Trying the Instagram Rainbow Trend

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Instagram is going crazy for rainbow faces. GMM #1094!
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Comments: 3 342

  • Stoner C
    Stoner C 2 days ago

    Links adams apple is hot

  • MoonlightDaNeko ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Do the dancing hotdog meme.

  • Benny Bruce
    Benny Bruce 5 days ago


  • myfinekels
    myfinekels 6 days ago

    I love how you said Muntermacher and yes it's a positive thing

  • Elizabeth Benitez
    Elizabeth Benitez 13 days ago

    At 1:50 when ur over and ur freand and dad argu

  • Holly
    Holly 13 days ago

    There's lots of rainbow makeup already out there. :-)

  • LEGO BRO 34
    LEGO BRO 34 13 days ago

    Because I'm a loser, I turn too you to tell me about the "trends"

  • phantom daisy
    phantom daisy 18 days ago

    The German people called you vivacious. I know because I went to German class.

  • Kiwi Bhandari
    Kiwi Bhandari 20 days ago

    the elbow joke is from a book

  • Kareemkenzy Khalid
    Kareemkenzy Khalid 22 days ago

    08:38 those are the kind of guys you don't wanna be alone with in the lift at midnight.

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R 27 days ago

    That's the same lady at the end as in the nacho episode!

  • Farbo Rossington
    Farbo Rossington 1 month ago

    I love you Marthaaaaaaa

  • Mayar mahmoud
    Mayar mahmoud 1 month ago

    The second pic is make up

  • Unknown as Hell
    Unknown as Hell 1 month ago

    I think DIE MUNTER MOCHER means THE PICK ME I tried a translatee

  • Menna Alashker
    Menna Alashker 1 month ago

    rainbow highlighters.. they're already a makeup thing

  • tlaura
    tlaura 1 month ago

    Link: "you know how infants have short cracks.."

  • Portia
    Portia 1 month ago

    my sisters took pics like this by shining cd's on her face before instagram ever existed look

  • Ultimate Llama2004
    Ultimate Llama2004 1 month ago


  • Frankie Delpierre
    Frankie Delpierre 2 months ago


  • Lexi Harris
    Lexi Harris 2 months ago

    this is the 1100 episode

  • kelly o
    kelly o 2 months ago

    The crack is so short....stumpy -link 2k17

  • Sara Balous
    Sara Balous 2 months ago

    Look at this on eBay..prism ..RAINBOW 👌😍😍🌈🌈

  • Chloe Howland
    Chloe Howland 2 months ago

    Weenis sounds like it should be offensive or disgusting.

  • Anna Johannson
    Anna Johannson 2 months ago


  • Mr. ŤÿpïçäłF15
    Mr. ŤÿpïçäłF15 2 months ago

    Largest weenus in this office 😂😂😂

  • Sophia Vogel
    Sophia Vogel 2 months ago

    I can translate ^^

  • sama1840 sama1840
    sama1840 sama1840 2 months ago


  • corinne
    corinne 2 months ago

    3:34 that pronunciation hurts me (i'm italian)... CHIARA FERRAGNI is an italian model...

  • Castiel Winchester
    Castiel Winchester 2 months ago

    i challenge Rhett to a wenis off.

  • Lars Patterson
    Lars Patterson 2 months ago

    nooooooooo!! the mugss

  • Speedy :D
    Speedy :D 2 months ago

    Pause @ 0:19 Links face 😂😂

  • Alexis Nixdorf
    Alexis Nixdorf 2 months ago

    Big Lots


  • MultiverseHacker
    MultiverseHacker 2 months ago

    Rett, you should get that mole checked by a skin doctor. Seriously.

  • LenAA mit zwei A
    LenAA mit zwei A 2 months ago

    In Glamour they say: the awakemaker

  • Anneliesa Whitt
    Anneliesa Whitt 2 months ago

    "Die munter moker"

  • Hades Daughter
    Hades Daughter 2 months ago

    Der gute mythische Morgen ist der beste. Also Der, Die, and Das means the in German.

  • Stalebagel
    Stalebagel 2 months ago

    Link... is on.... the wrong...... SIDE!!!!

  • silvercloudsone
    silvercloudsone 2 months ago

    So Rhett and Link predicted the rainbow highlighter?

  • Allyson Carlton
    Allyson Carlton 2 months ago

    Wow I did this in the early '00s when I got a "rainbow in my room" for Christmas. #aheadofthetimes

  • laila khan
    laila khan 2 months ago

    I think that ppl already got on the rainbow trend. Example rainbow highlight

  • Zaki Musyaffa
    Zaki Musyaffa 2 months ago


  • Game Up
    Game Up 2 months ago

    So very totally cool!

  • Greeny Gaming
    Greeny Gaming 3 months ago

    can i get 5 like for no reason

  • freidrick mace
    freidrick mace 3 months ago

    die is pronounced Dee and die means the

  • m3y3r47
    m3y3r47 3 months ago


  • Ace Diamond
    Ace Diamond 3 months ago

    8:37 Link looks like Tim & Eric's hypothetical child.

  • Two Crazy Twinsters
    Two Crazy Twinsters 3 months ago

    There is already 🌈 rainbow 🌈 makeup. It's called 🌈Rainbow Highlighter 🌈

  • Davos Howards
    Davos Howards 3 months ago

    Anyone remember it's my belly button song?

  • Oscar Yuen
    Oscar Yuen 3 months ago

    Bough a prism and don't know how to work it

  • Aloha Mermaids
    Aloha Mermaids 3 months ago

    My goozles on fiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my goozles on fiiiirrrrrreeea

  • *Okasu Nayumi*
    *Okasu Nayumi* 3 months ago

    Me: 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  • emily loeb
    emily loeb 3 months ago

    The cheek rainbow is so fake the light is literally shining on the opposite side of her face

  • Brunch Core
    Brunch Core 3 months ago

    My soul died when they said Die wrong

  • Алевор
    Алевор 3 months ago

    Ребят, зайдите плиз на мой канал. Здесь я снимаю HurtWorld, CS:GO, Clash Royale и т.д

  • Art Dwəəb
    Art Dwəəb 3 months ago

    This was posted on my birthday! :)

  • Ivan Lu
    Ivan Lu 3 months ago

    Here's mine but it's not rainbow:/


  • Janna Delos Santos
    Janna Delos Santos 3 months ago

    There is a make up that is rainbow. It's a rainbow highlighter 🌈

  • Annonicaliz
    Annonicaliz 3 months ago

    you should use the glasses that are japanese and the blink glasses that keep you awake by making you blink

  • irusuu
    irusuu 3 months ago


  • Sans
    Sans 3 months ago


  • Skyler Schvaneveldt
    Skyler Schvaneveldt 3 months ago

    I've compared my weenis to everyone here... and it's at least twice as big. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Almost peed.

  • Mare Prah
    Mare Prah 3 months ago

    A prism doesnt filter the light, it refracts it...cmon guys, i believed in your research!

  • Marlon Torres
    Marlon Torres 3 months ago

    Link was a straight savage in this video lol!

  • Jean Louise Finch
    Jean Louise Finch 3 months ago

    When you spoil the entire video because you went into the comments

  • Sabrina Schultz
    Sabrina Schultz 3 months ago

    Lol "die" (pronounced DEE) just means "the" guys don't worry :)

  • San Zangana
    San Zangana 3 months ago

    Is there an app for this filter ?

  • Patrick D. Kimball
    Patrick D. Kimball 3 months ago

    it means it makes us happy

  • Omega_Sloth
    Omega_Sloth 3 months ago

    I need glasses wut type should i get

  • Sellout.
    Sellout. 3 months ago

    Google sent me here

  • Madi Morua
    Madi Morua 3 months ago

    9:23 links face in the prism

  • Blood Lizard Inc.
    Blood Lizard Inc. 3 months ago

    2:16 just look at links face while hes flirting with the girl in the pic in his mind, but then he realises he has a video to make at 2:20

  • B Cederberg
    B Cederberg 3 months ago

    I wanna see a rainbeard

  • Ghost
    Ghost 3 months ago

    Is that rest d ck

  • Descry
    Descry 3 months ago

    martathemartian 😍

  • Desperate Doodling
    Desperate Doodling 3 months ago

    "Your bellybutton is deeper than I remeber...."

  • Denise Sanchez
    Denise Sanchez 3 months ago

    español porfa,spanish please

  • Cakegirl 90
    Cakegirl 90 3 months ago

    nuuu link quit

  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N
    SHARE H!S V!S!0N 3 months ago


  • David Stedile
    David Stedile 3 months ago

    Die = The

  • Amar Tailor
    Amar Tailor 3 months ago

    Doesn't filter the light, it splits it. Science.

    • Amar Tailor
      Amar Tailor 3 months ago

      Is it? I thought filtering meant that some was blocked as opposed to all the light coming through separated?

    • Brendon Urie
      Brendon Urie 3 months ago

      Amar Tailor that's technicalally filtering

  • ChrisLnd15
    ChrisLnd15 3 months ago

    Chiara Ferragni -> Kiara Ferrañi (you should emphasize the double r and read the "gn" like the "ñ" in "España" or "piñata")

  • N English
    N English 3 months ago

    It only works if you're hot.

  • Bluphish senndak
    Bluphish senndak 3 months ago

    Wenis, Lol for a second I though he said something else😂

  • Gladys Lyrics
    Gladys Lyrics 3 months ago

    Is it wrong to ship them ?!

  • QwertyKing05
    QwertyKing05 3 months ago

    Link is officially quitting Youtube! 7:02

  • Mr. awesome guy bro
    Mr. awesome guy bro 3 months ago

    Did is the in German

  • Tejender Prasad
    Tejender Prasad 3 months ago

    Why these Guys Have 12 Million Subscribers ? , That Includes me .

  • Remingtontuflip
    Remingtontuflip 3 months ago

    You know all is well when you can watch GMM on deployment #blessed

  • JeremyRamAnimations:D
    JeremyRamAnimations:D 3 months ago

    Cara delevigne

  • Tko studios😜
    Tko studios😜 3 months ago

    Watch links face 2:10 to 2:30 ahah so cute!

  • Dustin Harris
    Dustin Harris 3 months ago

    loli pop lips more like sore bj lips

  • Tia Liu
    Tia Liu 3 months ago

    the lighter rainbow can be produced from a CD reflecting the sun

  • Andrez Palencia
    Andrez Palencia 3 months ago

    wait a minute... i havent noticed before but.... is his intro a chicken flying?

  • Joe Kempson
    Joe Kempson 3 months ago

    should of called it mole-bow

  • Sarah Omonoyan
    Sarah Omonoyan 3 months ago

    rainbow highlighters??!!

  • Jeremy Dapaah
    Jeremy Dapaah 3 months ago

    I have the largest wenis in this office.
    Rhett McLaughlin, 2k17

  • doug story
    doug story 4 months ago

    amazing??? really? look the word up

  • Meme Trash
    Meme Trash 4 months ago

    "Last time I poked it, it wasn't that deep" - Rhett 2017

  • Han Nuh
    Han Nuh 4 months ago

    I thought links belly button was his nipple oops

    HAMMY SAMMY 4 months ago

    The vid with ur wenis in the thumbnail has 1.9 million views and this one had 1.3 million

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