Incredible Octopus Catch!

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    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote sets off on an another aquatic adventure to find the ever elusive Octopus!

    Octopuses, one of the most intelligent animals that can be found in tidal pools, have extremely accurate camouflage. In fact, their camouflage is so incredible at concealing themselves among the rocks and sand that an adult Octopus has been the one marine creature that has consistently eluded the Brave Wilderness team since they launched Beyond on Tide earlier this year…so will today be the day their luck turns around?

    Get ready to see if Coyote can finally catch the Octopus he's been searching for!

    *Special thanks to Aron Sanchez for making this adventure possible. To learn more about Aron's amazing field work please visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram @waterbod

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  • Spencer Zukerman
    Spencer Zukerman 5 hours ago

    You put the best

  • sıfır bir
    sıfır bir 14 hours ago

    Olunu sileyim

  • Las super hermanas Yolo

    I dare you to eat it

  • Sam Smash
    Sam Smash 19 hours ago

    Oh hi mark

  • kai
    kai 21 hour ago

    Just letting you guys know, theres an octopus in australia that is known as a "blue ring octopus" it is yellow and had a blue spot similiar to what this one looks like in the container, just saying dont just pick up any octopus because the blue ring will most likely kill you

  • Warren Wiltfong
    Warren Wiltfong Day ago

    According to Oxford Dictionaries, while Octopuses is the correct anglicized plural, technically the correct plural should be Octopodes, but isn't. Fun Fact :P.

  • NHL Beast OMG
    NHL Beast OMG 2 days ago

    Go to NHL Beast OMG

  • Hayden Summers
    Hayden Summers 2 days ago

    Wants I saw a really big octopus and it was. 50 times the size of that

  • Jason Engel
    Jason Engel 2 days ago

    WOW that is amazing

  • Yandey Fanior
    Yandey Fanior 2 days ago

    Sea cucumber : They won't find me!
    African child : A CUCUMBER!!
    Sea Cucumber : ;-;

  • Kraymer Cosco
    Kraymer Cosco 2 days ago

    I been trying to find a good site were I can get a pet Octopus. any idea's?

  • OCYFL Cheerleading!
    OCYFL Cheerleading! 2 days ago

    Ima get a pet octopus like I D.C. If I have to feed it put in in a clear jar with a filter he can fricken watch me play titan fall

  • Vince Hutch
    Vince Hutch 4 days ago

    did nobody notice how the color of the octopus changed when he took it to the cameras?
    i think he knocked the first one out good by almost dropping it

  • nana chhun
    nana chhun 4 days ago

    Wait Sea cucumbers breath throo there Butts?????? Ok cool:3

  • Evamae
    Evamae 4 days ago

    **smells octopus**

  • piOS
    piOS 4 days ago

    This is as good as (if not better) Nat Geo Wild!

  • Kosta Koffe
    Kosta Koffe 5 days ago

    Says tide pools are full of a diverse ecosystem, *shows 3 images of the same crab*

  • Sandra Segovia
    Sandra Segovia 5 days ago

    Ceseso l onegro

  • Xx. WolfycatSprite. xX XDS

    that black sea hare scares me a bit

  • Hitman Agent 47
    Hitman Agent 47 5 days ago

    sea cucumber is actualy expensive 2 of them cost 200 bucks

  • ikingz lex
    ikingz lex 6 days ago

    idk how but he saw that thing under a rock... X-Ray vision.

  • Dora Plancarte
    Dora Plancarte 6 days ago

    Its like the one with the kids

  • Night Flame
    Night Flame 6 days ago +1

    Ur intros are awesome ;)

  • escominis 183
    escominis 183 6 days ago

    mark: oh yeah it does feel like a booger!?!
    me: .... have you touched one, mark?

  • Aliki -
    Aliki - 6 days ago

    Where is that?

  • Nayven Quan
    Nayven Quan 6 days ago +1

    We have spiders that fly in Belize there are very tiny

  • The Unhappy camper
    The Unhappy camper 6 days ago

    The plural of octopus is octopedes

  • Audi
    Audi 6 days ago

    It took me a while to realize that Coyote's inspiration was actually Captain Nemo lol

  • pro bigg
    pro bigg 6 days ago


  • Ana Garza
    Ana Garza 7 days ago +1


  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith 7 days ago

    I like catching slugs/octupus/

  • Matiya024
    Matiya024 7 days ago

    octopuses is also wrong, it's actually octopodes "oc-toe-pod-ess"

  • Insane Wolfy
    Insane Wolfy 7 days ago


  • Mercedes De La O
    Mercedes De La O 7 days ago


  • 4 Star
    4 Star 8 days ago

    Mark:Oh wow its so cool oh wow

  • The Millers
    The Millers 8 days ago

    The sea cucumber is cute

  • ボンレスピザ _

    One time I was eating octopus sushi and I legit choked cuz of the tentacles there sooo sticky and they kept sticking to my esophagus as I swallowed

  • MJay
    MJay 9 days ago

    I didn't tought of tentacle hentais while watching this at all

  • Guadalupe Vera
    Guadalupe Vera 9 days ago


  • Andrew Muchoney
    Andrew Muchoney 9 days ago

    at first glance I thought it was a  Blue-Ringed Octopus because that species only shows its rings when it feels threatened.

  • Fang Li
    Fang Li 9 days ago

    I'm cyotee Peterson and I'm gonna enter the personal space zone. XD

  • Ryleigh Mami
    Ryleigh Mami 9 days ago

    They should call it a sea pickle it looks more like a pickle

  • Alex Pallas
    Alex Pallas 9 days ago

    True fact:

    Squidward is an octopus

  • OverEasy/FarCry
    OverEasy/FarCry 10 days ago

    at 8:54 he says octopuses when he is an expert and animals and its octopi

  • skull gaming 22
    skull gaming 22 10 days ago

    Love the intro

  • Sugito Gito
    Sugito Gito 10 days ago

    1:55 That animal like poop!

  • Forest Stalker
    Forest Stalker 10 days ago

    I put an awesome octopus on the top of my hand once.. It had cool looking blue spots in its yellowish body. So cool.

  • wallakfir90
    wallakfir90 10 days ago

    This is really interesting!

  • Arnold Villapando
    Arnold Villapando 10 days ago

    I met you coyote because this video is the first video I watch in your channel

  • Marcos Villa
    Marcos Villa 10 days ago


  • Emanuel Gonzalez
    Emanuel Gonzalez 10 days ago

    Well you just ruined my favorite word

  • Dramawind
    Dramawind 11 days ago

    Hehe. Octopussies. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Okay, that's pretty immature.

  • Ep1x Highjack3r
    Ep1x Highjack3r 11 days ago

    I would've never saw that he has eyes like an eagle 🦅

  • shane Stevenson
    shane Stevenson 12 days ago

    Dude it's octopi

  • Gecko And Friends
    Gecko And Friends 12 days ago +1

    The octupus Looks like : what is your f$ckinf problem xD :D Good Video, like!

  • Sheryl Samson
    Sheryl Samson 13 days ago


  • TheUltimate EnderLord
    TheUltimate EnderLord 13 days ago

    Coyote should be called eagle. Because his eyesight is amazing.

  • JUGS
    JUGS 13 days ago

    i thought the plural was octopodes

  • Jeanine Ireland
    Jeanine Ireland 13 days ago

    I love that Coyote is so gentle and lets everything go.

  • Laly Goummatova
    Laly Goummatova 14 days ago

    An octopus is my favorite animal

  • Hasan Enam
    Hasan Enam 14 days ago

    National geographic?

  • Monique Holt
    Monique Holt 14 days ago +1

    Didn't you know that there is a fish that lives in a cucumbers butt don't believe me search it up and leave a like on this comment if it is real

  • MrGaming 101
    MrGaming 101 14 days ago +1

    That's a nice Dog you got there what's breed!?

  • TsR games
    TsR games 14 days ago

    At 0:50 bottom right. Pretty cool

  • Taquito Man
    Taquito Man 14 days ago +1

    4:35 "looks like an alien from another planet" wow my favorite kind of alien

  • genny emendato
    genny emendato 14 days ago


  • Lawliet Ryuzaki
    Lawliet Ryuzaki 14 days ago


  • DeMorte Kleihege
    DeMorte Kleihege 15 days ago

    No the plural is octopede

  • awsomeplayz
    awsomeplayz 15 days ago

    It's funny how Coyote keeps on saying octupuses instead of octupi

  • Heycha Alfonso
    Heycha Alfonso 15 days ago

    great video

    SAVAGE SQUAD 695 15 days ago

    Octopuses are underwater ninja 🐙

  • Vinny Avalos
    Vinny Avalos 16 days ago

    So they breathe throuh their butts, huh. Imagine it farting.

  • The Great and Lovable Peridot

    I thought the official plural for octopus is octopodes...?

  • Sopronyi Zoltán
    Sopronyi Zoltán 16 days ago

    Just had an octopus grilled for dinner. It was delicious

  • StickMasterK
    StickMasterK 16 days ago

    Why is this still not a tv show

  • Andrey Zvonarev
    Andrey Zvonarev 16 days ago

    wiggly booger huh lolol

  • Sherwin Jr
    Sherwin Jr 17 days ago

    Octo "pusseys"

  • Jay
    Jay 17 days ago

    we saw soo Many octopus in a Place like that They r soo slimey

  • Ty Gressett
    Ty Gressett 17 days ago

    this channel is amazing

  • Daniel Edson
    Daniel Edson 17 days ago

    you no gath ametisty is roch

  • Kids Ochoa
    Kids Ochoa 17 days ago +1

    I love this show😍

  • christian vela
    christian vela 17 days ago

    coyote-look a pool of snails
    snail-you just took my house space now I have to buy a new house

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    Find a glowing squid

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith 17 days ago

    How do I get your book coyote

  • X'zayveon Jamison
    X'zayveon Jamison 17 days ago

    Awsome dude

  • waRX VS
    waRX VS 17 days ago


    DRĘWGÃMÏÑG g 17 days ago

    2:04 sea pickle!?!?!?

  • landen parish
    landen parish 17 days ago

    Actually the plural for octopus is octopuses, octopi, and octopodes.

  • Harley Quinn2
    Harley Quinn2 17 days ago

    Yeah their octapussys uhhh I mean.......OCTOPUS'S!!!YUP that's exactly wat I meant..................

  • Tygofive
    Tygofive 17 days ago

    I thought there would be multiple -octopi- octopuses

  • Tygofive
    Tygofive 17 days ago


  • jeremiah edmond
    jeremiah edmond 18 days ago +1

    Love the channel one day I am certainly gonna explore the world maybe even catch an octopus 🐙🐙🐙🐙

  • Aaron Gerow
    Aaron Gerow 18 days ago

    The mirrored image of his hands was kinda freaky

  • Ceyra Weiju
    Ceyra Weiju 18 days ago

    3:08 eren: t-titan?

  • Chicken Chat
    Chicken Chat 18 days ago

    How did they know what a booger feels like 😐

  • Doge tube
    Doge tube 18 days ago

    I love this channel each morning I watch it and I'm only 9

  • Fischritze
    Fischritze 18 days ago

    I have seen one in Korsika (French).

  • Let's Play Gamer
    Let's Play Gamer 18 days ago

    i am learning stuff or maybe!?

  • Robbin Ledoux
    Robbin Ledoux 18 days ago

    hi I'm coyote Peterson and today we enter the strike zone with a North Korean ICBM

    Coyote touches missle. (explosion.)

    Camera man:. Are you alright coyote?

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