ALIEN COVENANT All NEW Clips + Trailer (2017)

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  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer 2 months ago +118

    I put all Clips + Trailer form Alien Covenant here for you. Enjoy the Video :)

  • frios011
    frios011 1 day ago

    This is by far the UGLIEST cast in ANY of the Alien or Prometheus movies!!!

  • psycropticide99
    psycropticide99 1 day ago

    Im confused, David and the abortion chick left the planet looking for the 'creators', then they get there, and david is remade or reborn or whatever, but who did that to him, was that on earth or did the space jockeys do it. Then in the following scenes the new cast come across the ship crashed and abandoned. Is that the same ship, are they on the same planet?

  • Veres Tamás
    Veres Tamás 3 days ago

    ...and the Alien franchise is died. :(

  • Miguel Giovanni
    Miguel Giovanni 7 days ago

    I dont understand what the first movie have to do whit Alien Covenant, but i dident look to deep into it:/ I just remember in the end of the first movie that they was going to find the big humen Alien people to ask why they made them and all that, but yeah. Maybe it's another movie im thinking about:P

  • Kwest Reef
    Kwest Reef 7 days ago

    we all that technology and still using today's weapons!

  • ne oldu paşam koydumu yaşam


  • Billy Graham
    Billy Graham 10 days ago

    More idiocy for the masses to watch and become stupider.

  • Lo Que Tu Quieres Ver
    Lo Que Tu Quieres Ver 12 days ago

    ya puedes ver la pelicula aqui

  • anthony millin
    anthony millin 14 days ago

    Another shitty Alien film should of just left it at Alien 1

  • Davi Senzala
    Davi Senzala 15 days ago


  • Tam S
    Tam S 16 days ago +1

    14:02 - whats the song? pls pls pls help me

  • Manuel Sandoval
    Manuel Sandoval 17 days ago

    just finished this stupid gay movie you got the dumbest motha fuckers as a crew sniffing alien dust worst aimers in the planet earth is doomed

  • alpha Solomon
    alpha Solomon 17 days ago

    another Jews, Zionist, propaganda - the wings of the ship = Ark of the Covenant wings David wins at the end = king David and gods for Jews musics entry of the god in to the Valhalla = they enter the new world order new world controlled by Zion ,,,,,,,,,, you western people very sleepy from what is going around you ????

  • Tetea Chinzah
    Tetea Chinzah 18 days ago

    I don't understand how the creatures(xenomorph,neomorph,octopus like creature) in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant always defy science ,ie, the law of conservation of mass, though it is a sci-fi movie. How do the creatures always grow up(mass of the body increases) so fast within a few hours without apparently consuming anything? This always confuses me..if anyone can answer me, you're welcome.

  • D. D. Dawson Davis
    D. D. Dawson Davis 18 days ago

    The alien mutated, spread, then more people came to the planet. The ruins of the blown up ship are still there

  • David Jones
    David Jones 21 day ago

    worst alien film ever was waiting for the movie to start all the way through then it ended

  • beebo yussef
    beebo yussef 22 days ago

  • Sonu Romaksh
    Sonu Romaksh 23 days ago

    Good ...

  • Hailey Carpenter
    Hailey Carpenter 23 days ago

    reminds me of the movie Life

  • impact zone
    impact zone 23 days ago

    what's with that stupid intro im just trying to watch the trailer not someone intro like wtf smfh

    EXTRIM GAMERS 24 days ago


  • Lakota412
    Lakota412 27 days ago

    "everything you would want in an Alien's film" yeah! so the Predators show up at sometime and go all, well predatory!!!!!

  • Dd Dd
    Dd Dd 27 days ago

    we know their going to be aliens, but if and when we find something on another planet, sciences are going to want to know what the heck it is and then the military are going to want to know if it can become a weapon, how do we not know that mars is a bug planet like starship troopers and their all in long hibernation under the ground, astronauts won't know until its to late, luckily we have robots, but they don't smell of flesh, in space know one can hear you scream.

  • Maliki Mesteth elmore
    Maliki Mesteth elmore 29 days ago

    Wait, so, Let Me Get This Straight...

    They Replaced ChestBusters.... To BackBusters And The Aliens Stop Being Stealthly And Became Agressive!?...
    *"Welcome Too 2017/2018!"*

  • Rick Raven Rumney
    Rick Raven Rumney 29 days ago

    .....I believe Walter is still functioning....alive...what ever u call an android. Perhaps Walter is David. There have been some upgrades as Walter said. If by laws of computing power doubling approx every 18 months...Walter would make David a paper airplane among stealth fighters. Wouldn't Walter be inherently suspicious of David and ever allow him to gain the upper hand?

  • Rick Raven Rumney
    Rick Raven Rumney 29 days ago

    there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. this is the worst alien movie ever made. no questions answered. Terrible flick....awful prequel

  • Roy Perry
    Roy Perry 29 days ago

    Looks stupid as hell...

  • Mutant BFG DEMON763
    Mutant BFG DEMON763 1 month ago

    Dem xeno's gonna getchya

  • beat beast
    beat beast 1 month ago

    soooo....this is one of the few films where the villian wins at the end.

  • Aditya Saha
    Aditya Saha 1 month ago

    so much technology, but no hazmat suits. isn't it obvious one when exploring new planet?

  • Danya
    Danya 1 month ago

    ur next

  • Ex dee Crying laughing emoji face

    1:56 don't remember some of the scenes of the theater though strange unless it's new but the movie explains the origin recommend you watch it EDIT: wait it says new clips what?

  • thewimpykid24 and Games


  • Tam Vondayne
    Tam Vondayne 1 month ago

    so many horror movies and so many violent movies so many death and negative fear movies..........why???? why dosent hollywood want to make movies about high spiritual beauty and goodness where are all the God movies? where are the incrediable movies about heaven angels celestial beings of light and grand incrediable glory???? I'll tell you where...they are not being made because of the lucifer rebellion the majority of souls on earth are High light beings and in the end we shall have our day, the day of victory!!! then the right movies will come in reality!!!!!!!!!the light of christ will decend upon mankind and no more evil movies will be made!!!!

  • Luiz Carlos Feitosa
    Luiz Carlos Feitosa 1 month ago +1

    Music name 1:41 - 2:04?

  • Morning Gatsby
    Morning Gatsby 1 month ago


  • Morning Gatsby
    Morning Gatsby 1 month ago


  • Asa Troy
    Asa Troy 1 month ago

    everybody watch Prometheus again and listen closely to what the actors say and especially at the end. If you do you will understand OK so David killed all the engineers as some of us know in Prometheus the Elisabeth tells him to take her to there home world David asks why Elisabeth says because she wants to know why the engineers want to kill the humans after making them. My guess is that during the ride to the engineer home world an event happen in the ship that causes David to kill the engineers or that when they get to the home world something happens to Elisabeth and David was given a kill code or he thought the engineers where to dangerous but in Prometheus he said that everyone wants there parents to die

  • MR MYSTER 15
    MR MYSTER 15 1 month ago

    I hate horror movies..

  • Charles Taliabue
    Charles Taliabue 1 month ago

    something just hit me if this is the start of aliens then the predators can time travel they put aliens on earth with a frozen queen AVP 1 please correct me if I'm wrong now

  • Dave Mike
    Dave Mike 1 month ago

    1:10 - 2:01
    What the fuck? Where was all this this in the final movie? Looks far more interesting.

  • Lepassant Guy
    Lepassant Guy 1 month ago

    remake !

  • Marian Dumitru
    Marian Dumitru 1 month ago

    What the heck...5:30 they put an AMD processor into Walter .....

  • jake josh
    jake josh 1 month ago

    this is just a thought but at like 6:11 when they made the robotic creature guy I'm pretty sure he would have no wrinkles and super smooth skin considering it was a liquid they used so he wouldn't have aload of wrinkles and blimeshes on his skin like Michael

  • Yeti8it
    Yeti8it 1 month ago

    Every time something that looks like a vagina opens up for me trouble soon follows. lol
    Same with the face hugger. Opens up to jump on you're face...looks like a vagina. OOPS TROUBLE !!!

  • darktrooper2099
    darktrooper2099 1 month ago

    Once an "Alien" film,always an "Alien" film.

  • Zombi3ಠ_ಠ
    Zombi3ಠ_ಠ 1 month ago

    You've all sacerficed so much to be here. me:I don't want to be here.

  • Casey Cole
    Casey Cole 1 month ago

    oh yes! Go in a big temple with loads of dead bodies and walls the Alien can, oh wait DOES climb over.

    so even in the future, earth is sending the dumbest humans, to do important stuff.

  • Casey Cole
    Casey Cole 1 month ago

    Just so you guys know...the movie sucks.

  • DeathByJeffrey Woods
    DeathByJeffrey Woods 1 month ago

    dont watch it humans lose in the end and that was the message at the end of the movie

  • Vincent Siza
    Vincent Siza 1 month ago

    Ï like this movie.

  • 唐晓菲
    唐晓菲 1 month ago

    Thanks, can't wait to watch that film,

  • Ursula Martins
    Ursula Martins 1 month ago

    Oh my, I expected so much of this movie and I got really disappointed! Don't know anything about the characters and that android... Alien fan here but never mind! I do mind ... because the only important character in the movie it is that weird, nasty, mean android like in every movie.

  • superpiment sp
    superpiment sp 1 month ago


    ROBOT SAPIENS 1 month ago


  • Waldemar Vitorio filho

    - Assisti o filme . Considerei ( Prometheus) um tanto fraco . Esse (Alien Covenant ) É um verdadeiro desastre !

    BANDAROO BANDU 1 month ago

    world is the beautyfull place

  • Sean Jose
    Sean Jose 1 month ago

    At 5:30 , was that AMD's logo

  • Viz12345
    Viz12345 1 month ago

    sorry, scott, but you are getting too old for this job

  • ken masters
    ken masters 1 month ago

    Chick: where is it?

    Mother: 4 meters above you.

    Chick: so when were you gonna tell me bitch?

  • Anonymous Raz
    Anonymous Raz 1 month ago

    ffs we want new predator movie

  • huy nguyen
    huy nguyen 1 month ago

    big nightmare

  • Юрий Давыдов

    Bullshit movie!!!! Hollywood went down long time ago!!!! No good actors, no new good ideas!!

  • Katiana souza amorim
    Katiana souza amorim 1 month ago


  • Katiana souza amorim
    Katiana souza amorim 1 month ago


  • 사푸
    사푸 1 month ago

    맨날 똑같아 배찢고, 등찢고나와서 침 질질 처흘리고 겁주고 침뱉고. . .좀그래픽이 세련되고 정민해진것 말고는

  • Nova medija
    Nova medija 1 month ago

    If you pause at 5:17, the side view of that tablet resembles a Microsoft Surface Pro.

  • mavne mavne
    mavne mavne 1 month ago

    predator ? Where aree ?

  • Kaine Painter
    Kaine Painter 1 month ago

    Imagine if it was super anti climactic and the alien walked up and went
    "Hey man where's the bathroom like I've been asking people for ages but they kept running away"

    SONY CLIP (CA) 1 month ago +3

    ^^>??Alien: Covenant>>2017?? :

    • Albert Mag
      Albert Mag 29 days ago

      No one will fall for your fake shit fake site fake likes fake name fuck off and die eating acid you spamming scum ...

  • fatso667
    fatso667 1 month ago

    Awful movie the worst of the series, I had higher expectations of Ridley Scott and this fake sigourney wannabe is really ugly and a gay android...come on

  • Gun Cookie
    Gun Cookie 1 month ago +1

    In south korea alien movie can many cut films so before I wacthed that movie that films were not in real movie so Im sad:(

  • János Kovács
    János Kovács 1 month ago +1

    This film a bullshit!!!!!! Kurva szar ez a film!!!!!

  • D. W.
    D. W. 1 month ago

    Is it a bird?? Is it a plane??

  • John Molina
    John Molina 1 month ago

    the David and Matthew subplot is actually more interesting with its creepiness and homo-eroticism.

  • David Lamy
    David Lamy 1 month ago

    honestly after Weaver no one Will be able to be get it Perfect as sur did ...they ad Shaw...but ...why in the world they killed Her after one fukn movie...covenant sucks for one reason the main actress is just random...

  • Yuri Povoa
    Yuri Povoa 1 month ago

    Ah, so now the alien gets out from the person's back. Tthats creative.

  • Wilson Romano Negao
    Wilson Romano Negao 1 month ago

    ai sou fã destes filmes , tenho muitos filmes do prédador e olhos famintos e do lobizomen

  • Gogi D
    Gogi D 1 month ago +1

    Alien Covenant failed !!!!

  • Jhon Fredy
    Jhon Fredy 1 month ago

    Jhon fred HolA

  • Bobek Mi
    Bobek Mi 1 month ago

    Watched it last week ,its crap :(

  • NAGAMURTHY.D Nagamurthy


  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 1 month ago

    This movie sucked ass, I was really looking forward to watching it what a disappointment.

  • Mario Claros valencia
    Mario Claros valencia 1 month ago

    so cool

  • Cyril P.
    Cyril P. 1 month ago

    Won't waste precious money on that: "Prometheus" had some interesting concepts but dumb characters. This one ("Covenant") has met some serious (public and press alike) backlash here in France but really interested me at the fist place. What really pisses me off is the fact that the most interesting moments that are in these vids are not in the final movie. "Hey dude, buy my BR/DVD..." Yes but no, sorry. Nowadays, it is a bit like games: 80% of finished product and 20% (or more) DLC's.

  • TheDancerall
    TheDancerall 1 month ago

    Waisted opportunity, same old shit, alien, aliens, aliens III, etc, etc. What started for me as a promising new start with Prometheus has become the same movie over and over again. I thought Ridley Scott would have a spine and make something interesting and bold.

  • Skodz Gaming
    Skodz Gaming 1 month ago

    you would think they would wear full face metal masks...

  • Darin Dominic
    Darin Dominic 1 month ago

    I can't wait to get it on DVD I have alien, aliens, alien 3, alien resurrection, alien vs. predator, alien vs. predator: required, predator, predator 2 and now I need predators and alien: covenant I need them both to completed my franchise Trilogies on DVD

  • Jacob David C. Cunningham

    Man... she was hot too

  • Darry Kim
    Darry Kim 1 month ago

    0:55 Amazing performance

  • Murky
    Murky 1 month ago

    tell me why am i watching this

  • gaurav 31
    gaurav 31 1 month ago

    NOnsense boring movie , ridley scott dont even know what people are interested in watching
    just showing that robot as hero and villian and copied all scenes from original alien movie
    even though people were interested in watching creators and their land
    the scenes which we were looking were cut off , just all boring talks and discussion between robots and as a tradition in all hollywood movies trying to introduce female hero
    hollywood is making worst movies in all times for last three years, all are made just to get oscar nothing for entertainment

  • Estevan Salinas
    Estevan Salinas 1 month ago

    Imagine a man

    GERX TEHNOLOGY 1 month ago

    gad created humans there îs not a crators of humanity

  • Kristina Laurino
    Kristina Laurino 1 month ago

    What the music play in 10:15 ??? Tell me please!

  • Barouch Chum
    Barouch Chum 1 month ago

    Mr. Ridley Scott... I read the Heavy Metal Graphic Magazine story of Alien with all designs... I was terrorized with tme magazine..... the movie was worse.... DON'T STOP

  • TheSRBgamer63
    TheSRBgamer63 1 month ago

    Wtf why good old Ripley did not act here :(....

  • Marian Paździoch
    Marian Paździoch 1 month ago

    Engineers home planet : no air or space defence, no flight control - you can just fly in and carpet bomb them.

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