iPhone X Impressions & Hands On!

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  • CoalhouseWalker
    CoalhouseWalker Hour ago

    In my opinion, the fact that they released the iPhone 8/8+ rather than calling them the 7s/7s+ makes them feel underwhelming. Also, since the iPhoneX is just a super-expensive extra model really takes away from itself and the iPhone8 as well. If they would have just replaced the iPhoneX as the actual iPhone8, then this would have been an awesome new release. (edit: a word)

  • diego alex
    diego alex 2 hours ago

    Nice phone but i'm steaying with the note 8 way better and cheaper! lol i will leave this phone for the rich people and they're applemania

  • Fletch
    Fletch 2 hours ago

    This is the only iphone x video thats actually sold me on it. Great content!

  • hows 'bout it
    hows 'bout it 3 hours ago

    "that notch is so sexy" said no one ever.

  • Noah S
    Noah S 3 hours ago

    I don’t I really don’t get that swipe up gesture. Like what if you’re playing a game you have to swipe up on the bottom of the screen...

  • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato

    ugly piece of shit to folow the essential phone's design

  • SebWay !.!
    SebWay !.! 4 hours ago


  • Sosodeflol
    Sosodeflol 5 hours ago

    Gestures came out with Android launchers years ago. Years ago.

  • Khalil Yahi
    Khalil Yahi 5 hours ago +1

    iPhone x is better then iPhone 8+

  • JohnDoe
    JohnDoe 5 hours ago

    The screen near the bezel should always be black instead of whatever color the screen is, same functionality and it would look better

  • MOJO music
    MOJO music 5 hours ago

    dude...hahaha Lmfao

  • MrElectricSkittles
    MrElectricSkittles 6 hours ago

    Hahahahahah, awh lol, what a load of fucking rim..I honestly feel a bit sorry for the 'loyal' customers who are now slaves to Apple and feel they need the new iPhone Everytime it comes out regardless of price.. think about it, 1000 bucks that could buy you so many things, one+5 is half that, and is an excellent phone

  • raymond942
    raymond942 6 hours ago

    wow- you had no criticisms about this phone? Biased much... I think Apple lost their innovative streak years ago- . Why would you pay$1000 for this awful phone when there are better examples out there.. Oh yeah, because its Apple!

  • Peres Dixon
    Peres Dixon 7 hours ago

    THEY ARE RUBBISH.The X ,what a messed up design,that chin intrusion in the screen really.There are too many isheep out there that can't look at things objectively. £1000 for a phone ,ha ha ha,that is an also ran.

  • Frank Kwok
    Frank Kwok 8 hours ago

    They need to fix the issues before release on the market. 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  • Maewashe Kelcey
    Maewashe Kelcey 9 hours ago

    iPhone X is ugly and that top bar looks horrible. They tried copying the Galaxy S8 range but failed dismally

  • Kash Bill
    Kash Bill 9 hours ago

    iphone egg please

  • audiotrax2000
    audiotrax2000 9 hours ago

    The Eight Plus just looks better.

  • John Miller
    John Miller 9 hours ago

    Apple can sell you a iPhone 6s next year at a 1299$ and people will still buy it

  • Techpedia
    Techpedia 10 hours ago +1

    everybody likes to talk bout apple not samsung nor other fuckin lagging androids...admit it or not

  • Srikanthe Gujaran
    Srikanthe Gujaran 10 hours ago

    Have a question

    What if I don't want to use any of losk screen in iphone X. Just want to raise the screen n swipe up. Do v have this option in iOS 11

    Thank u

  • Worlds_ Melody
    Worlds_ Melody 11 hours ago

    Tbh I can care less about these new types of phones. I just care about my camera, my ability to play games, and making calls n text to people. They have so much adavance things most people won't even use 😮 I just use a Samsung galaxy s6 edge and it works just fine. IG people r just trying to make money 🤷

  • amoslegalise
    amoslegalise 11 hours ago

    Hey look at all those blackberry 10 gestures on the new ios

  • eco8gator
    eco8gator 12 hours ago

    so regarding face id what happens if your face gets puffy for some reason...like you get into a bar fight...

    Hopefully you can also get into the phone using a text password...

  • Trent Rasmussen
    Trent Rasmussen 12 hours ago

    The only thing I like more about this than the s8 has to be no Bixby button

  • tramp931
    tramp931 12 hours ago

    S8 is better. Don't be a sucker and buy it

  • Joseph Jolley
    Joseph Jolley 13 hours ago

    dude i want your shirt

    RANDON 13 hours ago

    iPhone X = iPod nano 6gb 🤔

  • Tikashi's World
    Tikashi's World 13 hours ago

    To me the biggest part of the x is the camera so it takes some good pics better then the 7+ that's the only reason I like the x they also did something with the speakers to make it louder so there's a few good things just not enough to pay 1000

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez 14 hours ago

    is there still a pin thing you so you can unlock the phone or only facial recognition

  • Tech & Muscle
    Tech & Muscle 14 hours ago

    Come on dude, 7 ate 9 everyone knows that.

  • tony z
    tony z 14 hours ago

    buy ~~~~~~~

  • marcus rocha
    marcus rocha 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or could Apple be more desperate to be like Microsoft, come on now. Windows went from 8 to 10 now Apple is doing the same. But let's try and fancy it up and call it by it Roman numeral "X" . Oh wait Microsoft has done that too with the new Xbox. Apple your innovation died with Steve. Let's just change your name to Johnny come lately.

  • SlappinnHoes
    SlappinnHoes 15 hours ago

    6s never was (still is) a piece of absolute shit. I've had 2 6s and both of them began to have battery problems. Also terrible touch screen detection and both incredibly fucking slow. Get a iPhone 8 and stop being broke I'm fucking sick of people complaining about problems with their old ass phones when 3 other ones already came out with major improvements and because it doesn't have the words "innovative" thrown onto it they want to call it overpriced and a waste.

  • RoxasnotSora
    RoxasnotSora 15 hours ago

    U could stick with an iPhone 6 and be good for a WHILE no reason for anything past the 7

  • The Absolutely Guy
    The Absolutely Guy 15 hours ago

    Samsung/Android fanboys are like DCEU fanboys. Immature and whiny. “Aw, the thing I like isn’t as popular as the thing I don’t like! Wahhhh!” Not calling you a Samsung fanboy, just stating it in general. Love your videos, by the way.

  • Vanneker
    Vanneker 15 hours ago

    iOS 11 removed forced touch multitasking

  • ISOHaven
    ISOHaven 15 hours ago

    I've never taken my phone out of my pocket and seen the slide to power off bar so I highly doubt there will be a siri pocket issue.

  • CustomAddics
    CustomAddics 15 hours ago

    Any ideas on how to charge it in your vehicle

  • drwhowho
    drwhowho 16 hours ago

    no fuck was given

  • T. Hunt
    T. Hunt 16 hours ago

    Million to one chance? I wonder if face id would recognize me with a fat dip in my lip

  • aries007 onyx
    aries007 onyx 16 hours ago

    good review

  • aguilar69
    aguilar69 16 hours ago

    No matter what you call it.. It's still a piece of shit with old ass technology with a huge price tag.

  • Claire Schultz
    Claire Schultz 17 hours ago

    Wait is there only silver and black...?

  • Alicia Sleight
    Alicia Sleight 17 hours ago

    How does wireless charging work with protective cases?

  • itsalltaken666
    itsalltaken666 17 hours ago

    Lol at the fanboys

  • Click Designs Co.
    Click Designs Co. 18 hours ago

    Did you have the Apple TV 4k on the mattress in the bg?

  • ben olvera
    ben olvera 18 hours ago

    Don't like

  • Miksss G
    Miksss G 18 hours ago

    Srry for the ppl who damages their screen if they get the iPhone x lol

    KIROCK 18 hours ago

    Iphone SE is the best iphone ever !!!

  • Smilemore GTR
    Smilemore GTR 19 hours ago +1

    If I get 10 thousand likes I will buy the iPhone


  • MotoAnt
    MotoAnt 19 hours ago

    Swipe gestures remind me of CyanogenMod 😥 miss those days

  • Tony Floridian
    Tony Floridian 19 hours ago

    Yea.... I'll stick with android lol

  • ElectroTech
    ElectroTech 20 hours ago

    Not worth the price tag by a long shot.

  • Hatem Nwaar
    Hatem Nwaar 20 hours ago

    Wireless charging ?! That tec released by Nokia at 2012 ?! it's not a new feature at all😒

  • PokeFansZone
    PokeFansZone 20 hours ago

    Great review. It's important to remind people that even though they call it X, it's iPhone 10. They went from iPhone 8 to iPhone 10. So my question is : are they going to release the iPhone 9 version too?

  • ApocalypticCubing
    ApocalypticCubing 20 hours ago

    Apparently they skipped 9 because they did 8 since 8 comes after 7 and they did X for the next decade of technology. The next phones will just be called iPhone with no number. The reason the iPhone X was so expensive is because they couldn't get their hands on enough OLED screens for the amount of phones they thought they were going to sell so they put up the price to decrease the demand.

  • PastyPuertoRican
    PastyPuertoRican 20 hours ago

    iPhone 9 = Watch

  • Jorge Uriel Arcia Crespo

    I think Siri shouldn't open on your pocket because with proximity sensor the iPhone will know if it is on a pocket and not outside

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali 21 hour ago

    what is with that forehead, remove that shit...and it might be passable. My 1999 brick motorola is hotter.

  • Shashwat Thakur
    Shashwat Thakur 21 hour ago

    The Note 8 has the brightest display on a smartphone.

  • Renee Mineart
    Renee Mineart 21 hour ago

    Something for you to test. I’ve heard people will use their partner’s thumb, while they are asleep, to unlock their phone and see who they’ve been texting. I would think this would be more difficult with Face ID, as you have to have your eyes open. Could you open a sleeping person’s eyes with your fingers and unlock their phone?

  • Adam Bailey
    Adam Bailey 22 hours ago

    Does everyone realize that this is basically a palm pre with an Apple logo on the back

  • Manas Mahodaya
    Manas Mahodaya 22 hours ago

    The gesture and face recognize is available in one plus 5 at almost half.price

    RONG WU 22 hours ago

    can't remove my eyes from the m bald lol

  • Chuck Turner
    Chuck Turner 22 hours ago

    Used to be if I wanted to steal your iPhone I would cut off your fingers so I could use touch ID. Now I have to cut off your goddamn head.

  • defkake
    defkake 22 hours ago

    kinda ugly

  • Tella Conn
    Tella Conn 23 hours ago

    Fruit Ninja is going to drive some people crazy with the "swipe to home" function.

  • Meðalgarðr
    Meðalgarðr 23 hours ago

    its a beautiful phone, but there is just something about that notch that make me not like the phone.

  • KristiC Lavdari
    KristiC Lavdari 23 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel and i sub back

  • Sauce Boss 420
    Sauce Boss 420 23 hours ago

    Face id is fucking stupid

  • la2atl
    la2atl 23 hours ago

    Solid review. Thanks for sharing. You've got my subscription. 👍🏽

  • Sauce Boss 420
    Sauce Boss 420 23 hours ago

    Oh nice a fucking glass back, I've broken about 20 iPhone 4 ones in my day

  • ilhoonie Joonie
    ilhoonie Joonie 23 hours ago

    I have the iphone 6 right now and i'm upgrading to the samsung s8 soon. I've been an apple user since I started using phones and i'm just bored of them now tbh

  • Abhishek Guha
    Abhishek Guha 23 hours ago

    Iphone 9 is missing because 7 8 9 (copied).

  • Simon K.
    Simon K. Day ago

    Will the iPhone 8+ have portrait mode too?

  • The Kiddie Fiddler

    does anyone else want to have there ass fingered by his long digits mmmm

  • Aditya 46
    Aditya 46 Day ago

    Samsung had all these features from before! iPhone gets those now and thinks itself very special ! and over price them.. and IDIOTS go and buy them!

  • Client Videos
    Client Videos Day ago


  • anton schlippe
    anton schlippe Day ago

    What if you want to unlock your phone at night... guess i have to type in the code?

  • Tubofluxar
    Tubofluxar Day ago

    I foresee many UI struggles

  • Burbing Berries
    Burbing Berries Day ago

    So basically if you're a MMA fighter or boxer who gets their ass kicked a lot, you wont be able to use your phone until your face heals.

  • Nishil Sanghvi
    Nishil Sanghvi Day ago

    7 8(ate) 9 thats why theres no iphone 9

  • Diego Efren
    Diego Efren Day ago

    I noticed that face unlock was on my 100 dollar LG Optimus 3 yrs ago it worked awesome too.

  • Marc Falcó
    Marc Falcó Day ago

    Ugly as fuck

  • Kuldeep Patel
    Kuldeep Patel Day ago

    So.... Portrait mode is not exactly the same as they saw us with trailer video

  • Joseph Carrillo
    Joseph Carrillo Day ago

    Cool phone, I'll stick to my galaxy s8+

  • gary clarke
    gary clarke Day ago

    was that joanna stern?

  • Khawazaki Zeni
    Khawazaki Zeni Day ago


  • JFF TV
    JFF TV Day ago

    It should've had a fingerprint sensor and headphone jack. Nobody wants Apple's overpriced earbuds.

  • Samir Padilla
    Samir Padilla Day ago +1


  • Kitty S
    Kitty S Day ago

    People are deliberately, or shall I say stupidly giving away their passwords, voice recognition ID, finger prints and now the face ID. Remove home button, but keep swiping here and there to figure out which does what...

    Thanks, but I'm okay with my iPhone5; it's been more than five years and it's still rockin' with the features that I really USE, and WANT in a phone. 🌚

  • OG Aley
    OG Aley Day ago

    They skipped the iphone 9 bcoz microsoft did it too
    Jk the X (10) stands for the 10 year anniversary

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins Day ago

    So weird to bring out a 10 and a 7 at the same time... the OCD in me just can't handle that shit

  • Artur Gunther
    Artur Gunther Day ago

    answer affair pause sophisticated experience lead neither satisfy protest rather

  • Life Hackers
    Life Hackers Day ago +1

    YOU will have to PAY extra even for taking SCREEN SHOTS! on this phone.... 👻

  • Roshan Surana
    Roshan Surana Day ago

    When I was born, I was nude. But now, I'm a DUDE!

  • ::: S A V A G E :::

    time to buy S8 note

  • jonte kw
    jonte kw Day ago

    I need this phone! looks so good! imma get one!

  • Alexander Dahmen2

    which cam you use to shoot this vid