How North Korea created an 8ft giant soldier?

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  • MrTaipan55
    MrTaipan55 13 days ago

    I think he is the same 8 foot giant they send to the Asian Games basketball competitions. There is no professional sports career in communist N. Korea so the best option is work for the government as a soldier.

  • Oz Osborne
    Oz Osborne 1 month ago

    he ate all his sweetcorn

    CTROCK 1 month ago

    I hope NK, have enough rice and fish head to feed they new 8 foot solider!

  • Bobby Spurlock
    Bobby Spurlock 1 month ago

    It's probably Dennis Rodman.

  • JB Systems
    JB Systems 1 month ago

    Blessed are the peacemakers. !!! give 👍 Share/with friends Subscribe to ZEE CHANNEL

  • ebbios
    ebbios 1 month ago they only need mark x power armour

  • Loris Ardry
    Loris Ardry 1 month ago

    il et juste très grand comme certain dans le monde pfff ou fake

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 1 month ago

    easier to get shot. sorry for him

  • Jose Ventura
    Jose Ventura 1 month ago

    so she could damn tired of your stupid f****** robot voice stupid lazy person can't you be original and do a real video

  • Rock Reed
    Rock Reed 1 month ago

    ????? Denis Rodman ?????

  • Alvarez George
    Alvarez George 1 month ago

    bring him on.... I'll kick his ass...

  • _____ _____
    _____ _____ 1 month ago

    *ONE BUllet to THa HEAD*

  • cornholio777
    cornholio777 1 month ago


  • Bad Ass
    Bad Ass 1 month ago

    These people are just a piece of shit!!!!

  • Jordan Abubakar
    Jordan Abubakar 1 month ago

    lol I am army in phillipines I am 8feet3 no joke and i am basketball player 2

  • Ryan So
    Ryan So 1 month ago

    his Brain is to far from his feel probably wicked slow

  • Fig Jam
    Fig Jam 1 month ago

    its one of the DaftPunk dancers from 'Around the world '

  • Fernando Villalobos
    Fernando Villalobos 1 month ago

    yeah right they had a good underneth

  • Barreh Channel
    Barreh Channel 1 month ago

    one of the pest president of rhe wold kim

  • R.S Cherry
    R.S Cherry 1 month ago

    Can't believe i wasted my time watching this shit.

  • sai kishore
    sai kishore 1 month ago

    He is North Korea players he wanted to play in NBA but North Korea people can't go to USA so he didn't played he is not a soldier

  • Mohammad Zubayer
    Mohammad Zubayer 1 month ago

    Every cultural background their Food habit & so called Malnutrition is quite different from the west.You don't use their food Did you ? You will explain in accordaNCE WITH YOUR SALARY ? CAN NOT BE COMPARE WITH DEVELOPING COUNTRIES,tHAT IS ONE OF THE REASON EXPLOITATION OF THE dEVELOPING COUNTRIES cHEAP LABOUR,MAKING THE CLOTH FOR THE WEST..

  • Village TV
    Village TV 1 month ago

    dictator just like Saddam

  • allan starme
    allan starme 1 month ago


  • jesse suarez
    jesse suarez 1 month ago

    Shoot that niggah in the knee, he'll be an average 5'7". No biggie for the US

  • Prank ster
    Prank ster 1 month ago

    they just happen to have a giant and n korea has mandatory military service

    *BIG NASTY* 1 month ago

    So this is why Dennis Rodman was in NK.. They used his sperm.

  • Ganbala
    Ganbala 1 month ago

    he have blood can killed

  • Cushetic King
    Cushetic King 1 month ago

    he is standing next to coreans, he is not taller than me.

  • Airickk2021
    Airickk2021 1 month ago

    how people still use Windows Movie Maker?

  • mg lh
    mg lh 1 month ago

    thats the baskeball player

  • chee xiong
    chee xiong 1 month ago

    That's one giant and easy target lol

  • Becky H
    Becky H 1 month ago

    Kim fatty :)

  • Hector Luna
    Hector Luna 1 month ago +1

    even tho we all know you have too much free time and have playing much dungeons and dragons its just a tall ass asian

  • Hector Luna
    Hector Luna 1 month ago

    ok then ill just shove a fucking grenade up his ass see if that don't make him shit

  • Craig Baker
    Craig Baker 1 month ago

    mini me voltron...

  • Aetherguy 1234
    Aetherguy 1234 1 month ago

    There is a method called Photoshop out there.

  • johnel royol
    johnel royol 1 month ago

    big target easy to shoot him.

  • Jo Mamma
    Jo Mamma 1 month ago

    freak of Trump

  • Moey 2moey
    Moey 2moey 1 month ago

    You stupid Americans think it's easy to take out North Korea. This is not those movies where America saves the world, this is real life.

    • Joseph Marty
      Joseph Marty 1 month ago


    • Joseph Marty
      Joseph Marty 1 month ago

      Violent minded jackass

    • Joseph Marty
      Joseph Marty 1 month ago

      Get a wife get a life. Stop thinking about war.

    • Joseph Marty
      Joseph Marty 1 month ago

      You can all kill each other that's all you do. God should have done away with mankind in the Great Flood of Noah.

    • Joseph Marty
      Joseph Marty 1 month ago

      Fuck the world

  • Cyberknight FTNWO
    Cyberknight FTNWO 1 month ago

    obvious fake, the angles of the shadows at their feet are different, "Photoshop"

  • slevy67
    slevy67 1 month ago

    You be the judge and see if it would be something you'd like to do.

  • Pnut P
    Pnut P 1 month ago

    thats a dude on another dudes solders

    Rasko BRAHAMOVICH 1 month ago

    the most stupid video ever seen;;;looool

  • kamran kazmi
    kamran kazmi 1 month ago

    how nba created basketball players M

  • Chrome Daddy
    Chrome Daddy 1 month ago +1

    Bigger they are the harder they fall

  • SideShow Bob
    SideShow Bob 1 month ago

    td. (👎) wrong title.

  • Shabir M
    Shabir M 1 month ago

    8 ft giant soldier ..only one ??? 😬😬😬😬👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

  • Aryan A
    Aryan A 1 month ago


  • That's Not Me
    That's Not Me 1 month ago

    First time ever that O hear a robot voice and it didn't bother me at all I don't know why but it was nice!!!. Like and Subscribe.

  • James Ralph
    James Ralph 1 month ago

    looked more like 9 feet to me.was not that basketball star.much bigger

    MARDERA UCHIHA 1 month ago +2

    FOREIGN COUNTRIES have a bunch of weird deformed freaks with 4 arms 6 leg humanoid Arachnids an one eye goblins and shit....

  • melvin gibbs
    melvin gibbs 1 month ago

    lol easy target one mile shot hits like a 44 point blank.

  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records 1 month ago

    OH, WOW

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 1 month ago


  • Edwin Sabio
    Edwin Sabio 1 month ago

    probably dennis rodman

  • oscar delgado
    oscar delgado 1 month ago

    All it takes is a shot in the head. Don't care if he's 20 feet tall hooah

  • jeremy wahlang
    jeremy wahlang 1 month ago

    whats so interesting about a oversize north korean?

  • Universal Justice
    Universal Justice 1 month ago hardly say they created him. I'm sure he has parents who created him, not the government, populous, city, or anything other than his two parents. He's not an alien or a ufo, why is this on your ufo channel? At best, we could say "he is one tall fuck!" Lol.

  • Nicholas Napier
    Nicholas Napier 1 month ago

    they are not short people and there's one thing you need to look at when Rubio Senator Rubio of Florida went to North Korea the DNC line and there was one taking a picture of him and that guy was pretty damn tall so you better go look at that if you want to be sure you're saying that no screens aren't that talk they had a whole Brigade of women that were over 6 foot

  • FeministFighting ForHairyLegs

    Maybe it was Yao Ming

  • Jimmy ATX ALL DAY
    Jimmy ATX ALL DAY 1 month ago


  • Paul Julian
    Paul Julian 1 month ago

    Acromegalic, look it up on Google, not created, a known medical condition, nothing unusual, and he's not 8ft tall, comparison to others show he is no more than 7 ft tall and there are well over 200 people in the world of that height, were they created?

  • manoj senapati
    manoj senapati 1 month ago

    so now he can easily spotted and killed..ha..ha

    LAKEN CHALLENGER 1 month ago


  • Moomin Stu
    Moomin Stu 1 month ago

    Eeerr yeah didnt see the explanation of how they created the 8ft giant! So have had to draw my own conclusion.
    I suspect that a man had unprotected sex with a woman and approximately 9 months later a baby was born. Are you with me so far....I know its pretty complex. Then over a period of say 20 to about 30 years the baby increased in size until it hit around 8ft tall. Lets hope and prey that other countries dont gain access to this technology or we will all be doomed.

  • Jennifer Bearden
    Jennifer Bearden 1 month ago

    Kill them all! Let God Sort Em' Out!!!!💀💀🖕🖕💣💣💣💣

  • Javier King
    Javier King 1 month ago

    was it me, or did i miss how the "8ft giant" was created?? i watched this video expecting to see a science project gone wrong, and was treated to a classic case of "click bait" smh

  • phelly mercer
    phelly mercer 1 month ago


  • Paul Yanez
    Paul Yanez 1 month ago


  • Herule Allah
    Herule Allah 1 month ago

    1 big target cnt miss lol

  • Mike P.
    Mike P. 1 month ago

    seen this guy in a DPRK doc here on the tube. I think he is their one and only famous basketball player. He was freakishly tall as well. Pretty sure its him. Almost everyone in Pyongyang is a soldier unless they are one of the "Trueman Show" actors.

    xFINISHxHIMx 1 month ago +2

    Dude is 6'5 the other North Koreans are just midgets.

    • David Murillo
      David Murillo 1 month ago

      nah he is more than 6'5 he at least 7 . some but not 8 feet

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 1 month ago

    nothing a 50 caliber or a 500 lb. bomb won't take out..

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 1 month ago

    an 8 ft. giant..omg now the whole world is so scared..😂🤣😅😆

  • JustInTime2Play
    JustInTime2Play 1 month ago

    It's just the light bulb changer. Not to worry.

  • Tony Bunn
    Tony Bunn 1 month ago

    sorry to say but I think he would be a easy target

  • Xin Ren
    Xin Ren 1 month ago

    he would be the first to get shot by an enemy if war break through

  • mr reals
    mr reals 1 month ago

    And who cares if hes tall hes just a easier target lmao

  • Pana Sonic
    Pana Sonic 1 month ago

    Fuck noko

  • Alex Adam
    Alex Adam 1 month ago

    or he's just a tall dude lol

  • WatchmanForJESUS watchmanforJesus


  • Joelando Butterfield
    Joelando Butterfield 1 month ago

    It would be real hard to miss this target

  • Makoto ShiShio
    Makoto ShiShio 1 month ago

    Who cares if its even 10 feet or 20 or what the hell it ever is . Die In hell.

    Lame problem you got

  • OzBod 79
    OzBod 79 1 month ago

    The leader is taller 😂😂

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 1 month ago +2

    Great video👍 There are unusually tall people in every

  • ignorance is bliss
    ignorance is bliss 1 month ago

    Nothing to see here. just a bigger target.

  • Filipino hacker
    Filipino hacker 1 month ago

    its easy to shot

  • yurydolinsky
    yurydolinsky 1 month ago

    has a simple explanation, they ran out of uniforms so they stacked 2 soldiers into one uniform given a illusion that he is tall. :)-

  • My name Borat
    My name Borat 1 month ago

    a big slow target, first casualty in battle

  • Lonely Soul
    Lonely Soul 1 month ago +1


  • Pete Gabrys
    Pete Gabrys 1 month ago

    Only one? Not a battalion? Then he's just a mutant!

  • manc twat
    manc twat 1 month ago

    i just want to say.. "thanks for fuckall"

    FUNKMASTRGENRAL 1 month ago

    I am giving a thumbs down to every video I see from now on that has these stupid PC Generated Voices. This stinks.

  • Mr. Akki The Targeted.

    Seems to me it would be way more effective to create a more 'powerful' and SMALLER soldier, 3 or 4 feet tall Beings would reek some serious havoc.

  • Mohaimen Madali
    Mohaimen Madali 1 month ago


  • Ted Bishop
    Ted Bishop 1 month ago

    Size doesn't matter to a neutron bomb. They all melt at the same rate. Next, he'll build a stick with a string tied to each end that will shoot another stick. He is a self made genius.

    QUEENSSTALLION28 1 month ago

    So what!

  • digg dogg
    digg dogg 1 month ago

    so what

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 1 month ago

    who cares..most giants are slow and goofy..they go down like every other man does..

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