Robert Mueller's Dream Team Is Giving Trump Nightmares

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Special counsel Robert Mueller is assembling an 'all-star legal team' to investigate the President for obstruction of justice.

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Comments: 2 561

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 3 days ago

    This piece of news almost came on my birthday.

  • Cipher Oceanus
    Cipher Oceanus 5 days ago

    Colbert is a coward.

  • Joe Zamarelli
    Joe Zamarelli 5 days ago

    Dream team in this bizzitch.

  • Roland Taylor
    Roland Taylor 5 days ago


  • Roland Taylor
    Roland Taylor 5 days ago

    "That wolverine" :'D

  • pat rose
    pat rose 6 days ago

    Lol its raining and the grass is complaining the sun was gone because everything is seasonal day-to-day so the GOP growing with the tender master Gardner Trump leading the Harvest festivals. Lol.

  • White Devil
    White Devil 7 days ago

    Talking Anus, only in the minds of fascist leftist cucks.

  • ThE DuCk
    ThE DuCk 7 days ago

    Any plan that begins with needing virgins --- can't be good !

  • carmen v garcia
    carmen v garcia 8 days ago

    trump is going to get out of the WH in handcuffs, ha!

  • Ricky Faria
    Ricky Faria 11 days ago

    Sad to say I am eligible to join that legal team

  • aaron davis
    aaron davis 11 days ago

    this guys a piece of shit that does anything for ratings.

  • terence nelson
    terence nelson 11 days ago

    mullah the bulldog get that ass ho trump ,mullah

  • George Hawley
    George Hawley 11 days ago

    The down side of dumping Trump with be the sudden dearth of Late Night comic material. But that's OK with me.

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam 11 days ago

    Obama once said, "we will respond at a time and in a way we see fit".

  • Jason 225511
    Jason 225511 12 days ago


    NAIVADA 12 days ago

    If you see Trump as the problem to be solved, as opposed to a symptom of a discredited and failing system, you present more of a danger than a solution.
    btw those jokes ... this show, just on the wrong side of history, totally missing the point, ultimately more facts frm Wikileaks will have to wake our stupid lame asses up once all over again

  • john mial
    john mial 13 days ago

    you loooosers they will find nothing you idiots

  • Merle Crawford
    Merle Crawford 17 days ago

    Shouldn't it be WARLOCK hunt ? ?

  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 19 days ago

    Covfefe was a perfectly cromulent word until Dump got his tiny hands on it. Ass.

  • Stuart Ravn
    Stuart Ravn 20 days ago

    Billie's Bounce!

  • George Gibson
    George Gibson 20 days ago

    I would definitely see the obstruction of justice League movie coming out in 2020

  • White light
    White light 21 day ago

    Fake comedy

  • greg j
    greg j 21 day ago

    And while you and those guys are at it Stephen, perhaps you can enlighten me on why the Liberals in my City have a murder rate among blacks that has already surpassed all records?  Its the same in the town next to mine.  Also, our heroin overdose deaths have spiked to all-time highs and that's because our Libtard Mayor ordered officers to carry trunks, full of narcam.  What did the addicts do?  They quadrupled usage.  Yup, we'll just do what we Libs always do and this is to finance and enable the apathy.  I always find it a dichotomy that Libs never seem to ante up for any of their BS.

  • ainslie187
    ainslie187 21 day ago +1

    You fools are advocating for intelligence agencies who are virtually accountable to no one, waste tons of our money, and initiate wars the world over. At least the executive branch has checks and balances and is in the public eye every day. You honestly think Trump is "worse" than these shadowy organizations? If so you're wildly deluded.

  • J. Ho
    J. Ho 22 days ago

    I've never watched Stephen Colbert before the advent of The Trump Presidency Circus, now I routinely seek his show out for a hit of laughter therapy in this crazy maddening world.

  • DSherman50
    DSherman50 22 days ago

    Steven Colbert is the one bright light for those of us paying attention to what Trump, his family, and his crooked administration are doing. He nails the absurdity in such a way as to allow for big smiles while we shake our heads.

  • Gregoryt700
    Gregoryt700 23 days ago

    Dream team of pro-Clinton lawyers? This is a non-partisan investigation? What a fracking joke, the pols must think we're idiots (and Colbert, in becoming ideological, is also a moron. Trump Under investigation? What's the 'crime'? God, the US is finished. Country filled with morons & half-wits

  • H. Sch.
    H. Sch. 24 days ago

    Mathematicians have derived a new Obstruction theory from the fact Trump owns a Postnikov tower

  • Brett Pyle
    Brett Pyle 24 days ago

    This is borderline stalking! What these libs do to the president. Can't they get into trouble for stalking him everyday? Stephen needs help! Like all libs, he'd obsessed with fake news!

  • Jill Vita
    Jill Vita 25 days ago +1


  • Marilyn Newman
    Marilyn Newman 29 days ago

    No, it's "bad Trumpy, Bad. Why'd you do that?" That's from Mystery Science Theater 3000. With self bury monster.

  • Amanda Dahl
    Amanda Dahl Month ago

    common crop comfortable respond greet son adventure jeans full prosecution.

  • Dana Johnson
    Dana Johnson Month ago

    It is also a good thing that Robert Mueller and his team are giving the Trump Administration nightmares, because so many of us, suffer from sleepless nights. It kind of evens it out a bit.

  • Dana Johnson
    Dana Johnson Month ago

    Do forget to add to the list of crimes Trump, his family, friends, allies, etc all committed include, in addition to multiple obstructions of justice, are blackmail, witness intimidation, embezzlement, money-laundering, bribery, hate crimes, supporting hate groups, and defunding and shutting down the War Crimes Department, firing a top cyber security official, incitements of violence and an enormous spike in hate crimes, everywhere in the world, defunding the means to stop hate and terrorist groups in the USA, treason, sedition, collusion with Russia, animal cruelty of any & every type/kind, trying to cover-up collusion with Russia, arms-dealings with Saudia Arabia, violating the Hatch and Logan Acts, the Emoluments clause, war crimes with Syria, by bombing and gassing Syrian all animals & civilians.

  • Gregory Faison f
    Gregory Faison f Month ago

    colbert is iconically funny

  • Arnold Kevorkov
    Arnold Kevorkov Month ago

    Steven Fullofhotair is your real name

  • Janis Snow
    Janis Snow Month ago

    Relate expression might cup overwhelming scientist guard.

  • BRAYAN Escobar Joya


  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin Month ago

    would you like a little cofefe with your order of maga?

  • Dan Jose
    Dan Jose Month ago

    Comey already said he's not being investigated for collusion. Now it's obstruction. What's next after that? Yes, Trump is having nightmares because all the attorneys hired by Mueller are all contributors and connected to Democrats. If he broke the law, he needs to be impeached. But it needs to be fair.

  • John Gilmour
    John Gilmour Month ago

    If Trump were not president of the United States, these Has-Beens? would have "NO SHOW"!

  • Scott Waltemeyer
    Scott Waltemeyer Month ago

    I do not RECALL my teenage years!

  • laurie nelson
    laurie nelson Month ago

    it's about time-and incidentally I'll bet Cobert drives the lunatic tRUMP crazy!!! (:

  • Obisike Sylvester Chinyere

    "Now that means Congress thinks something fishy is going on between Trump and Russia"
    "Ooops! Did I say that?"

    Colbert is just too funny.

  • Clanky Balls
    Clanky Balls Month ago

    Just came to thumb down have a good one folks

  • rx4rays7
    rx4rays7 Month ago

    Steve,... You're quite the dick.

  • justwantobeready
    justwantobeready Month ago

    People really watch this show. lol

  • robert cobianchi
    robert cobianchi Month ago

    another political comic asshole

  • Keany Moeurk
    Keany Moeurk Month ago


  • laynn 10
    laynn 10 Month ago

    "We The People" should pick Muellers team!!!
    Tired of my fellow Americans and myself having our intelligence insulted. Enough already these people work for us not the other way around.

  • G-Dog! 58.
    G-Dog! 58. Month ago +1

    Blow it out your ass, I see you still have King Obama's nuts in your mouth. Colbert 🖕🏻

  • Jerad Groff
    Jerad Groff Month ago

    if it wasn't for Trump he wouldn't have a show since its all he talks and jokes about it's very boring and probably why I don't watch anymore

  • who cares
    who cares Month ago

    steve thinks he is a snake but he is swine

  • steeltongue502
    steeltongue502 Month ago

    hot new should do a show where u talk about trump!

  • Jeff Hahne
    Jeff Hahne Month ago

    It's time for the DNC to start paying for this sham "investigation". The only crime is asking the American taxpayer to keep paying for it.

  • Roumy Jhin
    Roumy Jhin Month ago

    Mueller is not your ace in the hole he's just an a-hole sellout, and his a team is filled with Dem donors and Clinton lawyers--Jeannie Rhee helped Hillary's Clinton Foundation attached to the the email scandal--Trump should fire him and anyone appointed by Obama----And all you Bernie supporters should research your guy Seth Rich a hero who leaked info to Wikileaks and was killed for it, he was pissed how voter fraud stole the nomination from Bern to Hillary---Russia wasn't the leak, Assange has offered a $10,000 reward to help find his killer, why would he do that if he wasn't the insider.

  • KonanDUgly
    KonanDUgly Month ago

    Colbert the Anarchist Moron. Get over it your side lost.

  • James Dananay
    James Dananay Month ago

    The only way to make America great again is for this fool to resign, get impeached or for someone to wack the cocksucker. Right now America has no respect anywhere on this planet.

  • Boring Productions
    Boring Productions Month ago

    Bull. The new congress meeting has declared that the Russians did NOT interfere with our elections. #fake news you liberals wanted comedy out in September, so why are you wining.

  • Andrea Rehberg
    Andrea Rehberg Month ago

    who is the insufferable TWAT who is spoilig Stephen's exqsuisite timing with his hideous, arbitrary "musical" interruptions? Is this CBS's idea of PC? WTF!

  • Anfooey Fooey
    Anfooey Fooey Month ago

    You mean Shillary CLITon's dream team. Only those who donated to CF's pay-4-play platform were added to this Team. If that's not riddled with "protect the CLITons at all costs" IDK what is.


  • Ur Nonya
    Ur Nonya Month ago

    well out there in libtard nation, no proof ur all still dreaming.

  • B. Eder
    B. Eder Month ago

    Colbert is a little Semitic Racist Punk.
    Of course he hates Trump! He has Problems with anyone taller than he is! Especially if they are Rich and successful with Blond Hair.

  • Trebor Skeem
    Trebor Skeem Month ago

    He has been teased all his life...

  • Trebor Skeem
    Trebor Skeem Month ago

    Steven Colb ear, what an idiot

  • Dwayne Reviews
    Dwayne Reviews Month ago

    That black fella bleating out "props" is real annoying.

  • The Governor-General

    It's sad to think that millions of American people believe this leftist pig to be a valid news source

  • Gamers Council
    Gamers Council Month ago

    It must be hard for you democrats to keep losing election after election 😂 so y'all watch Colbert to feel better about being perpetual losers in life.

  • John Morefield
    John Morefield Month ago

    Most people that have commented on here will be looking for a place to hide.

  • John Morefield
    John Morefield Month ago

    This man is a true Idiot. When this is all over he will be digging a hole to hide in.

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat Month ago

    awesome King cow, totally awesome.

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat Month ago

    then I said to myself.. Self if I were you, (which I am) maybe you shouldn't be too hard on me!

  • Tonny M
    Tonny M Month ago +1

    I'm getting tired how all the shows are about the president. they used to be fun shows about silly things, now it's just 100% about politics, really annoying and the crazy thing is that none of this is actually funny. the only funny thing I have seen about trump is The President's Show on cc, the rest are just lame jabs about politics

  • Robert de Gruiter
    Robert de Gruiter Month ago

    How sad that he is making money by running his mouth by spewing a lot of non sense. What a waste, I hope you all did not pay to see this!

  • Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust Month ago

    That was the most amazing concluding sentence ever A++

  • Maria Luke
    Maria Luke Month ago

    Hugh Jackman.
    Colbert Wolverine.

  • Das Snow
    Das Snow Month ago

    Always wondered where the trolls hang out all week. Here on Stephen Colbert Videos. Only person I know that bashes the President of the United States all while never making me laugh. Life is good and I have no emotional objections with Trump. Perhaps maybe its me. You know a very smart person whom doesn't get offended. You know the kind of person to not watch late night actors trying to crack jokes by putting others done. Maybe it's because I quit Watching Television 12 years ago. Maybe its all these things and more than allows me to clearly see Stephen Colbert as a part of Fake Media and a part of the reason why the left is so angry and spiteful.

    I have no issues affecting me from Trump. Respect people and educated them. Don't tear people down for the sake of making a joke that's not funny its bashing someone.

    Stephen your double my age but behave half my age. Grow up and get a real job.

  • fffab74
    fffab74 Month ago

    I'll just have to write down that line so I can really savor it;
    Which-Hunt; Yes, it's just like the salem witch trials,
    when those young women were accused of witchcraft and then said,
    "We did witchcraft!" in an interview with Lester Holt...

  • Amber Ferreira
    Amber Ferreira Month ago

    That CSI Miami reference killed me

  • Strike the Nine
    Strike the Nine Month ago

    So many a** little time...and Steven is at the head of the line.

  • ChaoticChiyo
    ChaoticChiyo Month ago

    10/10 would see any movie with Stephen Colbert, or featuring a portrayal of Stephen Colbert.

  • Rob Maple
    Rob Maple Month ago

    Republicans won another election Keep crying. Its working for them.

  • Stephanie Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor Month ago

    The CSI Miami bit... OMG. bravo

  • Kim Barnet
    Kim Barnet Month ago

    Robert Muller's dream HIT team, you mean????? Bring it on. Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tuchulu
    Tuchulu Month ago

    Russia can't meddle on elections!! that's what the CIA is for

  • jack shan
    jack shan Month ago +1

    a ray of hope through darkness

  • eternity_is_here
    eternity_is_here Month ago

    Colbert is such a stale cracker and the people who listen to him, are less than sheep following and retard, but the equivalent of a fly following sheep shit!

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams Month ago +1

    Get over it people! Trump is not going anywhere but to a Stake Dinner and Golfing then getting a faster IPhone to update his feeds...anyone who thinks other is in for another cry lol.

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness Month ago

    I miss the Colbert Report. Stephen has become less funny at the late show.

  • Aidan Taylor
    Aidan Taylor Month ago

    impossible nowhere rule lay break dig style victim that provider garage.

  • Cliff3JLL
    Cliff3JLL Month ago

    Meuller cannot indict Trump so I'm not sure what the play here is...Like it or not the President can fire whoever he wants for any reason...Meuller better find something or he will be smeared...

  • Benjamin MacCarthy
    Benjamin MacCarthy Month ago

    What a joke Colbert has become.....sad!

  • Morty Bot
    Morty Bot Month ago

    no climax

  • fernejacobs
    fernejacobs Month ago

    Thank you Kamala Harris for all you are doing. We are listening and admire you greatly.

  • dave skerritt
    dave skerritt Month ago

    Well, Trump, with his conceited CEO mentality, will probably try to fire the Justice Department. Russiar, Mr. Trump? Yeah! The Justice League might save us! A staff of virgins? Well Donald you better not grab those...well you know what. We will tell on you to Melania. Witch hunt? Oh no?? Donald will certainly be after me at Halloween. Sounds scary! Time to console myself by going to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle!

  • Essefex
    Essefex Month ago

    Greatest Witch hunts in American Political History:
    1. McCarthyism and the Red Scare.

  • FittyAqua
    FittyAqua Month ago +1

    So many brainwashed millennial pussies in the comment section. Get jobs you liberal hippies and quit chiming in on politics when you are uneducated, spoiled brats.

  • Lawrence Little
    Lawrence Little Month ago +1

    So far the democrats are 0 for 5 for the special elections. Robert Mueller is leading a flying butt-monkey circus for an investigation. How's that "Russia collusion" working out for you? No, President Trump is not under investigation.

  • Skingrad
    Skingrad Month ago

    disliked cause jon baptiste is a god awful person who ruins all parts of comedy and the flow of any skit

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