Simple Survival Life Hacks

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  • thenipplerenaissance


  • Pearl Bullen
    Pearl Bullen 6 days ago


  • Hotlobstar3D 1325
    Hotlobstar3D 1325 8 days ago

    I kinda Peter wet toilet paper if it doesn't rip

  • Hotlobstar3D 1325
    Hotlobstar3D 1325 8 days ago


  • Hotlobstar3D 1325
    Hotlobstar3D 1325 8 days ago

    U can just use wood

  • Devine Massage
    Devine Massage 10 days ago

    The coffee can stove hack may not work anymore as many coffee brands have switched to plastic or cardboard containers.

  • Vincent Breidinger
    Vincent Breidinger Month ago

    I like that into

  • EmEnAach
    EmEnAach Month ago

    He named his lizard after the one from gravity falls!

  • Typrese Johnson
    Typrese Johnson Month ago

    and burn my only source of getting a clean wipe

  • Choco Cat
    Choco Cat Month ago


  • megan musson
    megan musson 2 months ago

    Lol the first part tho

  • Jenni Locke
    Jenni Locke 2 months ago

    if you're in a situation where you need to make a stove out of a coffee can, you should probably hoard toilet paper. Doritos make better kindling, and then later when your ass cheeks are caked in shit from drinking questionable pond water, you don't have to wipe with a leaf :D

  • Javi Martinez
    Javi Martinez 2 months ago

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  • L
    L 2 months ago

    2:51 Rick and Morty reference

  • Comedic Cat821
    Comedic Cat821 2 months ago

    oh no! im stranded and need food. let me grab my can opener and some crayons

  • Raptor Prouductions
    Raptor Prouductions 3 months ago

    an axolotol

  • Ramdanu Habib
    Ramdanu Habib 3 months ago

    1:52="And Of Course Some Gloves"*opens 1.000 CS:GO Glove Cases*

  • Dab Rebel Leader
    Dab Rebel Leader 3 months ago

    Offfff course i always bring crayons in the wild, i totally need them!

  • Mich Irene
    Mich Irene 4 months ago

    if you're stuck in a wild where will you find a needle

  • Haezel John
    Haezel John 4 months ago

    A survival kit

  • Iqra Waheed
    Iqra Waheed 4 months ago

    this gonna help me in the hunger games

  • David WhatsThatAbout
    David WhatsThatAbout 4 months ago

    2:49 take a dump.. or eat..?
    no itchy ass.. or quenching hunger..?

  • Another Made Up Internet Subculture

    toilet paper hack was actually useful when you have no money and want lunch

  • Nancy Malek
    Nancy Malek 5 months ago

    My MOM cause I'm scared to be by myself LIKE NO NIGGA

  • Tech Gear
    Tech Gear 6 months ago

    My house

  • PlushSnatcher
    PlushSnatcher 6 months ago

    if you need a fire and have a lighter, then u don't need a lighter

  • Th3 RandomN3rd
    Th3 RandomN3rd 6 months ago

    Yep, cause is you don't bring a candle, then you'll always have some trusty crayola to work with(!)

  • Golden Dragon
    Golden Dragon 6 months ago

    nice intro

  • XCalvin_KlienX MCPE
    XCalvin_KlienX MCPE 6 months ago

    I'll bring 20 bottles of water a gun,10pcs. Of magazines and canned food

  • Tim Kempton
    Tim Kempton 6 months ago

    A knife

  • Pilgrim AJ
    Pilgrim AJ 6 months ago

    Yea be cuz I have crayons with me all the time........ yeah right.

  • ManiacalRed
    ManiacalRed 6 months ago

    I don't have a candle but I do have crayons... That makes sense lol

  • Kevin Muller
    Kevin Muller 7 months ago

    that was stupid the striker and the matches in one box

  • DevL Tryout
    DevL Tryout 7 months ago

    What would you bring in the woods
    Me - A Dildo

  • CMTreptow
    CMTreptow 7 months ago

    Why would I need to hind the fact I need to take a dump in the woods? When camping everyone will have to do it eventually.

  • Nicholas DeCarlo
    Nicholas DeCarlo 7 months ago

    i think it would be hard to make a knot with string

  • #team cyeborg
    #team cyeborg 7 months ago

    I can't reply to HH's comment because it has 500 replies. My answer is in the Replies of _this_ comment

    • #team cyeborg
      #team cyeborg 7 months ago

      A car. That works. And that will work until I can get to the nearest town.

  • Emma Nilson
    Emma Nilson 7 months ago

    Music in the beginning?

  • Icy Emma
    Icy Emma 7 months ago


  • blitz Comet
    blitz Comet 8 months ago

    poor worm rip other half rip as well

    YAYA CHAVEZ 8 months ago

    my phone w/ service

  • Ron Delagarza
    Ron Delagarza 8 months ago

    3:29 break off the tip because the won't burn

  • random guy
    random guy 8 months ago

    My phone and a truck load of food and temporary heaters

  • Yoan Todorov
    Yoan Todorov 8 months ago

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  • Richard Kaup
    Richard Kaup 8 months ago +1

    Where the fck are you going to get matches or a lighter in a survival situation?

  • Lyla B
    Lyla B 8 months ago +1

    2:53 R.I.P Toilet Paper

  • Carlos Delatorre
    Carlos Delatorre 9 months ago

    Davila nife

  • logan 90009
    logan 90009 9 months ago

    whats that aminal called 1:35

  • We Do It Outdoors
    We Do It Outdoors 9 months ago

    good stuff, i have a survival series i just started so people can prepare for the "Trumpocalypse" due to all these dumb riots and such

  • Sergio jr Martinez
    Sergio jr Martinez 9 months ago

    phone for survival life hacks

  • ayoung jeon
    ayoung jeon 9 months ago

    that ocsilotel is so cute a little

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  • devil Master
    devil Master 9 months ago

    where do you get that pet?

  • Dan 1511
    Dan 1511 9 months ago

    Who the hell would have a fire extinguisher in the woods

  • Isabella A Rossellini
    Isabella A Rossellini 9 months ago +1

    I love the last one for toilet paper. This would be a great thing for the car to keep the TP clean and store it in the trunk.

  • a bottle of milk
    a bottle of milk 9 months ago

    How the hell do you have an axelodel

  • LoSt Toxic
    LoSt Toxic 9 months ago +1

    im sorry you're in the wilderness... HOW WILL YOU FIND FUCKING CRAYONS?!?!?!?!??!

  • Blazen
    Blazen 9 months ago

    Yeah I'm totally gonna find some tp some crayons why not some alcohol too in the wilderness :l

  • Ayla Loves trooper
    Ayla Loves trooper 10 months ago

    my pony, trooper

  • mohammed islam
    mohammed islam 10 months ago +2

    What was the music at the beginning

  • Jennifer Prado
    Jennifer Prado 10 months ago

    Duct tape.

  • saito louise
    saito louise 10 months ago

    the most useful information is that leave to find north, but how i find a metal in the woods?

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 10 months ago

    Yes youll be shit out of luck when you burn your tp for fire.

  • SpiritWolfy
    SpiritWolfy 10 months ago

    Or you could just dip the matches in candle wax to make them waterproof and they will still work.

  • Dubs J
    Dubs J 10 months ago

    Ok, if I'm in a "survival" situation, I'm NOT going to burn my TP. There are plenty of things in the woods to burn. I don't want to wipe with leaves, lol!

  • Naomi Martinez
    Naomi Martinez 10 months ago

    DO MORE SURVIVAL PLZ this really help me

  • All4Cookies
    All4Cookies 10 months ago

    What does he say when he says "we"?

  • Daddy Tom
    Daddy Tom 11 months ago

    hahaha like we would have that stuff

  • akilan nakanthiran
    akilan nakanthiran 11 months ago

    Asome dude

  • Fruity Figson
    Fruity Figson 11 months ago

    With strike anywhere matches you can forego the tic tax box and dip them in some candle wax. Not only does a wax coating protect them from water, it makes the matches last a lot longer as each match acts like a candle. This can be very useful when trying to start a fire in wet conditions

  • korhox
    korhox 11 months ago

    Where the hell you get those things if you get in to survival situation? :D For example: crayons? Who is carrying these things in normal backpack? :DDD

  • Olivia Widener
    Olivia Widener 11 months ago

    Nice pet. heh heh

  • Vnk Blumex
    Vnk Blumex 11 months ago


    ITHEKILLERI 11 months ago


  • Jb0ss Rocks
    Jb0ss Rocks 11 months ago

    I watching his videos in the middle of a hurricane in my area

  • Ask Joe Taylor
    Ask Joe Taylor Year ago

    seal the tic tacs container with duct tape

  • Ken Kov
    Ken Kov Year ago

    I thought your pet was a doll lol

  • HeckTockTv
    HeckTockTv Year ago


  • Leslie Huang
    Leslie Huang Year ago

    u put those crayons on ur kids birthday cake angd he will c
    yell at u CHEAPSKATE

  • Undertale-Temmie-

    DON'T EAT THE AXOLOTL YOU, YOU, YOu, You, you, umm... don't eat it ;-;

  • LRK007
    LRK007 Year ago

    2:13 was trippy af

  • Jordan Nicholson
    Jordan Nicholson Year ago

    Everything is in actual favourite food

  • Warterlessgem
    Warterlessgem Year ago


  • Prizm_Chubzz
    Prizm_Chubzz Year ago

    I thought his pet was a banana

  • Chingiz Lodbrok
    Chingiz Lodbrok Year ago


  • Dania Younies
    Dania Younies Year ago

    0:01-0:04 how would a knife help you get water?🤔

    • BlazeChronicGreen420
      BlazeChronicGreen420 Year ago

      many ways. cutting through ice to get fresh water, cutting certain tree branches or limbs, digging plants for water, plus alot more.

      do some research and learn up.

  • Thien Nguyen
    Thien Nguyen Year ago


  • Ghostrunner
    Ghostrunner Year ago

    why would you burn mountain money/ TP

  • Mylittlesisters
    Mylittlesisters Year ago

    Is he also the king of random?

  • Fiery Embers
    Fiery Embers Year ago

    I made the fishing hook hack! it was really easy

  • Tuxedo Mask
    Tuxedo Mask Year ago

    A helicopter

  • TPeng 04
    TPeng 04 Year ago

    He didn't warn me I would have an allergic reaction to the dryer sheets. 😢

  • The Meme Himself
    The Meme Himself Year ago

    You have an Axolotl?

  • Jacob Nelson
    Jacob Nelson Year ago

    forget safety I'm 10 and I have a shotgun a knife collection lighter matches and bows

    • BlazeChronicGreen420
      BlazeChronicGreen420 Year ago

      get off youtube you need to be 12 to make an account. meet someone like me and you're "collection" means nothing. if you want to be a man let someone show you what bare hands can do.

  • Foreverdead 860
    Foreverdead 860 Year ago

    Cause I always have a pair of snips for making a hook in my back pocket you know

    • Foreverdead 860
      Foreverdead 860 10 months ago

      Video is about things that are commonly found around the house not something from a completely stocked survival bag..hence my argument to begin with

    • Jb0ss Rocks
      Jb0ss Rocks 10 months ago

      Liirum Laarum Pewkele In short, a big out back is usually a backpack or duffel bag that is filled up with tools in case of an emergency. Usually,mpeople fill a backpack up with simple tools and food like, a flashlight, cellphone, lighter or matches, utility knife, a bottle of water, and a few granola bars, or some other food non perishable food item. They also usually include a larger knife and sometimes a firearm. The backpack that is full with the items is then usually put in the family's safe room, or a room similar to one in case of some emergency when they either have to go to their safe room, or take their bug out bag and evacuate their home.

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User 10 months ago

      Jb0ss Rocks what the hell is a bug out bag

    • Jb0ss Rocks
      Jb0ss Rocks 11 months ago

      There is something called a bug out bag

  • Patricia Clark
    Patricia Clark Year ago

    *>> Survival Life Discount Offer 2016 <<*

  • Siyote
    Siyote Year ago

    3:43, what if your not in a bunch? what dose a crayon specify as an emergency

  • ComedicLucien 727

    What was that thing in the water? Was that a Yellow mudkip and where can I get one?

  • the Phagit
    the Phagit Year ago

    hes cooking the egg on a WOOD table

    so much for "safety" lol

  • Noah Vega
    Noah Vega Year ago

    I've spent the past 2 hours watching these life hacks someone help

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