White House kicks off 'Made in America' week

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  • that one kid is back

    South or north America

  • Marilyn Heller
    Marilyn Heller 2 days ago

    We should be thankful to live in America! Even annoying big mouths are protected and have rights. God really has blessed this country; warts and all. At least Americans try to correct the wrongs done. No other country does. Get off the snarky talk and count your blessings.

  • Shewolf Three
    Shewolf Three 2 days ago

    So... what Hypocrites the trumps are! Trump's Goods are all made outside the USA. Donald Trump's clothing line eyeglasses Home Products Etc All Foreign made. China Indonesia Vietnam... Ivanka Trump's clothing Etc is also made outside the USA. Same thing China Etc. Apparently it's okay for these rich people who could afford to manufacture things in United States a long time ago to get them manufactured outside the country for cheap labor taking away jobs from American citizens. What a crock of s*** they are.

  • rasz baxter
    rasz baxter 2 days ago

    WHAT. Exactly. Is. Made. In. America?????

  • Matthew Craig Charvat

    Hey shitbag Trump fans. Quick question. How many Donald and Ivanka products are made in America? I'll be over here snickering waiting for your response. You fucking pathetic, bootlicking, ignorant sycophants.

  • Kim Barnet
    Kim Barnet 2 days ago

    God protects my president. God bless America!

  • Keath Even
    Keath Even 2 days ago

    this is bull shit were is the 35% tariff tax he said nothing except don't plan to eat a piece of stake they just sold it to china 107 million american out of work were are the carrier air conditioning jobs that was a big fuck you

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez 2 days ago

    So when does the Trump family start producing stuff in America?
    Ivanka still making her clothes in China using slave wages.
    MAGA hats - made in China
    What a "patriot"!

  • Zep Tepi
    Zep Tepi 2 days ago

    ...with parts made in China.

  • Willie Dynamite
    Willie Dynamite 2 days ago

    Hey Trump, why not announce the Trump family's merchandise will actually be made in America. Instead like a great salesman, put on a show with all the props while having no plans to make their goods in the US.

  • Rick Rucksack
    Rick Rucksack 2 days ago

    Trump is going to have to go nude. All of his clothing line is made in China. He has 122 businesses in 44 countries. Hypocritical. and not making stupid America great.

    Trump even approved for 15,000 Mexicans to come here, and on the first day of, Made in America Week. The Federal cap for immigrants, set by Obama, has been surpassed by Trump!

  • Marilyn Phan
    Marilyn Phan 2 days ago

    Please change the title of this video, it has nothing to do with Made in America week.

  • Jamey Cordery
    Jamey Cordery 3 days ago

    Disappointing that the middle of this news report wasn't about what I was lead to believe it was about. Would have been nice to be told a little about what was represented at the Made in America event.

  • dkim2011
    dkim2011 3 days ago

    Easier to find a Russian spy in Trump Tower than it is to find a Trump product that's #MadeInAmerica.

  • Darris McClain Thomas

    I would love to hear what the Trump supporters will say about Donald Trump's "Made in America" week. The hypocrisy of it all!

  • Liberty Smith
    Liberty Smith 3 days ago

    Cut US Government by 50%!

  • John Pro
    John Pro 3 days ago

    So called "pro-union/pro-factory worker" democrats are getting their asses kicked by Trump!!!

  • Nebo Nano
    Nebo Nano 3 days ago

    Adam Schiff needs to step down, he thinks he is advancing his career in Congress with this witch hunt, but he is showing us is a liar on support of a festering lie.

  • 32shumble
    32shumble 3 days ago

    So is Trump planning to get any of his products made in America?

  • dkim2011
    dkim2011 3 days ago

    Buy American -- it worked for me!
    Sincerely, Vlad

  • Momento Mori
    Momento Mori 3 days ago

    .......except when it impacts profits, right Don?

  • yanuarius diaz viera

    made in USA...best product that money can buy #MAGA

  • scrumsey
    scrumsey 3 days ago

    So, instead of a segment about "Made in America" Fox slips in a Russia hit piece.

    I see what you are doing here.

  • scrumsey
    scrumsey 3 days ago

    According to the Left, Nationalism is bad. So stop complaining about Ivanka's clothes.

    • Nonofya Bidnez
      Nonofya Bidnez 2 days ago

      Is that the best excuse you've got?
      The Trumps talk a big game about how people need to make stuff in America again and they can't even do it?
      Fucking hypocrite. And all you Trumpanzees are eating his shit up. xD

  • Senor Cabeza de Grande

    Schiff is a pole smoking douche bag.

  • dkim2011
    dkim2011 3 days ago

    Madison Ave bullshit by State News Network. Top-down cheerful " *messaging* " touting imaginary progress. Treating American citizens purely as mindless consumers to be conned. Where is the 21st century deliberative, participatory democracy our young citizens were expecting by now? Heck, where are the on-camera press briefings, where at least SOME semblance of a dialogue can be had?! This is the fakest of fake news but you won't find Trump objecting to it.
    *Axios: Indiana lost 5,000 manufacturing jobs under Trump* His Carrier deal didn't live up to the hype

  • Sumbamotor1
    Sumbamotor1 3 days ago

    You mean The American haters news media..

  • ipressedabutton
    ipressedabutton 3 days ago


    BLT4LIFE 3 days ago

    Nothing but cheeseburgers and porn.

  • Candy Cheung
    Candy Cheung 3 days ago

    Only the president is made in Russia

  • Charzey
    Charzey 3 days ago

    A video about "made in America" is mostly about something else, what did fox mean by this?!

  • Larry Elliott
    Larry Elliott 3 days ago

    wiffle balls, clothes hangers , serial killers, corrupt politician's, made in America !

  • wesley rodgers
    wesley rodgers 3 days ago

    Buy American. Pay more. Unless you get folks working at or below minimum wage.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 3 days ago

    Fox "News" is propaganda..........

  • danielgarrison91
    danielgarrison91 3 days ago

    Does this go for Ivana Trunp and her clothing line in China. Is Donald going to stop getting his steel for his buildings from China. And what about the Key Stone pipe line. That pipe isn't made in America either. It's Canadain. And is Trump going to stop using illegal immigrants at his golf clubs or his construction sites. Not to mention his clothing line isn't made in America either. Hyprocisy anyone.

    • Rick Rucksack
      Rick Rucksack 2 days ago

      danielgarrison91 Don't forget that Trump owns 144 businesses not registered in the United States, in 44 different countries.

      He also let 15,000 more Mexicans in today the first day of, Made
      in America Week. He surpassed the federal immigrants cap that Obama enforced!


    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 3 days ago

      dkim2011 : Thanks 😃. That's like Trumps casinos in Atlantic City. Nicky Scarfo of the Philly mob ran the concrete business back then. I'm sure Trump isn't the only one to have used Mob companies. The Javits Center is the same thing. It's just that some people will watch Fox or One America News. Listen to Limbaugh and Levin and Hannity and Savage on the radio. And that's there gospel. They never ever think to listen to other people or remember the hypocrisy these man spew. I'm a big philosophy and history reader. Politics is something I got into in the 1990's cause of a mistake that kept me in my house and away from people for a few years. Had to fade away as they would say. Drop out of sight and remake my life. The whole Bill Clinton scandals were intriguing and I got hooked. Thank you again and enjoy your reading. See you around the comments section. Take care and enjoy the day in Air conditioning. 👍

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 3 days ago

      No worries. 😘
      I'm 60 and I'm having a helluva time keeping the Agalarov name straight. And speaking of Sater, as you may know, he used to go by Satter and his father is allegedly underboss to the Russian boss of all mafia bosses, Putin confidant *Semion Mogilevich*. Considering that Trump still can't remember Kim Jong-Un's name, God only knows how he keeps track of his extended network of Russians, lol. It must all be alphabet soup to him. When Ivanka brings up Rybolovlev to Dad, he probably says, "Who the hell- ? Oh, you mean _Dmitri_ "?
      Btw, I'm just starting on "The Invention of Russia" by journalist Arkady Ostrovsky. Winner of the Orwell Prize. Available in a cheap Penguin pbk edition & great ammo for anyone who wants to try to talk sense into the Faux News dolts and Putincucks here

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 3 days ago

      dkim2011 : Please excuse me if your a woman. Then thank you Ma'am. My apologies.

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 3 days ago

      dkim2011 : Damn I knew I was getting his first name wrong. My memory isn't as good as it used to be sometimes. And that's sad cause I'm only going to be 43 next month. I read about those stories of what his father and he were doing to the tenants in his buildings. Just wrong no matter how you look at it. I'm no angel that's for damn sure but I'm always honest and believe in honor and helping others. Of course that also got me in a lot of trouble growing up. But unlike Trump I admit my faults and paid for my actions. It's so nice to run into someone in the comments section who knows what there discussing and have intelligent conversations. Thank you again sir.

  • Blerim Albert Nokaj

    the eenemy doesn't like made in America
    I Wonder who that is?

  • Hyun ella
    Hyun ella 3 days ago


    • Hyun ella
      Hyun ella 3 days ago

      breeds incompetence. that should be obvious.

    • Keep It Real
      Keep It Real 3 days ago

      Hyun ella ,

  • Waifu Hunter
    Waifu Hunter 3 days ago

    Make Apple to make a factory in the US and then maybe CNN will talk about economy

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 3 days ago

      Waifu Hunter : Lol. Fox is the most biased network out there. I remember when I was watching them during the Clinton impeachment trial. Holy shit the hypocrisy. And then under President Bush they covered every lie and pushed there agenda every day. And when you disagreed you were unpatriotic and unamerican. And from day one they treated President Obama way worse then Trump has it now. Roger Ailes and Pat Buchanan came up with a Republican channel under Nixon. And that is exactly what FOX is. Except for Shepp Smith and Chris Wallace the rest are Republican schills.

    • Waifu Hunter
      Waifu Hunter 3 days ago

      danielgarrison91 fox cover the Ivanka's china factory. Also FoX news isn't biased. They are 52% Ngative on Trump

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 3 days ago

      Waifu Hunter : Have the Trumps have there clothing lines made in America. And stop buying steel from China. Maybe Fox will cover that.

    • Waifu Hunter
      Waifu Hunter 3 days ago

      Keep It Real cause it's rating

  • NC  Patriot
    NC Patriot 3 days ago

    We should have a made in America year!

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