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  • Giant Peeps should be a staple in any household during the holidays. If it weren't so sticky I'd even sleep with it.

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    3785 Calories

    Prep Time: 1 hour
    Cook Time: N/A
    • Parchment Paper
    • Mr. Pig: amzn.to/1QxNbYI

    • 27 Rice Crispy Treat Squares
    • 2 Cups Fluff
    • 1/4 Cup Sugar
    • Yellow Food Dye
    • Black Frosting Gel
    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

    ES_Different Kind - Tomas Skyldeberg
    ES_Dirty Boombox 4 - Niklas Gustavsson
    ES_Super Hero 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
    ES_Romantic Moment 04 - Fredrik Thalberg
    ES_Touching The Horizon (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Kadawatha
    ES_Where My Soul Is Still Alive (Instrumental Version) - Daniel Kadawatha
    ES_Tiptoeing 2 - Valdemar Hansen
    ES_Manhattan - Cecilia Lindh
    ES_Oddball 1 - Jon Björk
    ES_Incidental Encounter 5 - Gavin Luke
    ES_Just Wanna Run (Ahlstrom Remix) - Sebastian Forslund
    ES_Just Wanna Run (Ahlstrom Remix) (Instrumental Version) - Sebastian Forslund
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  • Timmy Timato
    Timmy Timato 4 months ago +1331

    LMAO OMG ICONIC. Love you guys!

    • Blueberry sans ll
      Blueberry sans ll 5 days ago

      Timmy Timato hi

    • Turtle Bolt
      Turtle Bolt 8 days ago

      Timmy Timato you are ammmmmmmmmmmmazing Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

    • Llamma_ Squad
      Llamma_ Squad 9 days ago


    • Daryn Sinclair
      Daryn Sinclair Month ago

      Lucy Loud no

    • Lucy Loud
      Lucy Loud Month ago

      Timmy Timato hello tomatoes 🍅 how are you today I'm fantastic iconic

  • Calvin Rehbein
    Calvin Rehbein 22 hours ago

    Lol jp messed something up again with the paint

  • Peachesx Kookies

    i have a request please mak3 a pizza inside the cocolate

  • Lele Pons fan
    Lele Pons fan 3 days ago

    Im a kid lol so cute I love peeps

  • Veronica  Jackson
    Veronica Jackson 4 days ago

    I love you guys but I'm honestly pretty disappointed, I thought you were going to actually make marshmallow peeps

  • Kate101
    Kate101 8 days ago

    Julia is so adorable omg. I feel like her and JP go really well tg

  • Kenny Paguay
    Kenny Paguay 9 days ago

    Make a big doritos

  • Llamma_ Squad
    Llamma_ Squad 9 days ago

    Keep making giant things

  • tinycat1011
    tinycat1011 12 days ago

    WOO HOO!!!

  • Silvano Perez
    Silvano Perez 15 days ago

    U guys know rossana pansino knows how make marshmallow

  • Yvonne Dale
    Yvonne Dale 16 days ago

    JP you are amazing JP

  • Yvonne Dale
    Yvonne Dale 16 days ago

    j p u r a larious this is Miss Amina

  • squishy time
    squishy time 22 days ago

    Just because

  • squishy time
    squishy time 22 days ago

    Add commet

  • bri_ky 123456
    bri_ky 123456 26 days ago

    GIANT HOTDOG plz❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ali Ow
    Ali Ow 27 days ago

    Where did you guys buy that L shaped desk??

  • Alison Rivas
    Alison Rivas 29 days ago

    Jp you should have used yellow crystal sprinkles!

  • The HyPe
    The HyPe 29 days ago

    lemme smash

  • rakesh sharma
    rakesh sharma Month ago


  • Archie David
    Archie David Month ago

    yeah do a giant hot doggg

  • JL Cupcakes
    JL Cupcakes Month ago

    eeeeewww did you check which cup you were using before putting the small peep om it?

  • Petra Whalley
    Petra Whalley Month ago

    Ohhhh so that's that yellow stuff people eat and it looks to soft

  • Pamela Thomas
    Pamela Thomas Month ago

    make a burger inside a hot dog

  • onix
    onix Month ago

    am I the only one the seen his comment at :03 yeah it was only me ok

  • Lucy Loud
    Lucy Loud Month ago

    Tomatoes 🍅 were are you #TimmyTomato

  • Julia Martynek
    Julia Martynek Month ago

    OMG Julia you're so beautiful without make-up 😍

  • Duke NK
    Duke NK Month ago

    'This is so sticky! I love it! ' I TOOK THAT WRONG. XD

  • Island Neni
    Island Neni Month ago

    IDK if anyone else has already said it, but the fluff looks like nacho cheese

  • tanima tasnim
    tanima tasnim Month ago

    can you make giant extreme spicy Cheetos puffs

  • Llama_ _Overlord
    Llama_ _Overlord Month ago


  • Zalaya Hampton
    Zalaya Hampton Month ago

    0:24 that lady was getting closer

  • Unicorns Eat Rainbow Slime


  • Shimset Sunmer
    Shimset Sunmer Month ago

    What's a peep?

  • pug luva1
    pug luva1 Month ago

    Love peeps they taste good

  • Eltic
    Eltic Month ago

    Fun fact! The average ''American'' eats as many calories daily as it is in the peep!

  • Yama Ghafoori
    Yama Ghafoori Month ago

    why does Julia look extra cute

  • Willam Roblox & More

    0:03 He commented himself a second ago before starting the video! xD When I saw it, I thought the comment section would be shocked! xD

  • Yamilett Quinde
    Yamilett Quinde Month ago

    Can you do no Cook But do choca juil But and kiss her But

  • Yamilett Quinde
    Yamilett Quinde Month ago

    Can you do a Gante fafdgdfdg

  • Amanda Rendon
    Amanda Rendon Month ago

    make a giant donut with ice cream in side.

  • Uh No
    Uh No Month ago

    The fluff looks like cheese

  • destian lee
    destian lee Month ago

    giant panceka

  • Mr. Peapoo
    Mr. Peapoo Month ago

    I love it when people act like being a registered independent makes them smart. Cute. Depriving yourself of the ability to vote in primaries is really a wise decision.

  • Giri Jeeva
    Giri Jeeva Month ago

    Don't stop

  • Maria Claudia Diaz
    Maria Claudia Diaz Month ago

    Tommy timato

  • Maria Claudia Diaz
    Maria Claudia Diaz Month ago

    Tommy toma

  • Ben Maple
    Ben Maple Month ago

    Kisses peep... THEN EATS OFF LEG!!!

  • Emma Dalton
    Emma Dalton Month ago

    I subscrbed

  • Viviana Cabrera
    Viviana Cabrera Month ago

    Hey you are awesome

  • Elle Marion
    Elle Marion Month ago

    Was it just me or did the background in the beginning look like jake and Logan Paul's house.?

  • Raven-Jade Oliver
    Raven-Jade Oliver Month ago

    they let this video out on my birthday I am happy I was born on Easter haha

  • DrAGoNeuS Crafter
    DrAGoNeuS Crafter Month ago

    make a huge burger

  • Kayla Jeffery
    Kayla Jeffery Month ago

    I have never had a peep.

  • great baker
    great baker Month ago

    U kno that one time when u comment something and get no likes...

    And then someone else copies your comment and gets 3K likes..

  • LovelyHermycat Hermione

    Powered sugar would have worked a lot better. 😂

  • Jeff Thea
    Jeff Thea 2 months ago

    It looks like Ash Wednesday 😂😂😂😂

  • Ximena Holguin
    Ximena Holguin 2 months ago

    0:03 wow

  • 20Jack Giese
    20Jack Giese 2 months ago

    I like it how the peep is on a shot glass 😂

  • Moiz Ahmed Khan
    Moiz Ahmed Khan 2 months ago

    make giant burgerpizza

  • Cayleigh Daugherty
    Cayleigh Daugherty 2 months ago

    Do a giant gummy bear

  • Patricia Anglade
    Patricia Anglade 2 months ago

    giant herseys

  • Meeyah Davis
    Meeyah Davis 2 months ago

    the stuffed peep look like a poop emoji

  • Ricardo Álvaro
    Ricardo Álvaro 2 months ago

    giant hot dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Grosdidier
    Andrew Grosdidier 2 months ago

    shut up Daniel Walter

  • Kiara Wright
    Kiara Wright 2 months ago

    did any body see what the upside down cup said at 2:04

  • Việt Anh Đỗ
    Việt Anh Đỗ 2 months ago

    I think you need freeze it or it melt !

  • Jayden Rosario
    Jayden Rosario 2 months ago

    duck reksjsosddgdiehdjdkevdifbwidkdsjeveirbehejejeehekevehejdjdjdejdjeejeejjejejejejejsjeeksjssskskejsjskkekee😼🙀🙀🙀🙎🙎🙎💩😾

  • limenade
    limenade 2 months ago

    I'm supposed to be recording audio for videos and editing them but I'm procrastinating by watching your whole channel.😂😂😳

  • Jordan Ortega
    Jordan Ortega 2 months ago

    it looks like a blob fish

  • Việt Anh Đỗ
    Việt Anh Đỗ 2 months ago


  • Việt Anh Đỗ
    Việt Anh Đỗ 2 months ago

    I think Guava Juice copy cat the giant peep

  • Kyla Floyd
    Kyla Floyd 2 months ago

    Hey, could u guys make a GIANT DEEP FRIED OREO!!!!!!!!PLZZZZZ.

    HUI EN LUI 2 months ago

    HI! Can you make candy?

  • King Le
    King Le 2 months ago

    that's not not food coloring

  • naijah boo
    naijah boo 2 months ago

    I love both timmy tomato and healthy junk food

  • kpop 4 all
    kpop 4 all 2 months ago

    do a giant mars

  • kpop 4 all
    kpop 4 all 2 months ago

    perfect 👌

  • kpop 4 all
    kpop 4 all 2 months ago


  • Evann Howard
    Evann Howard 2 months ago

    I love you guys ❤❤❤❤

  • King Andy
    King Andy 2 months ago

    Make a giant chicken strip

  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez 2 months ago

    can you make a giant rice crispy

  • Reshana Lallchan
    Reshana Lallchan 2 months ago

    plzz make a giant cupcake

  • Agis Zainab
    Agis Zainab 2 months ago

    DIY S'MORE giant

  • D.I.Y Universe
    D.I.Y Universe 2 months ago

    when i pause the video on the comment part i saw a comment from healthy junk food saying make a giant peep.I love jp he is amazing

  • Elena Kubicek
    Elena Kubicek 2 months ago

    how do you calculate the calories?

  • gravityphanschronicals
    gravityphanschronicals 3 months ago

    so are we just gonna like... hope... the paint was non-toxic?

  • Purpial
    Purpial 3 months ago

    JP your are the best my god im bench watching all your videos :D

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 3 months ago


  • Nguyen Duc Cuong
    Nguyen Duc Cuong 3 months ago

    make a thging about my little pony

  • Lady Tohru
    Lady Tohru 3 months ago

    At the ending just close your eyes, and listen. What do you imagine when Julia says it's so sticky and she got it all over her? :3

  • Katina Barnes
    Katina Barnes 3 months ago

    Make a giant fortune teller with a big paper 👍🏾

  • Kitkat2x4 Roleplay/Gaming

    did no one seems at the right bottom corner at 0:02 that it had their comment on there too

  • Vanessa Hoyt
    Vanessa Hoyt 3 months ago

    //when your nickname is peeps....or peepers//

  • Vanessa Hoyt
    Vanessa Hoyt 3 months ago

    //when your nickname is peeps....or peepers//

  • Vanessa Hoyt
    Vanessa Hoyt 3 months ago

    "make a giant peep I want to have your babies I love JP he's amazing <3" -HellthyJunkFood

  • pinky heart
    pinky heart 3 months ago

    I hate jo for putting Jesus in this

  • Cookies N Cream Yum
    Cookies N Cream Yum 3 months ago

    Wait, Julia is actually afraid of baby birds?!

  • Anghelinalikesbirds KAKA

    when ever I hear her say JP I think of the GOT7 member JP not him :3

  • RunLax
    RunLax 3 months ago

    thank you for saying happy passover

  • Rebecca storm
    Rebecca storm 3 months ago

    Random question:
    Is Goolia Julia's actual surname?

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