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  • Junior Quayle
    Junior Quayle 11 days ago

    It is sad

  • Ethan rocks
    Ethan rocks Month ago

    I remember the it falling behind you

  • Simone Engelbrecht
    Simone Engelbrecht Month ago

    #pussy squad

  • Jackeroose98
    Jackeroose98 Month ago

    Just subscribed. Happy to be a part of the road to half a million #PussySquad members!

  • marc trubiano
    marc trubiano Month ago

    Best video ever

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago


  • Rossi Man240
    Rossi Man240 Month ago

    How do you get your audio so good on your GoPro. And what video editing app do you use

  • spring trap
    spring trap Month ago


  • fannie troch
    fannie troch Month ago


  • Ricky Vieira
    Ricky Vieira Month ago

    You know Twitch filmed a video at that house! The videos called "Twitch - Real Moto BTS"

  • BarretVlogs
    BarretVlogs Month ago

    Can someone plz tell me what gloves he's using

  • Jordan  Smith
    Jordan Smith Month ago

    I remember when the dish almosy knocked you out!!!!!!

  • Thomas Hume
    Thomas Hume Month ago

    I remember when you uploaded the video when the satellite dish hit your head that was hilarious

  • Aussie GoPro
    Aussie GoPro Month ago +1

    Yes I was.. been here sinse start 👌🏼

  • Mikey Bilic
    Mikey Bilic Month ago

    I cant wait till i get my wr450 myself

  • Typical Bros
    Typical Bros Month ago

    Ai have the same gloves as u

  • Tanya Vore
    Tanya Vore Month ago


  • kelsea #Bam
    kelsea #Bam Month ago

    i love this channel your amazing

  • Dem scars Do
    Dem scars Do Month ago

    I don't have a dirt bike but I have a three wheeler does that still make me part of the pussy squad?

  • Jaidyn Culbertson
    Jaidyn Culbertson Month ago

    i was here when the satelite thing fell it was my first video

  • Jack_ TheReaper23
    Jack_ TheReaper23 Month ago

    Rip The House

  • Tytrell Thomas
    Tytrell Thomas Month ago

    I was I will spam you #pussysquad

  • Tytrell Thomas
    Tytrell Thomas Month ago

    I was

  • Tytrell Thomas
    Tytrell Thomas Month ago


  • Will Cragg
    Will Cragg Month ago

    i enterd pick me

  • Dog Schnuts
    Dog Schnuts Month ago

    snowcat has 700,000 sub I cali

  • Polski zgred
    Polski zgred Month ago

    you have epic and funny nick hehe 😄 vroomvroomdana

  • Titanium Crunch
    Titanium Crunch Month ago

    Does anyone know who the lady at the end is? I'm asking for a friend...... lol

  • beast mode
    beast mode Month ago


  • beast mode
    beast mode Month ago


  • Charles Lowe
    Charles Lowe Month ago

    I actually do remember that time the satellite fell. I was actually watching your videos even before that

  • Arthur Greenwood III

    do a 24 hour challenge in that house like if you agree

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Month ago

    Go back to the abandoned naval academy

  • Rombol
    Rombol Month ago


  • Drew Porter
    Drew Porter Month ago

    I remember all of those things 😂

  • Tiffany Gawle
    Tiffany Gawle Month ago

    i was

  • 4life4win
    4life4win Month ago

    I want that AWESOME HELMET!!!!

  • Brody Eastwood
    Brody Eastwood Month ago

    Ive watched every video from a year ago I guess u could say I'm a og

  • rusty bedwell
    rusty bedwell Month ago

    Hi man kool

  • Braxton Barnett
    Braxton Barnett Month ago

    I remember

  • Sam Peer
    Sam Peer Month ago

    Hey fucker how the hell did you got this many ppl wow your right...i remember 50,000 like 2yr ago great job Dana

  • ĀPÈX BŔØ Campbell

    pussy squad!

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Month ago

    Yeah man I remember the satellite dish you thought the place was haunted haha #pussysquad good times

  • Lava_Notes
    Lava_Notes Month ago

    Dana you may remember me ive been here since 10,000 subs your by far my favorite youtuber and ever if i dont win the give away i dont care. you will still be my fav youtuber and its probably 2 late because its wensday night but i want you to know your awesome whiteout giveaways

  • Vincent A. Lori
    Vincent A. Lori Month ago

    I think your bike was a Honda shadow 7 somethin

  • Vincent A. Lori
    Vincent A. Lori Month ago

    bro you know I've been here since yoy started on your street bike

  • PVF_hardpoint
    PVF_hardpoint Month ago

    Suuuuuuaaahhh dude that helmet is fly af wish I had man might have to order one. Keep up the good work

  • Devin Belongie
    Devin Belongie Month ago

    I remember the first video you posted of the house ✌🏻😝✌🏻 keep the videos coming

  • TheAssGamer TV
    TheAssGamer TV Month ago

    I've been sub to u since 50k

  • Nie
    Nie Month ago +1

    Kto od Fisiela?

  • Nicholas Umsted
    Nicholas Umsted Month ago

    I was a subbed to you when you only had about 10,000 subscribers

  • Luke Price
    Luke Price Month ago

    what happened to cookastrafe

  • Hunter Wigg
    Hunter Wigg Month ago

    A light bar

  • A Nash#MUSIC
    A Nash#MUSIC Month ago


  • dave london
    dave london Month ago

    susan go to hell your not my lover anymore

  • Laika 69
    Laika 69 Month ago

    Love that VVD!

  • liam byrne
    liam byrne Month ago

    i have been in the pussy squad since 150k subs it has grown a lot

  • James Boyd
    James Boyd Month ago

    Can you put a link to your bike

  • Daniel Devenpeck
    Daniel Devenpeck Month ago

    You should go to the old boys academy/mansion spot again it's been quite a long time

  • Rod StewyNW
    Rod StewyNW Month ago


  • Rod StewyNW
    Rod StewyNW Month ago

    give me one plz I've been commenting on everything man

  • Rod StewyNW
    Rod StewyNW Month ago


  • Rod StewyNW
    Rod StewyNW Month ago


  • Rod StewyNW
    Rod StewyNW Month ago


  • Alternative Motovlogs

    You should tag one of the wall of the og mansion with pussysquad

  • Charles Chapman
    Charles Chapman Month ago

    Tanner fox was there

  • country rider
    country rider Month ago

    I was

  • Isaiah Olvera
    Isaiah Olvera Month ago

    Yo, I'm subscribed to ur old blackxgaming channel, I remember you talking about this channel but I'm gonna keep it real and say I never subscribed cause I wasn't into the motovlogs and stuff. Back then you were at 2k, and now ur at 440k! That's a huge fucking change bro, I'm happy you found success in another channel, and I recently got a dirt bike and was looking for people who ride them, and I'm stumbling across this. I'm happy as fuck for you bro.

  • James Bono
    James Bono Month ago

    been here since the Honda shadow and blak entertainment

  • Rachell Hill
    Rachell Hill Month ago

    you know what you should sell vroomvroomdana bras and underwear because I would so wear them

  • Josh North
    Josh North Month ago

    Dana your a fucking bad ass dude I wanna meet you but u can't I live in Arizona you should come out here

  • MythicalGaming
    MythicalGaming Month ago


  • MythicalGaming
    MythicalGaming Month ago

    please pick me

  • C Va
    C Va Month ago

    Good to see you growing strong man... been here since 2k subs

  • XeNoMX SHiFt
    XeNoMX SHiFt Month ago

    I love your vids voom voom dana

  • XeNoMX SHiFt
    XeNoMX SHiFt Month ago


  • XeNoMX SHiFt
    XeNoMX SHiFt Month ago

    u are the best wheelie

  • XeNoMX SHiFt
    XeNoMX SHiFt Month ago

    yoo yoo yoo

  • Christopher Lill
    Christopher Lill Month ago

    Notification squad #pussysquad

  • Kim B
    Kim B Month ago


  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson Month ago

    Your crash when you when they strat up in the air someone put it on to the YouTuber motto madness

  • Jacob Bartron
    Jacob Bartron Month ago

    I do

  • Gamesmasher978
    Gamesmasher978 Month ago

    I was there when he first there

  • Bonnie Tjader
    Bonnie Tjader Month ago

    I remember that

  • Samuel Shelton
    Samuel Shelton Month ago

    hay v why u dont have eny fidget spinners on your weid site

  • Bryce Horner
    Bryce Horner Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that feels like that's he jacks of to brand new bikes on his computer

  • bushmaster Koziol
    bushmaster Koziol Month ago

    I liked like a boss

  • Logan Abbott
    Logan Abbott 2 months ago

    also in the life of vroomvroomdana would be amazing

  • Logan Abbott
    Logan Abbott 2 months ago

    bakerxderek is bigger by like 40 thousand I think. so if you pass him then you will be the biggest:)

  • Reck Star
    Reck Star 2 months ago

    i been on your channel since 30,000

  • Breezetix
    Breezetix 2 months ago

    Your old house?

  • Justin cruz
    Justin cruz 2 months ago

    vroomvroomdana love ur videos pussy squad

  • Chads vids
    Chads vids 2 months ago

    VroomVroomDana you are the best i reckon you should start racing motocross

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 2 months ago

    -Sincerely 12k subscribers

  • DrawingWithJack
    DrawingWithJack 2 months ago

    what type of bike does Dana use

  • Kyle Wade
    Kyle Wade 2 months ago

    Love your vids man!!

  • i izaiha123
    i izaiha123 2 months ago

    i was

  • Jose Cardona
    Jose Cardona 2 months ago

    Nice bike man that's my favorite bike kinda new to your chanel haven't been watching u till I saw u when I was scrolling through youtube big fan when I was watching your video I was like dang this dude crazy and awesome have to keep watching keep making vids man your doing a awesome job

  • Mackenzie Johnson
    Mackenzie Johnson 2 months ago

    get a kx 450

  • Nathaniel Prekker
    Nathaniel Prekker 2 months ago

    Hey Dana. You and Joey got to do more videos on Cookastrophe!

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