7 Awesome Things YOU Can Do With Zip Ties

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  • King Wolfie
    King Wolfie 12 days ago

    I wonder how easy his life is

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson 22 days ago +1

    Mr Crabs would love this channel

  • Guinea Pigz
    Guinea Pigz Month ago

    5 minute crafts is stealing your ideas. (I think)

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 2 months ago

    Sears and ace hardware have big ass zip ties. When they get a shipment of brand new ridding mowers on crates. Zip ties the front axel and back axel to the crate. They gotta be 35 or 40+ inch ties. Heavy freaking duty

  • Matthew Everly
    Matthew Everly 2 months ago

    awesome love it thanks

  • Thomas Cowan
    Thomas Cowan 2 months ago

    for the first one u could just get reusable sip ties

  • Mark Cobb
    Mark Cobb 2 months ago

    if your zip tying lighters to candles.you have bigger issues than new ways to use a tie.

  • Mike West
    Mike West 2 months ago


  • Nightbot Jr
    Nightbot Jr 2 months ago

    2:00 #1 comic sans

  • Riley York
    Riley York 2 months ago

    when he said "full frontal attack" i couldnt stop laughing

  • Super Devil
    Super Devil 2 months ago

    Wow. Why? Just use another one.

  • Akhmad Zacky
    Akhmad Zacky 2 months ago

    thank god there is no fidget spinners

  • Dennis Woycheshen
    Dennis Woycheshen 2 months ago

    those are zap straps not zip ties.

  • Joseph Cedric Barrameda

    this is useful

  • DaRealDeal
    DaRealDeal 2 months ago

    Zip ties would blow up if they were reusable

  • TheOtherWhiteBread0
    TheOtherWhiteBread0 2 months ago

    These are absolutely awful.

  • Stealthinator139
    Stealthinator139 2 months ago

    8 make a swastika

  • Uthayakumar Rasiah
    Uthayakumar Rasiah 2 months ago

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  • Miranda W
    Miranda W 2 months ago

    The hatch of my blazer tailgate wouldn't open, but I could hear the motor try to unlatch. The plastic opening mechanism broke, so I made a chain of zip ties and looped it in there. Haven't had a problem since haha

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis 2 months ago

    These are lame

  • I collect Pokemon cards

    here is a good hack with a zip-tie fidget spinner

  • Matthew Griffin
    Matthew Griffin 2 months ago +1

    why was this only about zip ties

  • DragonRider 1613
    DragonRider 1613 3 months ago

    Another thing you can do with zip ties (and duct tape) is fix a xylophone

  • Bryan Lariviere
    Bryan Lariviere 3 months ago

    WD-40, Duct Tape and Zip ties, Who needs "real" tools?

  • TheCardNerd
    TheCardNerd 3 months ago

    Now you can make fidget spinners

  • Marleigh White
    Marleigh White 4 months ago

    Every thing in this video is either temporary or makeshift

  • Liam Stanage
    Liam Stanage 4 months ago

    take a shot every time he says zip tie

  • SythoGamer 123
    SythoGamer 123 4 months ago

    Why am I watching this?
    I don't even have any zip ties.

    JACK MOODY 4 months ago

    Those are the same shower curtain rings I have lol

  • Joshua Starling
    Joshua Starling 4 months ago


  • WhoLock
    WhoLock 5 months ago

    every week...

  • Baby Blue Animations
    Baby Blue Animations 5 months ago

    He holds the handle YANK
    No surprise it fell off

  • Justin Blazak
    Justin Blazak 5 months ago

    What about Drift stitches?

  • Stuart Chapman
    Stuart Chapman 5 months ago

    good video but I wouldn't recommend having a lighter on the side of a candle unless you want a small explosion and fire ball

  • lisa 22199
    lisa 22199 5 months ago

    good video I like the ideas

  • Nature King
    Nature King 6 months ago

    ~the 8th awesome thing you forgot to mention is they can be used as cock rings as well~

  • Debra DKT
    Debra DKT 6 months ago

    Thank You for the neat info & taking the time to share ur video with us.
    From: The EmpathWarrior To U May All Ur Days Be Filled With Sunshine & Happiness!

  • Gadde Veeru
    Gadde Veeru 6 months ago

    Hi super

  • sj burgess
    sj burgess 7 months ago

    fun fact, we used zip ties to hold up a rotting wooden fence, long enough to pass inspection, when we sold my parent's home. Haha suckers

  • Kay and Kel
    Kay and Kel 7 months ago

    this guy reallly loves duct tape....

  • Lee None
    Lee None 8 months ago

    I can see kids (and teens) using a variation on the zip tie drawer handle as a sort of room statement piece (you know what I mean)

  • Dank Snake
    Dank Snake 8 months ago

    8. BDSM

  • Derpfail _
    Derpfail _ 8 months ago


  • Jassy Mia
    Jassy Mia 8 months ago

    that's amazing

  • Koltex
    Koltex 8 months ago

    Before the vid I had a two minute unskippable ad

  • Awesome Falcon 15!
    Awesome Falcon 15! 8 months ago

    Shake Those Zipties Man ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Chuckderp
    Chuckderp 8 months ago

    Hey, an extension to #2, I guess, if you have enough slack left over instead of using a second zip-tie just fold the first one over! Hope it helps anyone who only has one zip-tie!

  • Jake Productions
    Jake Productions 8 months ago

    By the way where do you buy zip tie

  • Dominic Trilok
    Dominic Trilok 8 months ago

    I actually tried that.... zip ties for instead of my drawer handles...! it's so cool.... I left it as it is...

  • Freddy Meng
    Freddy Meng 8 months ago

    0:59 I thought it was a tooth pick

  • pretty n petty
    pretty n petty 8 months ago

    you def should not zip tie a lighter to a candle. .....as they explode when they get hot

  • JV _ Bassin
    JV _ Bassin 8 months ago

    Is that a Bass key?!?!?! If so do u fish a lot, I do! Do a fishing themed video please!

  • FruitHammerPlays
    FruitHammerPlays 8 months ago

    moar zip ties!

  • Scott S
    Scott S 9 months ago

    Zip ties are awesome for keeping them from escaping after they wake up.

  • no one
    no one 9 months ago

    I just found a bag of zip ties when I watched this video

  • Da Re
    Da Re 9 months ago

    Why did he use three ties for the drawer pull? One long tie looped from inside to front and back inside drawer and zip it in the drawer. Viol . . .

  • Sarah Bonser
    Sarah Bonser 9 months ago

    Man, no.1 why did you tie fule to a candel. No.2, how did you light the candel??

  • dim
    dim 9 months ago

    cars best friend:zipties.

  • LOLJeff71
    LOLJeff71 9 months ago +4

    Instructions unclear. Dick caught zip tied to ceiling fan.

    • plarc mcporch
      plarc mcporch 5 months ago

      I saw a comment saying zip is dick in arabic lol

  • Peter17$ Rules!
    Peter17$ Rules! 9 months ago

    Have a problem? Use the zip tie.

  • tetleygirl19
    tetleygirl19 9 months ago

    I don't know what you mean flipping the zip tie ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ•ท๐Ÿ•

  • Ryan Deen
    Ryan Deen 9 months ago

    ...So the hack is to zip tie a flammable fluid, to a candle that is lit?

  • david jonhson
    david jonhson 9 months ago

    what about tic tac life hack?

  • The Gathering Disability And Special Needs Group

    thanks for sharing
    we are a group of teens and adults with special needs

  • Yeth
    Yeth 9 months ago

    *Can you do some life hacks with pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks?*

  • aiden nguyen
    aiden nguyen 9 months ago

    Dollar tree

  • Cre8able
    Cre8able 9 months ago +1

    2:46 Dont you just hate when your drawer handle falls off

  • lildmckay
    lildmckay 9 months ago

    How to look poor

  • JoeAceJR
    JoeAceJR 9 months ago

    If you have a broken keyring, dont throw away oil from the unstable nations of the middle east. Instead, reform the keyring and its as good as new.

  • ThePurpleGamer
    ThePurpleGamer 10 months ago

    some body count how many times he says zip tie 12 I counts maybe alittle off

  • Kawaii CuteCat
    Kawaii CuteCat 10 months ago

    if I get 200 subs PIZZA FOR ME!!!!!

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x 10 months ago

    Good Stuff

  • Donna Gambrell
    Donna Gambrell 10 months ago

    Great Ideas, However, Too Much Work! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฝ

  • RedesCat
    RedesCat 10 months ago

    Diy circumcision

  • Rainbow Rover
    Rainbow Rover 10 months ago

    lol - or you can buy a bag of 100 zip ties for about $7.00 on Amazon. I like that option better.

  • Roman Tristan
    Roman Tristan 10 months ago


  • Clay Casto
    Clay Casto 10 months ago

    Has anyone ever told you that you have a similar voice to MrCreepyPasta?

  • Pootis Man
    Pootis Man 10 months ago

    You can tie civilians too.

  • ErลŸad Kaya
    ErลŸad Kaya 10 months ago

    you can make butt plug out of this shit yeey

  • Gaby Gibson
    Gaby Gibson 10 months ago +6

    Where do you get zip ties?

    • jeremy ferrigno
      jeremy ferrigno 2 months ago

      TheOfficial VaikeSchool how does anyone not know??

    • DriceYT
      DriceYT 6 months ago

      TheOfficial VaikeSchool Do you remember what the original comment was since Cow Destroyer changed it to "Everywhere".

    • matthew gaming 1o1o 1010
      matthew gaming 1o1o 1010 7 months ago

      Cow Destroyer be more nice OR I'LL REPORT YOU!!!

    • TheOfficial VaikeSchool
      TheOfficial VaikeSchool 7 months ago

      Cow Destroyer would it hurt to be nicer you piece of shit? I bet you didn't know where to get it before HouseHoldHacker replied.

    • Cow Destroyer
      Cow Destroyer 7 months ago


  • Hanin Angel
    Hanin Angel 10 months ago

    i love this channel.

  • BuddaBoi Gaming
    BuddaBoi Gaming 10 months ago +7

    That looks like my front yard and weed eater

  • RealRuler2112
    RealRuler2112 10 months ago

    Best use I've found for zip ties is to play practical jokes on the guys at work by zip-tying their tool boxes shut with a dozen zip ties connected end to end. Of course toss all of the ends into their tool or gym bag. Then sit back and watch the fun ensue. =)

  • Grind
    Grind 10 months ago +3

    Damn, these hacks will change lives. I thought zip-ties were only for PC cable management!

  • heyitzmaddie P
    heyitzmaddie P 10 months ago

    I found this video very helpful! I have a full bag of zip ties, and never used them! Now I have a reason to use them!

  • Zoltan Fish
    Zoltan Fish 10 months ago

    All I do with zip ties is turtle peoples backpacks. :/

  • Just Gaming GT
    Just Gaming GT 10 months ago

    lkl quality out zitg
    well lokwa square sent
    app view morf

  • Alex Eat-sand
    Alex Eat-sand 10 months ago +1

    Zip in Arabic means penis

  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker 10 months ago

    i really wanna see your house.

  • RustCakes
    RustCakes 10 months ago +1

    ummm... you forgot about hot glue zip ties are cool but 3rd in my list

  • vlogswithepic dominik
    vlogswithepic dominik 10 months ago


  • WMichael S
    WMichael S 10 months ago

    To avoid the razor sharp end left when cutting a zip-tie, use a pair of cuticle cutters. The end will be flush and smooth.

  • Michael Graybill
    Michael Graybill 10 months ago

    To set a zip tie at particular loop, tear some duck tape and wrap it around the part of zip tie that is in back of the lock. This will prevent the zip tie from being pulled tighter!

  • ThatMagicGuy
    ThatMagicGuy 10 months ago

    Householdhacker is defenitely the best youtuber and also the most original. And has the most useful life hacks! Keep up the good work!

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 10 months ago

    New video every week my ass

  • Niko Nissinen
    Niko Nissinen 10 months ago

    As a professional zip-tie (or cable-tie) user I think these were quite poor hacks. Those plastic beasts can do so much more better things.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 10 months ago


  • Creative Little Imaginations Arts, Crafts, And MORE

    do coke life hacks please mention my name to

  • Cyrus565
    Cyrus565 10 months ago +39

    Can't wait to see this on Buzzfeed in 2 weeks!

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