'Jenelle & David Reach A Boiling Point' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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  • Simone Swindell
    Simone Swindell 4 minutes ago

    she needs help that no man can provide.

  • Taylor Tragedy
    Taylor Tragedy 1 hour ago

    This is ridiculous. My kids go absolutely everywhere with me

  • Joyciepoo. L.
    Joyciepoo. L. 2 hours ago

    Grow the hell up! And take care of your OWN Kid

  • Alicia Mae
    Alicia Mae 3 hours ago

    Stupid bitch is complaining about her child when he is right there. Oooooo it's sooo hard to be a mother and take care of your kid and go to hotel with him alone. Someone please please give this girl a hysterectomy!!!

  • Danielle Taylor
    Danielle Taylor 3 hours ago

    I'm a single mom.... why is she using kyser (excuse spelling) as an excuse not to handle her business 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Alicia Rice
    Alicia Rice 3 hours ago

    This is how I see it. Ye, Jenelle is heavily pregnant, and maybe her doctor did order her to take it easy. Fair enough. So if that was the case why not send Kaiser to her mother? Or to his father? I have read a few comment that Nathan may not have been mentally stable at the moment but he has parents that helps him out so why couldn't Kaiser go there while they moved. I'm a single parent in the military, I literally don't have any family members nearby, so I know how hard it can be with a child and moving. But that's why you plan accordingly. She gets no pass in the real world if this show wasn't present. These girls get this platform and opportunities to better themselves and the only one I see even remotely taking advantage of it is Chelsea. Kailyn could've been included in that statement if she didn't treat her everyone like her crap. Chelsea didn't get married right away, have multiple children with different guys and what not. She went to school and took care of Aubree. Stop giving Jenelle all these excuses, if the lady was nice enough to come in on the weekend, the first thing you should've done that day was GET THE DAMN KEYS!!!

  • courtney
    courtney 4 hours ago

    maybe if she wasn't such a bitch to her mom she would have help, and if she can't handle a toddler by herself how was she going to take on her older son

  • Katie S
    Katie S 6 hours ago

    Stop breeding

  • Ms Marie
    Ms Marie 8 hours ago

    He's your son? Lol she kills me

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    As soon as i found out about the mold, my kids and i will not be back in that house

  • stephanie p
    stephanie p 11 hours ago

    Keep making those babies your a great mom smh I'm being a smartass btw

  • mario Hil
    mario Hil 18 hours ago

    "She said she would be there at 8 AM"
    "It's 4 o'clock in the evening"

  • mmm nomnomnom
    mmm nomnomnom 19 hours ago

    I bet Jenelle's kids will all have anxiety disorders when they grow up, if not already. I'd go crazy with all that yelling and anger.

  • jwathas
    jwathas 19 hours ago

    This episode was a perfect example of why Jenelle will never and should never get custody of Jace back! She can't even handle the kid that she has and now she has a new baby! This girl is a complete train wreck and her boyfriend, fiance, whatever the hell he is this week is a complete douchebag loser. Thank goodness for Barbara. She literally saved Jace and I hope she keeps full custody of him until he turns 18! It's real classy of Jenelle to call her crying toddler "dude." God, I can't stand her.

  • Kristin Wade
    Kristin Wade 20 hours ago

    That girl is dumb af

  • I wanna be FIT!
    I wanna be FIT! 20 hours ago

    Glad she didn't have a kid with Keifer! 7/19/17 @ 11:26P CST.

  • Christine Bergbigler
    Christine Bergbigler 20 hours ago

    Jenelle doesn't take the time to get to know her significant others before they move in and get her pregnant. She needs to take a full year off men and grow up and focus on her kids. She is always in such a hurry to get into the next relationship.

    • jwathas
      jwathas 19 hours ago

      The problem with Jenelle is that she is super codependent. She feels that she absolutely HAS to be in a relationship in order to be happy. I agree that she really needs to slow way down and focus on herself and her kids for once. This David guy is bad news. He has a criminal history as long as the Nile and he's a complete jackass. She really needs to kick him to the curb and focus on getting her own life on track.

    CAT ALL 21 hour ago

    Janelle didn't want to go get the key or go to the hotel with just Kaiser because she doesn't want David out of her sight for a minute. Soon we will see all the same old nonsense again. Break up, make up. someone gets arrested, police at her house, blasting Barb on social media, blasting her cast mates on social media, blasting David on social media, then having a social media meltdown while defending him.. She is truly the most delusional of the bunch..

    • jwathas
      jwathas 19 hours ago

      I completely agree. She has always been very possessive of her boyfriends and has a ton of trust issues and we all know how that always turns out, just like you said with the police getting involved, someone being hauled off to jail, Jenelle getting knocked up, getting an abortion, etc, etc. Her whole life is a complete train wreck. Maybe if she could learn to actually find decent, trustworthy guys to date, then she wouldn't have all of these problems!

  • jackie deleon
    jackie deleon 22 hours ago

    Wyd did she really say she didn't pick that key up because she had her baby with her my son is 3 I take him everywhere I'm his mother I don't need anyone else taking care of him because I think it's too hard to have him around yeah it is hard to be a mom but I'll be damned if I ever think that way

  • Sy_briz
    Sy_briz 23 hours ago

    I knew it was only a matter of time before those two started going at it. Im seeing a pattern here

  • Natalie Zukka
    Natalie Zukka 1 day ago

    Jenelle always dates the wrong guys. Three children with three different fathers? What will her kids think of her in a few years from now when she tells them?! :(

  • Mia Sanchez
    Mia Sanchez 1 day ago

    She gets pregnant by every dude she with and she expects it to be fun! ?

  • Marion Goodwin
    Marion Goodwin 1 day ago

    She wants to have fun. She doesn't care about her health or their children. It's bad that she can't think about or learn , it's a shame rather live in mold than go to a hotel or there home . She still is not ready to be a mother. Dumb as a box of rocks. Help her Jesus !

  • Elizabeth Sinclair

    2 kids and another on the way and she still hasn't learned how to parent its always someone else's responsibility she needs to grow up

  • Danielle Monroe
    Danielle Monroe 1 day ago

    4 O'clock in the evening?? Lord......Education is your friend kids! Stay in school!

  • Hope Hughes
    Hope Hughes 1 day ago

    Always of victim and never a victor.

  • mynzzz
    mynzzz 1 day ago

    she wants Jace so he can take of kaiser????????????????????????? that poor baby was coughing so bad and she had like 4 different excuses why she wouldnt go to the new house...she should not be a mother .........Good luck David!

    ANGIE BOO 1 day ago

    nooo!!!! I like her with him

  • latrell norman
    latrell norman 1 day ago

    Dang Jenelle. Be more careful with kaiser.

  • Maria Martin
    Maria Martin 1 day ago

    damn she pregnant again??.. and this is a new dude I see.. geez these girls are machines!

  • Anny Montero
    Anny Montero 1 day ago

    Very unfortunate but a very common thing that happens when couples separate and there are children involved. They build up resentment towards the father and then end up taking it out on the child.

  • mingram511
    mingram511 1 day ago

    You're having another baby but can't go and pick up a key because you have Kaiser. The bitch is dumb.

  • Elizabeth Ayala
    Elizabeth Ayala 1 day ago

    she needs to stop having kids .. seriously she's a horrible mother

  • Home Town Honey
    Home Town Honey 1 day ago

    Trash!! She doesn't deserve kids!!!

  • PrettyRed Gemini
    PrettyRed Gemini 1 day ago

    Damn she moving AGAIN

  • lyla
    lyla 1 day ago

    why does she keep having more kids?! Do none of these mothers know what birth control is.

  • Viggo
    Viggo 1 day ago


  • Sexy Lexi
    Sexy Lexi 1 day ago

    Ugly ass tranny

  • Khrisi
    Khrisi 1 day ago

    Jenelle David is not Kaiser's Father so get off your lazy ass and take care of your baby. How in the hell can she expect to take care of 3 kids when she can't handle one. Ever heard of multitasking? Moms around the world do it all the time.

    Stop manhandling Kaiser David. You held his hand and pushed him down onto the floor and you picked him up to put him in the car and Kaiser hit his head so please stop taking your frustration out on the baby. Kaiser didn't ask to be born and doesn't deserve to be mishandled.

  • SweetGlitter1309
    SweetGlitter1309 1 day ago

    Janelle dear there are programs called Mother's Day out or there are things called babysitters. If you know David is busy all day and you can't pick up Kaiser you need to call a baby sitter. You have the money dear. And if you don't have the money it would help if you or David got a job. 👍

  • Ajay Sal
    Ajay Sal 1 day ago

    She will never be ready, just full of "I can't, it's hard" and where does she find these men just a bunch of waste man

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B 1 day ago

    You know you shouldn't be a mom when you use your kids as an excuse not to do shit. Lazy bitch.

  • D Farm
    D Farm 1 day ago

    Yeah. Take YOUR child with you .. so annoying right 🙄🙄

  • FibroFightingBarbie

    I feel so bad for Kaiser. All that screaming. :( I'd honestly want to take my son to a hotel for safety. The house is a mess from moving.

  • TheSprinkleCupcake

    Idk why she keeps getting pregnant, she doesn't like being a mom. She acts like Kaiser is her annoying baby brother that she has to take care of.

  • whaojen
    whaojen 1 day ago

    New man, same old drama 😑

  • Sara Spires
    Sara Spires 1 day ago

    Crap...looks like we are all going to be treated to another season of the Jenelle merry-go-round train wreck of "Whining, Crying, Pitty Me Party or I'm going to Freak The Hell Out "...why is this girl even having another baby for??? hell she acts as if she can't stand poor Kaiser and he's done nothing wrong... somebody better get her back on her meds and fast before she drives us all crazy....

  • cosmic light
    cosmic light 2 days ago


  • joquetta jones
    joquetta jones 2 days ago

    girl take that baby get to the other house and stop fuckin complaining about your own damn kid I hope her mom do t give her jace omg

  • C. Gonzales
    C. Gonzales 2 days ago

    janell is a disgusting rude being.

  • SeeSee
    SeeSee 2 days ago

    the fact she can't even take care of Kaiser and has a new baby girl and wants custody of jace is horrifying I feel bad for all three of her kids. jace has even said multiple times he wants to stay with Barbara.

  • Davina Louis
    Davina Louis 2 days ago

    so sad she doesn't want 2 b alone with her son 😂😂😂😂r can't handle his bad ass cus he don't r want listen well mother him then stop having these mens parents yo kids then they knock your angry ass up eventually forming sum type of resentment towards you n leaving you wit all dem hardheaded kids 😂😂😂😂😂cycle continues smh

  • ericw1155
    ericw1155 2 days ago

    white people love pizza

  • cali cali
    cali cali 2 days ago

    She can't even handle her own son wtf. He's packing and loading up the truck and she wants him to take care of baby too.

  • Mela420Luna
    Mela420Luna 2 days ago

    Bitch does barely the bare minimum...and she freaks out and can't even take her son to a hotel.... But wants custody of Jace.. right, right

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 2 days ago

    She is so pathetic like hello women all over the world have toddlers and are pregnant I did it. If you can't handle that just imagine when you have 2 small children. She wants David to do everything she is lazy he was trying to move. She can't help with moving therefore she should have taken the kid away. Go to a hotel room watch movies take naps relax its not that hard he isn't going to run out of a locked hotel room

  • jen
    jen 2 days ago

    this bitch is stupid

  • oliviaLOVEShenry
    oliviaLOVEShenry 2 days ago

    Stop having babies! You can't even take care of yourself.

  • Cheryl Steele
    Cheryl Steele 2 days ago

    she don't need any kids

  • Shaylaszone
    Shaylaszone 2 days ago

    Since jennelle bf has been around & kaiser began acting out & the jayce situation ive suspected abuse from him towards kaiser. My gut feeling & negative vibes i get are intense in this situation. He has got very dark energy. Devil on his shoulders for sure.

  • crpsaiyan
    crpsaiyan 2 days ago

    Jenelle, enough with the excuses! So David and his friends haven't finished up; big deal. If David trusts you to go to the broker by yourself, then you should've done it, even with Kaiser in tow. That's what it means to be a parent -- you have to juggle, and if you can't juggle with the one kid that you currently have custody of, what makes you think it's gonna get any better when your little girl arrives, or should you get full custody of Jace?! Get it together, and stop using David and your kids as an excuse as to why you can't get things done in a day.

  • Kay-Ann Samuels
    Kay-Ann Samuels 2 days ago

    Jesus Christ, here she goes with the pizza again. I wish they would cook a decent meal for those kids. (And no one talk crap either because if you watched last season then you know EVERY TIME they taped, they were eating pizza with the kids)

  • Nancy Guzman
    Nancy Guzman 2 days ago

    yo really she is just plain dumb learn how to manage with your kids its called being a parent

  • STixa CC
    STixa CC 2 days ago

    Jenelle's life has been a mess since we knew her

  • Cierra Dunbar
    Cierra Dunbar 2 days ago

    In the future, I hope she reconsiders having another child. If she can't even handle a toddler, how would it be with a newborn, toddler, and having Jace part time.

  • Luxx
    Luxx 2 days ago

    She's always with trash ass men.

  • Jacqueline Swanton
    Jacqueline Swanton 2 days ago

    in this same episode, Leah got up at the ass crack of dawn with her 3 daughters and got them all to school on time, as well as herself... and she had NO HELP. Janelle is just lazy and a terrible mother, end of story.

  • Karen Lanez
    Karen Lanez 2 days ago

    I wonder if these girls EVER cook for their kids. I just wonder...Maybe the cameras don't show it.

    • Karen Lanez
      Karen Lanez 1 day ago

      🙁 I'm sure they have the money for groceries why wouldn't they. Smh

    • Shanda Burnside
      Shanda Burnside 2 days ago

      Karen Lanez shit no!

  • Tori R
    Tori R 2 days ago

    Jenelle always gives Barbara shit for yelling when she does it all the time in front of her kids. She's such a hypocrite.

  • sandra ainsworth
    sandra ainsworth 2 days ago

    Janelle is not ready to be a mom again..this video proves it..you don't slam any child into a high chair..that hard. live in a mold infested home..she's an unfit mom..

  • Chantél
    Chantél 2 days ago

    she worried about things being fun. girl you're moving how much more fun do you want that's exciting alone

  • Sam Sum
    Sam Sum 2 days ago

    What isn't he your baby??? What is wrong with you?

  • pink1237480
    pink1237480 2 days ago

    i think jenelle needs to be in therapy she has really bad abandonment issues and it shows in her relationships she gets with these guys and gets pregnant solely for the purpose of trying to build a family because she grew up in a broken family. she needs to confront her past otherwise this pattern will keep on going especially if her and david break up it will happen again if she does not get help

  • DeeDee Love
    DeeDee Love 2 days ago

    oml she hates her own kid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yeah still mtv pays her omlllll......

  • SGT. York
    SGT. York 2 days ago

    Fucken white trash Who Pop out Baby so MTV can have a Show. Quite paying these Ho's and make them work for a living. MTV you're the Pimp!!!

  • Joyciepoo. L.
    Joyciepoo. L. 2 days ago


  • Laura Fleischer
    Laura Fleischer 2 days ago

    I just came here because everyone was saying she threw him in his high chair... she clearly didn't. She's preggo and stressed because of the move. Give them a break.

    • Laura Fleischer
      Laura Fleischer 2 days ago

      SeeSee her excuse is probably that she's getting paid a ton of $$$ to make you think that things are this way. It's a SCRIPTED SHOW lol. Even if it wasn't I'm sure you can't see everything going on in 15 minutes of their lives once a week.

    • SeeSee
      SeeSee 2 days ago

      Laura Fleischer except this is the way she always acts. so what's her excuse when she's not pregnant or moving?

    • Laura Fleischer
      Laura Fleischer 2 days ago

      Sun Drop it was cute :) she wasn't even talking mean or rudely to him. She said she'd give him pizza if he sat in his seat and he happily said " okay" and sat down. People want to rip apart everything lol

    • Sun Drop
      Sun Drop 2 days ago

      Laura Fleischer Exactly she put him in there and the baby sat down and did the rest him self. He made that hard plop on his on butt. Lol, which i thought was cute as he was so eager to het his pizza.

  • Petra Pan
    Petra Pan 2 days ago

    I thought Jenelle was getting better but I see she still has that argumentative, dysfunctional, drama filled personality. She was dealing with kiaser by herself before she got with David! She acts like shes disabled now that she's pregnant. Like wth deal with your child! Funny though she wants Jace back but can't even get control of Kiaser. How does she think it's going to be with a newborn? Ugh

  • Bella13404 Aj
    Bella13404 Aj 2 days ago


  • Yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes 2 days ago

    when you watch the actual episode David is lookimg around with a face of confusion because at this point hed be yelling at and beating jenelle hard but he sees the cameras and doesnt know what to do. like maybe he thinks he can still get away with yelling and beating on her.

  • jazmine acosta
    jazmine acosta 2 days ago

    It's because she can't handle her own child ....

    • pink1237480
      pink1237480 2 days ago

      i dont think shes capable of raising all three kids by herself

  • Ediana Ventrice
    Ediana Ventrice 2 days ago

    Girl you are just lazy. I'm sorry. I have 3 kids. If I have to go somewhere wherever especially if it's important I will take all of my 3 kids with me.

  • Flor  Gamboa
    Flor Gamboa 2 days ago

    I have only one child but mom always said if you don't want to struggle with the responsibility close your legs more and open your mind if you can't handle the stress start closing your legs and open your mind more she acts like it's so hard to do stuff with just one child

  • vanessa Engineer
    vanessa Engineer 2 days ago

    history is repeating

  • Genise Costello
    Genise Costello 2 days ago

    Wow, really Jenelle?! Staying in a hotel with your child is not a punishment. You could make it a fun night; grab ur pjs and some snacks and build a tent with the hotel sheets. If you cant even spend one night with your child doing things spontaneously than wtf are you doing having another baby. You think its hard with a toddler but youre pregnant again AND want Jace, your 7 year old, back. Thats going to send you over the edge honey. Dont bite off more than you can chew just too try to prove to others that you can handle it. Because obviously you cant. And yall need to cut out all that mess, yelling and cursing with kids around over some petty ass keys. The realtor said shed be in at 8am and in typical Jenelle fashion she calls at 4pm wondering where the realtor is. LMAO dummy! That bitch ain't waiting for you all day because you cant function like normal people. Girl you need a wake up call but your too high to get it. 💉💊🚬

    • Genise Costello
      Genise Costello 2 days ago

      Ashley Thomas She doesn't want to do ANYTHING with Kaiser. It's fucking sad. He's right there while she goes off too. I don't know wtf goes thru her head but when you make the decision to bring a child into this world, you are NOT entitled to breaks, time alone, the expectation of doing ANYTHING the way you used to. It's not easy for one second because it's RAISING CHILDREN and the sacrifices are constant with ZERO pats on the back. This is exactly why CHILDREN shouldn't have children. Even in your 20's it's hard to handle. I'm sorry but i have no sympathy for a "woman" on her 3rd child who CAN'T (OR WONT) handle simple everyday real life tasks just because she has a child in tow. The girl had no problem even after she gave birth to Jace going out all the time but when it comes to responsibilities she just cant do it all! lmao girl BYE

    • Ashley Thomas
      Ashley Thomas 2 days ago

      And she is just laying around the house you can lay around a hotel room too what's the difference

  • Heinrich Karg
    Heinrich Karg 2 days ago

    Waw, did you just see how she just threw Kaiser in the high chair?, I'm telling ya, this girl is not fit to be a mom, I'm glad her mother Barbara has Jace till this bitch get her shit together.

  • CallMehAmino
    CallMehAmino 2 days ago

    Yay! Another argument with Jenelle and her boyfriend! It's not like we see this everytime she dates someone new...

  • Peace Love & Happiness

    She is pregnant with her 3rd kid and she is saying things like "with Kaiser? it's too hard!" WTF?! It is too hard to put your child in a car seat and drive to pick up a key? She is so lazy and delusional! She is pregnant not handicapped. I give this relationship a couple more months.... then she will see how hard it is, when she is a single mother!

  • sweettazcandyy
    sweettazcandyy 3 days ago

    not alot of people understand what it means having a kid. she cant expect this guy especially to care for the kid thats not even his. SHES the mother. and even in relationships where people are happy together and support one another u have to imagine if that man left you or even if he DIED unexpectantly that u have the responsibility now to care for them by urself. you cant always expect things from ppl , life is unpredictable ! when u become a mother u become one by urself regardless of a man! same goes for a man too, u cant expect the child to always have a mother u have to be prepared to take care of them with no help! otherwise DONT HAVE KIDS. its not meant for everyone...

  • Machete Knife
    Machete Knife 3 days ago

    How hard is it to go get a key with your son that's almost 4? Sounds like she's just a lazy bitch who wanted to complain and bitch about something

  • Dora Obregon
    Dora Obregon 3 days ago

    She drives me nuts. Geez girl. Shoot I'll do it for the money.

  • candace gray
    candace gray 3 days ago

    why does she look like she's 31? ) 0.0

  • Deja Johnson
    Deja Johnson 3 days ago

    She should've left, got that key, and got some food for the crew. Let them move the stuff and figure out where the furniture goes.

  • Yeah it's natural For now

    I think having jace back will put more stress on jenell .

  • kalex791
    kalex791 3 days ago

    I'm so sick of seeing this piece of shit online and on tv!!!!

  • ChastityChained
    ChastityChained 3 days ago

    Kaiser and this new baby that Jenelle has given birth to need to be removed from her custody. This chick will never grow up and get it together.

  • Alex White
    Alex White 3 days ago

    I haven't watched teen mom in...YEARS lol so is the new boyfriend not Kaiser's father?

  • Logan Goldstein
    Logan Goldstein 3 days ago

    Editing always makes the wrong person look bad

  • Brittany Paul
    Brittany Paul 3 days ago

    She can't watch Kaiser ? Omg

  • Rosse C
    Rosse C 3 days ago

    This whore wants her first kid back for what!???? The hoe can't even go on her own with one kid to do shit!! She needs a man to do shit for her all the time!

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