"It Hurts To Be Alone"- Bob Marley - Cover by Puddles the Sad Clown

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  • It won't hurt to be alone if we're all alone together. Who's with me?
    "It Hurts To Be Alone" was written by Bob Marley and Junior Braithwaite.

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  • GC1CEO
    GC1CEO 4 days ago

    Man, you are one of the great vocalists of our time *blows his nose*

  • Chris Melendez
    Chris Melendez 10 days ago

    Dear Puddles, i love your work and i know you play alot of sad songs. I know one that would be up there and that's, " Love Hurts" by Nazareth. Oh and " Nobody Knows," by The Tony Rich Project, especially the part where he sings,
    " Like a clown i put on a show...the pain is real and nobody

    knows and I'm crying inside and nobody knows it but me. "

  • Mr Mat
    Mr Mat 18 days ago

    But if I'm with you, we won't be alone. Is that why it won't hurt? Can we, please? I could just follow you around listening to you be beautiful.

  • k mccaff
    k mccaff 20 days ago

    WOW. I had only listened to this one a couple of times and didn't really feel it, but this time it hit me like a ton of bricks. It's not weepy sadness, but the sadness when you are numb. The stunning lyrics and the simplicity of it with the background image made me think of kabuki theater. Your movements onstage when you do Fix You remind me of kabuki also.

  • Diego Matos
    Diego Matos 21 day ago

    Omg, Puddles it's amazing! I was excited to hear you singing

  • Kenneth Balgua
    Kenneth Balgua 26 days ago

    can u please cover "Ordinary song" ? thank you Puddles! labyu!

  • Christopher Baker
    Christopher Baker 27 days ago

    what an amazing voice and talent you have. wow.. so wonderful

  • baldmick09
    baldmick09 Month ago

    love the videos! you are amazing! could you do Rock and Roll Heaven?

  • Kat Grant
    Kat Grant Month ago

    I thought you couldn't do better than 'Chandelier'..... then I googled you, found your channel, watched you singing 'Hallelujah'. I can't stop watching, listening. Puddles/Mike, thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world. There is something in you that resonates around the globe. When I saw you on AGT singing 'Chandelier' something deep within me opened up, giving me hope. Something. Can't describe it. Don't know how else to say it. I'm at a loss for words really.

  • Monica Pluymers
    Monica Pluymers Month ago

    veel te kort , mag best veel langer duren , zo gevoelig gezongen !

  • Kathryn Kelly
    Kathryn Kelly Month ago

    Puddles, thank you for sharing yourself. Could you do Dimming of the Day?

  • Talredhedkid
    Talredhedkid Month ago

    could you please do a cover of do i wanna know by the arctic monkeys? you would totally kill it :)

  • Meng Vang
    Meng Vang Month ago

    Wow, I didn't know Puddles played the guitar! Sounds great! Any other instruments? Great work!

  • Sara Ward
    Sara Ward 2 months ago

    I need a hug whenever I watch puddles videos!!!

  • Luke Rademacher
    Luke Rademacher 2 months ago

    life will never be the same now that I've discovered Puddles. <3

  • Ruiz x204
    Ruiz x204 2 months ago

    Love you from Saudi aradia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦β€οΈ

  • Jeniffer Antonio
    Jeniffer Antonio 2 months ago

    Why your voice is such an angel in my ears. 😊

  • Johnsey Fernando
    Johnsey Fernando 2 months ago +2

    concrete jungle from bob marley pleaseee

  • Jeffrey Lupear
    Jeffrey Lupear 2 months ago

    Awesome. The birds in the back ground, love 'em. No request here. You sing it and I will watch and listen. Genius.

  • stumpy wamaface
    stumpy wamaface 2 months ago

    I just found this channel by Americas got talent and it's one of the best channels I have ever seen

  • Malibu LongBoards Surf School

    Good luck on Agt, I thought you would be perfect for that show.

  • Aprillee Owens
    Aprillee Owens 2 months ago

    "Take Me To Church" would absolutely be fantastic! ❀ 🎢 πŸ’ƒ

  • Mr. Tormentor
    Mr. Tormentor 2 months ago

    Mr. puddles could you cover anything from the Smiths.. Thank you...

  • Zavgard
    Zavgard 2 months ago

    nice! and now do "soul rebel"! :>

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie Month ago

      Zavgard best comment ever, kudos 😏

  • Autumn Gilbert
    Autumn Gilbert 2 months ago

    Your amazing - I'm saving up so I can see you in June ❀ hope I can!! keep doing what your doing man its seriously dope.

  • sewing1243
    sewing1243 3 months ago

    I've looked at a few of the videos that include Puddles playing the red electric guitar and I have never gotten a good look at who is the manufacturer of that instrument. Can PPP or anyone else who knows identify it? If it's what I think it is I don't believe they are made anymore.

  • Allen Woods
    Allen Woods 3 months ago

    So, this is like the tenth or twelfth video I've watched and I am so a fan!! A new subscriber here, must...watch....all...of....your...videos....sir!!!

  • Aaron Modlin
    Aaron Modlin 4 months ago

    Nice cover, but this is a Wailers song, not Bob Marley or Bob Marley and the Wailers. This is from the Wailers (though they went through a few names before sticking with this version) as a vocal group with Peter Tosh and Bunny Waller, plus others at various points, including original member Junior Braithwaite who cowrote and sang lead on this song.

  • Thingaloo
    Thingaloo 4 months ago

    How about Nights in White Satin? Or I Talk to the Wind

  • Darryl Johnson
    Darryl Johnson 4 months ago

    Awesome as always. Love to hear Telephone Line in studio

  • The Revolution Will Be Televised

    I have a Douglas WNO 630 that looks much like that guitar. It's a great playing $290 dollar guitar that oozes Jazz and is helping me with my transition from 50 years of playing Rock. As simple as the chords were that you were playing, is more touching than all of the spastic playing that I've done in the past.

  • bigfoot6869 sasquatch
    bigfoot6869 sasquatch 5 months ago

    Puddles,... have pitty on me..

  • Syd Haidacher
    Syd Haidacher 5 months ago

    His nails are pleasant

  • Ty S.
    Ty S. 6 months ago +55

    I don't know what part of the Internet I'm on but I'm ok with it

    • Fly Life
      Fly Life 2 months ago

      Puddles Pity Party you should do ordinary people by John Legend

    • Puddles Pity Party
      Puddles Pity Party  6 months ago

      Welcome to the party!

  • Brando's Adventure
    Brando's Adventure 8 months ago +2

    I didn't know you could play guitar, Puddles. Great video!

  • Pat Keegan
    Pat Keegan 9 months ago

    AH!! Puddles your the Man ... or Clown! I love this song and tried endlessly to find the simple chords and yours work Trying to figure out your fingers;
    D G G/F# Em7 D G G/F# Em7 Bm F#m Bm G Em7 Thanks!

  • Tai Ji
    Tai Ji 9 months ago +5

    Dear Puddles, please, pleeeeeeeeease do more Bob Covers! :) I think im not the only one who wants moaaar!

  • TheNeonRabbit
    TheNeonRabbit 10 months ago

    Thank you, Puddles!

  • Arrovete Ringer
    Arrovete Ringer 10 months ago

    Love you Puddles.

  • Johnny appleseedinyourass

    he looks like ah gay boy

  • CasualLoLAddict
    CasualLoLAddict 11 months ago

    I wonder what Puddles Pity Party's cover of something like "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin or "Spread Your Wings" by Queen would be like... Unless they already did those. IF SO, THEN I MUST FIND THEM!

  • Jessica Loftin
    Jessica Loftin 11 months ago +13

    You should really cover Bohemian Rhapsody, you have a beautiful voice it would sound amazing!

  • jennifer velasquez
    jennifer velasquez Year ago +1

    Please please please sing some Queen. It would make my year to hear it and there would be no way it wouldn't go viral. Your version of Under pressure was amazing, give us some more!!!

  • Brea_thetree
    Brea_thetree Year ago

    Beautiful cover; do you have a synchronization license? I'd like to start posting covers myself, but I don't want to run the risk of having my videos removed due to copyright infringement, or upsetting the original artist who inspired me in the first place.

  • Bryan Mackey
    Bryan Mackey Year ago +5

    I'm a new fan. I absolutely love this man's style and his voice ! you are a true talent !
    May I make a request? system of a down, any song .

  • Christian Beischl
    Christian Beischl Year ago +8

    You singing "Take me to church" would be absolutly brilliant! :D PS: your voice rocks!

    • Freedom Talk Media
      Freedom Talk Media 10 months ago

      Morgan James crushed it already, one one of the channels he's on postmodern jukebox

    • Nick Bloom
      Nick Bloom Year ago


  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen Year ago +1

    I never comment on YouTube videos but I'm just a huge fan not the one meant for cooling but you know a follower or stalker of your work. Promise I won't be a screaming school girl when I see you... if that ever happens. thank you for your works and hope to see more of you soon!! - one of your many fans- ps. can I be a part of your clown theme some how? I don't have much talent but willing to travel and see the world with yah if that's cool or what evers.


    That Backdrop is one of those "Paint by Numbers"Β  . . . . only Puddles would do such a thing !

  • Krista Shay Walker

    Could you see yrself crushing on Baskets?

  • Elma Cantu
    Elma Cantu Year ago

    It would be a doable dream of mine to see you live. LOVE from Monterrey, Mx.

  • Matthew Brown-Smith
    Matthew Brown-Smith Year ago +1

    Hope you make your way to England soon. Would love to see and hear you.

  • Dalek Mistress
    Dalek Mistress Year ago


  • Beth S
    Beth S Year ago +1

    Me. I'm with you. I love your style. This was beautiful.

  • Kelli Cox
    Kelli Cox Year ago

    Damn now I really want this as an oil painting WITH Puddles included.....LOVE PUDDLES!!

  • Suave
    Suave Year ago

    If I could "Like" 100 More X's!!!!

  • Renato Torrone
    Renato Torrone Year ago +1

    Puddles, you're awesome!

  • Alex Fate
    Alex Fate Year ago +1


  • jeramie maddox
    jeramie maddox Year ago

    wish you would do #let me try by mc5

  • cbgreenbay
    cbgreenbay Year ago


  • Harlot Bug
    Harlot Bug Year ago +1


  • Zac Craze
    Zac Craze Year ago +57

    Dear Puddles, I would love to hear you do a cover of "Crying" from Roy Orbison...You would super "OWN" the piece!

  • PapaKryptoss
    PapaKryptoss Year ago

    Make it longer next time...Play something that makes us want to listen for a long time.

  • Tereza Bustamante
    Tereza Bustamante Year ago +1

    Love you Puddles, keep doing πŸ’•

  • OldeFreedom
    OldeFreedom Year ago +7

    No! It ended all too soon! Ugh! Wish there was a 30 minute version of this song!

  • djteddy bear
    djteddy bear Year ago


  • HWFchamp
    HWFchamp Year ago


  • fartzinwind
    fartzinwind Year ago

    cover Placebo: Running Up That Hill

  • arackisback
    arackisback Year ago +1

    I missed you in San Diego because I was working but I really hope I can make it to kaaboo! Its just really expensive for me right now but I will definitely try to make it. Love your stuff! Keep it up Puddles!

  • Dylan A. Kent
    Dylan A. Kent Year ago

    Beautiful song and a paint by numbers background

  • HachiZenki
    HachiZenki Year ago

    Sweet. Now let's hear Legalize It the Peter Tosh version. 0.o

  • Ron Laughlin
    Ron Laughlin Year ago


  • Ed Dana
    Ed Dana Year ago +1

    Cuddles to Puddles!

  • jonnda
    jonnda Year ago

    I'm going to do a cover of this cover at an open mic, wish me luck. :D

    • jonnda
      jonnda Year ago

      +Dazza G I chickened out, will again for next Monday. :-)

    • Dazza G
      Dazza G Year ago

      Done it yet ????
      G'Luck if not, Well Done if ya have

  • Artist Group
    Artist Group Year ago

    nicely done, good to hear you

  • tootz1950
    tootz1950 Year ago +1


  • Karen Rook
    Karen Rook Year ago +2

    ufffff como no enamorarme <3

  • 360Prairie
    360Prairie Year ago +5

    As someone who is alone, this was beautifully painful.

  • a7i20ci7y
    a7i20ci7y Year ago +2


  • ΠœΠΈΡ‚Ρ А

    Like from Russia! Can we offer a song for cover version? Something from Queen for example... Painted nails reminded me one Great man. I just ask )

    • Mercmad
      Mercmad 3 months ago

      kaytusha perhaps? :-)

    • PapaKryptoss
      PapaKryptoss Year ago

      +ΠœΠΈΡ‚Ρ А One son is no son, two sons is no son, but three sons is a son. Russian First the stable, then the cow.

  • The Red Shadow
    The Red Shadow Year ago

    I'm right there with you, alone.

  • Sharon Hodge
    Sharon Hodge Year ago +2

    I love you Puddles that was awesome

  • John Maloney
    John Maloney Year ago +14

    A beautiful cover and the bird sounds and backdrop were a very nice, calming addition.

  • rybpo7
    rybpo7 Year ago +11

    I love you, Puddles. I never tire of saying it. More, please. More!

  • Brandon Blount
    Brandon Blount Year ago

    loneliness is better than a broken heart.

  • fuzzylumpkin49
    fuzzylumpkin49 Year ago +2


  • lowercasechris
    lowercasechris Year ago +1

    Loved it

  • Jimilimijimi
    Jimilimijimi Year ago +2

    amazing :) love it

  • Dane
    Dane Year ago +3

    Oh, Puddles. You're a beautiful soul.

    TENCUHTLI Year ago +3

    You're amazing puddles!

  • Mystic Charles
    Mystic Charles Year ago +3

    Thanks Puddles.

  • Abraham H
    Abraham H Year ago +1

    Really enjoy hearing you sing your voice is great. Whay i dont understand is what is with the background? not sure i understand

    • warmfuzzydeath
      warmfuzzydeath Year ago

      +Abraham H looks like a bad paint by numbers painting... pretty dang awesome.

    • tootz1950
      tootz1950 Year ago

      +Abraham H Because it's Puddles.

  • needle38
    needle38 Year ago

    I dont really enjoy Bob Marley , but I like this version .
    Well done !

  • Bekkert
    Bekkert Year ago +3

    lovely, and sad. love u

  • Kirsten Hendry
    Kirsten Hendry Year ago


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