5 survival myths that could get you killed

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  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 hours ago

    If a bear charged me I would grab a stick and stab that fucker in the mouth. Not taking my chances with running or laying down.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 13 hours ago

    The food one is wrong first it's only one week cause your stomach will digest itself after that but you still should find water and shelter first as humans can only live without one day of water

  • Joseph Anonymous
    Joseph Anonymous 21 hour ago

    Instructions were unclear got dick stuck to an angry bee's nest

  • Handa Seishu
    Handa Seishu Day ago

    Lol before u reach jaws nose ur just a fresh meat in the water..

  • corbin87445
    corbin87445 2 days ago

    if you got the balls to fight a black bear, you need a medal

  • Nj Rocks
    Nj Rocks 4 days ago

    If a bear ever bites or attacks you shove an arm or leg down their throat bears have horrible gag reflexes and will spit you out.

  • The D3RP Clan
    The D3RP Clan 4 days ago

    a venomous snakebite doesnt put poison into your bloodstream, it puts venom into your bloodstream. Hence the name, venomous.

  • Jonathan Anyways
    Jonathan Anyways 4 days ago

    I just like the Jazz

  • فاطمة جعاره

    I dont know about you but if you can stab a white shark and out run a bear then im pretty sure your not a reguler human

  • Belmont79
    Belmont79 5 days ago

    After watching this video, I feel confident enough to go out and punch a shark in the eyes, play dead with a grisly, race a black bear...

  • egguin
    egguin 5 days ago

    That's why they are called *myths*

  • Prakash Panthri
    Prakash Panthri 5 days ago

    love it,,😜 lol..

  • saitaro
    saitaro 6 days ago

    If a shark attacks you tell it the joke that you're gonna stab it at its eyes to escape, chances are it dies from laughter

  • That one Commenter
    That one Commenter 7 days ago

    That is the most horrifying bear i have ever seen

  • Max is Swag
    Max is Swag 7 days ago

    How to escape a shark attack eye poke
    How to survive tiger attack eye poke
    How to survive lion attack eye poke

  • crown vader
    crown vader 8 days ago

    so what if the bear is really really hungry

  • Henny Z
    Henny Z 8 days ago

    What if the shark became mad and attacks you?

    JAY HOOD 9 days ago

    Grabbing a shark eyes is scarier than punching it

  • Donald Sanders
    Donald Sanders 9 days ago

    Remember: If you're in a group, you don't have to out run the (insert animal). Just the slowest guy near you

  • Clam On A Shell
    Clam On A Shell 9 days ago

    Sharks lol sharks fins are tasty

  • Zayn Alam
    Zayn Alam 9 days ago

    And what if the bear is hybrid of brown and black?

  • Joseph Baker
    Joseph Baker 10 days ago

    actually for number one snake VENOM not poison causes the blood to clot 3 to 5 minutes after it is injected so sucking it out could not infect your mouth because poison is ingested and it causes problems but venom has to be injected so you could drink snake venom and you would be fine but you would be on the toilet for quite a while so you can suck the venom out.

  • Marco Presti
    Marco Presti 13 days ago

    Survival PRO tip: Just never leave your home. Stick to your videogames and porn LUL

  • xMaloriee Roblox
    xMaloriee Roblox 14 days ago

    I found a myth in a truth you can never outrun a bear no mater what

  • Aiden4Jesus2017
    Aiden4Jesus2017 14 days ago

    The animation though

  • GalaxyStar5
    GalaxyStar5 14 days ago

    Thanks for the advice. Now how do you stop a angry koala again??

  • Fadel Akbar
    Fadel Akbar 15 days ago

    Salam kontol

  • jose manuel flores absalon

    How is myth 4 a SURVIVAL myth?

  • RaNdOmIzEd Stuff
    RaNdOmIzEd Stuff 16 days ago

    How to deal with a bear. First through a bucket of gasoline on it. Then light a match and throw it at it.
    Now run away from the now very angry flaming bear

  • Jacob Roloff
    Jacob Roloff 17 days ago +1

    Also, to avoid encountering bears, you should make a decent amount of noise as you hike in bear country, you want them to know your coming. Startled bears attack. Never run, it will trigger it's predatory instincts. If you see a cub, get away immediately. "Momma Bear" is saying for a reason. If a bear is hunting you for food (very rare) your just kind of screwed. Remember what it says in the video.

  • McZidanne
    McZidanne 17 days ago

    Lol sure, I took a survival course from a combat medic when I was in the army and the sucking part was also taught amongst other things, like dealing with shock, preventing blood loss, CPR, broken limps and venomous or allergic reactions.

    I trust the survival course given by a combat doctor rather than a random youtube video made by people who were never actually in any sort of survival situation.

    Don't follow the first two. They're dumb.

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 17 days ago

    Black bears don't fuck around

  • DeenanTheKemon I
    DeenanTheKemon I 18 days ago

    In my opinion if we can go SIX weeks without food before death.. Then three solid meals a day is a bit much. I eat breakfast and dinner only, been doing it that way for years and years. Fat people are Fat for a reason. Nobodys a 'Victim' of Obesity.

  • Lui Hino
    Lui Hino 18 days ago

    Hopefully never have to use any of these tactics 😥

  • Nataly Rubinski
    Nataly Rubinski 18 days ago

    Those are scary scenarios

  • hadezmage
    hadezmage 19 days ago

    Venom and poison are two different things.
    A person can survive for five to seven weeks without food, but after about 3 weeks, the person will be too ill (physically or mentally) to do anything productive, and this is all assuming you're good on water.
    Do more research and take all this pop information with a grain of salt.

  • Lukas THE BEST
    Lukas THE BEST 20 days ago

    Who tf would punch a sharks in the nose

  • Gaming Universe
    Gaming Universe 20 days ago +1

    Yeah.. if i'm in this situation..
    i'll Forget everything this video told me..

  • conspiracy theorists don't really exist

    Never run from a bear. If going into woody areas and you know that there is the possibility of a bear encounter you should be prepared. The best bear encounter preventative is to pour jugs of honey and meat sauce all over your body before entering their habitat. This will confuse the bear and it will likely leave you alone. You can thank me later.

  • Rajkumar Wadeyar
    Rajkumar Wadeyar 21 day ago

    Panda and ice bear are laughing at grizzly. Lol

  • Rajkumar Wadeyar
    Rajkumar Wadeyar 21 day ago

    Name of the music used?

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 21 day ago

    Here a myth that will get you killed always open your windows during a tornado,

  • redlegagent
    redlegagent 22 days ago

    If you are relying on You Tube videos to survive..............you're already fucked.  {chuckle}

  • woody chuck
    woody chuck 22 days ago

    In the second one it would be almost impossible to outrun a bear running from a bear would be dumb

  • Jabs
    Jabs 22 days ago +1

    Hmm i never knew hitting shark on nose and eye is that easy

  • Nutrition Facts
    Nutrition Facts 22 days ago

    Kinda looks like eugene xD

  • Joy Grewal
    Joy Grewal 22 days ago

    According to this video if I ever encounter a bear in the jungle, I will first carefully observe whether it is a brown bear or a black one. If it's brown then play the dead man but if it's black just run or fight it. What do you think I am ? I ain't Hugh glass from the revenant

  • headhunterx12
    headhunterx12 22 days ago

    "Here's what to do when a bear charges you."

    Kiss your ass goodbye

  • premilkydog
    premilkydog 23 days ago

    But what if you feel sorry for the bear and a shark?

  • Lizard Hazard
    Lizard Hazard 23 days ago

    How to survive polar bear attack?

  • Water Nebula
    Water Nebula 24 days ago

    2:13 I think it's for when you're bitten at the surface

  • I34anbulunRuhu
    I34anbulunRuhu 24 days ago

    If I were in one of these situations I would say to myself why the fuck I left my house in the first place

  • Riley DogStorm
    Riley DogStorm 25 days ago

    Actually You CAN consume snake venom. It won't harm you if you only consume a small amount. I have watched documentaries on this subject.

  • MilkshakeMovies
    MilkshakeMovies 25 days ago +1

    plot twist: these are myths and the one they called myths were the true facts.

  • MajesticTryhardEgg
    MajesticTryhardEgg 26 days ago

    Note: When you claw at the eyes or gills, it's basically like someone's trying to suffocate you, So what's your instinct? Run away. Same as a shark, if it's attack at where it breathes, it'll run away.

  • skeleton plush production

    You who elses plays toys with a black bear

  • Hyunjoo Park
    Hyunjoo Park 27 days ago +1

    How to avoid your very nosy brother:simply put on headphones,and lock the door.
    How to avoid your very nosy sister: simply ignore her and go outside.
    How to avoid your twin: NO POSSIBLE WAY!besides,she is your twin....... i can not help with this....
    How to avoid your enemy:go near the teachers, or your closest friends........keep in mind teachers are usually more helpful

  • Jacob Reddy
    Jacob Reddy 27 days ago

    When a bear charges i bring out my ak47u with explosive rounds that I always keep in case its allah akbar time

  • CME gaming
    CME gaming 27 days ago +1

    You will never out run a bear and punching a shark has saved many lives

  • Marley _Star
    Marley _Star 27 days ago

    When I heard the moss one as a kid I was like "sure, and hedgehogs will grown unicorn horns"

  • gotham 07
    gotham 07 28 days ago

    When it comes to grizzly bears, if its a male, then slowly backing up and not making sudden movements is right. If its around winter time and it charges you, you are probably fucked because its eating for the winter. If its a mother grizzly with cubs nearby, then laying down with your hands behind your head works because they no longer see you as a threat. Run or fight a mother grizzly and its game over

  • Akshar Joshi
    Akshar Joshi 28 days ago

    you will end up with a job after graduation.

  • Zane Nasir
    Zane Nasir 28 days ago

    Run from a bear that can probably go about triple the speed of you, thats great idea.

  • Savage69 *
    Savage69 * 29 days ago

    Megaladon is no match for me

  • Liam mccormick
    Liam mccormick 29 days ago

    Guy: what do if a black bear charges?
    Doom guy: Beat it so hard that its grand cubs will feel it

  • Kaden Pierce
    Kaden Pierce Month ago

    My friend finds grizzly's quite Un-BEAR-able

    REAL MADRID 7 Month ago +1

    Running is always the solution for me when a black bear attacks , just go left and right , he will break his ankles loose baby

  • Mark Bloomfield
    Mark Bloomfield Month ago

    The bear tip is total BS. As a person who is always outdoors in the rocky mountains, I know a thing or two about bears. If you encounter a bear (any type) act large and make lots of noise. Thi will usually deter a bear before it charges. As for the shark tip, I guess if you are being dragged under, it might help, the vast majority of shark attacks happen to surfers or the occasional surface swimmer because they look like the seals sharks eat in the wild and thus after the shark bites once, it realizes the swimmer is not a seal and usually will swim away. Besides, shark attacks are so rare they really are nothing to worry about (more people are killed by domestic pig attacks or vending machines each year than by sharks).

  • Kurt Freitag
    Kurt Freitag Month ago

    Bad info.

  • patrapper7
    patrapper7 Month ago

    having a gun is THE best way. But maybe you would rather call 911 and let the gov fix your problem

  • wazabymaster
    wazabymaster Month ago

    Even with the non-myths you'll still die no?

  • Phoenix Dude
    Phoenix Dude Month ago

    How can the moss one save my life

    GAME SLASHER Month ago

    The only way to fight a bear, is to...

    Always bring these items!
    #1 - Slow kid. (Distract bear for fighting)
    #2 - A sock and rocks (like a fail when a slow kid is distracting.)

  • xPokemonXYZx
    xPokemonXYZx Month ago

    A brown bear just sniffed his butt

  • Muhammad Habib Annajar

    draw circle on sand, and stand at the circle, you will survive from bear


  • Kitty Gaming
    Kitty Gaming Month ago +1

    When a bear attacks: turn into chuck norris and kill it

  • Paras Ftl
    Paras Ftl Month ago

    what if a honeybadger comes in?

  • MostHated
    MostHated Month ago

    if you ever encounter a bear, you see? In this situation its YOU whos afraid, but in the world of the bear to him youre just walking fish.NEVER try to be its friend it doesnt know the concept of respect when meeting strangers not even some humans and it doesnt know you, best bet is to bring pepper spray, or stay home.

  • Daniel Ryu
    Daniel Ryu Month ago

    Let's be real--how many of us carries bear spray?!?!?!

    second thought....how many of us would get wound up with a bear...

  • Thatbf1nub
    Thatbf1nub Month ago

    In Russia, when the bear sees you, it plays dead.

  • SteakFries
    SteakFries Month ago

    Can i fight a great white shark now?

  • purple shep
    purple shep Month ago

    There , some facts that I don't even use .

    I stay home lmao

  • freshi3 king
    freshi3 king Month ago

    ok guys but seriously, in the revanant with leonardo de caprio, he FUCKING used an 18th century revolver on a grizzly bear and it died. why couldn't u just say that.

  • Sergio Ortega Jr
    Sergio Ortega Jr Month ago

    I Will Rape You

  • Akshat rajput
    Akshat rajput Month ago +1

    A person can barely survive 6 days without food not 6 weeks

  • playernumber14
    playernumber14 Month ago

    why is it always a black bear ?

  • diotoicapmeister _
    diotoicapmeister _ Month ago

    Uhh... when a black bear charges? So fucking racist

  • [GD] Haliucination
    [GD] Haliucination Month ago +1

    What if one day the tables turn and it's you biting the snake instead of it biting you? :D

  • Mr Twix
    Mr Twix Month ago

    Bruh don't try to run from a grizzly or Black bear just lay down and make you its meal.

    Try to take off your clothes to make it tastier so the fabric doesn't block it throat

  • Comment Guy
    Comment Guy Month ago

    2:13 Who would ever open their mouth underwater

  • Adventure Fighter
    Adventure Fighter Month ago

    I didn't know that moss on the north can kill me!

  • J Espinola
    J Espinola Month ago


  • Redgrave192
    Redgrave192 Month ago

    The thing about sucking out snake venom never made any sense for me, not even when I was child.

    I mean, if you got the smallest notion of how venom works (that is, that it's injected into the bloodstream), then common sense alone should tell you trying to suck it out is simply impossible.

  • Lasse Albrecht
    Lasse Albrecht Month ago

    Fuck right i please it heervily!shelter

    JM FIRELORD Month ago

    Who in the world would thought sucking venom out was a good idea in the first place???

  • Hellomelloslime Youtube

    Is this true bc im gunna adopt a shark real soon

  • rohit sharma
    rohit sharma Month ago

    Pro tip: If your in a group it's OK to run from a bear as long as your not the slowest one!

  • Melle Aeron
    Melle Aeron Month ago

    Yaaaaaallll, NEVER run from a bear. You'll be dead in a second.

  • Shuriken
    Shuriken Month ago

    Hey guys, to clear any confusion, when you run from the bear, remember to set up a basketball game so you could break its ankles.

  • Illidan Stornrage
    Illidan Stornrage Month ago

    Did you know that black bears are sometimes brown and brown bears are sometimes black? It is their noses that you can look at to tell and be certain. But if you are close enough to see their nose your probably fucked....

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