Animals Can Be Jerks - Best Funny Compilation!

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  • Cherie Aldridge
    Cherie Aldridge 1 day ago

    THE CATS. They are funny when the black cat said. THAT. Lol 😹😹😹😻😅😅

  • Theo
    Theo 2 days ago

    my favourite was the one with cat being a jerk

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 2 days ago

    0:05 I found my spirit animal

  • azeez dhuha
    azeez dhuha 2 days ago


  • Katelyn Ellis
    Katelyn Ellis 3 days ago


  • The Novice
    The Novice 3 days ago

    0:50 They robbed and jumped the plush. Didn't think squirrels were about that life!

  • Yamma Eden
    Yamma Eden 4 days ago

    sneaky Ostrich... lol

  • Yamma Eden
    Yamma Eden 4 days ago

    that kangaroo could easily have killed that kid, not funny at all...

  • Yamma Eden
    Yamma Eden 4 days ago

    that kangaroo could easily have killed that kid, not funny at all...

  • Руслан Зубчанинов

    как можно смеяться,если дети падают, им ведь больно!!!!!

  • Oliver Lode
    Oliver Lode 6 days ago

    i enjoy watching cat do silly things boi r they cute ^^

  • gurbinder singh
    gurbinder singh 6 days ago


  • Kelanduo L·Dyglia
    Kelanduo L·Dyglia 6 days ago

    I think all the dislike is for the music, I guess I will do the same, bcz you seem to know very well how to fuck up a good video.

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera 6 days ago

    music stinks

  • Mary D
    Mary D 7 days ago


  • Blue Yoshi Gaming
    Blue Yoshi Gaming 7 days ago

    0:21 "Long live the King..."

  • JhonnyD88
    JhonnyD88 7 days ago

    3.35 .... the goat wins over all!

  • Marcus Tulius Cicero


    Dog to owner: get it downya!

  • Irfan Shah
    Irfan Shah 9 days ago +1

    Who's watching this right now??? :P

  • Daisy Pineda-Klenk
    Daisy Pineda-Klenk 11 days ago

    I love cats 🐈

  • John Ostrum
    John Ostrum 12 days ago

    The cat at 5:32 looks helpful

  • Ultimacy
    Ultimacy 12 days ago

    Would've been better with actual music instead of noise.

  • Manta Wray
    Manta Wray 13 days ago

    dislike - terrible music

  • Ric Flair
    Ric Flair 13 days ago

    1:14 killua's godspeed

  • aisha Ismail
    aisha Ismail 13 days ago

    *2:45** IS ME AND MY SIBLINGS* 😭

  • Kareem OfWheat
    Kareem OfWheat 14 days ago

    Had to turn sound off to keep from vomiting before I gave athumbs down and left.Someone doesn't know anything about music.

  • 1414LisaLisa
    1414LisaLisa 14 days ago

    I could only get through about 30 seconds of this before the music made me want to stab my eardrums with a pencil. ugh

  • Hussein Rasheed
    Hussein Rasheed 14 days ago

    Fucking ugly music, plus the scenes are ain't clear

  • chglubb
    chglubb 14 days ago

    0:31 she deserved it... :)

  • J Vilander
    J Vilander 14 days ago

    3:33 rapist dog

  • Zoie's your girl for life

    cat on keyboard #realable

    SHADOW WOLF10 16 days ago

    Half the video are cats XD

  • Julia Stenman
    Julia Stenman 16 days ago


  • Pyrophoric
    Pyrophoric 16 days ago


  • Daniel Neal
    Daniel Neal 17 days ago

    Funny But the music SUCKS unbearable

  • ツマグロフェに
    ツマグロフェに 17 days ago


  • Zontiark
    Zontiark 17 days ago

    Animals Can Be Jerks More Like Animals Are Jerks

  • factinator33
    factinator33 17 days ago

    I can't believe that dog (TEA BAGED) THE OTHER,

  • André Eriksen
    André Eriksen 18 days ago

    Sucks that you removed all audio from the clips =_=
    Your techno doesn't age as well as original sound.

  • Ponyflyer
    Ponyflyer 19 days ago +1


  • Hong Le Van
    Hong Le Van 20 days ago

    sao vone có thể thích cái này vậy trời

  • PetsAreLife // PAL
    PetsAreLife // PAL 20 days ago

    Yet my name is pets are life...

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 21 day ago

    Please look at my cute face and TRY NOT TO HIT ,,LIKE'' BUTTON!

  • Cheddar Ü
    Cheddar Ü 21 day ago

    That part when the Mommy Gorilla picked her baby to safety because his/her playmate was a bully --- Sawooooo adorable!!

  • zm zee marie
    zm zee marie 21 day ago

    I wish there was a gator.... but what would it do?

  • zm zee marie
    zm zee marie 21 day ago

    take that other tiger

  • EpicIceCream
    EpicIceCream 22 days ago

    why dubstep -_-

  • pianosenzanima
    pianosenzanima 22 days ago

    what's the name of the song??

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 22 days ago

    This techno music ruined it, I turned off the sound.

  • Matt Black
    Matt Black 22 days ago

    What's the electronic music that plays? Sweetness.

  • King Without A Crown
    King Without A Crown 23 days ago

    2:01 Thug Life

  • Bara Ayyad
    Bara Ayyad 23 days ago

    2 savage 4 u

  • Nimmy Jeutron
    Nimmy Jeutron 23 days ago

    Music is so fucking terrible what the actual hell.

  • Chriseron Denelson CRISTONY

    0:07 bruh

  • Jennifer Callahan
    Jennifer Callahan 25 days ago

    I loved the one where the shut the box on the other cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😂

  • I am a Vampire
    I am a Vampire 26 days ago

    I dont get why bears and dogs and fox and crocodiles are afraid of cats, they could easily kill the cats with their humongous teeth

  • Cristian Gallardo
    Cristian Gallardo 26 days ago


  • Cristian Gallardo
    Cristian Gallardo 26 days ago


  • rosanna demos
    rosanna demos 27 days ago

    por dog

  • Jea Barangan
    Jea Barangan 27 days ago

    love the video...... hate the music

  • Boom
    Boom 27 days ago


  • niteshade music
    niteshade music 27 days ago

    let Luigi have some food kittie @3:53

  • Аким
    Аким 29 days ago

    penguins best, cannot stop to laugh

  • giovanna grimalde
    giovanna grimalde 1 month ago

    3:15 3

  • Mohammed Ezzat
    Mohammed Ezzat 1 month ago

    it should be named " CATS can be jerks " 😂😂😂

  • Ronak Tambi
    Ronak Tambi 1 month ago

    1:23 looks like Jackie chan

  • Idris and Mohammad
    Idris and Mohammad 1 month ago +1

    cats are savages

  • Davy Swagg
    Davy Swagg 1 month ago

    2:17 the worst


    at 4:05 it's like dog Thug Life GTA V no joke watch

  • tim1tire
    tim1tire 1 month ago

    Why do people HAVE TO add their annoying music instead of letting us hear what's going on?

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 1 month ago

    The very first clip and it's ruined because the noise of the cat falling through the loft entrance is missing. That's what makes it funny. Yet we get the WORST MUSIC EVER instead.

  • Luke David
    Luke David 1 month ago

    That penguin just owned that leopard seal.

  • Luke David
    Luke David 1 month ago

    I don't think that the animals are being savage. I think they're plain smart!!!

  • Veloc ipede
    Veloc ipede 1 month ago

    Lmao cats are spring loaded.

    FRENZY 1 month ago

    animals are such trolls

  • Crept
    Crept 1 month ago

    Fuck dogs

  • Ma. Anthonette Madrigal

    XD I like it when cats are "JERKS"

  • gohar saleem
    gohar saleem 1 month ago

    2:10 was my favorite

  • Jeffery Miller
    Jeffery Miller 1 month ago

    The videos are too old!

    MØHÅMĐ ŞPÁŘĶ 1 month ago

    hhhhhhh This is funny at 3:34#

  • Bosse
    Bosse 1 month ago

    die musik ist scheiße du hurensohn

  • PREDATORCroatia
    PREDATORCroatia 1 month ago

    That drive-by cat was the best.

  • hwan nung
    hwan nung 1 month ago

    1:46 killed mehh AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • henry ayonon
    henry ayonon 1 month ago


  • HungryGamerHD™
    HungryGamerHD™ 1 month ago

    dang i watched this like 4 years ago..

  • Tyrel Collins
    Tyrel Collins 1 month ago

    the music goes with the attitude of the animals lol I like it

  • Arindam Sengupta
    Arindam Sengupta 1 month ago

    i kiked the trampoline guy the dog was having sex with that man

  • Jordy Dormans
    Jordy Dormans 1 month ago

    01:20 thats also a way for for a human to feed you xD Damn thats a smart move dog.. slick :P

  • Ashish Koul
    Ashish Koul 1 month ago

    Human harm with intention , animals do it accidentally or have no choice ...human is biggest jerk on earth ..

  • Brian Battles
    Brian Battles 1 month ago

    annoying music

  • DankFenny
    DankFenny 1 month ago

    both the songs are lit!

  • Barbara Rodrigues
    Barbara Rodrigues 1 month ago

    2:45 OMG 😂

  • mikeakaspike
    mikeakaspike 1 month ago

    you mean, cats are jerks. yeah.

  • Llamaworld MiceTF
    Llamaworld MiceTF 1 month ago

    1:57 everyday life

  • Allen G
    Allen G 1 month ago

    Funny as hell, loved it.

  • Nicholas Gibson
    Nicholas Gibson 1 month ago

    0:43 Horse, "B*tch, do I look like a f***ing petting zoo to you, huh!?

  • Robert Eubank
    Robert Eubank 1 month ago

    Lol it is so funny I love wean the cat was ridding the tartlets and troll fade!

  • Asegdirb Does Gaming
    Asegdirb Does Gaming 1 month ago

    3:01 The seal's face when the penguin just leaves... LOL

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