Review - ALIEN: COVENANT (pfffffffft)

  • Added:  3 months ago
    My review for Alien: Covenant. Some minor spoilers but honestly who cares.

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  • EntertainmentEntertainment
  • Runtime: 5:01
  • mr sunday movies  prometheus alien covenant  alien covenant spoiler review  alien covenant review  alien covenant  

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  • The Undaunt
    The Undaunt Day ago

    Watching this video and seeing all the clips from Prometheus and covenant that I don't recognize, I feel like I've missed two lengthy directors cuts.

  • Maciej Kowalski
    Maciej Kowalski 4 days ago

    As soon as you said that the movie is "fine", at the same time pointing out all the stupid plot points and how predictable all the twists are, i already knew this movie would suck for me. And it did.

  • john dwyer
    john dwyer 7 days ago

    so aliens made Jesus ok

  • wizzzer1337
    wizzzer1337 13 days ago

    I'll do the fingering

  • DevilPoroNnj
    DevilPoroNnj 17 days ago

    I hate alien covanent. The only worst alien movie is alien ressurrection

  • Band of Others
    Band of Others 20 days ago

    I must have watched this video a hundred times lol.

    Kinda find myself wondering how colossally f'd up Blade Runner will be.

  • ilquerxanier
    ilquerxanier 21 day ago

    Nothing new or unique... same shit different color.

  • Link_ 82
    Link_ 82 23 days ago

    The one thing I hated about this Movies was that the crew was so retarded the whole disaster on the planet could have been avoided had they been smarter at some Points and not fuck up

  • Goofdookie
    Goofdookie 24 days ago

    I'm so disappointed in you Mr Sunday Movies, Prometheus was an awesome film. I don't get what the disconnect is? I mean the incredible amount of lore that movie adds to the Alien universe is astounding, and it's just a fun movie with people who are great to watch on screen. I don't wanna type an essay on it right here, bc let's be honest, probably 2 ppl are gonna read it if I do, me and probably someone who didn't like it and want to be an asshole and shit on someone else's enjoyment of it bc they just didn't understand the movie and they're mad that other ppl did. That's usually the case with this movie. As a fan of the whole Alien franchise, it's probably my 2nd favorite of the bunch. However, Alien Covenant was a huge disappointment. Not bc of unanswered Prometheus questions, but bc of the choices to make David a maniac, kill shaw, and the shitty way they answered questions with more questions that make both make no sense. And everybody always bitches about how dumb the characters acted in Prometheus, I disagree for the most part, but if you wanna see characters acting stupid, Try Covenant. And Prometheus/Alien Lore aside completely, it just wasn't a good or entertaining movie. Very disappointed. Prometheus is a great prequel, but I have to accept I will never get answers, like what is the black goo? How did they create something so insane that can create life that takes on features of its sacrificial host? Or what was the electric sap David found on that door? I also wanna know why the first Engineers were awesome and all looked identical, but then back at their home world, they were all different. And then why did the black goo fly around when david dropped it on them, when it was supposed to be the same unevolved goo we saw in Prometheus, and why did it just kill them instead of mutating them. You'd think Ridley didn't even care to make sure the lore matched up.

  • The Loner
    The Loner Month ago

    Alien Isolation >>>> Alien Covenant

  • Ricardo Morales
    Ricardo Morales Month ago

    You know what? Space Marines. That's what I'd see. No more prequels that twist and make the original Alien movie absolutely convoluted and absurd. Just give me a good old action horror about people with big guns fighting perfect killing machines.

  • NeverReadTheCommentSection

    Let me show you how to finger blast your holes along this erect pipe.

  • Ail'enduril
    Ail'enduril Month ago +1

    it's not fine, it sucks

  • Robert T
    Robert T Month ago

    Shouldn't they have just created a high-ish concept Scifi film that takes place (and I Hesitate to use this term) but Alien universe where the film doesn't relate to the aliens at all but has some other dangerous thing that wipes out the crew. They could just steal ideas from other Scifi films. I guess you would just call it Covenant.

  • Kraito Krombongus
    Kraito Krombongus Month ago

    Covenant Is a disaster to the franchise.

  • zmdeadelius
    zmdeadelius Month ago

    Damn. Thanks for saying all that. This movie is a true exploration in stupidity + Ridley Scott trying to pay his bills. First attempt to watch it was less than 15 min and a second attempt with below zero expectations was 50 minutes. Damn - as if we aren't having enough stupid people in our daily lives already.

  • Jack Alan
    Jack Alan Month ago

    To make it worse, the main female hero wasn't even attractive.

  • AlmightyPear
    AlmightyPear Month ago

    I'll do the fingering.

  • Optimus Wev
    Optimus Wev Month ago

    gave 1 episode of your podcast a, absolute movie hipster clowns ;)

  • NewKingofControversy P Kelley.

    I loved the intro. You're so sarcastic. I love it.

  • Chuck Stone
    Chuck Stone 2 months ago

    they need to have the baby xenomorph in a pull ups commercial lol!

  • 康庄
    康庄 2 months ago

    One thing I never understand about the alien movies:
    If the androids in that universe are so powerful and so superior than human. Why don't humans have any cyborg enhancement? That's just doesn't fit the Sci-Fi logic, right?

  • The Singapore Ghost Club

    I rather be exploring planets in Starbound rather than this stupid a-shit of a movie.

  • Brandy Beavers
    Brandy Beavers 2 months ago

    Viruses and bacteria adapt to particular physiologies. You can't just take a virus that has evolved to infect dogs and get it to infect a human!

    They did mention that the wheat was astronomically improbable. They were there looking for a human on that planet.

    And they trust David because he was built to serve. Oram has suspicions but he basically accept David's programming on blind faith. Daniels and Walter are the only characters that seem to see through David as more than a servant robot.

    It's fine that you dislike the movie. It's fine that your work consists of sometimes grilling movies. But a lot of negative Youtube reviews that try to poke holes instead of discussing how the movie was made or even giving a single attempt at trying are just so... passe. I mean, I'll still watch your videos. I'm not gonna be like "Unsubscribe!" because you think something opposed to me in a few scenarios.

    And fair enough on the space suits. Everyone can't really be expected to know that the end of War of the Worlds is bullshit. But even then, this review is... Not great. The title, the tone, the nitpicking. It's all a bit neophyte. You probably won't read this in this month old video but I just want to say that I think you can probably do better than this.

    And sometimes, questions are better than answers. Leaving things unexplained isn't the same as having an incomplete movie.

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad 2 months ago

    Unfortunately most screenwriters don't know how to kick off a story with human arrogance or stupidity getting the ball rolling.

  • Karl Porter
    Karl Porter 2 months ago

    So many of the clips you used are not in the movie. Some of them do not make any sense at all with the movie as it is in theatres.

  • stuffanthings
    stuffanthings 2 months ago

    Ripley 6, you missed Ripley 2 you know the clone, that's if you ignore all the other failed clones too ;)

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder 2 months ago

    The whole thing people have told me makes Alien good is that it's a horror but the main character isn't a fucking pussy. When I watched Covenant everyone was a pussy. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

  • Felix Weinlinger
    Felix Weinlinger 2 months ago

    prometheus was blody briliant

  • Thunder Zboub
    Thunder Zboub 2 months ago

    I actually really liked this movie

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb 2 months ago

    I FINALLY saw this (cos a friend wanted to see it), and after all the terrible reviews I've seen, was surprised to not have a terrible time. It's not great, but it's reasonably entertaining. I thought it was better than Prometheus, if only because there was a bit more danger and action. But in terms of quality (coherent plot, decent characters) it's probably still below AvP.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 2 months ago

    Mr. Sunday Movies you are being way to critical on this movie it is not total shit like you say it is and your complaints about it are primarily nitpicks. This movie is by far one of the best Alien movies in quite a while

  • High Heel Knight
    High Heel Knight 2 months ago

    Wonderful Mission Directive Intro :-D

  • Jeff Duarte
    Jeff Duarte 2 months ago

    Now that's a review. 👍🏻

  • Toaster Strooder
    Toaster Strooder 2 months ago

    I really love the review from 0:10-2:26. It's such a creative, unique, and fun way to do a movie review, and it doesn't impede the review's actual quality. The review also still effectively communicated its message during that portion of the review.

    Freaking bravo, man.

  • david Carter
    david Carter 2 months ago

    Haha like your stuff man. Keep it coming. Idk why all the scientists automatically did the most stupid things 😂

  • Brendan Sullivan
    Brendan Sullivan 2 months ago


  • Paulo Teixeira
    Paulo Teixeira 2 months ago

    Worst movie of all Alien franchise, including bad Alien 4.
    Bad concept, story, characters and their characterization, unrealistic, dumb and well... why say more?
    Ridley Scott just killed the Alien franchise with a really bad movie.

    I hope someone would do an ALTERNATIVE "Alien Covenant" movie that truly continues the mystery raised on Prometheus. Prometheus really deserves a nice sequel.

  • britbloc123
    britbloc123 2 months ago

    From best to worst:
    Alien 3 Assembly Cut.
    Alien Resurrection.
    Being skinned and then being rolled in salt.
    Alien Covenant.
    AVP 2.

  • Gaddis Gaming
    Gaddis Gaming 2 months ago

    So this advanced civilization that seeds planets with life is just a small town with a temple.

  • Rolf Harris
    Rolf Harris 2 months ago

    great review

  • schmoab
    schmoab 2 months ago

    So do these people work for the Corporation or what.

  • Michael Grana
    Michael Grana 2 months ago

    Is it possible for Hollywood to not make a movie full of gays and interracial couples/sex? Nope. It's an agenda. Thanks Michael Green for getting your filthy shifty hands on one of our favorite franchises.

  • BobaGabe1
    BobaGabe1 2 months ago

    This is now a sad lost franchise. Alien is supposed to be smart horror. Covenant is dumb dumb dumb horror.

  • Cheyne Pearson
    Cheyne Pearson 2 months ago

    I for one seriously did not need some massive back story on the creation of the human race. Keep it simple and tell a good story.

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 months ago

    the only review that's necessary. walked out after the shower scene. meh...

  • Negative Thinking
    Negative Thinking 2 months ago

    dont need to watch the video the title says it all

  • Andrew Forbes
    Andrew Forbes 2 months ago

  • Jeffrey Ferguson
    Jeffrey Ferguson 2 months ago

    Wait... am I crazy, or are those scenes of them being affable at the beginning not actually in the movie?

  • Ian fleischer
    Ian fleischer 2 months ago

    Do you prefer this or another avp or alien resurrection?

  • Jon Crane
    Jon Crane 2 months ago

    I don't like how almost every infection in prometheus or covenant leads to being impregnated in some way. even treading on an alien dung-heap releases microbes that make you give birth to an alien.

  • Shamelesscritique1
    Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

    I would like to state for the record that I want a aliens star wars crossover lol

  • Space Tyrell
    Space Tyrell 2 months ago

    Hey I am a Scientist! Anyone want to light there own farts naked inside a nuclear reactor?

  • Shamelesscritique1
    Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

    Ya know what's scary?...thrilling? or at least has some tension or suspense?
    When the cast of characters are generally intelligent, competent and behave in a consistent and understandable manner when they find themselves in a dangerous situation through no fault of their own or any lack of basic common sense on their part.

    The situation simply and believably shouldn't and couldn't be that easily avoided...
    It's scary when people do the right and logical thing given the situation and in turn it's all the more terrifying when their competence and intelligence rarely helps or at the very best just prolongs what seems to be their gruesome and inevitable fate.

    It also helps if they're likeable and interesting or at least have some defining character or development...hell the audience can generally get behind a unlikeable arsehole if they've got some redeeming feature or compelling trait.

    Practically every character in this movie was literally too stupid and bland to live...the whole film might as well have been a long winded montage of dullards walking off cliffs because they weren't paying attention, accidentally shooting themselves or each other, I'm surprised most of em didn't choke to death because they accidentally swallowed their own tongues or died because they forgot to breath...they're that stupid and incompetent, not to mention clumsy and uncoordinated.

    Was the point of the movie to get the audience to share the same contempt and disdain for the humans as the villain david?...if so it did a good job.

  • UsirRaMaroon
    UsirRaMaroon 2 months ago

    I gave a  thumbs down, NOT because Alien: Covenant wasn't a big steamy turd, but because you  had the  audacity to say Danny McBride was great. Wow... No one was "great" in this film.   MF was good, but if there was anyone who was the worst in this was McBride.

  • Flynn Rider
    Flynn Rider 2 months ago

    The aliens were created by the engineers from the black goo. In the novelization it states that he got the eggs idea from projects, idea and prototypes from the engineers archives. David felt that the engineers were inferior and used their foundation to perfect the aliens through experimentation.

  • davesparody1
    davesparody1 2 months ago

    Idk I really enjoyed this film a lot!

  • synapticflow
    synapticflow 2 months ago +1

    The movie was such a letdown. Ridley Scott has just about lost the touch, like teddy bear George Lucas before him.

    • Shamelesscritique1
      Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

      The martian was excellent...the guys a great cinematographer, he still attracts and knows how to get good performances from great actors but it seems like he's lost any and all ability to judge whether a script is good or bad.
      The old guy needs a fucking writing chaperone, a dedicated editor or competent assistant or something to pick his material and make sure he sticks to it.

  • Captain Harlock
    Captain Harlock 2 months ago

    As someone who is only a mild fan of the Alien franchise,(first two excellent Aliens is my favorite, 3 terrible, 4 was almost so bad its good) I'm very disappointed as to where the series is headed. I completely skipped Prometheus and I was right in doing so. It was almost better when they where thought to be made by the Predators, that would have been interesting. But no some alien and an android basically just spliced stuff together and its completely random.

    So are the AVP movies not cannon anymore?

  • rodster6
    rodster6 2 months ago

    Of all the stupid things in this movie, it's biggest crime is the TERRIBLE origin they give the Xenomorph. Not that it needs an origin at all. But ot make it part of this cartoon supervillain plot of Davids is just awful and shits all over what was good about the original.

  • MrFabritzzio
    MrFabritzzio 2 months ago +1

    look at me, I'll do the fingering

  • Lorre Watkins
    Lorre Watkins 2 months ago

    n my opinion Ridley Scott took away the mystic of the Xeno's and did some poor choices with this film.
    And left me with more questions than answers ??

  • Garrett Boneberg
    Garrett Boneberg 2 months ago

    I liked this movie; it wasn't perfect but it was better than whatever Prometheus was. However, I did see every twist and turn coming from a mile away. Oh wait, did you already say that? Well, you were right.

  • Doug Yurchey
    Doug Yurchey 2 months ago  We Prometheus fans were cheated out of 1 super sequel with release of Covenant. Remember how great 'Aliens' was? That's what we should've gotten: Shaw's big questions concerning Engineers answered! Should've been on Engineers home world like first idea of 'Paradise.' We got robbed! Keep reading review & you'll see my version of what Prometheus 2 could've been. Deacon alien TALKS to Shaw! Tell me what u think~

  • Everything Reviewer
    Everything Reviewer 2 months ago

    I'm glad they allowed the video to be re-uploaded

  • Voeris
    Voeris 2 months ago

    mmmm, I've never tasted Australian salt

  • Captain's Corner
    Captain's Corner 2 months ago

    Hello everyone! I review films and books that I feel are underrated and go a little under the radar. Despite Alien covenant being a huge success financially, it is seen as a strong instalment in the franchise but not much else by most. I feel it is as strong and possibly one day as iconic as the first two alien films. If you are interested in quite a different take on this movie then please take a look at my channel and tell me what you think.

  • MerlosTheMad
    MerlosTheMad 2 months ago

    Myup, the premise behind both prometheus and covenant should have never been considered for the big screen the way it was. Either explore the story of the Aliens, or explore the story of the engineers, but if you try to do both you get what we got here, a big mess and a bunch of crap that's neither interesting nor satisfying.

    And to each their own on this part, but while I'm amazed some people have been defending David being the aliens creator, I really wish that covenant had at least considered some of the inconsistencies this created with the other movies. The past murals of the Xenomorphs, how he made the eggs without a queen, etc etc etc.

    I'm so tired of the hand waving hollywood tries to lazily pull just to get what they want on the big screen rather than a solid story.

  • TheDonBarracuda
    TheDonBarracuda 2 months ago

    remember Ridley didn't want to make an Alien movie, he just wanted to make a movie about ancient aliens. This failure is another example of studio interference and how the entire industry just chases $$$$

  • Kelvin Fosfor
    Kelvin Fosfor 3 months ago

    "They just are, because space is weird sometimes." Amen.

  • First Last
    First Last 3 months ago

    This movie really did suck and I am getting sick of female leads.... they are annoying and it is all bullshit PC crap.

  • TopClark69
    TopClark69 3 months ago

    The scene where the two guys kiss was cut from the international edition? Where was it? I haven't seen it!

  • Jonathan Wotka
    Jonathan Wotka 3 months ago

    "David, you are the devil, aren't you."

    "Mmmmm...follow me down this dark stairwell and have a look at these giant eggs for me!"

  • Super_Duper_ Saiyan
    Super_Duper_ Saiyan 3 months ago

    The idea the engineers sent "Jesus" is definitely hinted at in Prometheus.

  • Luke M
    Luke M 3 months ago

    I liked Prometheus and I like Alien Covenant even more. It's the best Alien movie since 1986 IMO. Is it better than Alien or Aliens?? Hell no. But you can't beat perfection

  • Mineshooterx
    Mineshooterx 3 months ago

    It was awesome man, so scary

  • VUnhac
    VUnhac 3 months ago

    I have to agree Alien franchise assembles the most stupid scientists and experts known to mankind

  • Kloule
    Kloule 3 months ago

    I couldn't stand the new Ripley

    KRK KLN 3 months ago's a piece of shit with more stupid characters making stupid decisions. Cliche cliche cliche.
    Too much effort into pushing an agenda instead of giving us an intelligently written script.

  • darkchronos
    darkchronos 3 months ago

    and the worst of all alien 5 was delayed or maybe canceled for thiw movie -_-

  • cinemar
    cinemar 3 months ago

    F A I L I E N

  • Space Jockey
    Space Jockey 3 months ago

    People are bitching about how stupid the Covenant crew was and how that ruined the movie, but they never mention how retarded are the marines and half the crew in the overrated "Aliens" movie.

    • Shamelesscritique1
      Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

      Actually aside from understandable disbelief and arrogance that led to their first disastrous encounter where they simply underestimated their enemy they "reacted" pretty consistently and believably according to their characters once the shit hit the fan...the exception being the drop pilot landing and opening the door so the dumb ass could take a piss.

      In short Cameron's space jar heads were nowhere near as retarded as the supposed intelligent scientists from prometheus and covenant.

  • David Pawlowski
    David Pawlowski 3 months ago

    "That movie was an exploration in BULLSH*T"  'nuf said.

  • F1rsttime_online
    F1rsttime_online 3 months ago

    Just saw it. Thought it was a good Alien/Prometheus movie. People just love to complain for Internet clicks. 🖕👽🖕

    • Shamelesscritique1
      Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

      Thanks...I try

    • F1rsttime_online
      F1rsttime_online 2 months ago

      Shamelesscritique1 You truly are shameless.

    • Shamelesscritique1
      Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

      Oh look a reference to a current popular fad, my aren't you creative and original? lol
      P.S I'm old school and as such prefer yo-yos and rubix cubes

    • F1rsttime_online
      F1rsttime_online 2 months ago

      Shamelesscritique1 Go play with your fidget spinner you dunce boy.

    • Shamelesscritique1
      Shamelesscritique1 2 months ago

      F1rsttime_online...That's just the kind of response I expect from a simple mind that's easily entertained and distracted...
      So thanks for the confirmation.

  • Andy Duffield
    Andy Duffield 3 months ago

    I can't understand why they didn't do a fly over of the whole planet before they landed, you know to maybe get an idea of what they were looking for???

  • Brian Sager
    Brian Sager 3 months ago

    Once Amy Seimetz, the wonderful Amy Seimetz, dies, this movie shits all over itself.

  • Mr. Hermin
    Mr. Hermin 3 months ago

    but then again, this is supposed to be a prequel to the alien movies, so the people in the alien movies should learn from these blokes which happens to be the first ever time humans are encountering the situation

  • pakibukas
    pakibukas 3 months ago

    does earth federation protocols dont mean nothin' anymone, huh space cadets?

  • Theresa Buccola
    Theresa Buccola 3 months ago

    Just got back from the theater. What a steaming, rhote pile of ...

  • Unbox Flix
    Unbox Flix 3 months ago

    I just did my review on Alien Covenant. Watch it here:

  • Jim Loftus
    Jim Loftus 3 months ago

    Prometheus 2: The Retardation

  • Jim Loftus
    Jim Loftus 3 months ago


  • narstyr
    narstyr 3 months ago

    Covenant rocked! Oh and by the way, everybody with the exception of Weyland and his crew that kept him alive were totally expendable in Prometheus. What movie were you watching. Other than that, well said.

  • Jefferson Sales
    Jefferson Sales 3 months ago +1

    "Let's go outside to breath some fresh air from this completely unknown alien atmosphere using only our bags, jackets and grandma Laura's farm hat. What could possibly go wrong, right?"

  • Elohmn
    Elohmn 3 months ago

    Couldn't agree more with this review.

    Pretty much sums up AC and the spaceballs part is perfect demonstration of how stupid the "chestburster" scene was in AC. I actually had to keep myself from laughing in the Theater at that part.

    "Hello my baby, hello my hunny..."

  • kermunklin
    kermunklin 3 months ago


  • Bill Trainor
    Bill Trainor 3 months ago

    I have a feeling this film will be available for streaming/rental very soon.

  • kwade1120
    kwade1120 3 months ago

    " exploration in BULLSHIT!!!"

  • John Schiro
    John Schiro 3 months ago


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