I'M MOVING ON! Life Update Update

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  • [insert positive bullshit here]

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  • Mad Panda
    Mad Panda 4 hours ago

    I've never had problems when I clip my nails. Could your problems stem from the curvature and toughness of your nails, perhaps?

  • hope snuggs
    hope snuggs 11 hours ago


  • Cookie Create
    Cookie Create 12 hours ago

    Were is the video on how to grow your nails!!

  • Mate C.
    Mate C. 22 hours ago

    Can't you use scissors to cut your nails?

  • Lucifiction
    Lucifiction Day ago

    'How am i going to scratch my cats????' - Actually my priorities xD

  • J.F Dragonfrost
    J.F Dragonfrost Day ago

    I always have very short nails so I use a nail clip XD

  • martina Isele
    martina Isele Day ago


  • martina Isele
    martina Isele Day ago

    It's so painful to watch😭😭😭

  • Dayanara Ortiz
    Dayanara Ortiz 2 days ago

    What is that song called at 3:32

  • Octogirl2oo {}_{}
    Octogirl2oo {}_{} 2 days ago

    Ohhhhh nudes

  • Amy and Chels peeps
    Amy and Chels peeps 2 days ago

    you can buy holo nail clippers 😉

  • Elodie N'délia
    Elodie N'délia 2 days ago

    "My nails may be short, but they won't stop me from being myself." That made me cry thank u v much cristine😢

  • Doris Eriksson
    Doris Eriksson 2 days ago

    Why are her nails yellow? Is she a smoker?

  • Kiera Sherrod
    Kiera Sherrod 3 days ago

    Those clippers look like they've been through so much

  • Lamorran Trevenna
    Lamorran Trevenna 3 days ago

    Your short nails are longer than mine...

  • Ayla Ligthart
    Ayla Ligthart 3 days ago

    Waiting for that nail oil formula😢

  • Na Li
    Na Li 4 days ago


  • Daisy Norris
    Daisy Norris 4 days ago

    Try nail polish wire flower ask rob from threadbanger

  • emily price
    emily price 4 days ago

    Even with her nails filed right the way down, she still has longer nails than I do. Pray for me....

  • Lucinda Vincent
    Lucinda Vincent 4 days ago

    3:30 who wanted to pull the glue off really bad

  • Ellamay Doyle
    Ellamay Doyle 4 days ago

    Who agrees Christine is the funniest human ever?😂😂

  • Sama Sameh
    Sama Sameh 4 days ago

    Crustine it is a "serious injury"

  • Mystery the Blue Kitty/Kittin

    Ooooooo the cringe

  • Diandra Ortiz
    Diandra Ortiz 5 days ago

    Your "short nails" or longer than mines 😭😂

  • Elizabeth :P
    Elizabeth :P 5 days ago

    "normally I wouldn't use a nail clipper"
    We can tell... its quite dusty😂😂😂😂

  • Paul Stanley
    Paul Stanley 5 days ago

    Is her other nails on her other hand that short??

  • BeautyFanatic27
    BeautyFanatic27 5 days ago

    Please teach us how to make the nail oil open at 2:11 🙏

  • Brooke Katz
    Brooke Katz 5 days ago

    When my nails break, I use Nail Scissors t cut the broken edges and then I file them down, I never use Nail clippers

  • Hana Huseini
    Hana Huseini 5 days ago

    Pray for me. Have to do a fitness gram paser test

  • Baby Classic Sonic/ Baby Brightheart


  • Medi_Pride Official
    Medi_Pride Official 6 days ago

    Nooooooo the nail clippers

    *this is so sad*

    *Me crying on the inside

  • Madisyn Denoff
    Madisyn Denoff 6 days ago

    Size doesn't matter it's how you use it

  • Kyut Psycho
    Kyut Psycho 6 days ago

    The smile line …

  • Kawaii PanPan
    Kawaii PanPan 7 days ago

    I find the sensation of not having my fingertips not touching stuff weird? only one?

  • Finn Lemonzik
    Finn Lemonzik 7 days ago


  • Sue Phillips
    Sue Phillips 7 days ago

    No not the nail clippers oh god

  • Layla Aldridge
    Layla Aldridge 8 days ago +1

    Cristine, dear holo Cristine, you are cat person. So you are a cat. That means your nails are too. 9 lives. Now u have 7. MUHUHUAHAGAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! RIP CRISTINE NAIL.

  • Akina Coleman
    Akina Coleman 8 days ago

    Please show us how to do the oil

  • Colette Jividen
    Colette Jividen 8 days ago

    Before I looked at thumbnail when she said moving on I thought her and Ben broke up😝

  • Carter McNab
    Carter McNab 8 days ago +3

    If you have pain and a hard time with big nail clippers, I suggest you use baby nail clippers!

  • Eno489578@ecotoh.net

    Make a video how to grow your nails

  • Andréanne Durand Marsh

    Once, I broke my nail, but only in the center. It would bend over, but would not completely fall :3

  • Zoe Basnicki
    Zoe Basnicki 8 days ago

    This is so sad I just broke my nail that was longer then cristines (sorry can't spell )

  • Mystery
    Mystery 8 days ago

    my cuticles are longer than my nails

  • German Shepard101
    German Shepard101 9 days ago +1

    I was not really into holo but now I LOVE IT. HOLOSEXCIAL

  • Xenoss Plays AJ
    Xenoss Plays AJ 9 days ago

    Make some slime out of nail polish!!!

  • Donna Lee
    Donna Lee 9 days ago

    Thank you for posting about your short nail work, for those of us who only have short nails. I feel for you however, in that even my just-trimmed nails are longer than yours in this video. I can use a nail trimmer due to mine being very thin nails...I mean like razors.

  • Ngo Dat
    Ngo Dat 9 days ago

    When I look at the clipper it bring me fear cause when I grow my nail and it long but then the next day my mom cut it NO!!
    But when I watch this it make me feel better!!
    Thank You Cristine!!

  • Kemma
    Kemma 9 days ago

    my nails over the last few months have been suffering: first I trapped my thumb in a car door and that left black blood under my nail as well as making it grow super slow and hurting like shit, then just as it was almost grown out I trapped my middle finger in a door and had the exact thing happen tho it didn't grow as slow and then one day I put on fake nails stupidly forgetting I had work the next day where I wash up and use my hands a lot so I cant really where super long nails so I hand to rip them off causing the place where all the blood was under my nail to crack directly in the centre and it had only just gotten long enough so I wouldn't be it crazy pain before ripping off completely and now I just cant wait after 6 months to finally start having nice nails again.... wow if that isn't a first world problem I don't know what is

  • Kayla Fernandes
    Kayla Fernandes 9 days ago

    iMovie has got me cringing

  • Holly Donnelly
    Holly Donnelly 9 days ago +1

    i literally found black holo witch on a website and ITS ONLY FOR SALE IN US EFNJSNGRLSNF

  • Jordyn Sliworsky
    Jordyn Sliworsky 9 days ago

    I'm laying on my side and my cat is on me and she is finding this video amusing

  • Tina Bazina
    Tina Bazina 9 days ago

    I am dying on the inside for her😢

  • Stella vlogs, gaming, and awesome video

    I love your introduction it's so relaxing like it u agree! and does anyone like their own comment cause they know no one else will?

  • dj mittinkittin
    dj mittinkittin 10 days ago

    NOOOO! i hope your nail grows in :)

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 10 days ago

    It's crazy how the size of her nail changes after she takes the long part off

  • mohamed salah
    mohamed salah 10 days ago


  • Maria Arizpe
    Maria Arizpe 11 days ago

    butt it is ok gril

  • Maria Arizpe
    Maria Arizpe 11 days ago

    i feel bad for you

  • AD-singscraft
    AD-singscraft 11 days ago

    That's what my nails always look like because they always break

  • Noha 101
    Noha 101 12 days ago

    she is a hero

  • Kitty and puppy Lover
    Kitty and puppy Lover 12 days ago

    Holo crap that must've hurt

  • XXFreyCatxX Cat
    XXFreyCatxX Cat 12 days ago

    I watched this video then I went to sleep 😴 and I had a nightmare about nail clippers

  • slm iles
    slm iles 12 days ago

    *dramatic music*
    ...The dreaded nail clippers.

  • Angelberry26
    Angelberry26 12 days ago

    I saw a video on how to grow your nails and it said that if your nails are yellow, your nails will be easier to break, but I don't know if that is true or not.

  • EatTwinkies13
    EatTwinkies13 12 days ago

    Curious why you'd chop off all your nails, instead of using a temporary fake nail?

  • smores
    smores 13 days ago


  • Sofia Yarian
    Sofia Yarian 13 days ago

    Her nails take 1 month and a half to grow. I have been growing my nails for almost a year and the are not even past my finger

  • Leo Cage
    Leo Cage 14 days ago

    Okay but why is no one acknowledging that the title says "Life Update Update" like is it an update on an update of your life wat

  • FallenSolitude
    FallenSolitude 14 days ago

    The Office?!?!

  • littlestangel4747
    littlestangel4747 14 days ago

    I fell up the stairs the other night and broke my nail...I was like no I want to die! My mom looked me up and down and said don't be dramatic...really?!!
    Christine gets me.

  • Jonalyn 12333333
    Jonalyn 12333333 14 days ago +1

    Uhhh hate it!!!!!!!! It looks so painful and uncomfortable

  • Rachel Young
    Rachel Young 15 days ago

    dang Cristine why are the underside of your nails so MoIsT in this video

  • somethinglikethat
    somethinglikethat 15 days ago

    4:58 <3 <3 <3 xD

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 16 days ago

    3:54 seems like a sunset 🌅

  • Samantha Burgueno
    Samantha Burgueno 16 days ago

    Can you add me to Snapchat my username is Elsa six

  • Basketball Spino
    Basketball Spino 16 days ago

    Finally! She trims them!

  • Give Jøsh a Micrøphøne 2k17 YEE

    Just realised this was posted on March 22nd this just shows all bad things happen on this dreaded day 😂

  • Vivi@googlemail.com Carroccia

    2:49 best Part 😅

  • Rashi Bhalerao
    Rashi Bhalerao 16 days ago


  • Marija Leonarda Orlović

    Why is something under her nail watery

  • Swana TV
    Swana TV 16 days ago

    I just broke my nail yesterday by a wood 😩😭😭it hurt really bad

  • Jay Rivera
    Jay Rivera 17 days ago

    I love when she wraps the tip. I would love for her to do my nails!!!!!

  • Ella Erdogan
    Ella Erdogan 17 days ago

    She is so dramatic but this actually loooks soooooo painful 😕😫😫

  • Jinggay Gonzales
    Jinggay Gonzales 17 days ago

    When Christine replayed that clip I was like "NOOOOOOOOO" (sorry if I spelled her name wrong

  • Sakyu Basu
    Sakyu Basu 18 days ago +1

    I broke my nail past my my freaking Nail bed!! It was stuck into my fucking Flesh! Oh my god!!

  • Brianna McCrory
    Brianna McCrory 18 days ago


  • Blondy VS
    Blondy VS 20 days ago +1

    I feel like I can use clippers cause my nails are so weak af

  • 1318Snake
    1318Snake 20 days ago

    Her nail is still longer than mine, not by much but it's still longer

  • Girl-Craft Gaming
    Girl-Craft Gaming 20 days ago

    I felt pain inside when her nail broke and when she pulled out the nail clippers, I backed away from the screen as natural reflexes

  • Izzy betch
    Izzy betch 20 days ago

    I've broken my nail 4 times
    This year
    This aint nothin
    >^[ I'm a tough girl

  • Yaser Nazir
    Yaser Nazir 21 day ago

    If you're nail are short or long holo looks good on anyone

  • Sherli. pi3
    Sherli. pi3 21 day ago

    Cristines nail: don't let go!!

    Cristine: IM SORRRRRY

  • Mae Smith
    Mae Smith 21 day ago

    im so confused how her nails grew so fucking fast what the fuck

  • CindyPlays Games
    CindyPlays Games 21 day ago

    Sorry Cristine my mom using nail clippers she knows how too use one and doesn't hurt that much

  • CindyPlays Games
    CindyPlays Games 21 day ago

    I have a HOLO NOTEBOOK

  • Dalphinemybff3 Gaming
    Dalphinemybff3 Gaming 22 days ago +1

    DID ANYONE NOTICE SHE SOUNDS LIKE WISTERIAMOON'S MYSTERIOUS SISTER, WISTIRIASUN? * worst name ever and, she sounds 10 yrs older than her xd *

  • Brianna And Madison
    Brianna And Madison 22 days ago

    lol I finally have longer nails then her 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Logangster and Slime And Candy. That's all.

    *video starts with depressing music


  • Mahnoor Naeem
    Mahnoor Naeem 23 days ago

    OH MY GOSH! Christine! I was literally so upset to see this and when you started to use the nail clippers, my heart just went wild cz I hate nail clippers.

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