Migos - Out Yo Way [Audio Only]

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  • MusicMusic
  • Runtime: 4:50
  • migos  migos yrn  yrn mixtape  yung rich niggas  bando  versace  

Comments: 1 306

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones Day ago

    Where the video at???!!!

  • marcus nelson
    marcus nelson 3 days ago

    Three words: THIS IS LIT

  • comeup0902
    comeup0902 3 days ago

    So 6 Mil views and nobody herd offset say "I been fucking on the next nigga all day"

  • Mauro Silva
    Mauro Silva 3 days ago

    Takeoff and offset are my favorite

  • Richard Ancar
    Richard Ancar 4 days ago

    Okay quavo you still my favorite man

  • Courtney Richards
    Courtney Richards 5 days ago

    I love this 😍😄

  • Raheem Williams
    Raheem Williams 5 days ago

    I want to say you always going out yo way....you prolly got your hands full...........all this pain we can live through it...you never ask me to repay you....you always going out yo way

  • Daryle Johnson
    Daryle Johnson 5 days ago

    So y'all gone let offset slide, boi boi said "I be fuckin on the next nigga all day" 😂😂

  • Latrice Chavis
    Latrice Chavis 6 days ago

  • Latrice Chavis
    Latrice Chavis 6 days ago

    M mmmmimjmo,Vc b

  • Meme Cold
    Meme Cold 7 days ago

    My favorite song 🔥

  • JaNiya Moore
    JaNiya Moore 10 days ago

    My favorite song

  • JaNiya Moore
    JaNiya Moore 10 days ago

    Love iy

  • JaNiya Moore
    JaNiya Moore 10 days ago

    Make a music video

  • Jaden Gaming
    Jaden Gaming 10 days ago

    ^ _ ^,out yo way 🙏 Migos(takeoff) "mama!😂😂💀

  • Junior Camara
    Junior Camara 12 days ago


  • Joniece Renée The Domestic Goddess

    I wish I could hear this on the radio more often!

  • Deaven Snyder
    Deaven Snyder 13 days ago

    They say everything about my relationship. My girl 16 years older and takes care of me

  • Kareem Ollivierre
    Kareem Ollivierre 14 days ago

    Takeoff killed it 🔥🔥🔥

  • harish bas
    harish bas 15 days ago

    best music quavo
    migos boss

  • Jasmine Pratt
    Jasmine Pratt 15 days ago

    migos killed this but takeoff verse was littt

  • عزوزء
    عزوزء 16 days ago

    طز بام الكفار 🚫☠

  • Jonathan-lee Mudie
    Jonathan-lee Mudie 17 days ago

    Can't wait to see the video for this i really hope they do make 1 this song is truly🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Isaac Daniels
    Isaac Daniels 17 days ago

    They Killed It

  • Isaac Daniels
    Isaac Daniels 17 days ago

    They Killed It

  • Matheus Sousa
    Matheus Sousa 19 days ago

    A mais "braba" do álbum!!🔊💥

  • Kaniya Bolts
    Kaniya Bolts 20 days ago +1

    this me and my bestfrann song cause we go out our ways 4 each otherr

  • Achaz cunningham
    Achaz cunningham 21 day ago

    Yo! Greetings from the Bahama$. Love yal music get boosie one one of these songs please chop it up.

  • Planet-A
    Planet-A 21 day ago

    Am I the only one that gets a bit of a drake vibe from this?

  • Brian L Foster
    Brian L Foster 21 day ago +1

    This shit is slumpin. Im getting Swoll in th gym to this shit right now. 💪

  • D Clarke ATL
    D Clarke ATL 24 days ago

    this song is great ill sing this to everyone who helped me

    TRILL NIGGA 25 days ago +1

    Can y'all stfu wit this Quavo/Travis bullshit? They bite of each other all the time, just enjoy the damn song

  • David James.1
    David James.1 26 days ago

    Yasssss " I'm hooked on Replay, !!!! I can't wait too see y'all Live @malaluna

  • Kami No Te
    Kami No Te 26 days ago +1

    Seriously slept on.

  • Young Beezy
    Young Beezy 27 days ago +1

    Am I trippin or did I hear offset say he's been fucking on the next nigga all day @3:48

  • Ryan Bowers
    Ryan Bowers 27 days ago

    Everyone's talking about takeoffs verse but they sleeping on Offset's

  • Olalusi Gabriel
    Olalusi Gabriel 28 days ago

    my favorite migos track

  • Henry Hollins
    Henry Hollins 29 days ago


  • Adei Evans
    Adei Evans 29 days ago

    Takeoff and Offset killed it

  • Adei Evans
    Adei Evans 29 days ago

    migos Out yo way is 🌊 and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯💯

  • Ratishayehshen TiishaWithTheBraids Lindsey

    One of favorite songs

  • Demetrius Turner
    Demetrius Turner Month ago

    did that nigga just say he gon be fucking on the next nigga all day

  • Nondi Desantis
    Nondi Desantis Month ago

    this is fire

  • Tyheim Moses
    Tyheim Moses Month ago +1

    go Migos go 🚦🚥🚦🚥

  • Larissa Silva Dos Anjos

    br aqui ?

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh Month ago

    Best trio there is

  • Brandon Mcquiller
    Brandon Mcquiller Month ago

    Good song

  • Tommaso Berzanti
    Tommaso Berzanti Month ago +1

    this album was so damn corny......

  • Andrew Weber
    Andrew Weber Month ago

    offset was offtopic lol

  • RICHIBOY9133
    RICHIBOY9133 Month ago +1

    Takeoff needs more respect than Offset!

  • Elijah Esquivel
    Elijah Esquivel Month ago


  • MzTiff Maat
    MzTiff Maat Month ago

    1k dislikes?🙎🏾💁🏾

  • Diimper
    Diimper Month ago

    Final exams:

    Me: I put my heart and soul in this.. SOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL

    NBF_GOON Month ago

    Take off- 🔥🔥🔥Go out your way and come out
    Go out your way to mom's house (Mama!)
    You go out your way, so out your way
    You going out your way to come back around
    You go out your way and keep cool
    You go out your way and break rules
    You go out your way, so out your way
    You're going out your way, you can't lose

  • Susana Caballero
    Susana Caballero Month ago +1

    yo, quavo is so damn fine, especially tha fact that he could hit everything 😌👅& less not forget my niggas offset n take
    luhh yall! #keepdoingit #doitforthaculture

  • Jasmine Pooh
    Jasmine Pooh Month ago +1


  • Autumn
    Autumn Month ago

    they talking about me in this song 💓

  • Johel Murillo
    Johel Murillo Month ago


  • rr rrny
    rr rrny Month ago +1

    This is such good driving music 👌🏾😜

  • Jd Harris
    Jd Harris Month ago


  • Vanilla Pink
    Vanilla Pink Month ago

    this my song

  • Angel Reese
    Angel Reese Month ago

    What's there not to like about this song?

  • Darling sanju Gowda
    Darling sanju Gowda Month ago +1

    Take off is best rapper then qvuo and offset

  • Delvon Jones
    Delvon Jones Month ago

    Migos are the best rap group

  • Tiera Smith
    Tiera Smith Month ago

    I been down with migos wayyyyy before yal finally got on them! My muthaaa fuckin people!!! OMM

  • KIKIN 012012
    KIKIN 012012 Month ago

    this makes me go out on my own way

  • Young Jay
    Young Jay Month ago

    Man I rolled a blunt and this track lit the blunt for me !🔥🔥 For The Culture🙏🏽

  • Camron Anderson
    Camron Anderson Month ago

    That nigga offset said I been fuckin on the all day😂😂😂🤢🤢🤢

  • #XoPapi #JPapi
    #XoPapi #JPapi Month ago

    Always going out your way 🙏👌🥃😎🔥☝️😤

  • Mrs Perry31217
    Mrs Perry31217 Month ago


  • Mrs Perry31217
    Mrs Perry31217 Month ago

    My Favorite Song Ever 💯💪🏽♒️Always going out my way #MyShit💘

  • Nick Gilbert
    Nick Gilbert Month ago

    Bout time we get some influential southern CULTURE

  • Real Lif3
    Real Lif3 Month ago


  • devron reid
    devron reid Month ago

    this song bad ash rate the migos

  • Nesha Parker
    Nesha Parker Month ago

    This pose to be a song for they grandma and offset toooo savage for this ☺️😂😂

  • Erin Simmons
    Erin Simmons Month ago

    y'all better stop sleeping on them, they're smart as hell. Real wordplay

  • Jcf Savage
    Jcf Savage Month ago

    When ya talk about God in ya music make sure ya don't talk about the money,women or the game and don't have cuss words in ya music to and don't have girls in ya music videos just telling ya now before it's too late

  • Jcf Savage
    Jcf Savage Month ago

    Mills now it is a good time to spread the message through ya music now because of Mr.2-17 - testimony And it's true I put it on everything

  • soulja boy's draco
    soulja boy's draco Month ago

    Motherfuckers sound like Travis scotts Down syndrome little brothers with this type of song

  • Shaterica Tyus
    Shaterica Tyus Month ago

    "I been fucking on the next nigga all day ??? "

  • Zak Idcurry
    Zak Idcurry Month ago

    listen to takeoff what he saying 🔥🔥

  • Trenten Johnson
    Trenten Johnson Month ago

    yo is there just an instrumental version

  • Trenten Johnson
    Trenten Johnson Month ago

    yo is there just an instrumental version to this

  • Trenten Johnson
    Trenten Johnson Month ago

    yo is there just an instrumental version to this song.? please if there is sumbody let me know.

  • Sam6on S.G
    Sam6on S.G Month ago


  • Carson White
    Carson White 2 months ago +1

    well while she at work .. i chill smoke n jug but she goin out her way !

  • Darkest Inferno
    Darkest Inferno 2 months ago

    theres not one song you'd categorize as "not as good as the others".

  • Ashley Kelly
    Ashley Kelly 2 months ago

    am I the only one who peeped 3:49

  • DeQuan Koger
    DeQuan Koger 2 months ago

    Go migos and culture

  • Nia Iman
    Nia Iman 2 months ago +1

    Quavos verse on repeat all day 😍

  • gay ass nigga
    gay ass nigga 2 months ago

    Why are y'all niggas putting the lyrics in the comments? Like we are deaf or something

  • Keituan Short
    Keituan Short 2 months ago +1

    Takeoff Is Easily The Best In The Group .. Hands Down

  • Keituan Short
    Keituan Short 2 months ago

    been stuck in my head all day at work smh lol

  • Khalil Iverson
    Khalil Iverson 2 months ago

    Offset killed it murdered it man damn

  • Billy Eagle
    Billy Eagle 2 months ago

    Migos get better and better #1 in 2017

  • KingKongBrodie Johnson
    KingKongBrodie Johnson 2 months ago +1


  • Lois Simmons
    Lois Simmons 2 months ago


  • marcus paige
    marcus paige 2 months ago

    they should make a video to this song

  • Mateo Palacio
    Mateo Palacio 2 months ago

    con el cripudo y estos temas

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