This Is What Will Happen in the Next Billion Years

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  • John Smikkel
    John Smikkel Hour ago

    If we are still alive over 1 billion year we are already in a other place than earth and if you see how many we did in 2000 years see what we can do in 500.000 times that.

  • Mauri Luciano
    Mauri Luciano Hour ago

    dang... just imagine if this already happen, and we became this one species know as humans and the aliens is this other species more advance than us

  • Contaversal Inc
    Contaversal Inc 3 hours ago

    you can't help but feel that some civilizatoin existed before us and that they made a video like this,and everyone ignored it, then they were hit by a asteroid

  • david clark
    david clark 6 hours ago

    I wish I didnt have to die

  • pmaini
    pmaini 6 hours ago +1

    nuler number 666669 will be formed with the sources of x energy + carbon monoxide_ carbon dioxide could form oxgyen numeric number /15 and also could create atmosphere and the first life forms on earth could evolve to dinosuars then they gets struck by a meteor in a couple 300 million years then the left over life forms created by the dinosour evolvation dna could create humans and it reapets on and on.

  • Joaquin Jose Perez
    Joaquin Jose Perez 7 hours ago

    Why not talk about the Sun's death eh? No escaping that hahahahah. Good thing I won't be around to experience that..

  • jimmy needle
    jimmy needle 8 hours ago

    this is a hoax!

  • clapthony claptano
    clapthony claptano 17 hours ago

    Fuck it man do what you do cause we're all gonna be gone soon.

  • Global Clash
    Global Clash 19 hours ago

    africa looking like a dick soon

  • MOTHER Mary
    MOTHER Mary 21 hour ago

    i subscribed!

  • VisionPat
    VisionPat 23 hours ago

    In 1 Billion years, Half Life 3 still doesn't exist

  • Probably procrastinating

    I wonder if planets that we find now that are barren, but older than earth, have entire histories like this, even with species like us that existed before earth even did

  • Ayaz Akram
    Ayaz Akram Day ago

    so earth will turn into mars that proves mars did have life billion years ago

  • Chris Kouk
    Chris Kouk Day ago

    So you are see the future...let me test you what im going to eat in 3 days???

  • Chris Kouk
    Chris Kouk Day ago

    Ποσοι ειδαν τα ελληνικα???

  • Christy Selva
    Christy Selva Day ago

    future generations will escape from exams:)

  • Nabium
    Nabium Day ago

    death is a blessing

  • 10fighter55
    10fighter55 Day ago

    Of course by the time we have colonized other planets. Humanity might go extinct because some person uses a bomb that wipes out humanity already now we have enough bombs to wipe out all life on earth, so will we last?

  • Loren Wood
    Loren Wood Day ago

    What was everything so instant? '800 millions years Africa will fuse with europe' well no... it means Africa is slowly moving now.. also with the 95% of plants dying.. they would have evolved to cope with the slow change by then..

  • You T Uber
    You T Uber Day ago

    this is stupid. if its a 10,000 problem the computers cant comprise, then change the computer, or re-engineer the system. dummy

  • Andreina Gonzalez

    nooo in 1 billion years ENGLAND will be MY CITY

  • KruK666PL
    KruK666PL Day ago

    I also can predict future. Any one who read this, in future do shit... science :D.
    WTF is with this chanel...

  • MichaelChiklisCares

    We need to kill at least 3 billion people for earth to survive.

  • Mood mal.
    Mood mal. 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who'll be living..

  • 100 subs in 10 days
    100 subs in 10 days 2 days ago

    10000 years almost all f humans will live only for 90 what is the point

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 2 days ago

    These things aren't 100% gonna happen. These are wild guesses.

  • roy rodgers
    roy rodgers 2 days ago

    NO that is not true, the earth will take care of her self their will be no human left on the planet by my theory,(is not yours a theory).

  • Robi Santo
    Robi Santo 2 days ago

    I mean it sounds bad but where dafuq u get them infos

  • why park jimin when u can ride jimin

    I see people joking about seeing this in the year "10000××××" but... what if one of them is actually not lying?

  • Saadia Afzal
    Saadia Afzal 2 days ago

    Earth is 5 billion years old

  • KaninchenGaming -inactive-

    In 1 Billion Years all modern memes will be eroded away

  • EGG WarsTeam
    EGG WarsTeam 2 days ago

    In the year 2666 the Netherlands will no longer exist, It will be flooded by the ocean

  • asgardlove1
    asgardlove1 2 days ago

    Compared to the universe, we are all but a small dust, and no one knows whether the earth still exists.

  • Nikita Afanasyev
    Nikita Afanasyev 2 days ago

    After 1 billion years queen Elizabeth will decide to die voluntarily

  • KingBruh
    KingBruh 2 days ago

    very interesting. but im dead when ''shit happens'' to earth :)!

  • Ken Stockman
    Ken Stockman 2 days ago

    We won't be here a hundred years from now. 😂

  • uare you
    uare you 3 days ago

    According to matt.24 We are the terminal generation. Jesus is coming soon.

    ASIT CICI 3 days ago

    stop lying

  • Kerberos
    Kerberos 3 days ago

    this is what COULD happen in the next billion years

  • Tango Dancer
    Tango Dancer 3 days ago

    OMG yet another channel on which they tell only shit

  • Pand G
    Pand G 3 days ago

    5:23 He says illuminati

  • Pand G
    Pand G 3 days ago

    Will humanity survive in a billion years nigga i only survive to 60 years old im dead before that or after

  • FreeStayler
    FreeStayler 3 days ago

    Billion years later ?

  • Edugirlkenz 123
    Edugirlkenz 123 3 days ago +1

    Rip Malta, my grandma was born there welp bye Malta in 50 million years. 😭

  • Arzybek Esenaliev
    Arzybek Esenaliev 3 days ago

    I don't think I'll be alive in the next billion years..

  • JC LotsACandeee
    JC LotsACandeee 3 days ago

    Wait, what if Ophiuchus becomes one of the zodiac signs in the next billion years?

  • Typical Clips
    Typical Clips 3 days ago

    Im just glad I wont be alive though any of this. Although it would be cool to experience going on other planets.

  • succ 69
    succ 69 3 days ago

    Too much research must have been done

  • L Mayo
    L Mayo 3 days ago

    At this rate id say we should probably just worry about making it through 2017

  • Pyro Memphis
    Pyro Memphis 3 days ago +1

    soon we will make contact with aliens and if they are smart we can come together and find out the rest of the universe and join a huge colony of many aliens. Humans are a intelligent species and they will find the civilizations.

  • Nico Cione
    Nico Cione 3 days ago

    I like that time lapse video of the Grand Canyon.

  • Nico Cione
    Nico Cione 3 days ago

    Like I'll survive that. I will survive. I'll be Eternal by that time.

  • Nico Cione
    Nico Cione 3 days ago

    I'm trying to save the earth,the sun,the solar system,the stars,the black holes and the universe itself.

  • Nico Cione
    Nico Cione 3 days ago

    That's never going to happen.

  • Nico Cione
    Nico Cione 3 days ago

    What is Y10K?

  • Nico Cione
    Nico Cione 3 days ago

    How big is a billion?

  • Aidan Ware
    Aidan Ware 3 days ago

    This is scary

  • Ricky Chen
    Ricky Chen 3 days ago

    what if this is all fake

  • Speedy TM
    Speedy TM 4 days ago

    Whos watching in 9100321

  • srmooney15
    srmooney15 4 days ago

    Dude saying shit doesn't make it true.

  • Mister Rin
    Mister Rin 4 days ago

    your video stolen by webtekno channel :c

  • James Denoia
    James Denoia 4 days ago

    Are these facts or predictions?

  • Sharon Gallagher
    Sharon Gallagher 4 days ago

    most of this will occur over the next two decades not a billion years. Kjv book of revelaion. And all of it could have been avoided if people had not turned away from God Jahovah creator of heaven and earth.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  • Darth Trumpt
    Darth Trumpt 4 days ago

    Did you pull all this data of your ass?

  • Kenzie Hall
    Kenzie Hall 4 days ago


  • Cyrus Pascual
    Cyrus Pascual 4 days ago

    In 1 Billion years Kim jong un will take over the world

  • Geo Gaming
    Geo Gaming 4 days ago

    how to stay alive! in next billion years HOW!!!

  • Run; Crash; Pop!
    Run; Crash; Pop! 4 days ago

    This is some real stretching. What a shit show.

  • Khy Maaren
    Khy Maaren 4 days ago

    The video was interesting enough. I chuckled at the Y10K thing, though.

  • hanzo52281
    hanzo52281 5 days ago

    Dang it, so much for my Hawaiian vacation I had planned 81 million years from now.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 5 days ago

    thats creepy

  • Scruffygitt
    Scruffygitt 5 days ago

    what are the chances someone will watch this video 1 billion years from now?

  • Ahmadx1x1 the best nickname

    1:41 so that means a day will be 24:00:01,24:00:02 and so on

  • Brady Carlson
    Brady Carlson 5 days ago


  • L. Kl.
    L. Kl. 5 days ago +1

    What's with the 2038 Problem?
    It's only in 21 years and 32 bit Systems are going to be destroyed by it

  • M K
    M K 5 days ago

    In 1000 years the future generations will think of us as barbarians, unhygeinic and from the stone ages....!

  • Dirk
    Dirk 5 days ago

    Humans won't make it to the year 2100. Take your pick on how our dumb ass elite will end us all. My guess is a weaponized super disease gets used, and just spreads like wildfire.

  • Wyatt Chartrand
    Wyatt Chartrand 5 days ago

    TL;DW We're fucked.

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 6 days ago

    you guys dont even know how large the universe is its so fuckin scary

  • Ramona Colon
    Ramona Colon 6 days ago

    Who else turned their device off after this video

  • Danny 6amer
    Danny 6amer 6 days ago


  • Z Xy
    Z Xy 6 days ago +1

    Ok. When will the earth destroy itself? Still i can't find ans. Everybody telling "this year earth is going to destroy" (from 2000 to current year)😢

  • Lazy Tuber
    Lazy Tuber 6 days ago

    Who cares wat would happen in billion years,, i will die in next 50 or so

  • Craig Lutic
    Craig Lutic 6 days ago

    skin colour and hair colour evenly distributed... there are a billion indians in india and approx 4 billion (chinese looking) asians in asia and u think they will all mix up with others eventually... also in places like the middle-east and north-africa people mix with their own so when u say global trends you cant really say global.

  • Wildlife / supernanny fan 1355848


  • SuicidalMattress
    SuicidalMattress 7 days ago +1

    Why are your videos so scary

  • james summers
    james summers 7 days ago

    should i use or WendoverProductions?

  • Borislav Lukić
    Borislav Lukić 7 days ago

    And then somebody ask me why I don't wont to be imortal :P

  • Hyper Fuze
    Hyper Fuze 7 days ago

    Can people still play Roblox?

  • keem star is the true god

    AD what dose that mean?

  • David Huynh
    David Huynh 7 days ago

    a billion years........ oh wait, humans may not even last 100,000 years thanks to dickheads who likes kill off all the sharks.(my family does not take ecology, but me and my brothers). Now we have Donald Trump who is capable of starting an apocalypse...... yeaahhh... humanity is definitely falling apart.

  • Jimmy Rustle
    Jimmy Rustle 7 days ago

    They found older human remains in Norway. JUST SO YA KNOW

  • Ace is a Better drawer then Sky

    Well I'm on billon years there will be no more land cause all the water so we dead no matter what

  • Stue The Q
    Stue The Q 8 days ago +1

    Man, I can't wait to be there when all of this happens!

  • AG Milan
    AG Milan 8 days ago

    I know only one humans will go on other planet or on very big ship with all resources

  • Mr.Baller23
    Mr.Baller23 8 days ago

    This is awesome

  • SPPSports
    SPPSports 8 days ago +2

    So we're basically fucked.

  • Yiyi Ma
    Yiyi Ma 8 days ago

    Hey humans will be extinct in 3017!

  • Assan 2004
    Assan 2004 8 days ago

    THAT IS FAKE!!!!!!

  • Gaming-TV
    Gaming-TV 8 days ago

    Sometime we dont need to believe everything, those things are just forecasts of the science that will probably happen, okay we all know that africa is going to split up and that africa will moving on to europe but astroids and all that???

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