Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

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  • Classy Fans
    Classy Fans 17 minutes ago


  • Fit Zimner
    Fit Zimner 48 minutes ago

    like a toy

  • Lataurus Williams
    Lataurus Williams 2 hours ago

    How is that not breaking

  • Lataurus Williams
    Lataurus Williams 2 hours ago

    How that not breaking

  • Amir Deng
    Amir Deng 4 hours ago

    that first crack hurt my soul 😭

  • As Syauqi
    As Syauqi 6 hours ago


  • Antonio Simion
    Antonio Simion 7 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • MD. Tarek
    MD. Tarek 10 hours ago


    SWAGY BOY 10 hours ago

    WHY , atleast give it to me if u dont want them , iwill give you something to smash with ,, maybe nokia cellphone that cost $2 dollars

  • Noshaba Iqbal
    Noshaba Iqbal 12 hours ago

    why r u doing this.. you are really mother fucker.

  • Feki Karim
    Feki Karim 12 hours ago

    Whyy the phone 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Khushal Pawar
    Khushal Pawar 13 hours ago

    Please destroy mat karo mujhe de do please please please mujhe Samsung Galaxy S8 plus they do na please my number is 9595 406 972

  • hemn qadr
    hemn qadr 13 hours ago

    Buy this david 😂

  • hamza majeed
    hamza majeed 14 hours ago

    4:45 and 😂😂

  • Anthony Watuku
    Anthony Watuku 15 hours ago

    Pliz could u send me a phone

  • Chelcy Bravo
    Chelcy Bravo 16 hours ago

    why do others wasting phone . other people need phone , like me i really need phone but you are wasting phone for liker and sub .
    i have phone but it really old phone

  • Michael Mejia  Perdomo
    Michael Mejia Perdomo 17 hours ago

    Pero ragalamelo a mi 😂

  • Angelo Zita
    Angelo Zita 18 hours ago

    idiot. try to donate phone before u destroy it bruh. noob

  • Andoniaina Herimanjaka
    Andoniaina Herimanjaka 18 hours ago


  • อมวรรณ หวลบุดตา


  • Harsh Manjhu
    Harsh Manjhu 22 hours ago

    s8 was more stronger than ur table :(

  • Asphalt8 Airborne

    Is this guy rich? Or does he spent all of his money on phones

    GYU LKRCA Day ago

    You should do durability test with nice cars.

  • yam paraiso
    yam paraiso Day ago

    anyone have an old phone? samsung s2 is enough for me please i cant buy

  • iGamerPro 2017
    iGamerPro 2017 Day ago


  • Bleach
    Bleach Day ago +2

    So many fucking begs here in the comments begging for the phone. Get a job and earn your own money.

  • Nicholas sandoval

    You must have a lot of money. Gimme some of it

  • moha ambesa
    moha ambesa Day ago

    U stupid

  • Sada Swaleh
    Sada Swaleh Day ago

    Can I get that phone

  • istiak sourov
    istiak sourov Day ago

    what the f=fun

  • Tanja Nestorov
    Tanja Nestorov Day ago

    You bastard (joke)

  • logan figueroa
    logan figueroa Day ago

    This is Bs I cracked my screen just by dropping it

  • 8 Ball Master
    8 Ball Master Day ago +1

    That guy is made . RIP LOGIC😴😴

  • 8 Ball Master
    8 Ball Master Day ago +1

    Ae dala gano wtf. It's waste of money. And u say this beautiful. Fuck

  • Nicolas Vanmassenhove

    you're an idiot

  • Kamdyn Lutz
    Kamdyn Lutz Day ago

    I have an s8 and (i got it not even a month ago) and it fell off a table and cracked.....yeah I'm mad.

  • Ernesto A
    Ernesto A Day ago

    I don't understand this people what kind of test is that, impact test on the screen is without the phone in the factory, stupid people

  • Nadine Brillianta

    Wth, i cant breathe whn i watched ths vd. How dare ths guy to do dat thgs hiks.

  • Nex Wex
    Nex Wex Day ago


  • BalkanGamer
    BalkanGamer Day ago

    iPhone test 1 minute long video 🔥
    ❕    LOL!    ❕

  • Az oz
    Az oz Day ago

    الله ياخذك يا يهودي

  • ramaz g
    ramaz g Day ago

    I don't Have handphone And you broke Your Phone I'm so saddddd 😭😭

  • Mohammad Tousi
    Mohammad Tousi Day ago

    Mother fucker you are lie I bought this shit 2 weeks ago and it has lots of scratches and it broken the screen and back of the phone please don't wast you money in this shit jast iphone is the best cell phone for ever

  • Bus Boosted
    Bus Boosted 2 days ago

    RIP cast table

  • Kamarul Firdaus
    Kamarul Firdaus 2 days ago

    Telefon bimbit duit rugi bodohh.. Dlm otak awk mahal rugi otak alamak

  • alectricity _
    alectricity _ 2 days ago

    I cringed so hard that my vertebrae all disconnected and shot out of my rectum causing my brain to malfunction, and my body collapsed and shrunk into a singularity sucking all of my cells and also my family into it, shortly before the entirety of space-time was ripped apart and crunched into an infinitely hot nothing.

    reality itself is cold and dead, there were no survivors

  • Hana Mohmad
    Hana Mohmad 2 days ago

    It hurts bad

  • boris prince
    boris prince 2 days ago

    Love this bev n princess

  • Nauticadovale Saldo
    Nauticadovale Saldo 2 days ago

    agora compro mesmo kkkkkkk

  • Vijender Mann
    Vijender Mann 2 days ago

    You can not do this to such a beautiful phone.

  • Achinta Roy
    Achinta Roy 2 days ago

    I nearly screamed when the knife broke it

  • Maomn  Smadi
    Maomn Smadi 2 days ago

    الله يفضح عرضك كسرتو عطيني ياه بدال ما انت قاعد تكسر فيه

  • King Jay
    King Jay 2 days ago

    1:30 slick can't cool

  • Simone Marini
    Simone Marini 2 days ago

    quanto volevo che le scoppiasse in mano 😡😡

  • Mohamed Adel
    Mohamed Adel 2 days ago


  • Ewa Puczkowska
    Ewa Puczkowska 2 days ago


  • Rieda Duhanxhi
    Rieda Duhanxhi 2 days ago

    Noooooooooooo don't break it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rieda Duhanxhi
    Rieda Duhanxhi 2 days ago +1

    He:(scratches the phone)Oh,man that's the feeling that i was waiting for!!

  • AGMO
    AGMO 2 days ago

    That was hdc version, looks like real

  • am 7098
    am 7098 2 days ago


  • Default Kun
    Default Kun 2 days ago

    0_0 ffs I hate and love these

  • Shenzhen MYLED
    Shenzhen MYLED 3 days ago

    I have to try this with my S8 to prove if it's true

  • Darkness Charm
    Darkness Charm 3 days ago

    stop breaking my heart :'(

  • Jamie Malin
    Jamie Malin 3 days ago

    This gives me anxiety 😐😐

  • Husaeen Aljbory
    Husaeen Aljbory 3 days ago

    So fucking lie i dont know how he did this but my s8 is like a bubble it fel from my pocket to the ground and screen breaks just like that

  • whatsin- aname
    whatsin- aname 3 days ago

    Wtf with these people literally begging and crying to give them the phone. It's just a phone. If you want it so much, earn your money and buy it. This guy is not stupid for breaking the phone. He earns money from the views he get. Stop your whining and grow up!

  • Rachel Wells
    Rachel Wells 3 days ago

    Just got mine today😊😊

  • Azad Jiyan
    Azad Jiyan 3 days ago

    How stupid...

  • Arjun Aju
    Arjun Aju 3 days ago

    plzz dont break the mobile ....... plz give 2 meee......

  • Jack Ween
    Jack Ween 3 days ago

    Who else had a kind of heart pain while watching this ? I mean it's pretty interesting but gosh poor phone lol

  • Lance Mason
    Lance Mason 3 days ago

    Why was this so hard to watch?

  • Chainesh Dindyal
    Chainesh Dindyal 3 days ago

    poor phone

  • Gumballs Are Us
    Gumballs Are Us 3 days ago

    " Beautiful". Yes isn't it beatiful as u stab the expensive phone that some of us cannot afford. I want to see the grave yard of phones.

  • Februus Octavia
    Februus Octavia 3 days ago

    Imagine the money you wasted buying that s8 just to break it for views... You should've spent it for something much useful.

    Or you should've given us the phone as a giveaway for something.. Tsk, such a waste man.

  • Phatpedro21
    Phatpedro21 3 days ago

    Are you flipin Crazy

  • LoLLo xD899
    LoLLo xD899 3 days ago +1

    Ah il tumore

  • Calmsea Palomares
    Calmsea Palomares 3 days ago

    Try next the S8 Active

  • S J K
    S J K 4 days ago

    like you

  • KDaniel
    KDaniel 4 days ago

    If iphone i hammer it it will broken not like samsung s8 so original phone i dont like ios phone

  • Czharles Rodriguez
    Czharles Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Haysss people today is dumb even they have the money to buy more phone like this expensive and look what they're doing.. hmm I wonder if they get poor let see I huh..

  • adesselly tyara
    adesselly tyara 4 days ago

    🙄 jika murah harganya merusak hp gitu

  • Everest Aster
    Everest Aster 4 days ago


  • Mehdi Bouchene
    Mehdi Bouchene 4 days ago

    N3al slalan babak iwachou outsafkitara timachachin babak ayarioul aya ta7an

  • The Pro GamerYT
    The Pro GamerYT 4 days ago +1

    In stead of smashing the phone u smashed the table

  • The Pro GamerYT
    The Pro GamerYT 4 days ago +1

    Just stab the phone

  • Plumixtee
    Plumixtee 4 days ago +1

    Have you tried rebooting?

  • Joel Klopsch
    Joel Klopsch 4 days ago

    cooles Video

  • камилов kamilov


  • Mustafa Kul
    Mustafa Kul 4 days ago

    s7 ve s8 kullanan birisi olarak sana salak diyorum

  • MR. KING
    MR. KING 4 days ago


  • Pakistani Baatain
    Pakistani Baatain 4 days ago


  • talha hacks
    talha hacks 4 days ago

    Where you're destroying phone on wall

  • Rexer Gaming
    Rexer Gaming 4 days ago

    That poor phone

  • Pumpkin Clasher Nobojit

    you are dogson you btoke the phone!

  • Georgi Nikolov
    Georgi Nikolov 4 days ago

    You're an idiot!

  • Dawood Essa
    Dawood Essa 4 days ago

    Mine fell from the bed -got a broken LCD and touch stopped working

  • David Camacho
    David Camacho 4 days ago

    Estás idiota?

  • 张展恒
    张展恒 4 days ago


  • meme here
    meme here 4 days ago

    He broke the table more then you he broke the phone, maybe he even broke the hammer in the end.

  • meme here
    meme here 4 days ago

    The phone is like when you hit it with a hammer - oof oof ouch look at this an app I opened up.

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