Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 - Which would you choose?

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  • Mr. Water Melon
    Mr. Water Melon Day ago

    G6 all the way baby

  • Micah Aaron Rasing

    I just bought a phone, I had to choose between s8 and G6. I checked the specs and features with a very little S8 advantage at a price difference of $200, I went to G6 and I'm very happy about it.

  • randy croslin
    randy croslin 2 days ago

    G6 is a great phone!! Don't see how it could be beat. I have had samsung phones before and liked them, but I'm sure beginning to like the lg products. Give it a try.

  • Republic Galaxy
    Republic Galaxy 4 days ago

    Its like Dave Lee says its all about userbility and what your wanting the most out of your phone.

  • Akash Fulari
    Akash Fulari 4 days ago

    Where can I get that s8 wallpaper? My OnePlus 5 will be happy🙂

  • hanwaisproperty
    hanwaisproperty 4 days ago

    Hey Android Authority or anyone else, which one have a better speaker?? I use my phone speaker for music quite often. Thanks.

  • anand agate
    anand agate 5 days ago

    G6 all the way. The beast

  • Sushil Sahoo Lipu
    Sushil Sahoo Lipu 5 days ago

    I pick s8 because it features.

  • Mr StyleOnPoint
    Mr StyleOnPoint 5 days ago

    Samsung has a harder screen

  • schneiderman1996
    schneiderman1996 6 days ago

    G6 will probably depreciate quicker and be a better bargain later on

  • Frans Andersson
    Frans Andersson 6 days ago


  • Neil Ford
    Neil Ford 7 days ago

    S8 is beautiful but I think the G6 gives you more bang for your buck

  • scrivTR7
    scrivTR7 7 days ago

    I have an s8 and I love it I think it's a superior phone

  • Ace Udaundo
    Ace Udaundo 9 days ago

    Team #LGG6. A lot of samsung devices are being cloned. There will be a bigger chances of getting a fake device with samsung and it seems that their technology can be easily copied. And plus I don't really get the point of having an edge design.

  • Rick Scicluna
    Rick Scicluna 9 days ago

    Had the Samsung s8plus. Returned it for the LGG6. Much happier with the LGG6 by miles!! Much smoother and know in the long run it will stay that way due to my experience with the LGG5. Even the call sound and audio out of the spaeker is much fuller, louder and clearer than the Samsung line. That is very important to me.

  • Felix Zamora
    Felix Zamora 10 days ago

    I chose the G6 because of the duel cameras, it adds more value in my opinion

  • Amer Abu-Rashid
    Amer Abu-Rashid 10 days ago +1

    both are ridiculously expensive in Canada, might get the Xperia XZ Premium from the US cheaper

  • Andrej Černe
    Andrej Černe 10 days ago

    g6, becouse of wide angle camera and better batery

  • Wolf3fd
    Wolf3fd 10 days ago

    In the Czech Rep. the LG G6 cost 445€ and S8 780€ so it is more like, can you afford the more expensive one? I mean G6 is awesome, but for those +300€ you get a bit more.

  • Vishnuvardhan Prem
    Vishnuvardhan Prem 11 days ago

    Well I am going to go for the G6, as where I live, I get the G6 for roughly around 470usd and they throw in a budget phone with it(the LG K8 2017) which will be more than satisfactory for my dad. Whereas the S8 costs roughly around 680usd. If the S8 was in the same price bracket, I think I might have gone for the S8.

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray 11 days ago

    I have both phones so it doesnt matter to me😂 if i need low light i use the s8 and if i need a wide photo then i use the g6. Its a win to win situation. 😂

  • Nakshatra Rana
    Nakshatra Rana 12 days ago

    great video... lg is better and cheaper

  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson 12 days ago

    The G6. It looks better, sleek and smooth, and I love the silver on it. Touch Wiz is kinda turning me away... And I find LG UI isn't as bloaty as the S8.

  • Serapis Christos
    Serapis Christos 12 days ago

    every one i meant every one missed one thing , the real point " its a phone" and does it sound good when making a call. and answering the phone..! ?

  • deepapo
    deepapo 13 days ago

    I hate the round s8 display, so LG G6 all the way.

  • Arnold Hall
    Arnold Hall 13 days ago

    I'd rather get a blackberry Z10

  • James Barr
    James Barr 14 days ago

    S8 no much different to the s7 so am going for the lg 👍

  • David Suárez
    David Suárez 14 days ago

    Lg V20. No one?

  • nicholas collins
    nicholas collins 14 days ago

    Surprised so many people pick the G6

  • Βασίλης Παπαγεωργόπουλος

    To the owners of G6...Does the app work without black bezels in full screen mode??

  • demise reece
    demise reece 15 days ago


    MIGUEL S 16 days ago

    Thanks for the advice thought of getting s8 but choosing g6


    Lg g6 all the way! The wide camera is incredible!

  • Dane Jensen
    Dane Jensen 16 days ago

    Ya I got a G6 because of this video and I am returning it. The camera is garbage. all of the photos look way too over saturated and in low light the G6 does not even come close to the quality of the S8. The video you took with the G6 looked good but all of the video I took was horrible. With 2 LG's. The G4 has a better camera. I am so disappointed.

  • Roxanne Ibasco
    Roxanne Ibasco 16 days ago

    i have been a Samsung user ever since but now I am excited to try LG G6. The camera wide angle won me over. There are Samsung features that I love but based on reviews, I think I won't be disappointed if I get the LG G6.

  • RastaRocker614(2.0):D
    RastaRocker614(2.0):D 16 days ago


  • Scott Fessey
    Scott Fessey 17 days ago

    Would go G6.. however the two things that put me off as a G4 user is the skin and lack of software updates! Still rocking 6.0!!! S8 does look good though....

  • the flying fyish
    the flying fyish 18 days ago

    LG g6 because the curved screen is too fragile and reflective

  • King Shashank
    King Shashank 18 days ago

    G6 just for flat screen......s8 is curved and fragile..... I was afraid of the fact and went with lg

  • Nelson Pena
    Nelson Pena 19 days ago


  • Fatimah Sharafdin
    Fatimah Sharafdin 19 days ago


  • Park SangJin
    Park SangJin 19 days ago

    I prefer Samsung but i like LG too... cause both are korean company and i'm korean...

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 19 days ago

    I bought both. S8 wins

  • ardie pascual
    ardie pascual 20 days ago

    my daily driver bla bla bla 😂

  • osoifamf
    osoifamf 20 days ago

    Not even close s8

  • Pradeep Rajkumar
    Pradeep Rajkumar 20 days ago +1

    I just attend calls ,watch YouTube and listen to music ...Lg G6 has HiFi dac..

  • Anna Myers
    Anna Myers 20 days ago

    if you find my comment,I meant 4k camera

  • Anna Myers
    Anna Myers 20 days ago

    s8 for battery,display,edged screen,comfort,speed,4k,and camera

  • Malek Younes
    Malek Younes 20 days ago

    Tbh g6 has one of greatest display I ever seen in smartphones right now ! I l really likes it <3

  • Franco Palomares
    Franco Palomares 21 day ago +1

    I have the Mexican version of the Galaxy S8+ in Arctic silver

  • Imtiaz Taibi
    Imtiaz Taibi 21 day ago

    Had a g3, g4 and now g6.... everyone had zero lag from day 1 till I sold them unlike the bloated TouchWiz

  • Azlan Idris
    Azlan Idris 22 days ago

    I´m loving the LG G6.

  • stormrider777
    stormrider777 22 days ago

    I choose note 7!

  • chris s
    chris s 22 days ago

    I love my s8 just switched from 6s

  • TheRealNoodles
    TheRealNoodles 24 days ago

    I love bixby's translator! Just take a photo of the language and it translates it for you

  • Suvrajyoti karmakar
    Suvrajyoti karmakar 24 days ago

    wallpaper link for s8

  • Christian White
    Christian White 24 days ago

    I would rather get the LG G6 because it's got an FM radio, wide angles lens camera and the flat screen.

  • 13THPR0PH37
    13THPR0PH37 25 days ago

    That price tho

  • realPanik
    realPanik 25 days ago

    Lg g6 is pure fuckin trash. Just got mine, and returning that garbage right now.

  • Dragan Bakema
    Dragan Bakema 25 days ago

    Why do all American techvloggers compare S8 VS G6? G6 costs 370 euro's and the S8 that costs 600 euro's?

  • Ajinkya Chavan
    Ajinkya Chavan 26 days ago

    G6xers eat dicks..s8 is beast

  • pichipichi30
    pichipichi30 26 days ago

    i will choose G6 as i drop my phone very often. just kidding ... I have tried G6 personally and it's very beautiful and great screen and lovely camera

  • Manuel Fontanilla
    Manuel Fontanilla 26 days ago

    I would pick the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. A supporting smart watch lineup, the edge screen controls, curvy display, DEX, the iris scanner, the heart rate scanner, the Samsung Connect software and Samsung Gear VR... If it wasn't for the 128 GB variant of the S7 edge, this would be my phone.😘


  • Stephenabudhabi
    Stephenabudhabi 27 days ago


  • Vic Cudiamat
    Vic Cudiamat 27 days ago

    G7 is coming out in January 2018

  • Tim Dook
    Tim Dook 27 days ago

    I'm so surprised people aren't bashing lg and loving Samsung.

  • Navraj Raj
    Navraj Raj 27 days ago +1

    LG G6 at 500 USD price is much better deal now compared to S8. There's no good screen protectors for edge screen, and even with Gorilla glass screens does get scratched. Audio output via headphones, decent ones is better in LG. One can save 250 dollars with G6, and for me 250 is still a huge amount.

  • Avinandan Mondal
    Avinandan Mondal 28 days ago

    Anyone provide that S8 wallpaper

  • Lito Hortiguia
    Lito Hortiguia 29 days ago

    Simlply g6...thats why still love my superphone them both...g6 very snappy...the s8 is slow slow

  • Henry Gorena
    Henry Gorena 29 days ago

    I still love flat screen also LG g6 looks nice.

  • Jon Fairchild
    Jon Fairchild Month ago

    The S8 seems to be the flavor of the week, but I like the LG better. However I'm sticking with my I phone.

  • Seif Zakaria
    Seif Zakaria Month ago

    i just ordered a g6 :D

  • Jael Llabres
    Jael Llabres Month ago

    having 2 bluetooth speakers connected on the s8 was a big deal for me so id go with the s8.

  • Brad C
    Brad C Month ago

    Always had Samsung. Last phone was a G3 & had to replace the mother board and even Google backup couldn't get all my shit back. Back to the S8 for me.

  • bigV
    bigV Month ago +1

    lg g6 because its ceaper, the camera is better and the battery is stronger. that are the most important things for me

  • Ammr H
    Ammr H Month ago


  • tokphys
    tokphys Month ago

    What is this event near Pasadena City Hall?

  • Jamie Laverick
    Jamie Laverick Month ago

    LG g6 all the way

  • Woz Crawford
    Woz Crawford Month ago


  • De De
    De De Month ago

    I picked LG G6 because I don't like distorted curved screen.

  • M.Khizer Shahid
    M.Khizer Shahid Month ago

    s8 wallpaper i need this one, could anybody help me with that? a link maybe

  • Austin Upton
    Austin Upton Month ago

    Could you please do a vs video on the Umidigi Z Pro(7.1.1) and the LG G6?

  • Jason Born
    Jason Born Month ago

    I'm gonna buy a new phone this week which one to buy s8 plus or g6???? Please I'm in a big dilemma

  • JuggernautCrush604
    JuggernautCrush604 Month ago

    I choose Pawnee over Eagleton.

  • Birtalan Lóránt
    Birtalan Lóránt Month ago

    3 weeks in greece, 4 star hotel all inclusive for me, not a frickinf phone that will cost 150 usd in 3 years.

  • kashish rathi
    kashish rathi Month ago

    what about one plus 5 and lg g6 which one is better please do reply

  • Marco Paganotto
    Marco Paganotto Month ago

    Oh yeah, does anybody know why did we in the UK get the Exynos SOC instead of the Snapdragon 835? I'm sure it's not an absolutely massive difference in performance but I'd rather have the Snapdragon...

  • Marco Paganotto
    Marco Paganotto Month ago

    Like a total idiot I extended my contract and acquired a S8. I only recently sold my LG G4 which is still an amazing device and realistically all you could ever need from a smartphone in my opinion. But I have to say I'm struggling to send this S8 back and save 24 months of extortion lol! Compared to every other Samsung phone I've owned, the S8 is leaps and bounds ahead. The OS is so much more customizable than previously even down to things like an adjustable icon grid on your home screen, you know geeky stuff like that! There's generally less junk software too, still not enough but definitely less. The build quality is excellent but glass freeks me out, you just know, no matter how many times you tell yourself "never ever lose concentration when using your phone over hard surfaces" that it's going to happen! I've avoided Samsung for years, mainly because of bloat ware but this device has really cracked it for Samsung, its truely excellent.

  • kuku kaka
    kuku kaka Month ago

    lgG6 if screen is amoled

  • Suneeth 105
    Suneeth 105 Month ago

    The LG G6 for its fantastic wide angle lens..

  • Makronissos
    Makronissos Month ago

    I'm having a LG G3 atm and going to switch it up in the end of the week cause it's kinda began to lagg and stuff which could be annoying at times. And I'm still stuck wether I should get the G6 or the S8. Ya I love the camera on the G3 so I know I wouldn't be dissapointed on the G6 but I'd also like a change but I still don't know ._.

  • Alaa Eddine
    Alaa Eddine Month ago

    the G6( great camera_amazing flat screen-protection from those fragile curves-good performance-overall design)

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh Month ago

    Got the s8. old phone was note 5. It is a different phone to say the least and I like it. bixpie sucks but in all 8.6/10

  • Shemar Brown
    Shemar Brown Month ago

    both are good phones but i like samsung screen more

  • Cold Ramune 冷たいラムネ

    Anyone else notice they were watching game grumps?

  • Jr Planas
    Jr Planas Month ago

    LG G6

  • christopher smith
    christopher smith Month ago +1

    im surprised to see so many people saying they would choose the G6! but pleasently surprised as I'd rather have the G6 as well :)

  • JuxChannel
    JuxChannel Month ago

    Everyone saying they bought lg g6 but lg says it does not sell well and they lowered price to only 400$. Seems like someone is dreaming of having lg g6

  • bryantpark88
    bryantpark88 Month ago

    Just got a G6 for its overall value for money and I just really love LG's camera.

  • Erika McKee
    Erika McKee Month ago

    lg g6

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