Top 5 Facts about the Bermuda Triangle

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  • The mystery, the terror, the hundreds and hundreds of miles of calm open sea…! Welcome to WatchMojo's Top 5 Facts. In this instalment, we're looking at five mysterious and eye-opening facts about the Bermuda Triangle, the supposedly treacherous waters between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida that many believe to be a hot spot of supernatural phenomena. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

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  • tube time
    tube time 12 days ago

    The illuminati secret base is in Bermuda the illuminati is a triangle Bermuda TRIANGLE we just descoveird the secret of its power

  • blurry-dun
    blurry-dun 25 days ago

    In Christopher Columbus's log,I think the bright light is possibly light of land on the indigenous people on the Bahamas or just

  • Soviet Ball
    Soviet Ball Month ago

    Youtuber Lemino Made me less scared of traveling around the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Key Bills/Atrostic
    Key Bills/Atrostic Month ago +1

    Broadcast internet to the whole ocean, and take a drone with a camera streaming

  • Franz Matthew Briones

    it would be better if use 999999999999999999 powered atomic bomb on the bermuda triangle lol × XD

  • Harry mull
    Harry mull Month ago

    i hate you 😡

  • Tommy Wilson
    Tommy Wilson Month ago

    It has High Weather Systoms That make Heracanes Tornaedos And Really Scarry If u go there You will First Find a Deep hole then you get sucked in And from What ppl say You will go to hell

  • EP gaming
    EP gaming 2 months ago

    mojo looks like a dick

  • Bansari Ray
    Bansari Ray 2 months ago

    It can't be

  • Bansari Ray
    Bansari Ray 2 months ago

    These are not true

  • BloverHD
    BloverHD 3 months ago

    When we pass the bermuda,we goes to the italy,also there is 3 triangles,Formosa = Japan
    Masalembo = Indonesia
    Bermuda = Miami

  • Star Prime
    Star Prime 3 months ago

    Did you know there's a sea like this
    In Asia mostly by china it is called the dragon sea it is quite as deadly as the Bermuda Triangle was

  • Tomato Potato
    Tomato Potato 3 months ago

    Fuck black people.

  • Leo
    Leo 3 months ago

    what if the Bermuda Triangle is a way to transport to an alternate/ parallel universe?

  • Miku chan
    Miku chan 3 months ago

    suddenly a small island that is shaped like an eye emerges in the middle of the bermuda triangle..

  • Mystical Magic 24
    Mystical Magic 24 3 months ago

    forgot the SO MANY TSUNAMIS THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  • izzy.x random
    izzy.x random 3 months ago

    is there us a hole then how do planes dissappear?

  • DogeGaming341
    DogeGaming341 3 months ago

    I got a "butt paste" ad smh........

  • Cody Cold Day
    Cody Cold Day 3 months ago

    magnetic fields that the earth creates causes malfunctions. it's higher there than any other place on earth. I want to know why?

  • Jacob Bobb
    Jacob Bobb 4 months ago

    maby it's not the Illuminati its probly one of the 95 percent of undiscovered species or just the 100,000 marine creatures mad about pollution or the 200,000,000 mammals mad about Trump wining

    RICK SANCHEZ 4 months ago +1

    I ate a sandwich

  • Clate Crocker
    Clate Crocker 4 months ago

    Bobs burgers!

    JAY THESAVGOD 5 months ago

    Oh my god I just can't believe I'm watching a game on the stream and I'm not ready to play it again because I'm so far out there and I'm going out with the other app I don't know what to say but I'm sure that I would have been able too much to add this game and it is not even fun I don't know 🤷‍♀️ I said she was the one to be a true friend of the beast she is the one I love the game and the game I love the app but it is a Gamehead and a good app but it is a great app

    JAY THESAVGOD 5 months ago

    Oh my god I just can't believe I'm watching a game on the stream and I'm not ready to play it again because I'm so far out there and I'm going out with the other app I don't know what to say but I'm sure that I would have been able too much to add this game and it is not even fun I don't know 🤷‍♀️ I said she was the one to be a true friend of the beast she is the one I love the game and the game I love the app but it is a Gamehead and a good app but it is a great app

  • Garrett Keenan
    Garrett Keenan 5 months ago

    Unified Field theory??

  • Robby Plays
    Robby Plays 5 months ago

    god dangit with the Illuminati what do they want from us

  • Green DeathStar
    Green DeathStar 5 months ago

    can you make a nether video like this

  • Lukas Cielocaminante
    Lukas Cielocaminante 5 months ago

    It's not the Bermuda Triangle, it's the Sargasse's sea that is so foggy that it doens't help ships to navigate through it, also, how to explain the magnetic discordance in this area ?

  • Jaiden Colburn
    Jaiden Colburn 5 months ago

    The title says "5 facts" not "5 theories"

  • Daysiane Da Silva
    Daysiane Da Silva 5 months ago

    Once I had a plane trip over the Bermuda Triangle and I was lucky and me and my family didn't die

  • The pika RIVERA
    The pika RIVERA 5 months ago

    Obviously the one behind all this is a Goat. Do you know what those things are capable of?

  • Carlos Rodrigez
    Carlos Rodrigez 5 months ago

    before I die that is my wish go go there

  • Jaylin Villatoro
    Jaylin Villatoro 5 months ago


  • Maduwantha Gamalath
    Maduwantha Gamalath 5 months ago

    can't we sent a powerful drone or something...

  • Roman Brown
    Roman Brown 5 months ago

    I did some time warping while sleeping next to the ocean in key west back in my late teens.  Magic cats seemed to be involved.  A police man showed up and threatened to beat me up if I didn't stop it.

  • Lance Lim
    Lance Lim 6 months ago +1

    That's it........we need to build a WALL!!

  • Jen Jasse
    Jen Jasse 6 months ago


  • Hennessey Lovee
    Hennessey Lovee 6 months ago

    if I had a certain amount of time to live I'd go through it 💯 but I'm kind of terrified of the ocean .. I don't want to die in water 🙄

  • Niki Patlan
    Niki Patlan 6 months ago

    lol LOVE the Ancient Aliens references ^-^!

  • Horse Obsessed
    Horse Obsessed 6 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who is reminded of that spongebob episode that's about a weird triangle that sucks things up and it's like a different dimension?

  • Très Monique
    Très Monique 6 months ago

    Those pesky aliens.

  • Cassandra O
    Cassandra O 6 months ago +1

    zico bermuda triangle

    • Vilma Halili
      Vilma Halili 6 months ago

      Yall fake bitches tryna act like me xp kpop is everything

  • Casher59
    Casher59 6 months ago

    The only way you can make it through the Bermuda Triangle is if you have a crew like luffys

  • Hoang Nguyen (Jeffrey)
    Hoang Nguyen (Jeffrey) 7 months ago

    i think posiden is protecting his home and stuff that enters are not allowed to his laws anyways how about the illuminati?

  • Brendon Shelton
    Brendon Shelton 7 months ago +1

    Atlantis? Or....... RAAAAAAAAPTURE!

  • Jose
    Jose 7 months ago

    The video I watched before this said The Bermuda Triangle was number one out of the top 10 most dangerous waters in the ocean😂😂

  • Something Idunno
    Something Idunno 8 months ago

    probably where the illuminati lives


  • infinite light
    infinite light 8 months ago

    LOL we all know it was aliens

  • LustedDaisy _
    LustedDaisy _ 8 months ago

    Someone needs to fly a drone above it

    • Mr. Phantom
      Mr. Phantom 7 months ago

      Poppy _ probably gonna lose connection

  • bigAfghan kabob
    bigAfghan kabob 8 months ago

    look up on YouTube dajjal unknown island should be the one of first 3 videos this is why

  • Martin michel
    Martin michel 8 months ago

    xyAyx Uncharitable Waters, Trident Bolts M1G Leavenworth3 G-one.tanamo xyZyx

  • The Cliffton
    The Cliffton 8 months ago +2

    Humans built Atlantis for the aliens to live under the Bermuda triangle

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong 8 months ago +13

    It's just Posiden guarding his home town Atlantas thats why no ships can enter XD XD :P

  • Soul_Surfer 27
    Soul_Surfer 27 8 months ago

    "That's what they want us to believe.... BECAUSE OF ALIENS!!!"😂 awesome!

  • We Is Videoz
    We Is Videoz 9 months ago +1

    I LOVE dogs tho!!!

  • BrotatoChip2006 -Random Videos

    Actually the burmuda triangle is dangerous ,I lived in flordia for 7 years and I dived there once there were many dangerous fish but worst of all,it was pitch black and was impossible to see what's around you,I didn't see this my self but som say if u go deep enough you can see a strange light,when you get too close to it,that's when the real danger starts

  • Anandi Zensæ
    Anandi Zensæ 9 months ago

    Really? You dont know what causes the quote- "river in the ocean"??? It's caused by thermal differences in the water (heat&cold) which will cause the water to flow because the heat goes one way and cold water the other way, because cold water is much more dense (not an expert on this but i had it in highschool)

  • Will
    Will 9 months ago

    and dood these aren't facts da fuck

  • Will
    Will 9 months ago

    ya pirates . like the legend of "hercules".. maybe

  • Karissa Sanchez
    Karissa Sanchez 10 months ago

    aliens are REAL

    KHATIR LORD 10 months ago

    satans throne

  • Leo Malcom
    Leo Malcom 10 months ago +1

    Aliens can exist but creatures are mainly more scared of us and wait BERUMA TRIANGLE I seen people recording the triangle are t t they a a a aliens

  • The RubberDuck
    The RubberDuck 10 months ago

    My dad used to work in a cruise line ship.Their ship passed the bermuda triangle but nothing happens............

  • jake G
    jake G 10 months ago

    good job

  • jake G
    jake G 10 months ago +1

    i like that guy he is funny

  • King Meka DubDub
    King Meka DubDub 10 months ago

    "What creates the Gulf Steams? ALIENS" 😂😂😂😂

  • lalo campos
    lalo campos 11 months ago

    Oh now am scared to join. The marines is land and water o my

  • lalo campos
    lalo campos 11 months ago

    Am in flying drones so you need 900 more lol

  • Amanda Jackson
    Amanda Jackson 11 months ago

    What about the Devils sea

  • mohamed noor
    mohamed noor 11 months ago +2

    Only the prophets saw whats in the triangle when they traveled through the ocean. God let the prophets see the mysterious creature so they could warn the people that once its break out of that island in the middle of the ocean that the end of time and hes name is dajjal.

    • Sans Evolution
      Sans Evolution 9 months ago

      finally, im not the only one who thinks like you.

    • mohamed noor
      mohamed noor 11 months ago

      heres the link the link to read more about this story.

  • Brian Linehan
    Brian Linehan 11 months ago

    the triangle is illuminati

    R3D TRICKSHOTS 11 months ago

    Illuminati cimfirmed

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 11 months ago

    Alantis was an amazing underrated Disney movie 😂😆😆😆😂😂

  • Princess Bubblegum
    Princess Bubblegum Year ago +1

    I just want to say that I am Bermudian and I lived in Bermuda for my entire life. And yes those planes and ships going missing is strange and unusual, but i would like to say that it is hurtful that people automatically assume that there going to go missing if they travel to Bermuda. I find it some what offensive because no one ever is afraid to travel to Florida the only reason why it is called the Bermuda Triangle is because the north point/ angle is lined up to Bermuda . Bermuda is a wonderful place , with crystal blue waters and pink sand and very friendly people who will speak to you even if they don't know. So please do not let this myth scare you out of visiting this amazing place.

  • LystroDefenseForce

    it isn't aliens or storms its the government why else would it be a restricted area on google earth

  • Minecraft SirPiggy06

    the Bermuda Triangle is FAKE!!!!!

  • Faust Smith
    Faust Smith Year ago +1

    Maybe its a portal

  • Star Wars1
    Star Wars1 Year ago

    its not considered the of the most dangerous waters thats what they eant you to think

  • The QueensConquerer
    The QueensConquerer Year ago +1

    Imagine if Bermuda Triangle is just a secret military organization or something.

    • Lorrena Leverett
      Lorrena Leverett 7 months ago

      The QueensConquerer that would be so cool

    • bigAfghan kabob
      bigAfghan kabob 8 months ago

      The QueensConquerer its not. look up dajjal unknown island you will understand

  • Sarvesh Chavan
    Sarvesh Chavan Year ago

    yea if Someone wants to kill themselves they can go there and make their last day historic

  • RockHead TM
    RockHead TM Year ago +8

    i don't think i should be watching this at 10 at night sailing to the bahamas goinf straight through rhe triangle

    • Farahh Znd
      Farahh Znd 9 months ago

      Lol youre trying to scare your self! :D i hope youre still alive

    • RockHead TM
      RockHead TM Year ago

      +Larry Hoover really? Look up Royal Carribean Majesty of the Seas August 1-4th. Then come back and tell me I'm lying.

    • Larry Hoover
      Larry Hoover Year ago

      Stop lying

    • RockHead TM
      RockHead TM Year ago

      +Poxsicle z lol yes, huge storm last night, but we're here in the bahamas just sitting outside of nassau :)

    • Poxsicle z
      Poxsicle z Year ago

      u still alive m8?

  • Jessica Hewitson
    Jessica Hewitson Year ago

    Crazy GG fan but at 1:39 Ealonor/Margaret is there.

  • Jacek Kar
    Jacek Kar Year ago

    and I was in a plane so it's pilot error

  • Jacek Kar
    Jacek Kar Year ago

    100% true story

  • Jacek Kar
    Jacek Kar Year ago +1

    I went in the Bermuda triangle and and I somehow lived XD😊😊

    • Sarvesh Chavan
      Sarvesh Chavan Year ago

      believe me I heard Justin Bieber and one direction sing and i don't know how I'm still living

    • PointLessLive
      PointLessLive Year ago

      Yea and I was born in the 1500 and still lived

  • fitz blue141
    fitz blue141 Year ago

    there is an epesode in national geographic well i forgot what it is but the nattional geographic say's there are many ships and aircraft disapearing in bermuda triangle because there are some air bomb that blow to the water and thats why it created some big waves and thats why even the air craft is disapearing the reason why they know that there is an airbomd that land on that sea becuase they spoted some hole in the clouds that shape like a dianogal

    • Justin Friedman
      Justin Friedman 11 months ago

      +AreoTaco they actually said they think it could possibly hit low flying stuff with the was on some history channel or nat geo.

    • AreoTaco
      AreoTaco Year ago

      Haha no. The methane air bubbles under the Bermuda can sink huge ships and rip them in half and all but it doesn't explain how planes go missing.

  • Steven Giffin
    Steven Giffin Year ago

    I saw a documentary on the Bermuda Triangle, they actually found out that gas deposits (something to do with a pull) can pull the ships underwater, especially cargo ships and even rip them in half!

    • Steven Giffin
      Steven Giffin Year ago

      Oh shit! 3:36 that's the documentary I watched! You should watch that, it'll give you a lot of info on the Bermuda Triangle

    • Steven Giffin
      Steven Giffin Year ago

      They actually found this out because some of the oil stations were pulled underwater and they tested this with a boat and the gas bubbles sunk it!And apparently there are a shit ton of gas deposits in the Bermuda Triangle every year.

  • intergalactic24
    intergalactic24 Year ago

    bullshit like the have never tried sending an unmanned surveillance ship or boat through the Bermuda to capture what happens on film?

  • Maxime Tidor
    Maxime Tidor Year ago

    it's not south china sea its west philippine sea 4:46

  • Dodo Breezy
    Dodo Breezy Year ago

    I hate this channel when this clown talks

  • XxSpeed_BoyxX Fast

    it must be a trangel of doom

  • Cyrach Wisdom
    Cyrach Wisdom Year ago

    At the bottom depths of the bermuda triangle.Lies the most powerfull,rare,demonic,and rarest pokemon on the mokemon go history.And it still remains as a mystery to all of us

  • Lexi probably needs a nap

    It's actually a trapezoid

  • Bella1candy
    Bella1candy Year ago

    I think that watchmojo is crazy over aliens

  • L3N
    L3N Year ago


  • Neo Smith
    Neo Smith Year ago

    Well you know.... if the government says it is not true, they must be telling the truth LOL.

  • Wezzy Weasel
    Wezzy Weasel Year ago

    Triangle? Illuminati confirmed?

  • Sir I.K Elzyy
    Sir I.K Elzyy Year ago

    Why don't we just send a empty ship there and record what happens. No point guessing

  • RalphMan
    RalphMan Year ago

    Ahhhh Atlantis the first one best childhood movie ever

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