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  • DangerousSilence
    DangerousSilence 5 months ago +1353

    you guys are my favorite on YouTube EVER, even when you're not making awesome giant food you are just as entertaining

  • Jesus Montoya
    Jesus Montoya 31 minute ago

    Chop House Cheddar Burger

  • Ethan Vernon
    Ethan Vernon 1 hour ago

    5 guys is the best

  • Alexander Alexander
    Alexander Alexander 10 hours ago

    What kinda cheese does this place use again?

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 15 hours ago

    The McWhopper

  • Itseleazarboii
    Itseleazarboii 1 day ago

    2:19 you've done messed up

  • Steven Angelico
    Steven Angelico 1 day ago

    that burger looks like it beats in n out but I got to say I would choose in n out or Bob's big boy burgers.

  • Destination Station

    Great channel! The lady looks like Perry Nimeroff on Collider videos on YouTube

  • crycurios
    crycurios 1 day ago

    Carl's Jr is my favorite burger place

  • Treble Wing
    Treble Wing 1 day ago

    You would literally suffocate, it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Keshler Sanon
    Keshler Sanon 1 day ago

    Jp wanna hook me up with ur niece

  • Krista Pitchford
    Krista Pitchford 2 days ago

    Whataburger or Buns over Texas.

  • missAnniething
    missAnniething 2 days ago


  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 2 days ago

    Before this video there was an ad for Tyson chicken. Google ads sense is crazy.

  • Khalí Kush
    Khalí Kush 2 days ago

    2:19 when you get caught cheating on your diet 😂

  • Actionpug Plus
    Actionpug Plus 2 days ago

    In n out

  • Patrik Delić
    Patrik Delić 3 days ago

    Big Mac

  • Prof. Gaming
    Prof. Gaming 3 days ago

    Are jp and the chick driving together?

  • bong nguyenthanh
    bong nguyenthanh 3 days ago

    It looks Yummy

  • SwEg NuGGeT
    SwEg NuGGeT 4 days ago

    Guys please, what is that outdo song with that guy on the auto tune please

  • Ismail Nisar
    Ismail Nisar 4 days ago +1

    Mines better.

  • Stranger'er Things
    Stranger'er Things 4 days ago

    "Remember practice safe food and use condiments."

    ...I just got that

  • Raffy
    Raffy 4 days ago

    she is quite overwheight

  • Dej Plays
    Dej Plays 5 days ago

    A junior chicken

  • Typic Cheese
    Typic Cheese 5 days ago

    I GUYS LIVE IN NY#bouttostalk

  • DylanTheSavage panameno

    Five guys

  • Makalov
    Makalov 5 days ago

    I'm from Montreal, soo Dic Ann's is pretty good (hulk smashed burger... literally)

  • Alvaro Fonseca
    Alvaro Fonseca 5 days ago +1

    my favorite cheese burger is the one you just had

  • Tom N.
    Tom N. 6 days ago

    I read the world healthiest cheeseburger...

  • Emanon
    Emanon 6 days ago

    The first time tried 5 Guy's, I thought it was a joke.. The burger was the size of a regular McDonald's Cheeseburger.. All that time I was eating it.. I was looking out the window and seeing a Bill Gray's across the street.. Wishing I had went there instead.. Have never returned to 5 guy's

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 6 days ago

    Big mack

  • Tyler Nelson
    Tyler Nelson 6 days ago

    Parodist Burger in Kaufmen Tx

  • SWag
    SWag 6 days ago

    MINE IS THE IN AND OUT BURGER THE CHEESE BURGER of it was not from there

  • Steven Hong
    Steven Hong 6 days ago

    My favourite is the mc chicken sandwich

  • Norah Sil
    Norah Sil 7 days ago

    Dutch mckrokket its good its good...

  • Carlos Gaming0908
    Carlos Gaming0908 7 days ago

    Is it me or when I look at this my mouth starts to vomit water XD

  • Ali Ow
    Ali Ow 7 days ago

    5:00 that guy is not liking JP at all. He's jealous that JP is doing a better job than he ever will and will end up taking his job xD

  • Jacob Juarez
    Jacob Juarez 7 days ago

    My favorite burger is the RANCHERO burger

  • Nick Goodman
    Nick Goodman 7 days ago

    yo I litterly live 3 mins from that same bill grays

  • izzy s
    izzy s 7 days ago

    I've been to that bill grays 😱😱😱

  • Smallzz
    Smallzz 8 days ago

    I like In n Out🌚

  • Krazy Keaton
    Krazy Keaton 9 days ago +1


  • MR.ManChee
    MR.ManChee 9 days ago +1

    HOW DO U

    • Makalov
      Makalov 5 days ago

      as a sous-chef for 5 years, it's pretty harsh on what happens in the kitchen... It happens sometimes that we don't eat from like 3PM to 10PM.... Service time

  • The Great Chimera
    The Great Chimera 10 days ago

    I don't know if JP should be as proud as he is.

  • Michael Sandoval
    Michael Sandoval 10 days ago

    Looks like chili to me

  • CrashletesFan
    CrashletesFan 11 days ago

    In "n" out

  • unknown channel
    unknown channel 11 days ago

    My favorite fast food burger is del tacos burger with ketchup and pickles

  • Messi 10 10 10 Køl
    Messi 10 10 10 Køl 12 days ago

    Big Mac

  • callMeCentury
    callMeCentury 12 days ago +1

    It'S mY fIrSt TiMe OkAy?!!!1!11!!!3.141592!11!!11

  • Leonel Portales
    Leonel Portales 12 days ago

    why is JP always saying " look it"

  • Mini curry
    Mini curry 12 days ago


  • roblox beast
    roblox beast 12 days ago

    jp an his dirty food jokes 😂

  • manthan thakkar
    manthan thakkar 13 days ago

    JP wasn't playing once it started getting busy.

  • heath page
    heath page 13 days ago

    n Damm at the greece bill grays too comon I wanna meet u 2

  • heath page
    heath page 13 days ago

    u guys r from rochester ny holy shit me too sooo sick seeing Seabreeze

  • reese ben
    reese ben 13 days ago

    can you guys to a huge BLT

  • Victor Kristiansen
    Victor Kristiansen 13 days ago

    bull big

  • The Nether Maniacs
    The Nether Maniacs 13 days ago

    i am from greece

  • bengalsjunkie
    bengalsjunkie 13 days ago

    Its my first time. It feels SOOOO GOOD

  • FOLLOW MY IG dayroom mj

    Aye im from Rochester NY!

  • Ricarno Deshommes
    Ricarno Deshommes 13 days ago


  • Leonard Abreu
    Leonard Abreu 14 days ago

    Goooo vegan

  • miran gamer
    miran gamer 14 days ago +1

    My favorite burger is mc chicken

  • Ian Josue
    Ian Josue 14 days ago


  • Gaby Flores
    Gaby Flores 14 days ago +1

    Jack in a box, Buttery jack :3

  • afgaming360
    afgaming360 14 days ago

    I go to that bill grays all the time holy crap jp I live in Greece u should do a meet up in Greece and bill grays is amazing I've had it all my life

  • Aaqib Fares
    Aaqib Fares 14 days ago

    When you realize its *HELLTHY* junk food.

  • Madisyn Dykes
    Madisyn Dykes 15 days ago

    in out

  • Kareem Adel
    Kareem Adel 15 days ago

    What's the song 👉🏽👉🏽9:31

  • Raiden Perez
    Raiden Perez 15 days ago

    That China doll scared me lol

  • Mete Şimşek
    Mete Şimşek 15 days ago +1

    chicken fillet from carls jr is the best thing in existence

  • Fred Fredburger
    Fred Fredburger 15 days ago

    You know it's good looking when you start subconsciously drooling

  • Zeno Oh Sama Zen Chan
    Zeno Oh Sama Zen Chan 15 days ago

    5:08 I just got replaced By someone, else i hate my life.

  • Toby Tran
    Toby Tran 16 days ago

    over excited china doll....... hahhahahhahaha jp has no fuckin chill

  • harvey crossan
    harvey crossan 16 days ago

    In & out

  • Salvo Bartolotta
    Salvo Bartolotta 16 days ago

    Omg # like a bosse

  • Kenzie Lane
    Kenzie Lane 17 days ago

    McDonald's plain double cheese

  • Kool Gamez
    Kool Gamez 17 days ago

    Song Da Tooby

  • Jordan Lew
    Jordan Lew 17 days ago

    Where's my Rochester homies at?!

  • Ali Dehkordi
    Ali Dehkordi 17 days ago +3

    why does jp's niece remind me of mabel from gravity falls

  • Eric Sabol
    Eric Sabol 17 days ago

    Five Guys all day!

  • Angel Foley
    Angel Foley 17 days ago

    Wendy's burgers

  • CosmeeGT
    CosmeeGT 17 days ago

    caution jumpscare 0:36

  • rumana rayhan
    rumana rayhan 18 days ago

    Love you guys hope have a great life your friend

  • ShiZZ Gaming
    ShiZZ Gaming 18 days ago +3

    Over excited China doll

  • GamingPro-Mitosis Random gamer

    I just realized JP can really for real cook

  • Brett Leitermann
    Brett Leitermann 19 days ago +1

    this place reminds me of a place by my house called Halo Burger it's not that known but it tastes super good

  • ragheed al mosawi
    ragheed al mosawi 19 days ago

    i've watched this vid 1019199282 times but it still entertains me 😌

  • AA AA
    AA AA 20 days ago

    this guy is humbling

  • Alfr3dO _De_beest
    Alfr3dO _De_beest 20 days ago

    Everyone's gonna say In n out

  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh 20 days ago

    At 5:10 look at the guy next to JP

  • KORNKiNGplayz
    KORNKiNGplayz 20 days ago


  • Evelyn
    Evelyn 21 day ago

    {\ _ /}
    ( ^ - ^)

  • MegamotowerGaming
    MegamotowerGaming 22 days ago


  • Daniel Oh
    Daniel Oh 22 days ago

    My favorite burger is at Whataburger in Texas!! But Bill Grays burger looks so good!!

  • Laura
    Laura 22 days ago

    when you ate eating noodles and they have beautiful cheeseburger. ;_;

  • Ronald Nichols
    Ronald Nichols 22 days ago +1

    OMG!!I never knew you were a local boy! BG's is awesome!!! BUT...the Wahlburger from Tom Wahl's could possibly be better

  • Pikachu Skittle
    Pikachu Skittle 22 days ago +1


  • duscly
    duscly 23 days ago

    Song at the end?

  • BMB
    BMB 23 days ago

    5:10 The Guy In The Backround Just Doesn't Care!!

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