Abandoned Gun Factory FOUND CRATES OF AKM/47 Rifles for Soviet Russia (POLAND)

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    An exploration back when I was exploring in Poland
    This was an abandoned gun factory that was still privately owned. I got permission to go inside and was given a tour. Part of the building is still used for the new gun factory which still produces guns so they use this abandoned place for extra storage.
    * I was not allowed to show any weapons in this video as the guard did not want me to so i respectfully did so *

    The years of communist rule in Poland spans from 1945 to 1989 the period of Soviet communist dominance imposed after the end of World War II over
    what had become the Polish People's Republic. Between this time, industrial workers would work in military factories disguised as normal factories
    Often times having the lower level floors consist of a sewing factory while the upper floors were secretly producing weapons for Soviet Russia. Workers
    were often treated poorly and a lot were longing for their freedom

    Communism in Poland then came to an end when Lech Walensa gathered working people together and formed a Union called Solidarity,
    demanding worker rights, better working conditions and wages. His movement
    would ultimately overthrow communism in Poland. This abandoned building i'm about to explore
    embodies just that.

    JOHN: www.youtube.com/ishhjohn
    JOSH: youtube.com/theartofrealitycrew

    Camera - Sony A7sii
    Wide Lens
    Rode Microphone

    Music wanted!
    If you are a music producer and would like me to use your music (funky jazz hiphop ANIME vibes) please email me at stepa1992@gmail.com

    SONG = Still Here 1

    Abandoned Hospital With Everything Left Inside (FOUND PICASSO PAINTING)


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    URBEX OPUSZCZONE 14 hours ago

    I know where it is

  • Mike 242
    Mike 242 14 hours ago

    u could literally take that shit and then sell it

  • LegoBuilds22
    LegoBuilds22 Day ago

    I would have taken some guns if it's abandoned who would care!

  • brickson98 MotovlogsAndGames

    I want that poster at 9:47

  • Please Leave Me
    Please Leave Me Day ago

    Why is Josh blurred?

  • Scott P Brown
    Scott P Brown Day ago

    <<< C L I C K B A I T >>>

  • Daniel Whooley
    Daniel Whooley 2 days ago

    New title:
    Saw some unopened gun crates and pussied out of opening them and then lied to people

  • GTx Fusion
    GTx Fusion 3 days ago

    It's tomatoes

  • thor 90
    thor 90 4 days ago

    I think the machine is a press the AKM is the stamped sheet metal version of the AK so you need presses to impress out most of the pieces

  • thor 90
    thor 90 4 days ago

    Are you from exploring with Josh

  • bucket boss
    bucket boss 6 days ago

    You suck at making video's cause you blur every body's faces

  • Rikki lee
    Rikki lee 6 days ago


  • Dankri Jk
    Dankri Jk 7 days ago

    Why did he not open the crates

  • N RA
    N RA 7 days ago

    damn, they should send those guns since the gov libtards banned vepr's..

  • Revolution XD
    Revolution XD 8 days ago

    plz go check out my channel I do exploring as well and fun fact I'm polish lel

  • Арсений Тарасов

    why shouldn't you open these crates

  • Crostofer Blake
    Crostofer Blake 8 days ago

    you seem to be ignoring every calendar you found in the place that may gives you a clue when this place was abandoned ... pretty professional

  • Mathew savage
    Mathew savage 9 days ago

    Why didn't you get the key you suck

  • pro-self-offense
    pro-self-offense 10 days ago

    looks at paper in a different language but doesn't look in one crate... .really...

  • MARTIAN 100
    MARTIAN 100 11 days ago

    my uncle worked there he died of old age in 2013

  • Liam Klein
    Liam Klein 12 days ago

    Sees crates for guns, doesn't even bother to open them

  • Hunter playz 1
    Hunter playz 1 13 days ago

    We found crates of AK47s

    Me.bitch were !

  • samuelk nibalvos
    samuelk nibalvos 13 days ago

    Thre are no akm ur fooling me

  • jaroslaw nowak
    jaroslaw nowak 13 days ago

    тупая англоязычная японская шваль, вот кто есть поколение ютюб, как ведь вы все бесите

  • Trader500 YT
    Trader500 YT 13 days ago

    Steve Ronin can i have the cors for that Place id like to get my self AKM or Ak 47

  • Team Artics
    Team Artics 13 days ago

    what? FOUND CRATES OF AKM/47 Rifles Where!

  • Jarrod Bandy
    Jarrod Bandy 15 days ago

    Come on if those folders were that old on the desk they would have been so dusty and brittle thatwas totally staged try harder next time

  • crambone t
    crambone t 16 days ago +1

    Not a single rifle... Total bs

  • Wojciech Karnia
    Wojciech Karnia 16 days ago +2

    Who else is Polish here like "Cool they talked about poland" C;

  • Myra Rice
    Myra Rice 18 days ago

    How come you didn't open the guns

  • koenigscat
    koenigscat 18 days ago

    It's a nice video, good fitting background music and overall nice and calm commentary and editing.
    But still cringing how rough you went with the papers on the table

  • Mario Champlin
    Mario Champlin 18 days ago

    Never mind

  • Mario Champlin
    Mario Champlin 18 days ago


  • Mario Champlin
    Mario Champlin 18 days ago


  • Darwin Taha
    Darwin Taha 18 days ago

    Hey! Man is it forbidden to go over there or not? And where is the factory placed

  • Hemiboybruh 426
    Hemiboybruh 426 19 days ago

    I came to see the guns, i only saw crates

  • mc ducky
    mc ducky 19 days ago +1

    wow this fucker is ugly ike his tan and his hair combined make him just fucking absolutely abominable ugly jesus fucker Christ get rid of that piss colored hair and ur shit skin color

    • L41
      L41 12 days ago

      how come you look like a MONKEY?

  • America USA
    America USA 19 days ago

    100 likes plz

  • lama lolesio
    lama lolesio 20 days ago +1

    awesome videos guy's, thanks, and take care....

  • Derpy Donut
    Derpy Donut 20 days ago

    What a lovely old warehouse the low ceiling are so special.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 21 day ago

    I dunno, I've always considered Poland to be pretty Western...>.>

  • X- Gamer
    X- Gamer 21 day ago

    Yo face is ***

  • mercsan117
    mercsan117 22 days ago

    Dude, if there were AK's in there, I'm all against looting and crime but I'd definitely take basically all of them and get them re-registered. ROI would be crazy.

  • SaavageTurtle 41
    SaavageTurtle 41 23 days ago

    I would've taken one of the rifles, clean it, then take it to the range.

  • M.R J
    M.R J 23 days ago

    Why the he'll didn't u open any crates

  • Tyler Wickwire
    Tyler Wickwire 24 days ago

    Pretty sure its NOT abandoned because why would they leave so much supplies behind for people to get into like you could

  • Romullus
    Romullus 24 days ago

    lol if those really are crates of polish AKMs and ammo then I can promise they are gone now after posting this. No way they are still there. IF they are then I am booking a flight to poland right now.

  • Luke Bray
    Luke Bray 25 days ago

    No guns.. wow

  • Karito Gaming
    Karito Gaming 25 days ago

    the top sead did you checked your passwords right or spmething like that i could tell couze i came from poland

  • Cory P
    Cory P 26 days ago

    if those cases had aks in them u best believe id be back there grabbing as much as i could!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 26 days ago

    at 13:37 look up, I think it's a camera

  • Jacob Bosarge
    Jacob Bosarge 27 days ago

    There are ink-jet printed signs every where. Not abandoned. Not urbexing. Just a poser

  • Volbeatfan1986
    Volbeatfan1986 27 days ago

    at 14:42 some german word on the dokumentary ^^

  • TheKamrenB
    TheKamrenB 28 days ago

    I actually have that same exact version of that gasmask they found. Unused though.

  • RageInducedGaming 726
    RageInducedGaming 726 28 days ago

    so ur saying its an abondond factory with ak47s in it how mush fucking sence does that make mind spelling

  • Mario Dandrea
    Mario Dandrea 29 days ago +1

    How come you didn't open one of those crates..... because you know nothing's in them......

    • Mario Dandrea
      Mario Dandrea 14 days ago

      DatDerpySniper Squad ohhhh sorry I forgot there was security guards there guarding the crates

    • DatDerpySniper Squad
      DatDerpySniper Squad 14 days ago

      Mario Dandrea The building is being used for storage. It would have been illegal.

  • Mikkel Lund Christensen

    your just one of those clickbaiters with no brain

  • Dominik Plewinski
    Dominik Plewinski Month ago

    OMG I AM IN POLAND FOR A HOLIDAY prob this is a long time ago lol

  • Adeyinka Zainab
    Adeyinka Zainab Month ago

    Why can't you open the crates

  • Charles Webb
    Charles Webb Month ago

    Hey Steven! want to raise your subscribers? stop lying.gain peoples trust.

  • R.O.B
    R.O.B Month ago

    Boring vid with deceiving title...No AK's

  • Dirtboxhor
    Dirtboxhor Month ago

    There's no way any real AKs are left in that facility. If there ever was, they were looted a long time ago.

  • Flamingfury8
    Flamingfury8 Month ago

    bitch don't tell me you didn't take any guns

  • DunaldJongTrunp
    DunaldJongTrunp Month ago

    Base on how new those weapon crates are... You might stompover some arms dealer's stockpile... And you post it on youtube... And someone might come to knock your front door for what you have done... XD

  • r0stic
    r0stic Month ago

    Biggest fucking faggot I've ever seen.

  • li barbie
    li barbie Month ago

    fucking clickbait

  • Alpha Deer
    Alpha Deer Month ago

    Whyyyyy click bait moudafuka.

  • Joe_plays
    Joe_plays Month ago


  • Konstantin Ivanov
    Konstantin Ivanov Month ago

    Staged shit

  • Royalty
    Royalty Month ago

    And i just think open that fckn gun cases

  • Dexter
    Dexter Month ago

    Why did you blur out the stuff on the firing range door?

  • Glenn Renfrow
    Glenn Renfrow Month ago

    Clickbait Garbage. Downvote

  • Greenmachine305
    Greenmachine305 Month ago

    No guns.

  • Michael K
    Michael K Month ago

    >:( Kurwa

  • The Gaming Bros./Pros.

    that picture portrays the start of communist party

  • James Henry Smith
    James Henry Smith Month ago

    Just use automatic machines and conveyer belts to make the guns.

  • trevor b
    trevor b Month ago

    it seems real odd that those crates of weapons look recently wrapped in the plastic and those weapons cache crates look extremely new for some items that have been sitting since the world wars

  • mole beats
    mole beats Month ago

    donde chigados estan las akm/47 !?lol chapooo

  • daviddaddy
    daviddaddy Month ago


  • SuperShredder89
    SuperShredder89 Month ago

    click bait trash kill yourself

  • foxyplays2 45
    foxyplays2 45 Month ago

    open creates

  • Elijah Williams15
    Elijah Williams15 Month ago

    those big boxes that he said where ammo crates those where actually crates that guns where in.

  • Riley Fox
    Riley Fox Month ago

    Previously father object slow.

  • JTG Justin ELITE Chang

    sir do you know there are cameras that are modern there
    13:38 at the top

  • Mink
    Mink Month ago

    you niggas found no guns

  • Donald Fagan
    Donald Fagan Month ago


  • Luke Martens
    Luke Martens Month ago

    Check de crates please😖😡😡😡

  • Brulas
    Brulas Month ago

    this was a really nice video!! keep it up !!
    i love to make urbex video's !!

  • relikvija
    relikvija Month ago

    no ak's
    I piss on you

  • BigAidy
    BigAidy Month ago

    Holy shit why does no one steal the crates and ammo and sell them. Easy cash and insta millionaire

  • Soil Searcher
    Soil Searcher Month ago

    Click baited again!

  • Arma Lol
    Arma Lol Month ago

    china number one fktard

  • Jordan Reid
    Jordan Reid Month ago

    shit video
    shit person
    package of shit

  • HowMuchGames AreThere?

    they see something red "is that blood????"

  • jesus mesquita
    jesus mesquita Month ago

    cz good gun

  • Daniel Sumata
    Daniel Sumata Month ago

    if he sold all of them guns , he would be a millionare

  • benji vlogs
    benji vlogs Month ago

    Why don't you open the crates

  • matt deg
    matt deg Month ago

    "whoa. look at these pictures from back when poland was under the control of communists...in 2007"

  • metaz69u
    metaz69u Month ago

    Anutter great share, Steve! Dzięki Ci!

  • Memyyapple
    Memyyapple Month ago


    In my dreams

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