BEAST!!!

    Eating a burger at 3am SAW SATAN HIMSELF!!

  • Luke Reinhold
    Luke Reinhold Month ago

    hey man can you link me to carlos video of this tunnel? something is definitely there. I have to confirm. much necessary

  • Aj Salazar
    Aj Salazar Month ago

    YOU DA BESTπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • OUReality Radio
    OUReality Radio Month ago +1

    No ... Josh, stick with your exploring video's.

  • Junko Enroshima
    Junko Enroshima Month ago +1


  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez Month ago

    Go to faze rug tunnel

  • Alan Gerosky
    Alan Gerosky Month ago

    You don't run. You confront. Pussies. Lmao

  • Quinn The Traveller

    At the end there was a light in the tunnel!!

  • GamingWithEmAndHolly !!

    haters back fo!

  • sophie_doe27 2005
    sophie_doe27 2005 Month ago

    at 47 second u spit

  • Crysis
    Crysis Month ago +1

    please don't start making click bait

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