10 BEST PS4 Games of 2017 So Far - MUST OWN PlayStation 4 Games in 2017

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Top 10 Greatest PS4 Games of 2017 So Far - New PlayStation 4 Games

    In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Best PS4 Games So Far in 2017. Will you be picking any of these games up? Have you played any of these games? Comment your thoughts on the 10 Greatest PlayStation 4 Games in 2017 So Far!

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    Games present in this list-

    Persona 5

    NieR Automata

    Horizon: Zero Dawn


    Yakuza 0

    Gravity Rush 2

    Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

    Credit for Outro Music-

    Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
    Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
    Artist: incompetech.com/
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Comments: 425

  • Ediana Ventrice
    Ediana Ventrice 4 days ago

    I desperately need to get my ps4 fixed 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mert Ali
    Mert Ali 12 days ago +1

    This shit list lol

  • Romanhulk 7
    Romanhulk 7 18 days ago +2

    Where's overwatch

    • kdub77
      kdub77 12 days ago

      Romanhulk 7 ikr🤔

  • Brinsk
    Brinsk 22 days ago

    Wtf was that nier gameplay

  • Teagon McWithey
    Teagon McWithey 25 days ago

    is this list only for fucking weebs

  • Replicazerofour
    Replicazerofour 26 days ago

    What about dying light enchanced edition?

  • Replicazerofour
    Replicazerofour 26 days ago

    What about dying light enchanced edition?

  • Ahmed Dawod
    Ahmed Dawod 28 days ago

    Please show to us best game of ps4 don't show to us dumb games

  • Ahmed Dawod
    Ahmed Dawod 28 days ago

    Hi game cross

  • Nadeem Motala
    Nadeem Motala 29 days ago

    I loved KH 1.5 and 2.5 remix

  • Atomic X
    Atomic X Month ago

    Horizon. Zero dawn is my favorite game of all time but my old favorite game was legend of Zelda twilight princess

  • Spyccy03
    Spyccy03 Month ago

    Top ten games for weebs,
    this top ten is fucking gay

  • Smelly
    Smelly Month ago

    Nier and persona 5 is the best games on the ps 4 :) So bloody good games! HzD is a good game but so short :( I did plat it and did all side missons 49h :( Persona 5 105h. Nier 53h whit all 27 endings

  • unknown cuyler
    unknown cuyler Month ago

    Terrible list. All these titles look the same. Nothing but some cheap japanese crappy games.

  • Mickey Santos
    Mickey Santos Month ago

    Nier player was so terrible 😊

  • Jordan Tate
    Jordan Tate Month ago

    Not really a fan of anime games

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  • c0pyimitati0n
    c0pyimitati0n Month ago

    Anime is so weird!!!

  • Laurits Kennet
    Laurits Kennet Month ago

    what this weeb shit, instantly disliked after seeing the first two games

  • Jose Castillo
    Jose Castillo Month ago +1

    Bunch of bullshit ass anime... what the fuck sony..

  • david,anthony Ahern
    david,anthony Ahern Month ago +1

    wow PS4 really is killing it this gen . My last three consoles were Xbox ,Xbox 360 and PS3 and I felt the Xbox 360 kinda won that gen . So so many absolutely knockout PS4 games out right now with so many more on the horizon .

  • brendon dangelo
    brendon dangelo Month ago

    What's up with all these web ass games yo

  • Babylon Gate
    Babylon Gate Month ago

    All his best games were japanese shit

  • Jason dp
    Jason dp Month ago

    Anyone played crash yet

  • SpideyTheMighty
    SpideyTheMighty Month ago

    Great List, great games!!! HZD, NIER and KH for the wiiiiiiin!!! :D

  • ghostknightgaming
    ghostknightgaming Month ago

    i prefer ffxv over personna 5

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin Month ago

    I heard that Yakuzas have deeply penetrated the Japanese society and even control the politics. Perhaps the Yakuza 0 game is also produced by Yakuzas.

  • Jaimie Legein
    Jaimie Legein Month ago

    nier automata : shame it has a lot of bugs, a blend world and a fucked-up map, keep playing for the story

  • Ευαγγελία Ρούστα

    it is such a big pity that Watch Dogs 2 isnt in this list...come on guys..give this game a chance....

  • Spy Spider
    Spy Spider Month ago

    Should I get a PS4 still

    • Hoxton gaming
      Hoxton gaming 19 days ago

      Spy Spider YES

    • Adam Velazquez
      Adam Velazquez Month ago

      Spy Spider if this video still hasn't convinced you then your probably just a die hard Xbox fan....playstation is the way to go this generation if you havnt been up to date yet.

  • iLLuSioNz_ _23
    iLLuSioNz_ _23 Month ago


  • Malak Alshraideh
    Malak Alshraideh Month ago

    wheres minecraft and cod bo3

  • Derek Casmir
    Derek Casmir Month ago

    shut the hell

  • oman25
    oman25 Month ago

    what no the last of us remastered or uncharted 4?

    my top 10

    1.the last of us remastered
    2. Uncharted 4
    3. the witcher 3 wild hunt
    4. Horizon zero dawn
    5. blood borne
    6. dark souls 3
    7. the evil within
    8. doom
    9. wolfenstine the new order
    10. Dishonored 2

      SUPER BASS Month ago

      oman25 you should read the title again

  • Suave - Mentez
    Suave - Mentez Month ago

    When I search Nier automata on PS4 it brings me to gravity rush 2 collaboration pack, am I doing something wrong? Or wat (I'm clueless)

  • Hh Gg
    Hh Gg Month ago

    which is the best dying light or overwatch

    • ***** *****
      ***** ***** Month ago

      Hh Gg I haven't played dying light but I have overwatch. Overwatch is a great game to play with friends and also by yourself I really recommend it in my opinion.

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez Month ago +2

    these are all gay

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    Ben Taala Alâa 2 months ago

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  • Ben Taala Alâa
    Ben Taala Alâa 2 months ago

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  • Tairren Daly
    Tairren Daly 2 months ago

    Just so its clear, its pronounced; "Neir- "auto-mata", just an FYI

  • Jose Castillo
    Jose Castillo 2 months ago

    This guys like "persona 5 was phenomenal" i'm over shea like 'bruh that shit looks retarded'

    • Purple-Giraffe
      Purple-Giraffe Month ago

      Jose Castillo Really? That's interesting lol but aye it's your opinion. There's many games that I personally don't like myself so no judgement here.

    • Jose Castillo
      Jose Castillo Month ago

      Purple-Giraffe yup just like i wouldn't play Destiny, Titanfall, & all that

    • Purple-Giraffe
      Purple-Giraffe Month ago

      Jose Castillo oh ok lol so you've never played it or seen anyone actually play it. You just don't like the style?

    • Jose Castillo
      Jose Castillo Month ago

      Purple-Giraffe no offense don't cry or i'll cry

    • Jose Castillo
      Jose Castillo Month ago

      Purple-Giraffe not into anime lol looks retarded

  • Brandyn  Newkirk
    Brandyn Newkirk 2 months ago

    Damn all I see in the comments is Persona 5 is it really that good?

  • Yazeed Alhussain
    Yazeed Alhussain 2 months ago

    HZD is the best game of all time

  • Ineedu2hateme
    Ineedu2hateme 2 months ago +2

    thumbs down because the guy narrating in the video sounds annoying as fuck

  • user name
    user name 2 months ago

    I was a bit upset I didn't enjoy nier as much as I wanted to

  • Mola King
    Mola King 2 months ago

    "Danggangwawnpa"- 2k17

  • LukE G
    LukE G 2 months ago

    Too much damn anime...

  • Melvin Chang
    Melvin Chang 2 months ago

    I am struggling to survive in Nioh someone help me pls especially the second Boss 😂😂😂

  • lyonzy
    lyonzy 2 months ago

    Its like sleeping dogs But theres a sexy guy who know how to sing

  • Bryan Cox
    Bryan Cox 2 months ago

    NieR: Automata, Injustice 2, Persona 5, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Tekken 7, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. This year might be the best year for ps4 yet better than 2015 if this carries on.

  • Obito Nagato
    Obito Nagato 2 months ago +2

    NieR: Automata is amazing. It takes my breath away everytime I play it.

  • alalal420
    alalal420 2 months ago

    with all do respect

    Fucck you

  • kinotii
    kinotii 2 months ago

    what kind of games are these? your list sucks

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz 2 months ago

    Really needed beter gameplay for this video man. Only reason why I thumbs down.

  • Zack Sholazr
    Zack Sholazr 2 months ago

    blood born

  • Jim Delarosa
    Jim Delarosa 2 months ago

    hey guys do I have to play the previous Persona games to understand and enjoy persona 5??

    • Rivo Alberti
      Rivo Alberti 2 months ago

      Diamond BlueCraft dude persona 4 never have a ps4 release. only on ps2 and persona 4 golden on ps vita

    • Typo Craft
      Typo Craft 2 months ago

      Jim Delarosa nope, it's just like gta series . but if you are persona fanboy, you should buy persona 4 golden on ps4

  • peereter
    peereter 2 months ago

    fucking weebs

    OG SMOKKO 2 months ago

    Syphon filter would be a good remastered series just putting it out there

  • Bobby VenomSith
    Bobby VenomSith 2 months ago

    Who's playing Nier in the video...noob AF

  • ThatChainmecha
    ThatChainmecha 2 months ago +3

    holy shit you're bad at nier

  • Catzel1 Ps4
    Catzel1 Ps4 2 months ago +7

    Nier automata " there's a lot to like " proceeds to show clip of getting hit by same predictable attack over and over ....

  • Tom Jacobsen
    Tom Jacobsen 2 months ago

    japanese developers are back on top this year!

  • TheBeaver50
    TheBeaver50 2 months ago

    horizon dawn zero goodbye

  • Ps4 Gameplay
    Ps4 Gameplay 2 months ago

    fuck you these are the worest games ever ....they should be gta v fifa 17 watch dogs 2 .....etc not these fucking games

    • Tyler Martin
      Tyler Martin 2 months ago

      Couch gaming news I'm Disagreed. Watch Dogs 2 is a Great Game.

    • Couch gaming news
      Couch gaming news 2 months ago

      Ps4 Gameplay fifa watch dogs 2 ha those games sucked ur not even a gamer

  • jay
    jay 3 months ago +2

    All of these games suck apart from resident evil.

    • Nadeem Motala
      Nadeem Motala 29 days ago

      jay Doesn't mean it's a cartoon that it's gonna suck. You think that it's childish because it's a cartoon but really you're the one who's being childish if you think like that

    • jay
      jay Month ago

      david,anthony Ahern nah I don't like playing shitty cartoon games and horizon dawn doesn't appeal to me.

    • david,anthony Ahern
      david,anthony Ahern Month ago

      jay you played them all yeah ?

  • kidde13
    kidde13 3 months ago


  • Skylite
    Skylite 3 months ago

    why u let 2B killed by that fvcking easy machine

  • sheesh shiinautica
    sheesh shiinautica 3 months ago

    should have been called top ten weeaboo games for the ps4

  • Rainbowman
    Rainbowman 3 months ago

    I personally played most of the games listed here, and all was at least worth playing, but it's crazy to make these tiles PS4 exclusives, not releasing on Xbox. Do these developers don't like money or what?

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 3 months ago

    Its so interesting to see that 9 of 10 games were Japanese. Japanese games are coming back folks:)

  • Michael M
    Michael M 3 months ago +1

    anyone pumped for Friday?

    • Michael M
      Michael M 2 months ago

      +mike send I'm pumped for your slow decent to a forever darkness x)

    • mike send
      mike send 2 months ago

      garret Anderson I'm pumped for your mother's ass

  • Ghanim Alnaimi
    Ghanim Alnaimi 3 months ago

    where is Bloodborne? Uncharted ? last of us remaster ?

  • DVG
    DVG 3 months ago +3

    Felt empty after finishing Final Fantasy XV (what a fucking game) and playing more cassual games was just not fun at all even for killing time good news for me I picked up nier automata being wayyyyyy too hyped for it and overexpecting shit,for the first time ever when I felt this overhyped about a game it actually delievered more than I expected,respect to the devs and square enix as a whole.

  • Que O.
    Que O. 3 months ago

    just bought a pro any recommendations?

  • Kumail HUSSAINI
    Kumail HUSSAINI 3 months ago

    Does anyone want to trade watch dogs or farcry 4 for a controller any couler

  • Max Baar
    Max Baar 3 months ago

    Lol wtf is this list

  • Kail Habib
    Kail Habib 3 months ago

    i didnt care for Nioh...
    also, is this video extremely dark for anyone else???

  • EnixPho
    EnixPho 3 months ago +1

    Ommmmggggg who ever you had play NieR I wanna slap cause they didn't dodge ONCE. I felt personally offended seeing that poor display. NieR's an amazing game, I felt the person playing didn't respect it at all.

  • The nerd next Door
    The nerd next Door 3 months ago

    what remains of edith finch was amazing 😍

  • Off-roading vlogs
    Off-roading vlogs 3 months ago

    Half Of These Games Are Completely Stupid

  • stewie 242
    stewie 242 3 months ago +5

    who ever is playing that nier automata is fucking garbage 👎

  • Sgt. Turdstain
    Sgt. Turdstain 3 months ago

    Not excited I like first person shooters or freerome games like cod, battlefield, gta, etc only one I looked forward to is horizon zero dawn.

  • Hapenis _
    Hapenis _ 3 months ago +1

    Those all sucked

  • Mohnish Singh
    Mohnish Singh 3 months ago

    the video should be named best rpg games for ps4

  • jay COD
    jay COD 3 months ago

    Great vid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vimeo.com/snapproductionz

  • Abdul Uddin
    Abdul Uddin 3 months ago

    who tf was playing nier? you should be featured in every gameplay trailer ever!

  • gundamsondam
    gundamsondam 3 months ago

    For the gamers

  • Ayman Islam
    Ayman Islam 3 months ago +13

    Beware don't buy persona 5. It ruins your life as it's as addicting as drugs

  • Lori English
    Lori English 3 months ago

    must own ps4 that's funny doi doi

  • Best Top 10
    Best Top 10 3 months ago

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  • XKINGX Gaming
    XKINGX Gaming 3 months ago

    Hahaha PlayStation sucks xbox has scalebound coming soon

    • BlazeRunner
      BlazeRunner 3 months ago

      XKINGX Gaming some more like battle field mixed with cod the movement though is so smooth and fast paced that you can tell good players and great players apart and free dlc no season pass

    • XKINGX Gaming
      XKINGX Gaming 3 months ago

      +BlazeRunner o

    • BlazeRunner
      BlazeRunner 3 months ago

      XKINGX Gaming if you want to see where some training got me in the game I can like a video

    • XKINGX Gaming
      XKINGX Gaming 3 months ago

      +BlazeRunner damn,sounds cool so it requires strategy?

    • BlazeRunner
      BlazeRunner 3 months ago

      XKINGX Gaming there is skill movements used to make you move faster like you can travel around the map from a exploding Titan or keep the fastest speed in the game by slide hopping

  • Kalin Lancaster
    Kalin Lancaster 3 months ago

    whoever played the Neir Automata for the gameplay video clip really sucks......

  • Amristar
    Amristar 3 months ago

    What about my fav, Ghost Recon Wildlands? It's not even here. GR Wildlands should be number one. Not that Nonary game. Only gay guys plays that Nonary game.

  • MeltedforYOU
    MeltedforYOU 3 months ago

    Which games don't required for DLC?

  • Dan
    Dan 3 months ago

    Title should have been "10 best ps4 games for Japanese Korean gamers".

  • mneri84
    mneri84 3 months ago

    Where is MLB the show 17?

  • Young Rich
    Young Rich 3 months ago

    Naruto Shinobi Striker will be the best anime games of all times

  • D W
    D W 3 months ago

    just throwing my money everywhere at this point these amazing games bruh and then theres MORE!?
    im nice and moist........


  • Jason dp
    Jason dp 3 months ago

    Nier automata or tales. Hmmmm

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