5 survival myths that could get you killed

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  • Hyunjoo Park
    Hyunjoo Park 7 hours ago +1

    How to avoid your very nosy brother:simply put on headphones,and lock the door.
    How to avoid your very nosy sister: simply ignore her and go outside.
    How to avoid your twin: NO POSSIBLE WAY!besides,she is your twin....... i can not help with this....
    How to avoid your enemy:go near the teachers, or your closest friends........keep in mind teachers are usually more helpful

  • Jacob Reddy
    Jacob Reddy 11 hours ago

    When a bear charges i bring out my ak47u with explosive rounds that I always keep in case its allah akbar time

  • CME gaming
    CME gaming 14 hours ago +1

    You will never out run a bear and punching a shark has saved many lives

  • Permanent Marley
    Permanent Marley 14 hours ago

    When I heard the moss one as a kid I was like "sure, and hedgehogs will grown unicorn horns"

  • Google Games Fun
    Google Games Fun 1 day ago

    This Tech Insider® character is Emmanuel "Steve" Jones

  • gotham 07
    gotham 07 1 day ago

    When it comes to grizzly bears, if its a male, then slowly backing up and not making sudden movements is right. If its around winter time and it charges you, you are probably fucked because its eating for the winter. If its a mother grizzly with cubs nearby, then laying down with your hands behind your head works because they no longer see you as a threat. Run or fight a mother grizzly and its game over

  • Akshar Joshi
    Akshar Joshi 1 day ago

    you will end up with a job after graduation.

  • Zane Nasir
    Zane Nasir 2 days ago

    Run from a bear that can probably go about triple the speed of you, thats great idea.

  • Savage69 *
    Savage69 * 2 days ago

    Megaladon is no match for me

  • Liam mccormick
    Liam mccormick 3 days ago

    Guy: what do if a black bear charges?
    Doom guy: Beat it so hard that its grand cubs will feel it

  • Kaden Pierce
    Kaden Pierce 3 days ago

    My friend finds grizzly's quite Un-BEAR-able

    REAL MADRID 7 3 days ago +1

    Running is always the solution for me when a black bear attacks , just go left and right , he will break his ankles loose baby

  • Mark Bloomfield
    Mark Bloomfield 4 days ago

    The bear tip is total BS. As a person who is always outdoors in the rocky mountains, I know a thing or two about bears. If you encounter a bear (any type) act large and make lots of noise. Thi will usually deter a bear before it charges. As for the shark tip, I guess if you are being dragged under, it might help, the vast majority of shark attacks happen to surfers or the occasional surface swimmer because they look like the seals sharks eat in the wild and thus after the shark bites once, it realizes the swimmer is not a seal and usually will swim away. Besides, shark attacks are so rare they really are nothing to worry about (more people are killed by domestic pig attacks or vending machines each year than by sharks).

  • Kurt Freitag
    Kurt Freitag 4 days ago

    Bad info.

  • patrapper7
    patrapper7 4 days ago

    having a gun is THE best way. But maybe you would rather call 911 and let the gov fix your problem

  • wazabymaster
    wazabymaster 5 days ago

    Even with the non-myths you'll still die no?

  • Phoenix Dude
    Phoenix Dude 6 days ago

    How can the moss one save my life

    GAME SLASHER 6 days ago

    The only way to fight a bear, is to...

    Always bring these items!
    #1 - Slow kid. (Distract bear for fighting)
    #2 - A sock and rocks (like a fail when a slow kid is distracting.)

  • xPokemonXYZx
    xPokemonXYZx 6 days ago

    A brown bear just sniffed his butt

  • Muhammad Habib Annajar

    draw circle on sand, and stand at the circle, you will survive from bear


  • Kitty Gaming
    Kitty Gaming 7 days ago +1

    When a bear attacks: turn into chuck norris and kill it

  • Paras Ftl
    Paras Ftl 7 days ago

    what if a honeybadger comes in?

  • MostHated
    MostHated 7 days ago

    if you ever encounter a bear, you see? In this situation its YOU whos afraid, but in the world of the bear to him youre just walking fish.NEVER try to be its friend it doesnt know the concept of respect when meeting strangers not even some humans and it doesnt know you, best bet is to bring pepper spray, or stay home.

  • Daniel Ryu
    Daniel Ryu 7 days ago

    Let's be real--how many of us carries bear spray?!?!?!

    second thought....how many of us would get wound up with a bear...

  • Thatbf1nub
    Thatbf1nub 8 days ago

    In Russia, when the bear sees you, it plays dead.

  • SteakFries
    SteakFries 8 days ago

    Can i fight a great white shark now?

  • The legend 27
    The legend 27 8 days ago

    There , some facts that I don't even use .

    I stay home lmao

  • freshi3 king
    freshi3 king 8 days ago

    ok guys but seriously, in the revanant with leonardo de caprio, he FUCKING used an 18th century revolver on a grizzly bear and it died. why couldn't u just say that.

  • Sergio Ortega Jr
    Sergio Ortega Jr 8 days ago

    I Will Rape You

  • Akshat rajput
    Akshat rajput 8 days ago +1

    A person can barely survive 6 days without food not 6 weeks

  • DjIceWoof
    DjIceWoof 9 days ago

    Who the heck would punch a shark? If you have, please tell me your not replying from heaven

  • playernumber14
    playernumber14 9 days ago

    why is it always a black bear ?

  • diotoicapmeister _
    diotoicapmeister _ 9 days ago

    Uhh... when a black bear charges? So fucking racist

  • [GD] Haliucination
    [GD] Haliucination 9 days ago +1

    What if one day the tables turn and it's you biting the snake instead of it biting you? :D

  • Mr Twix
    Mr Twix 9 days ago

    Bruh don't try to run from a grizzly or Black bear just lay down and make you its meal.

    Try to take off your clothes to make it tastier so the fabric doesn't block it throat

  • Comment Guy
    Comment Guy 9 days ago

    2:13 Who would ever open their mouth underwater

  • Adventure Fighter
    Adventure Fighter 9 days ago

    I didn't know that moss on the north can kill me!

  • J Espinola
    J Espinola 11 days ago


  • Redgrave192
    Redgrave192 12 days ago

    The thing about sucking out snake venom never made any sense for me, not even when I was child.

    I mean, if you got the smallest notion of how venom works (that is, that it's injected into the bloodstream), then common sense alone should tell you trying to suck it out is simply impossible.

  • Lasse Albrecht
    Lasse Albrecht 12 days ago

    Fuck right i please it heervily!shelter

    JM FIRELORD 12 days ago

    Who in the world would thought sucking venom out was a good idea in the first place???

  • Hellomelloslime Youtube

    Is this true bc im gunna adopt a shark real soon

  • rohit sharma
    rohit sharma 13 days ago

    Pro tip: If your in a group it's OK to run from a bear as long as your not the slowest one!

  • Melle Aeron
    Melle Aeron 13 days ago

    Yaaaaaallll, NEVER run from a bear. You'll be dead in a second.

  • Shuriken
    Shuriken 13 days ago

    Hey guys, to clear any confusion, when you run from the bear, remember to set up a basketball game so you could break its ankles.

  • Illidan Stornrage
    Illidan Stornrage 14 days ago

    Did you know that black bears are sometimes brown and brown bears are sometimes black? It is their noses that you can look at to tell and be certain. But if you are close enough to see their nose your probably fucked....

  • Shrek's Brotherhood
    Shrek's Brotherhood 14 days ago

    the shark tip is useless, your dead when a shark attacks you. also you can't see shit when you're underwater.

  • Jake Robison
    Jake Robison 14 days ago +1

    But does drawing a circle work for a Seabear attack?

  • Gracie Beth
    Gracie Beth 14 days ago

    How about watch Coyote Peterson. You're suppose to curl up, don't let your legs out. Also, you can make yourself look bigger first.

  • EllodudezGaming // Ellodudez2

    black bears are easy to outrun. If a black bear is chasing you it most likely wants to EAT you, so if you play dead they will just say, "oh, free meal". You got 3 options

    1. Run away from the bear. While this seems unrealistic black bears are a considerable amount smaller then grizzly bears. However it will catch up to you in a straight line. So zigzag.

    2. Make yourself seem bigger and start shouting animalistic roars. The bear will back off as it doesn't think whether you actually weak or not.

    3. If it charges, do option 1 but have bear spray equipped. Or hold your ground and roar again and then claw at it. The bear will then back off. Then you can advance and it will see your not worth the energy to expend for that meal and will leave you alone.

    Or of course, just carry a .44. Should do the trick.

  • Leah
    Leah 15 days ago +1

    How to survive a bear attack:

    If it's brown, lay down. If it's black, fight back. If it's white, say goodnight (yeah... you probably won't survive... sorry.)

  • Gaming Universe
    Gaming Universe 15 days ago +1

    they think everyhuman is UsainBolt..

  • PirateScamp the Eternal

    this video is racist to bears :v

  • Dior Sauvage
    Dior Sauvage 16 days ago

    If a bear charges you, the only thing you can do is fucking fight for your life. Scream as loud as you can, make yourself big and use anything that is around you to defend yourself. Running is stupid and laying on the ground won't help you.

  • Supreme Rico
    Supreme Rico 17 days ago

    don't play dead find a way to hide

  • Giovanni Rod
    Giovanni Rod 18 days ago

    666k subs... seems legit

  • Sugar Frosting
    Sugar Frosting 18 days ago

    the snake looks so derpy

  • Jumbo Shrimp
    Jumbo Shrimp 18 days ago

    well none of this is going to happen... i mean... if i see a big ass bear charging at me... im running.

  • Jedwig lamb
    Jedwig lamb 19 days ago

    My dad outran a bear, but it wasnt too close to him and his brothers.

  • Louis Le
    Louis Le 20 days ago

    If a bear attack you, just leave the game

  • yeety mcyiggins
    yeety mcyiggins 21 day ago

    when in the wilderness, food is very important; without food you are left without energy, without energy all you can really do is sit around awaiting starvation. Food is actually a bit more important than water.

  • brent lesser
    brent lesser 22 days ago

    sorry but its all fake about the bear stuff srry its false

  • Joan LEE
    Joan LEE 22 days ago

    my uncle is a explorer and yet he knows almost every survival tips he was once caught by a bear and he play dead so he is now 77 years old

  • Autumn Knox
    Autumn Knox 23 days ago

    That's great lay down so the bear can take advantage of you.

  • Sapphire tropical
    Sapphire tropical 23 days ago

    But pepper spray is illegal in Australia.

  • Recycle Bin
    Recycle Bin 23 days ago

    dont punch the nose
    punch the much smaller eyes and under
    water where your punches will have about as much impact as being coughed on

  • Lizzie Tsai
    Lizzie Tsai 24 days ago

    that brown bear at 1:06 is so cute

  • Weasel L
    Weasel L 24 days ago

    when you encotner a cheeteh you be kind to the cheeteh

  • EvaKoteika AJ
    EvaKoteika AJ 24 days ago

    question.. how could 4th fact get you killed? it's freacking moss!

  • Adele Mikutaviciute
    Adele Mikutaviciute 25 days ago

    Healthy humans can survive up to six weeks without food?!?

    I can barely survive thirty minutes without food. How the heck do I do that?!?

  • Luis Prado
    Luis Prado 26 days ago

    I would appreciate it if you didn't put any ads in this video. As there is a enormous bear in front of me, um I think it is a grizjskksisushbsndmsijsjamsxhsjn$_!72_?$

  • Freedom Warrior
    Freedom Warrior 26 days ago

    Another myth is that you should drink your urine.

  • Aym Blue
    Aym Blue 27 days ago

    Lesson: just say home

    Moments Later: Watched a video about how dangerous your house can be


  • pugclips
    pugclips 27 days ago

    What to do if a bear charges at you:

    Real practice:
    CYK-AA BLY... *ded*

  • IxI Oryx IxI
    IxI Oryx IxI 29 days ago

    "instead, stab and claw at its eyes and gills"

  • owen reed
    owen reed 1 month ago

    I think I die from a heart attack before any of these things would kill me.

  • Brooky
    Brooky 1 month ago

    Myths 1 and 2 are not believed by practically anybody. If basically nobody believes them, are they myths? The definition of 'myth' requires that it is a widely held belief, so no.

    Myth 3 is not believed by many people either. It's widely acknowledged that you should seek water and shelter before anything else. So, again, not a myth.

    I've never heard of myth 4 and don't know why anybody would believe it.

    Myth 5 is again not a "widely held belief." Most people know that the gills and eyes are the best spots to target.

    This video helped zero people learn anything.

  • Rave Dropz
    Rave Dropz 1 month ago

    I love it how nearly all of these are wrong?😂

  • DJCritic Productions
    DJCritic Productions 1 month ago

    lol, see what happens in the first 3 seconds you try to outrun a frickin bear

  • Paul Osc
    Paul Osc 1 month ago

    I have found that when I am getting attacked by Great Whites a trusty Chinese Burn gets me out of almost any situation.

  • Batflip 09
    Batflip 09 1 month ago +1

    Sooo, can I still do those after I Died. Lol

  • swizzim
    swizzim 1 month ago

    worst surviving guide

  • money mckenzie
    money mckenzie 1 month ago

    Best survival tip:

    Just avoid these heathens

  • Citrus Apple
    Citrus Apple 1 month ago +1

    im coyote peterson, and im about to enter the strike zone of the ak-47
    gets shot in head and lungs
    mark: are you ok?

  • teenngamer idiot
    teenngamer idiot 1 month ago

    in the water what about you got in the water and shoots the shark

  • King in the north
    King in the north 1 month ago

    What if a grizzly and a black bear attack at the same time

  • RisetheXtreme
    RisetheXtreme 1 month ago

    Bruh, you can't put run a bear...

  • 8-Bit Knight
    8-Bit Knight 1 month ago

    General rule of thumb when facing up against bears and unarmed.
    If it's brown, play dead. If it's black, fight back. If it's white, you're dead.

    And NEVER LOOK A BEAR IN THE EYE! They will see you as a threat if you do and will use all their power to kill you.
    If a bear is trying it's hardest to do so. You have no chance.

  • How to Science
    How to Science 1 month ago

    The bear one is a good technique I had a class about bears and that was one of them

  • Minimeishungry
    Minimeishungry 1 month ago

    That dude just has the best life doesn't he

  • Darian Singh
    Darian Singh 1 month ago

    Monsters inc. music in the background

  • Nadaa Zahra
    Nadaa Zahra 1 month ago

    nope, I'm not going outside

  • Doritos And Cheetos!
    Doritos And Cheetos! 1 month ago

    Sharks are like my only friends .-.

  • Cattylover
    Cattylover 1 month ago

    myth1. instead tie a rope at a bit higher than venom

  • Orion G
    Orion G 1 month ago

    What if your food supply contains watersuck as juce, coconut milk(the green unripen ones), and moist food

  • Gaming with Gg N' More!

    *The poisonous venom goes...*

    Me : Up your butt and around the corner.

  • Cringeartist
    Cringeartist 1 month ago

    Good thing there no bears in Texas where I live only mountain lions and bobcats

  • wan si chen
    wan si chen 1 month ago

    well usually venom are not poison ,but i doubt you can suck it out though

  • Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ
    Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ 1 month ago

    Just don't pretend to be Bear Grylls. You can find a real bear when you do so.

  • Lu Reh
    Lu Reh 1 month ago

    the shark got rekt

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