Drones over crits dont mix... (Crash)

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  • WupperVideo
    WupperVideo 1 month ago

    It's a DJI Phantom.

  • alex
    alex 1 month ago

    that was awesome1!!

  • foxys gameing
    foxys gameing 2 months ago


  • flukes777
    flukes777 2 months ago

    LOL! That front flip looked funny.

  • Magma_RC
    Magma_RC 2 months ago

    had to be a phantom didn't it

  • skuzzle butt
    skuzzle butt 2 months ago

    Any Remote Controlled vehicle is a drone. Ground air or sea. I had a T-rex 800e 6ch 3d(look it up it's freaking huge). I can tell you without a doubt they are far more of a hazard than any quadcopter. 1 screw up and I or someone could loose their life instantly(If I feel like that's about to happen I purposely crash it, cost out of pocket vs cost of a life). Amputation or decapitation will definitely happen. Quadcopter will probably just give you a scratch at most.

    The device used isn't the problem, it's the person using it. The person flying in the video should've been much higher, most likely novice with it.

  • JorgePT
    JorgePT 2 months ago

    How did he go other the bar at 1:11 ?
    was the drone stuck between his fork and wheel?

    • Kaito C.
      Kaito C. 2 months ago

      JorgePT yeah it dive-bombed into his wheel and took a couple rotation until it got stuck

  • The Plain Truth
    The Plain Truth 2 months ago

    And THAT my friends is why you are required to have that 1.5 Million $$$ in insurance coverage when piloting your quad. Oh wait, unless you're a hobbyist, just do what you want and no one will really care. Was it worth the aerial coverage? I don't think so.

  • docchocobo
    docchocobo 2 months ago

    another hubby being ruined because we have to account for the stupid people in the hobby when we make laws

  • AdventureFaps
    AdventureFaps 2 months ago


  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 2 months ago

    The Trump administration found the cyclist at fault for running in the path of the drone!!!

  • feeshschticks
    feeshschticks 2 months ago

    That drone just went full on 9/11 on the cyclist. That'll teach you to wear spandex you infidel.

  • z352kdaf8324
    z352kdaf8324 2 months ago

    Are you using a ContourHD 1080?  I quit using that Contour crap years ago. Sony AS200V/FDRx1000V are awesome. (The newer models are nicer, but don't work on my setup).

    • Kaito C.
      Kaito C. 2 months ago

      It's a 1st generation Garmin virb the quality is eh but I got it because it's simple, cheap and the battery last way longer than a GoPro.

  • Adam Jablonski
    Adam Jablonski 2 months ago

    If a kid accidentally kicked a soccer ball into the crowd same thing would have happen. This is no reason for the FAA to regulate toys. A stick on the round could have resulted with the same.

  • DroneZon.com
    DroneZon.com 2 months ago

    That sure was pretty nasty and it is pretty amazing that he only some scratches. They were going at a decent speed. Drone pilots have got to start getting really serious about safety. Cases like this is another reason why the FAA want to regulate the hell out of the drone sector.

    • Free Range Chickens
      Free Range Chickens 2 months ago

      Hmmm, let's ask the cyclist who almost broke his neck? What's he say? He says shut-them-down.

    • Magma_RC
      Magma_RC 2 months ago

      Free Range Chickens I don't want to seem rude, but TRUE hobbyists aren't like this, there are the rules and we know them, the drone used was a very popular consumer one that is easy to use so most pilots don't actually learn about the laws before they buy the drone, please don't take our hobby away just because of a couple of numptys who watched a couple of Casey neistat videos

    • Free Range Chickens
      Free Range Chickens 2 months ago

      I hope they shut down ALL hobby drone owners from operating anywhere but their own private property period.

    • Kaito C.
      Kaito C. 2 months ago

      He was pretty lucky the he started slowing down before the drone locked up his front wheel. We were doing about 27mph when the drone crashed into him.

  • Doggeslife
    Doggeslife 2 months ago

    Lawsuit potential!

  • Rowdy Soul
    Rowdy Soul 2 months ago

    Plot twist, it was done on purpose to eliminate a potential winner

  • Yaza Forreal
    Yaza Forreal 2 months ago

    Did the real life just... lag?

  • Susan Mitchell
    Susan Mitchell 2 months ago

    Walt Conte have you seen this...

  • Junior Ridefast
    Junior Ridefast 2 months ago

    hi can i share this video on my noncommercial blog ?

    • Junior Ridefast
      Junior Ridefast 2 months ago

      is absolutely noncommercial. is my private cycling blog where i share my noob experiences.
      ridefast.ch is the address but is in german

    • Kaito C.
      Kaito C. 2 months ago

      Sorry I only just saw this comment if noncommercial it should be fine. If you want to be 100% sure I would email licensing@storyful.com

  • MDent
    MDent 2 months ago

    r/roadcam dislike fags seem to be active

  • Adiyat Mubarak
    Adiyat Mubarak 2 months ago

    is the cyclist brake too late?

  • AIIUserNamesInvalid
    AIIUserNamesInvalid 2 months ago

    if this happens a bunch they'll make drones illegal around races.

  • caste1200
    caste1200 2 months ago

    damn communists!

  • 95Gabe
    95Gabe 2 months ago

    I know it is serious, and I hope that the cyclist wasn't seriously hurt, but there was something comical about how it was a little while after the initial strike and then suddenly arse over tit. As I say, I hope he didn't suffer any serious injury.

  • Melkor
    Melkor 2 months ago

    I really hope the cyclist finds that drone operator and sues them for replacement bike parts. That was pure negligence.

  • Shon Lassiter
    Shon Lassiter 2 months ago

    i would sue the shit out of the biker for running over my drone.

  • Fat Biker Vaibhav
    Fat Biker Vaibhav 2 months ago

    was that a militry attack drone?????

  • JD12Dawg
    JD12Dawg 2 months ago

    This accident started when the operator was flying the Drone next to a tree and the propellers got snagged by a branch causing the sudden swoop drop and looks from the video that the Drone itself got stuck in the spokes causing the flip.

  • Loránd Ternesz
    Loránd Ternesz 2 months ago

    Destroy all drones, and send the bastards to the jail!

  • HisXLNC
    HisXLNC 2 months ago

    Phantoms are to the skies what Mustangs are to the road.

    • Xavier Ancarno
      Xavier Ancarno 2 months ago


  • sam greene
    sam greene 2 months ago

    hopefully the drone operator is hit with a heavy fine. pay for the bike and the medical bills braaah

  • jeebs9
    jeebs9 2 months ago

    I don't get how the front wheel gets locked up there by the drone waaaaaaay later.. Seems off to me.

    • jeebs9
      jeebs9 2 months ago

      Wait I see what happens now. Forget my comment. Watched the sloe Mo in even more slow mo lol

  • Victoria Air Photos and Survey

    FAA should handle this issue. We cannot have these aircraft interfering with public safety. The cyclist guy could have been killed or in a wheelchair for life had the impact been the wrong way. If i was the pilot, I would not be laughing, he could go to jail, plus have to pay fines. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2624645/man-faces-jail-after-smashing-drone-into-crowd-and-knocking-woman-out-cold/

  • Silvio Diego
    Silvio Diego 2 months ago

    well thanks to this crappy drone driver we will not get anymore spectacular footage of cyclists on a race.

  • buffalo gantoise
    buffalo gantoise 2 months ago

    hahaha he ded

  • unwaryrince
    unwaryrince 2 months ago

    1:06 for the crash

  • John Foote
    John Foote 2 months ago

    It's the end of the drone and we know it....

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 2 months ago

    Woah, it went right into his spokes. I thought he had just slammed his breaks at first!

  • DBT Sruh
    DBT Sruh 2 months ago

    i guess you see the pilot at 0:26 on the left

    • lasersbee
      lasersbee 1 month ago

      FreeMTrider... Should have taken a cell phone picture of the Moron...

      1) flying near a crown of people
      2) endangering people
      3) being common sense Drone Rules clueless

    • FreeMTrider
      FreeMTrider 1 month ago

      Yep....he was controlling it from the corner I was marshaling earlier that day. There are a LOT of trees on this course, so I told him I didn't think it was safe to run anywhere near the front of the racers....did he listen...nope

    • DickyTracy
      DickyTracy 2 months ago

      Good eye!

  • Robert Kennedy
    Robert Kennedy 2 months ago

    Another stupid, idiot drone operator flying a drone where he is not supposed. The FAA clearly states "Do not fly over people". What part of "Do not fly a drone over people you did not understand"?
    This numbnuts is ruining the hobby for the safe drone operators out there.

    • Dominic Frascella
      Dominic Frascella 2 months ago

      Correct, the operator license isn't even that terrible to get. Hopefully it will keep these sort of incidents from happening.

    • Robert Kennedy
      Robert Kennedy 2 months ago

      You're right. Looks like the drone was flying over the tree. The drone operator underestimated the height of the tree, making one of the props clip a tree branch causing the aircraft to spiral down.

      The FAA is now making commercial drone pilots get licensed for this reason. The licensed operator has to account for all of the variables during the flying. Meanwhile, the hobbyist need to be aware of the variables while operating an aircraft.

    • Dominic Frascella
      Dominic Frascella 2 months ago

      To be fair it look like the drone was not over people, it did however end up under people.

    • JD12Dawg
      JD12Dawg 2 months ago

      Speed limit says 45 but people still go 50, Marijuana is federally illegal but people still use it.... people will do what every they want... what do you expect?

  • Seb K
    Seb K 2 months ago

    I don't hate drones, just the idiots who can't fly them . Same with cars and drivers .

  • TURST67
    TURST67 2 months ago

    I shoot a lot of bicycle / criterium related stuff, but this video is the reason I never filmed anything with a drone and I will probably never will.

    • Sacpictures
      Sacpictures 2 months ago

      I almost brought my drone out to this very race but it was a bit windy and the crit was lined with trees, guess now I'll probably never bring it out now.

  • Lars Kars
    Lars Kars 2 months ago

    Oooh look a penny!

  • Alison K
    Alison K 2 months ago

    Someone who viewed this link through facebook commented that it looks like the whole body of the drone gets stuck between the wheel and the frame, and it was only time before it got wedged tight.

  • thechosendude
    thechosendude 2 months ago

    Another dickhole with a DJI ruining RC for hobbyists.

    • jeebs9
      jeebs9 2 months ago

      +95Gabe Sorry I suck lol

    • 95Gabe
      95Gabe 2 months ago

      @thechosendude Sarcasm is the weapon of a dull cunt. You Sir are a dull cunt.

    • jeebs9
      jeebs9 2 months ago

      +Soaring Geek Sure, they are. When a Karma crashes through a old ladies windows. And they can't back track who it was. Sure policed lol

    • Soaring Geek
      Soaring Geek 2 months ago

      They already are policed. You fly a drone, or any RC device that causes a dangerous situation, you are liable.

    • jeebs9
      jeebs9 2 months ago

      Denis-Carl Robidoux Thank you!!!

  • Drone Crashes
    Drone Crashes 2 months ago

    How cool..nice capture. Kaito C if you could message me in www.facebook.com/DronesCrashing in regards to this video. Thank You in Advance.

  • MrPoldekrosmol
    MrPoldekrosmol 2 months ago

    rip 1000 dollar carbon wheels <3

    • gisforgary
      gisforgary 2 months ago

      +Paul Wolbers rip butt of idiot drone owner.

    • Paul Wolbers
      Paul Wolbers 2 months ago

      rip 1000 dollar drone...

    • Melkor
      Melkor 2 months ago

      $1000 if they're cheap carbon wheels.

  • Bill Somrak
    Bill Somrak 2 months ago

    Looks like the bike rider took the spill okay, as he landed on his back. I've had similar experiences when I used to roller blade and kids would come around a blind corner on bikes on my side of the trail ... on one day, there were 3 of them, missed 2, but the 3rd got me and I flipped up in the air, over and landed on my back on the grass next to the trail. The 3 kids were riding with their 2 parents, who obviously didn't give a crap that their kids weren't following trail rules. I blurted out so many obscenities, I can't even remember them. The kids joined their mom who'd stopped up the path, and the dad came back to me to see if I was all right .. at least. Mostly had the wind knocked out of me. I told him to keep his kids on the correct side of the path, got up, and finished my 15 mile skate.

  • Ron Short
    Ron Short 2 months ago

    Thanks Casey Neistat :)

    • Xezatt
      Xezatt 2 months ago

      Thanks Katie Thermostat :)

    • CactusJackSlade
      CactusJackSlade 2 months ago

      LOL!..... I'm surprised so many people got that one ;-) This IS about his flying skill level!

  • kEn jOnes
    kEn jOnes 2 months ago

    Hey who owns this drone? Come here I want to "talk" to you

  • Daniel Inglis
    Daniel Inglis 2 months ago

    Is the drone ok?

    • Daniel Inglis
      Daniel Inglis 2 months ago

      Yes it's probably unfixable

    • Seb K
      Seb K 2 months ago

      Is your brain ok ?!!!

  • Yusuf A.
    Yusuf A. 2 months ago

    Drones are a threat to airspace, races, public events, etc. I think they should be banned from cycling races by the UCI unless it is used by a professional photographer or the media. Cycling ain't cheap and damages are often price of a kidney 😯😳

    • gisforgary
      gisforgary 2 months ago

      find a drone's owner smack them with criminal negligence/attempted homicide. so tired of idiots ruining everything. on a daily basis i see idiots that can't even walk across the street because of their tech toys.

    • Yusuf A.
      Yusuf A. 2 months ago

      Chris - But the risk drones could have to people participating in such events can be high if it is not operated in a appropriate manner. I wouldn't want it to be banned too personally but I wouldn't be happy either if someone was flying a drone around and they can't fly it properly and safely.

    • Chris -
      Chris - 2 months ago

      There will always be idiots like this with all new technology. Everyone's first instinct is to ban everything right away but this isn't fair to those who use the tech safely. The US is actually doing a great job so far, unlike Canada which has essentially banned drones from all populated areas. Drones capture our world from a new perspective and there is much beauty to be shared if you give them a chance.

    • gavsmith1980
      gavsmith1980 2 months ago

      Not so much relaxed, just behind the times perhaps, but they're fast catching up and overtaking, now that every drone user in the US is supposed to register themselves as a drone user and mark their drones with their ID number.

    • Henning Nilsen
      Henning Nilsen 2 months ago

      Not to mention the US is actually one of the more lax countries when it comes to drone regulations.

  • Alison K
    Alison K 2 months ago


  • Storyful News
    Storyful News 2 months ago

    Wow! Who filmed this video?

    • gavsmith1980
      gavsmith1980 2 months ago

      he ought to.
      you're not supposed to fly drones over people in the US, this being an example of why.

    • pofrani
      pofrani 2 months ago

      Thanks! You got good eyes! That freaking idiot! I hope he gets arrested!

    • gavsmith1980
      gavsmith1980 2 months ago

      The guy stood at the side of the road at 0:26.
      Backed his drone into a tree. Basics.

    • neuromonkey
      neuromonkey 2 months ago

      Thanks! I feel it's really important for those of us who fly drones to actively confront the problems caused by illegal and unsafe use. I'm glad you posted this, and I'm really glad that nobody was injured more seriously. If I were the cyclist who was hit, I'd probably want to tear the head off of the idiot flying the drone.

      Just so people are aware: It is NOT LEGAL to operate a drone directly over human beings. (In the US.) This clip is an excellent illustration of why such a restriction exists. I hope that the dumbass ex-drone owner makes reparations for the damage and injuries they caused. I also hope that this doesn't kick off a frenzy of hysterical diatribes against drones and drone users in general. (Though, frankly, I expect it will.) Drones are a lot of fun, and incredibly useful in many industries, but as with everything else (guns, automobiles, etc.) great care must be used by drone operators to prevent the risk of harm to people and property, as well as to intruding on the privacy of others.

    • Kaito C.
      Kaito C. 2 months ago

      Storyful News I will have my dad contact you later today

  • yoog
    yoog 2 months ago

    And now for the drone footage...

  • Shane Miller
    Shane Miller 2 months ago

    Wowa..... took me a second to work out what went on there. Drone caught up in the front wheel locking it up further down the road. Nasty.

  • wktmeow
    wktmeow 2 months ago

    Wtf! I would be SO pissed

  • Mxrobius
    Mxrobius 2 months ago

    What the hell. Nice crash skills BTW.

  • Alpha Music NCS
    Alpha Music NCS 2 months ago

    great video

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