8 Really Creepy Secret Rooms Found in Houses

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  • Fascinatingly creepy.. From rooms with hidden notes, to people secretly sheltering in them, here are 8 secret rooms found in regular houses.
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  • Jordon Wilkes
    Jordon Wilkes 13 hours ago +1

    At 2:24 there's a boy on the wall

  • Jaydon Walter
    Jaydon Walter 17 hours ago

    Wait Jason and Kerry that's my dad and his sister

  • PainterFRO
    PainterFRO 1 day ago

    That isn't a locked safe...That's a fuse panel!

  • SergeantKeroroK66
    SergeantKeroroK66 2 days ago

    Nope, too much spook. I'm gonna go watch videos of Mohawldi and Motifa.

  • kris Bee
    kris Bee 4 days ago

    Mr Nightmare i hope a zombie eats you

  • Flarp icorn0-0
    Flarp icorn0-0 4 days ago

    I'm hoping on that train

  • The Dead King
    The Dead King 4 days ago

    All aboard the nope train to fuck that shit vile

  • Fire Wing
    Fire Wing 6 days ago

    If I found a hidden room in my house I'd grab a weapon and go check it out

  • Joshua 121
    Joshua 121 7 days ago

    Is this a real? I think

  • Nesia Friedli
    Nesia Friedli 10 days ago

    Wtf is with the music and the creepy sounds😒😒

  • Major League Vlogger
    Major League Vlogger 10 days ago

    I'm very sorry but I cannot subscribe to your channel because it is too scary

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 11 days ago

    So scary I had to pause a couple times and take a breath

  • Aiden Spencer
    Aiden Spencer 11 days ago

    I would've listened to the tapes

  • HexyDecimal
    HexyDecimal 11 days ago

    So skary

  • Kaitlyn Schrecongost
    Kaitlyn Schrecongost 13 days ago

    I'm seriously interested in paying the tony smith guy to unseal the hatch. i want to know what was down there. i cant find any info on him online

  • MelancoliaI
    MelancoliaI 13 days ago

    calling BS on that Tony Smith story. Looks like filler to me.

    #2 has all the hallmarks of a reddit ARG.

    Am i just coming at this with the wrong attitude? I like to be creeped out but this list is halfassed clickbait garbage.

  • Danielle Nicolet
    Danielle Nicolet 14 days ago +1

    my brothers house has a secret room in his house under the carpet in a small hall closet. he was removing old carpet (it's an old house) and dropped a screw driver on the floor. then he found a hole in the ground that was locked. he found a drawer full of keys and unlocked it and it was a huge room with random stuff in it.

    • Danielle Nicolet
      Danielle Nicolet 14 days ago

      like number one in this vid. But nobody is living there. just old junk

  • Boys Konopka
    Boys Konopka 15 days ago

    i found my crawl space its creepy af

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 16 days ago

    It would actually super cool to find a castle like hallway in a modern house. It would be creepy but cool.

  • Thomas wooden railway Adventures

    Hey i Like Trains don't Judge me choo choo albiord

  • xK4Lin
    xK4Lin 16 days ago

    2:28 This is fake story

  • Benthe de Groot
    Benthe de Groot 16 days ago

    to be honest i'd love to find a secret room

  • Benthe de Groot
    Benthe de Groot 16 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Bohoe
    Bohoe 20 days ago

    Bullshiit. That banana 🍌 peel is fresh

  • Larry Coronado
    Larry Coronado 22 days ago

    I wonder if I have won😯😒

  • Larry Coronado
    Larry Coronado 22 days ago

    so cool😀😆😉

  • Seez
    Seez 23 days ago

    the gargoyle made me get shocked

  • Whajje Whajje
    Whajje Whajje 24 days ago

    watching this at 4 am

  • coble gaming
    coble gaming 24 days ago +1

    I hate your video

  • pink_watermelon25
    pink_watermelon25 24 days ago

    With the bookshelf one I started tryna push myself into my bookshelf 😂

  • Prepare Yourself
    Prepare Yourself 25 days ago


    Just bungholes..

  • kornya clide
    kornya clide 25 days ago


  • Jaguar 123gg
    Jaguar 123gg 26 days ago

    movie vids plz

  • rokas simukauskas
    rokas simukauskas 26 days ago

    4.35 ikea bag

  • DarkaxeMG
    DarkaxeMG 26 days ago

    choo 2 the fuckin choo

  • Eric
    Eric 27 days ago

    You know what would make this video about creepy rooms better? Actual video of the creepy rooms.
    Fucking amateurs.

  • theknight 2002
    theknight 2002 27 days ago

    bro ur stories are the shit

  • little kimly
    little kimly 28 days ago

    I can see ghosts like if you believe me

  • MRay A
    MRay A 29 days ago

    Is 1 AM really the scariest time of the night?

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi 29 days ago

    1:18 Ricky Berwick

  • Colton Bier
    Colton Bier 29 days ago

    That's why we and everybody on our block built their house

  • Remco Angioni
    Remco Angioni 1 month ago

    hahahahahahahahauahah did you buy it by the ikea

  • PandaPlayz YT
    PandaPlayz YT 1 month ago

    Norwegian: Dette er skummelt


    This is scary

  • Poptart123491
    Poptart123491 1 month ago

    So I moved into my new house and I found a little door in my room and I found $500,000 dollars

  • Poptart123491
    Poptart123491 1 month ago

    So I moved into my new house and I found a little door in my room and I found $500,000 dollars

  • Noctis The beilever
    Noctis The beilever 1 month ago

    One time I was in my closet at my garandamas house and is found a crawl space that led to a tape and I put it in the projector and I saw people getting scared hiding in corners it was really creepy:(

  • Richard Serrano
    Richard Serrano 1 month ago +1

    Me:I found a hidden room
    Friend:are you going to to in it
    Me:do I look stupid?!im going to call the police
    Friend:were in a horror movie
    Me:fuck that means i'am stupid

  • Cindy Blaker
    Cindy Blaker 1 month ago

    thats me now petrified! hope theres no crawl spaces in my house.

  • Dexter Saunders
    Dexter Saunders 1 month ago

    I'm here at 3:07 am

  • Max Cady
    Max Cady 1 month ago

    sure the ikea bag was a sonderkommando's
    well when one believes the six millions hoax will believe anything

  • Monica
    Monica 1 month ago

    At the police station
    *Officer puts on a tape *
    *Presses play*

    ANGRY_ DOUGHNUT 1 month ago

    You can hide in the comment section we have




    And click bait videos.

  • Cecilia Harkins
    Cecilia Harkins 1 month ago

    Anyone else only think of Young Frankenstein in the last one because of the recently put out cigarette? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Martin Garcia Arvidson

    lol no fucks were given by Jeremy.

  • Marley P
    Marley P 1 month ago

    me: *looks across the room at bookshelf*
    me: oh shit

  • Wtfiskpop?
    Wtfiskpop? 1 month ago

    There is a legit secret room underneath my house it's a small door on the outside of our house built into the ground...but I've never even been in there because I'm too scared as my house is 70years old

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 1 month ago

    His soul spiraled into a crooked hell

  • mobi do
    mobi do 1 month ago

    the safe tho

  • Marquis Mcguire
    Marquis Mcguire 1 month ago

    That guy should have listened to the tapes.

  • Marc 01 Kopacz
    Marc 01 Kopacz 1 month ago

    the music is creeeeeepy

  • RanThaMan
    RanThaMan 1 month ago

    That guy should have watched and listened to the tapes.

  • Lozzy. Automotive
    Lozzy. Automotive 1 month ago

    I claim bullshit, out of all secret rooms no one was found what are the odds on that!

  • Just Chill///
    Just Chill/// 1 month ago

    Hvor er min Norske Squad

  • s ehehe s
    s ehehe s 1 month ago


  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 1 month ago

    Luckily for me I built my own house

    • Severus Snape
      Severus Snape 1 month ago

      Monica нммм

    • Monica
      Monica 1 month ago

      Severus Snape did you Severus?

  • Gavin Scherbenske
    Gavin Scherbenske 1 month ago +1

    well time to get my guns and explore

  • 0058536886183592O
    0058536886183592O 1 month ago

    Well, fuck me sideways!

  • xXcoolrobloxpoopXx gaming


  • Fred Gonzales
    Fred Gonzales 1 month ago

    At 3:02, "cupboard" is mispronounced the way it is spelled. Correct pronunciation is "cuh-berd."

  • Aleema J
    Aleema J 1 month ago

    The guy narrating made this even scarier

  • Amanda
    Amanda 1 month ago

    Nazis in Norway????

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta 1 month ago

    That wierd my brother got scrae

  • T Khosh
    T Khosh 1 month ago

    my aunt and uncle have a secret room through a cubbord and a secret thin ass hallway in a closet

    GUNMATH 1 month ago

    wtf. #2 is fucked if its real.

  • Sam Jalinous
    Sam Jalinous 1 month ago

    More vids

  • Fun stuff with Maddie
    Fun stuff with Maddie 1 month ago

    We can't get into our attic it's quite creepy

  • vladimir putin
    vladimir putin 1 month ago

    what was so scary about number 8?

  • Keller Taylor
    Keller Taylor 1 month ago


  • Fazbearfaze Box
    Fazbearfaze Box 1 month ago

    I'm giving u a warning guys If there's some secret room in ur house with noises and disturbing stuff, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

  • Southern Beauty
    Southern Beauty 1 month ago

    I found a secret room in my old house. it was filled with dirty adult diapers

  • Claire XserviceX
    Claire XserviceX 1 month ago +1

    I like rape

  • Leah Beniquez
    Leah Beniquez 1 month ago +1


  • Vegeta Saiyan Prince of Rage boners

    I'm tired of stories I'd rather have these kind of videos

  • Vilte Krupovesaite
    Vilte Krupovesaite 1 month ago

    If you found a secret room in your house, with a piece of paper that said save yourself in black marker, and tapes that had NO NO NO NO written all over them.... who tf wouldn't watch them? XD

  • RandomlyRach
    RandomlyRach 1 month ago +1

    The scariest thing about this is I live in a attic basically and there's a door to the beyond my room, I get scared by it also my favorite part in this video was "That my banana peel, when I saw the pillows and blankets I threw my banana at it."

  • Johan Aliaj
    Johan Aliaj 1 month ago

    it was me, taking a sh..t

  • Julia Wen
    Julia Wen 1 month ago

    I used to live in a duplex, and one time my neighbor burst in from a wall holding a hammer. I moved the next day

  • Nitro01752
    Nitro01752 1 month ago

    secret room found while metal decting haha recognize that "home of the shadow girl"

  • wake me up extra !!!!!!

    =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =(

  • Kemuel Villaluz
    Kemuel Villaluz 1 month ago

    Watching at 3:31 am

  • Brian Tinnin
    Brian Tinnin 1 month ago

    the bookshelf one has to be fake

  • Farayd
    Farayd 1 month ago

    You know what it is when you hear moans of pain :)

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 1 month ago


  • EllysaE
    EllysaE 1 month ago

    Man I woulda watched those tapes then turn in.

  • The Guy that loves games

    Number si-

  • Shiva Rampersaud
    Shiva Rampersaud 1 month ago

    Wait, the last one! If it was a recently put out cigarette, then you could've just taken the DNA sample from the part where the saliva was.

  • SteamEnder
    SteamEnder 1 month ago

    In one of the houses I lived in, I was in the bathroom and one of the tiles sounded off. I checked and found a secret room underneath.

  • Mark Anthony Anims
    Mark Anthony Anims 1 month ago

    1:09 that is the most popular story FYI it has been featured in the Amazing world of gumball

  • Mark Anthony Anims
    Mark Anthony Anims 1 month ago

    1:09 that is the most popular story FYI it has been featured in the Amazing world of gumball

  • Christian white
    Christian white 1 month ago


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