Try Not To Laugh At This Funny Dog Video Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

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  • Alexander Suman
    Alexander Suman 4 hours ago

    2:35 how did the husky even get in there?

  • Şêbăťìøñ Mìčhãêłįś

    2:20 ain't funny get that shit off

  • Sean The Absolute Failure

    2:47 most depressed dog ever.

  • Sophie Mcmillan
    Sophie Mcmillan 1 day ago

    roses are red violets are blue you came for the thumb nail and I did too

  • Arts and diys
    Arts and diys 2 days ago

    2:47 I DIED

  • Doggo
    Doggo 2 days ago

    Doggo laf vary much dering vedeo at other dog doeng fanny thin

  • Ian Hudson
    Ian Hudson 3 days ago

    4:40 thats not funny thats dog abuse

  • MistyMint
    MistyMint 3 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You came for the thumbnail
    And I did, too

  • Elizabeth Bravo
    Elizabeth Bravo 3 days ago

    If you did not laugh props to you

  • Wing Hui
    Wing Hui 3 days ago

    OMG my name is sophie

    15MUSICMUSIC 4 days ago


  • Slender_04
    Slender_04 4 days ago

    5:23 My dog does that as well. It's gross, especially because my dog has a blood vessel right behind her eye, so when it flips, it's disgusting.

  • inerface the face
    inerface the face 4 days ago

    why dont the fat ass lady walk wit the dog

  • phish m
    phish m 4 days ago

    Fuck your ads

  • Stekiz
    Stekiz 5 days ago

    I feel like some of these are kind of mean and not that funny!

  • C. Evans180
    C. Evans180 5 days ago

    4:03 Dog's like :What kind of prize is in here anyway?" *Cat jumps out* Dog: "Woooaah shit!!"

  • Rus Montana
    Rus Montana 5 days ago

    2:40 is that a pitbull ?

  • Meledyne
    Meledyne 5 days ago

    Girl: Do you wanna play?
    Dog: Really nigga?

  • Miranda Munro
    Miranda Munro 5 days ago

    @8:05 is just too priceless to watch just once 😂😂🤣

  • _ Animalpartie _
    _ Animalpartie _ 6 days ago

    it's 12am.. do you know how hard it was to contain my laughter and not lose my shit and wake everyone else up in my house?

  • Ian vincent lopez
    Ian vincent lopez 6 days ago

    The dog with the stuck eye's (0 ) ^ ( 0) got me so GOOD:}

  • LilBoatGaming
    LilBoatGaming 6 days ago

    The first one: when bae leaves

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis 6 days ago

    they're forcing the dogs to the do they don't do it on their own

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis 6 days ago

    cuz if they're going to be mean to them dogs and upload it just too get likes and comments I will stop watching YouTube and unsubscribe to everyone

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis 6 days ago

    at first I was laughing but after I was reading the comments I seen that you guys were was really caring about the dogs and I started to think they should or someone should delete them off of YouTube

  • 101Scratch
    101Scratch 6 days ago

    When you laugh at the first one...

  • NJ WOLF !
    NJ WOLF ! 6 days ago

    dogs are the best but cats nope

    IGNITEX 6 days ago

    2:43 not funny

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C 6 days ago

    8:20 Don't keep dogs in your fucking hot oven of a car you fucking stupid retards. Everyone knows this, but the people who ignore it deserve to be beaten then tossed into Death Valley on its hottest day & see how they like it.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis 7 days ago

    Fuck all of you people that don't like this.

  • LPS Cristal Ocean
    LPS Cristal Ocean 7 days ago


    NAV DAUQS 7 days ago

    dog gang

  • Squid Man27
    Squid Man27 7 days ago

    6:25 Demon voice

  • Liam Kubassek
    Liam Kubassek 7 days ago

    Me as a parent

  • Umbrella Soldier Named Houghton

    Damn it, the first one got me. :(

  • Jdndncnxn Jdjdjdndnnn

    whats the dog breed at 6:45

  • Hillary Huynh
    Hillary Huynh 8 days ago

    The dog went to jail

  • Jefferson's Gaming Channel Finnaly

    the first one was not funny it was bad😭

  • Gamer girl 123
    Gamer girl 123 8 days ago

    4:29 loll the dog tried to get off the floor fast but it's plan failed 😏😏😂

  • Green River
    Green River 8 days ago

    I lost it when the small dog missed the table

  • deviltiramisu
    deviltiramisu 8 days ago

    all the people are like " these dogs are hurt and dying" in know right. that's some serious dying right there 8:35

  • אורי כהן
    אורי כהן 8 days ago

    2:40 What the fuck?!😂

  • Daniel Weeks
    Daniel Weeks 8 days ago


  • Lucius Ling
    Lucius Ling 8 days ago

    2:12 oh no 😢

  • Z Opperman
    Z Opperman 8 days ago

    Now that funny

  • Baker Mayweather
    Baker Mayweather 8 days ago

    My dog likes to lick peanut butter off my asshole.

  • Rainy167
    Rainy167 8 days ago

    3:18 was mean and funny am I right or am I right

  • Rainy167
    Rainy167 8 days ago

    the one with the dog who did not want to leave the park he could have been being choked it was not funny

  • Paladin Gaming
    Paladin Gaming 9 days ago

    3:17 Lois in the background and the cat were timed perfectly

  • Ashley Grossnickle
    Ashley Grossnickle 9 days ago

    my dog just died 🐕

    • Ashley Grossnickle
      Ashley Grossnickle 9 days ago


  • Rosey Artist
    Rosey Artist 9 days ago

    I choked at 8:43 😂

  • Planet Cheeseburger

    9:09 A booby trap!!

  • Jess Clark
    Jess Clark 9 days ago

    teasing that poor dog with a treat he cant get too is just wrong. and whats wrong with u ppl laughing at ur amimals with shit on their heads. they cant breath and u can obviously see they r struggling to get it off. smarten up ppl

  • Huynh Dan
    Huynh Dan 9 days ago

    The dog at 4:36 could've died

  • Victoria Andreev
    Victoria Andreev 9 days ago

    2:40 oh no thats not funny thats sad :( u can hear the dog crying

  • Sara Fox
    Sara Fox 9 days ago

    Dogs in the thumbnail:
    dog on the bottom: Eh do you mind your kinda on my HEAD!!
    dog on bottom: now I don't mind at all..

  • Châu lê
    Châu lê 9 days ago

    3:22 what kind of the name of the dog guide?

  • dinobluewolf squad
    dinobluewolf squad 9 days ago

    why you shouldnt gibe dogs brokoli

  • unnötig
    unnötig 9 days ago

    I hope so many People in the Video and in the comments will be in a emergency and no one will help you. Whats wrong with u?

    IAN BEAST 10 days ago

    2:45 derp

  • Neon_TheKitty _
    Neon_TheKitty _ 10 days ago

    3:59 your turn for the baby, Nooo Your turn for the baby NOooo ,your turn ,......fine

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  • Eva Kusiatin
    Eva Kusiatin 10 days ago

    1:46 there's a white boxer they are so cute

  • BlueStarGirl 478
    BlueStarGirl 478 10 days ago


  • Raleigh Johnson
    Raleigh Johnson 10 days ago

    2:48 is the that dog whining it's sad

  • Scorp_theFur
    Scorp_theFur 10 days ago

    3:19 I lost when the dog pushed the cat off the bed. " bitch get the fuck off my bed!!! "

  • mundo animal laura
    mundo animal laura 10 days ago

    and dogs and cats

  • mundo animal laura
    mundo animal laura 10 days ago

    Y love huskys

  • mundo animal laura
    mundo animal laura 10 days ago


  • jimjim productions
    jimjim productions 10 days ago

    I failed at the thumbnail

  • Crazy Unicorn
    Crazy Unicorn 10 days ago

    5:06 DAMN that's a big tent!😲

  • Roxyygirl AJ
    Roxyygirl AJ 10 days ago

    Me when back to school shopping comes
    2:47 whyyy... y u do dis?

  • Julia Whisken
    Julia Whisken 10 days ago

    ah I peed XD

  • Nikki Bullas
    Nikki Bullas 10 days ago

    My dog is so scared of my hair brush 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • WhoDini22
    WhoDini22 11 days ago

    Anyone else watching at night and trying to keep in laughter??

  • Wolfy Fox470
    Wolfy Fox470 11 days ago


  • Johnny Blount
    Johnny Blount 11 days ago

    I came here cuz I just watched the scariest jump scares ever

  • Evan McCrea
    Evan McCrea 11 days ago

    3:20-3:43 Yep, we've just found a real life Cerberus

  • Taylor Fullerton
    Taylor Fullerton 11 days ago

    Well safe to say i failed 10 million times

  • Shanthi Ashok
    Shanthi Ashok 11 days ago

    2:37 that husky is too cute for words 😍

  • {Feather_wolf 8}
    {Feather_wolf 8} 11 days ago

    2:41 that's not funny! That's just sad, like look at it's eyes! It's probably in pain the way it's whining that..... is NOT FUNNY!

  • Raymo' Limami.
    Raymo' Limami. 11 days ago

    The videos of the dogs being stuck in things, and things like that aren't funny. Help them.

  • Gabbie Wabbie
    Gabbie Wabbie 11 days ago

    I love him... 8:41

  • ToX!c Blood
    ToX!c Blood 11 days ago

    2:49 but mom i want ice creaam

  • Molly Hawkshield
    Molly Hawkshield 11 days ago

    The first one was not funny..

  • Harley Quinn Bitchez

    Am I the only one at 4 : 37 that didn't laugh because the dog could die if it didn't get that thing taken off it's head?

  • Mya Willis
    Mya Willis 11 days ago

    This is ssoooo cute 💙

  • Cat Loaf
    Cat Loaf 12 days ago

    trying to get me to exercise. 1 minute in YOU CANT SIT WALK!!

  • Mayrin Hernandez
    Mayrin Hernandez 12 days ago

    I already lost the first one

  • Riley Hopkins
    Riley Hopkins 12 days ago

    G V

  • Rainbow_Unicorns Phandom

    1:50 poor pupper nobody will save him from the vicious tiny dog!

  • Nataly MB
    Nataly MB 12 days ago

    Favorite is the one where the German Shepard knocked off the cat. It deserved it😂

  • Claus Nielsen
    Claus Nielsen 12 days ago

    Funny stuff. Those purebred/inbred (same/same) dogs get me every time. Works of art, those dogs. Art akin to the works of Michael Kvium or H. R Giger, but maybe that's just me. Keep'em coming.

  • CJAdams97
    CJAdams97 12 days ago

    9:24 What type of dog is that?

  • Erin da wolf xx
    Erin da wolf xx 12 days ago

    1:11 1:14 im creased

  • Adam Horn
    Adam Horn 12 days ago

    0:33 oh I love my air😭😂

  • CupcakeTV
    CupcakeTV 12 days ago

    5:14 ich dachte erst, der Hund wär blind 😆

  • Maya Tonna
    Maya Tonna 12 days ago

    At 2:11 she was hurting him pulling him on his callar

  • Nerf Gunner
    Nerf Gunner 12 days ago

    I failed one the thumbnail

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