MILO To Make Massive Return to Berkeley!

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  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules 3 months ago

    Milo the Pedophile lover is back? Back on priest cock?

  • iceguy93
    iceguy93 3 months ago

    Pull the motherfucking trigger Milo. The boss is back.

  • DesTroyazoid
    DesTroyazoid 3 months ago


  • theodore stefatos
    theodore stefatos 3 months ago +1

    Antifa is the Military wing of the Democrat Fascist Party lead by My Fuhrer Pelosi.

  • canitka ptulos
    canitka ptulos 3 months ago

    yeh ..because it was a Milo(?) fan that got shot at one of his protests....not a so called antifa guy who lost half of his organ and chose not to prosecute the crazy gun toting Milo fan who shot him(?). I find Milo entertaining even though I'm not on that side of politics...but when he starts revelling in death and destruction to reclaim his narcissistic self obsession its getting sociopathic. Free speech? for what? I can just picture the people camping outside with placards: "I have the right to call you a nigger bitch slut whore fatty fag" damnit. Yes you do. Milo is a troll. I didnt take him seriously until he started purposefully stirring up riots on BOTH sides and ignored the fact that someone got shot without a second thought. He is...literally sociopathic.

    • Martin Macdonald
      Martin Macdonald 3 months ago

      When you can't see the difference (in your first few sentences) between limiting your own speech and limiting the speech of others then I assume the rest of your screed is equally dumb.

    • canitka ptulos
      canitka ptulos 3 months ago

      Prince Tucker Let's just say that is IS some language where there is a no go zone? Doesnt that go against his premise that free speech trumps everything ? ! He has literally only just been pulled up on his behavior when he crossed the line into normalizing child sexual abuse . Perhaps this would arouse feelings of sympathy by others that his defence mechanism is to make a joke of something horrific ....EXCEPT HE SPENDS HIS CAREER MAKING FUN OF RAPE VICTIMS AND TELLING THEM TO GET OVER IT. . Interesting how he himself has now apologized for these statements and is playing the horrid victim card himself ....because he even managed to cross the line with his own ilk - conservatives. Milo pretends to be edgy and that he hadn't carefully planned his speeches to JUST err on the BRINK of hate speech or incitement to hatred of minorities which those in power positions have done for centuries. Usually they are two cowardice to murder or harm people themselves but incite a mob , knowingly to do it for them eg HITLER . How many people did he actually kill with his own hands? My point is that power, And the power to incite violence from a position of authority has long been understood as a form of ILLEGAL COERCION . Charles Manson and cult leaders are other examples. When they stand back and say 'oh no, it was all a joke, it wasn't me who shot the gun etx and in Milo's case: It wasnt me who made my followers draw horrible racist cartoons of the ghostbusters Leslie Jones (hang on wait, he actually admitted they
      were awful?!) he is being dishonest. He knows damn well how to rile up his mob and wield them like a massive troll army to do his dirty work for him. Just reading a few psychological profiles and history books about dictators, cult leaders and even fundamentalist religious leaders like those in ISIS will show you
      how these hate movements operate, usually beginning with a charismatic figure preyung and monopolizing on the shared grievances and anger of young men and giving them false targets at which to shoot and place all the blame on. It was just a joke, when, in GG women were trolled to the point of being threatened out of their homes, just a joke, until their were riots IRL ...just a joke when some guy got shot 'but the show must go on' says Milo...who has an army of security around him, whilst his many fans do NOT. He doesnt give a shit about anyone but himself. He is a mega troll and he is now trolling in real life to the point where peoples lives are at risk AND HE LOVES IT because it gives him publicity . I think antifa and other aggressive protesters on the left are IDIOTIC dont get me wrong. Mainly because the best way to ruin milo is to IGNORE him. He thrives on stirring people up. That is his prime agenda. To be a complete arsehole. Push the limits of arsehole....under the euphemistic banner of 'freedom of speech '.

  • Frank Castelo
    Frank Castelo 3 months ago +2

    GO MILO!!!!

  • David Gibbs
    David Gibbs 3 months ago +1

    Got to respect your bravery with a voice like that bro.

  • scottjulie27
    scottjulie27 3 months ago +4

    I hope Ann Coulter joins Milo on this very awesome crusade. I am so happy he has overcome that bullshit that has happened, and is returning to face this battle. I love him so much. :)))

  • StephanielovesJesus1
    StephanielovesJesus1 3 months ago +1

    GO MILLO!!!!

  • Gaspard de la force
    Gaspard de la force 3 months ago +3

    This is going to be epic

  • Lemon Yellow
    Lemon Yellow 3 months ago +2

    Punks Not Dead!

  • George 1010th
    George 1010th 3 months ago +1

    Stand up against the antifa-fascists ! WE don't allow another KRISTALL NACHT !

  • Bryan Hogan
    Bryan Hogan 3 months ago +1

    My hero

  • ArtisannasitrA
    ArtisannasitrA 3 months ago

    BACK TO BERKLEY! This time, the radical, uninformed, demonstrative, whining, pathetic little libtards are going to be taught what the word "justice" means. The count down begins. Mayor better just step down. LOL! Sure beats arrest.

  • ArtisannasitrA
    ArtisannasitrA 3 months ago +11


    A. PINOCHET 3 months ago +12


  • Александра Соколова

    HELL YEA!!!

  • Have a nice Dave
    Have a nice Dave 3 months ago +4

    yay. so glad to see he's coming back that's if Berkeley still exists.

  • Marie Therese
    Marie Therese 3 months ago +7

    I love Milo

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 3 months ago

    I would be glad he is coming back.....but he's a pedo apologist, so whatever. We don't need him

    • hzl robin
      hzl robin 3 months ago

      Simon Says hell yeah, someone must take a stand against these leftist snowflakes .The left must be defeated !

    • Tima Yesav
      Tima Yesav 3 months ago

      Simon has a crush on Milo. Admit it.

    • Simon Says
      Simon Says 3 months ago

      PhenixenFeu Wow, I think u blew a blood vessel in your brain little man.

      Milo said it's ok for an adult man to fuck a 14 year old boy. Plain and simple.

      You can rant and rave about WACISM and all the rest of that crap. But he said it, on camera, with his own mouth.

      Seriously, how fucking difficult is it too wrap your head around?!

      Plus your a hypocrite, because you would never be defending this if it was a leftist who said it.

      Or are you defending him because your a fan of pedophilia too?

    • Simon Says
      Simon Says 3 months ago

      scottjulie27 Fake News? So that WASNT milo on the Joe Rogan show? Weird, it looked just like him. Maybe it was a clone

    • scottjulie27
      scottjulie27 3 months ago

      That pedo crap was fake news bullshit. It wasn't true at all.

  • Darius Gonzalez
    Darius Gonzalez 3 months ago


  • Nithin Thomas
    Nithin Thomas 3 months ago +22

    Milo better get back on the saddle. I miss that son of a gun.

  • Corneliu Codreanu
    Corneliu Codreanu 3 months ago +8

    my favorite homokike

    • Gaspar Genaro
      Gaspar Genaro 3 months ago

      Faggots 👉👌👍

    • PhenixenFeu
      PhenixenFeu 3 months ago

      Only half kike BTW, Milo is also half Greek on his father side that the reason for his last name Yiannopoulos...!
      Only the Zionist kikes who follow the Talmud are the extremely bad NWO globalists one but the Jewish who follow the Torah are the good one & it's very important not to put everyone in the same basket...!

    • dat daemon
      dat daemon 3 months ago


    • BastiatReport
      BastiatReport  3 months ago

      +Kristian Niss The only good one as far as I know...

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