$17 Vs. $750 Facials • Ladylike

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  • Lady tested, lady baby face.

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    Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/8586

    FACE HAUS - Studio City

    GOLD ELEMENTS - Hollywood
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Comments: 6 840

  • Lia Mckay
    Lia Mckay 13 hours ago

    A facial that expensive better make me look like a kpop idol 😂

  • mango mikayla
    mango mikayla 14 hours ago

    I feel like the owner of the gold elements seems like the kind of monster in percy jackson who pretends to be nice then turns you to stone like aunty m (medusa)

  • Natalie Giannotti
    Natalie Giannotti 15 hours ago

    Does anyone know what song was playing when she was getting the gold mask??

  • Angela Nakiyingi
    Angela Nakiyingi 17 hours ago

    Best job in the world!

  • ImTheOnlyWeirdo
    ImTheOnlyWeirdo 19 hours ago

    I got acne scars rip me

  • Suhana Grewal
    Suhana Grewal 1 day ago

    As soon as Saf said suit up I hit that like button so hard!!!

  • Harrison Morse
    Harrison Morse 1 day ago

    B tec buzzfeed

  • Mia Clark
    Mia Clark 1 day ago

    When u do a facial and turn so frigging shiny

  • Carina Chan
    Carina Chan 1 day ago

    Watching them really happy is kind of calming.

  • Vivian Styles
    Vivian Styles 1 day ago

    Did anyone else hear the lady say melanin

    MINERGIRL 360 1 day ago

    Legit thought the cover was Lizza

  • Christal Reyes
    Christal Reyes 1 day ago

    I do the most expensive facial for life changing things like my wedding

  • Truls Bjørkavåg
    Truls Bjørkavåg 2 days ago

    The only reason the last one is expensive is because they put gold in everything

  • Cecilia Lima
    Cecilia Lima 2 days ago

    whenever they said detox all i could think is the drag queen

  • Tide
    Tide 2 days ago

    I need the blackheads thing on my legs

  • Mya Andreana
    Mya Andreana 3 days ago

    Lol Katie was in the Try Guys facial video

  • Your Majesty Zinda Vir

    It feels like a sauna on my face!
    -Fredie 2017

  • Felix Marome
    Felix Marome 3 days ago

    I think I'm going to do it :)
    Never had a facial, but by new years I should have enough $$$
    Gonna get my gold for Yule <3

  • Random Potterhead lol

    no one else noticed Katie is also from try guys???

  • BubbleClover Playz
    BubbleClover Playz 4 days ago

    I'm craving sushi right now O^o

  • killerbbyshark
    killerbbyshark 4 days ago

    From what I saw I'd rather have the second one over the third, anyone else?

  • glittery frugal ARCADE

    if I was a billionaire I would do this every birthday

  • That Random trashcan

    Did you notice how UNEVEN JILLS HAIRCUT IS

  • Sanjana SINGH
    Sanjana SINGH 5 days ago

    this is safiya nygaard's last video on BUZZFEED (LADYLIKE)

  • MusicalSim
    MusicalSim 6 days ago

    But did Buzzfeed actually pay or?

  • Alendra Celeste
    Alendra Celeste 6 days ago

    When they arrived at Gold Elements, my eyes immediately landed on the fact that there was a Louis Vuitton store across the way. xD

  • Aya's Stuff
    Aya's Stuff 6 days ago

    Introducing the worth it: ladylike edition
    It's a special episode 😂

  • Catcrazy 73
    Catcrazy 73 6 days ago

    For me while I'm staring at the their amazing skin before the facials I'm thinking about all the acne I have on my face that there is really no easy way for me to get rid of it

  • Birdie Holtby
    Birdie Holtby 6 days ago

    When your the only one who gets the how I met your mother reference 🙄

  • Sakura Cat
    Sakura Cat 6 days ago

    Of course everything that expensive must have gold 🙄

  • Lauren Loves
    Lauren Loves 6 days ago

    How did they decide who got the Cleopatra facial?

  • YzDragonLord
    YzDragonLord 7 days ago

    Forget About The Facial Did U See How Thick And Hot That's Owner Is

  • Aidan Paige
    Aidan Paige 7 days ago


  • Robbie Pierce
    Robbie Pierce 7 days ago

    I got you for free

  • Iris Reeves
    Iris Reeves 7 days ago

    Mask off

  • :D :D
    :D :D 8 days ago

    Is that Safiya Nygaard??

  • Barden Bella
    Barden Bella 8 days ago

    I'm allergic to facials

  • Russiaswife123
    Russiaswife123 8 days ago

    Yay! More Katie!

  • Buu Pham
    Buu Pham 8 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me how the DIY facial is $17 because the one of the masks costed $17.99.

  • s d
    s d 8 days ago

    yeah bacteria is magnetic makes sense yeah

  • Kawaii_Squishy_Potato

    Is it just me or what they look oily after the first mask

  • Harry Linford
    Harry Linford 9 days ago

    I wish this was in the UK!! :(

  • Chase Omt
    Chase Omt 9 days ago

    I'm a man, I'll give you facials for free. 😎

  • Cry For Help
    Cry For Help 9 days ago

    they should've given it more ti.e in between to get the full affect of each

  • Skittlez108
    Skittlez108 9 days ago

    And they think pewdiepie is out of ideas! Lmfao!!

  • Poop Lee
    Poop Lee 10 days ago

    Who was eating pineapples when she was talking about pineapples lol

  • Neo Jasmine
    Neo Jasmine 10 days ago

    I feel like a facial spot you can trust is FaceHaus

  • Antonia Leonor
    Antonia Leonor 10 days ago

    I love how it says "Bonus: Freddies Singing"😂

  • Dena Montgomery
    Dena Montgomery 10 days ago

    Stir chop both tent phenomenon formation statement peer.

  • Olivia
    Olivia 11 days ago

    I'm that childish person and I buy face mask from Claire's for $3.00

  • Maz the Moose
    Maz the Moose 11 days ago

    When the cheapest facial is way way to expensive for you 😂

  • Youtubeee
    Youtubeee 11 days ago

    I WANT THE $55 facial

  • Explodingcat boom
    Explodingcat boom 12 days ago

    Isn't that Katie the same one that did the try guy's facial.

  • Galaxy_ Queen16
    Galaxy_ Queen16 12 days ago

    Why is everyone's faces so shiny

  • Grace Kreps
    Grace Kreps 12 days ago

    my 3 favorite buzzfeed people in one video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonia Leonor
    Antonia Leonor 12 days ago

    "Oh wow, I kinda look like a baby!"

    LINDSEY SEALE 12 days ago

    So, a regular magnet can pick up bacteria and dead skin... okay sounds right.

  • Jenna Benallick
    Jenna Benallick 12 days ago


  • Karis Kwon
    Karis Kwon 12 days ago

    Katie did that to the try guys and the cool globes!

  • Claudia Latios
    Claudia Latios 13 days ago

    all that happened is they became shinier?

  • Hefty Guy
    Hefty Guy 13 days ago

    I dont see a difference at all in any of the Facials, you all got ripped

  • Cecilia Cortez
    Cecilia Cortez 13 days ago

    Who else was getting asmr from the facial

  • Thefluffiscoming 10
    Thefluffiscoming 10 13 days ago

    bonus freddie singing

  • Selena Sheikh
    Selena Sheikh 13 days ago

    Saf went out in style

  • _TunaFishxMSP_
    _TunaFishxMSP_ 14 days ago

    I just realised how creepy spas are...

    All those people applied to the job so they can touch peoples faces...backs...feet..ect


  • _TunaFishxMSP_
    _TunaFishxMSP_ 14 days ago

    I can just go to wilko and get a £1 face mask, it works really well!

  • dont click pls
    dont click pls 14 days ago

    i love how the louis vuitton store was infront lol

  • Rebecca Elise
    Rebecca Elise 14 days ago

    That $750 facial is legit just about the experience. They make it seem like you're getting all this special treatment for free but that $750 is paying for the town car, champagne, sushi, gift bags and probably expensive rent/overheads. With the exception of the gold, the facial is probably similar to any other spa facial.

  • Penguin Wolf
    Penguin Wolf 14 days ago

    They slept for 1 week straight?

  • DjBluey 92
    DjBluey 92 14 days ago

    I sorta feel bad for the people who are giving the facials...I wonder if they feel jealous?

  • Bee Honeydew
    Bee Honeydew 14 days ago

    I'd do the Cleopatra facial if I had the money. But I'll just do DIY facials that are a lot cheaper and probably better for my skin.

  • xxxLucyxxx
    xxxLucyxxx 15 days ago

    The last one would feel great friendship goals

  • Skylar White
    Skylar White 15 days ago

    I went there for my 21st , Feels like absolute heaven.

  • Sophie Worthington
    Sophie Worthington 15 days ago

    Cold is good for the skin?
    Good thing I live in Canada.

  • Emily Pantoja Reyes
    Emily Pantoja Reyes 15 days ago

    That face mask that was cucumber literally BURNS my face!!!

  • Jen Omuro
    Jen Omuro 15 days ago

    I think they look the same

  • Creeper Cryptonit
    Creeper Cryptonit 16 days ago

    The only thing ha changed was their eye bags

  • abby d
    abby d 16 days ago

    I wanna see them do the vampire facial

  • Melissa Lua
    Melissa Lua 16 days ago

    Did anyone notice Katie from the try Guys?

  • Elizabeth JuareZ
    Elizabeth JuareZ 16 days ago

    8:48 the best chocolates ever

  • Heathers Trash JD Fanatic

    They should've given it to people who really need it. I get that they don't think that their skin is good, but some people have it way worse.

  • Hiren Gaming
    Hiren Gaming 17 days ago

    What triggers me is that she left her water bottle at the beginning.

  • Jenn ᵔᴥᵔ
    Jenn ᵔᴥᵔ 17 days ago

    Ladylike Worth It Skincare Adventure XD

  • Olivia Styles
    Olivia Styles 17 days ago

    2:44 freddie singing is the best part of the video

  • owen smith
    owen smith 18 days ago

    Id give her a facial

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams 18 days ago

    If anyone wants to pay me in facials, I can draw and know information about tea and stuff

  • SimplyJonellexoxo
    SimplyJonellexoxo 18 days ago

    Before I die I need to visit the Cleopatra facial💯

  • Maral B
    Maral B 19 days ago

    im a little money girl and im gonna choose 80$ dollar one

  • Addy Rawr
    Addy Rawr 19 days ago

    The last spa sounds and seems like BS

  • Bunny Nightcore
    Bunny Nightcore 19 days ago

    theres no difference with frankie getting a facial

  • Emoji Queen
    Emoji Queen 19 days ago


  • Chaxtelle xx
    Chaxtelle xx 19 days ago

    Hehe my name is Chantelle but pronounced Shan-tell not Shawn-tell

  • Becki Sora
    Becki Sora 19 days ago

    I think the second one would be worth it once every 2-3 months

  • Skylar the dreamer
    Skylar the dreamer 19 days ago

    Freddie is so gosh darn pretty

  • Jules V
    Jules V 20 days ago

    The home facial was not cheap 😂😂 it all adds up

  • Collette Cupcakes
    Collette Cupcakes 20 days ago

    there were so many things wrong about what the girl was saying in the last one and its all just for those types of girls who wanna be like kim kardashian to be tricked into and then these people get rich off of it

  • Jordyn H
    Jordyn H 20 days ago

    Mask off..mask off... Percocet Molly Percocet...rep the set gotta represent

  • Vandy Shell
    Vandy Shell 20 days ago

    I've had acne from 13 nearly 21. Never had a legit facial. Cheap ones break my face out.

  • Ava Duvall
    Ava Duvall 21 day ago

    Freddy looks so good without makeup

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