The Struggle of Wearing Glasses

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    who else wears trusty spectacles


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  • MiniTerror 152
    MiniTerror 152 4 months ago +11377

    Glasses Squad Assemble!!!

    • Cailyn Flynn
      Cailyn Flynn 5 hours ago

      MiniTerror 152 YEHET

    • ThePotatoCat 27
      ThePotatoCat 27 7 hours ago

      My vision is about -6 in one eye and -7 in the other :/

    • Finn Pom
      Finn Pom 11 hours ago

      MiniTerror 152 says the person with an UNDErTALE profile picture

      See I was being sarcastic cause I have one to

  • Natasha Robine
    Natasha Robine 2 minutes ago

    Just found this channel and it is fucking hilarious i can't

  • Saroohx
    Saroohx 35 minutes ago

    ppl would call me harry potter since my glasses were so round and my nickname is now female harry potter AND THIS ONE GIRL WILL NOT STOP ASKING FOR MY GLASSES shes a huge harry potter fan oh mygod and then ppl would b like oh i like u wiTH glasses and i just *slowly slides them on feeling slightly better and 50% horrible*

  • Saroohx
    Saroohx 39 minutes ago

    i feel u my glasses break and im so frikin blind and and and and it was just keekdkjd problems with laying down breaking them and rain and and and fog and and . horrible

  • Kitty
    Kitty 1 hour ago

    Came back to this video just to tell this story.
    So back in seventh grade I had these glasses that were prone to breaking (like the arms would break and the screw would fall out)
    So I'm in the back of my science class and I adjust my glasses and BOOM they break. So I sit there for a good five minutes crying to myself, and trying to text my mom. (My teacher hated phones being out in class)
    So I can't see the board and I'm there with my tiny ass screw and glasses in hand waiting another ten minutes for my mom to bring me another pair of glasses.
    Moral of the story; GLASSES SUCK

  • Jin Nguyen
    Jin Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Hellll yeaaaaa fucking love jungkook, *cough cough* off topic

  • Yuggles Cartoons
    Yuggles Cartoons 3 hours ago

    I was playing football once and my brother was the goal keeper. He booted the ball and I headed it. Sadly I forgot to take of my glasses so when I opened my eyes. They were broken in half.

  • ThePotatoCat 27
    ThePotatoCat 27 7 hours ago +1

    My vision is about -6 in one eye and -7 in the other

  • Xia V
    Xia V 8 hours ago +1

    "Beautiful things of this world " JUNGKOOK

  • welwisher
    welwisher 8 hours ago

    You're adorable~ I've had glasses for a damn long time too. I think since I was 5 or something, but I'd have to ask my mom because I can't remember ever actually not wearing glasses

  • A Truckload Of Badgers

    in hot places you go from cold inside to hot humid outside and your glasses fog up.

  • Rose 8 big mama
    Rose 8 big mama 9 hours ago

    3:01 heyyyyy!! XD

  • Colin huang
    Colin huang 10 hours ago

    When i was 4th grade a female classmate literally stole my jacket and wear it -.- i mean i dont rlly like anybody it just that i feel like others wearing my jacket is a little..... Wierd

  • EstherShankar
    EstherShankar 11 hours ago

    what part of asia are you from

  • Điamonđgirl_1316 o
    Điamonđgirl_1316 o 12 hours ago

    sa pinas ka pala? sa davao city ako, pero meron na ako dito sa canada

    ang lamig dito 😑

  • Keep In The Faith  Faith paulus

    My god your British accent sounds like Harry Potter

  • Katiekat 542
    Katiekat 542 13 hours ago

    my friends always think my glasses are broken because they stick out of the frames on both sides and I'm like nope they just have to be that thick 😅😅😅😅

  • Infired with no jams
    Infired with no jams 13 hours ago

    Is this domic's cute little brother? 😂

  • Tadertot treegardner
    Tadertot treegardner 14 hours ago

    soo true my mom makes me were scarves in the winter because i have asthma and i have to take my glasses off so they wont get foggy

  • Bird/Fox/Cat/snake Studios CFKS BFCS

    glasses dont kind of suck...THEY SUCK AAF/AF (dont ask me what aaf means im too lazy to answer and if u search will get the wrong answer) glasses are my worst nightmare ; - ;

  • UnderTale Trash 6321
    UnderTale Trash 6321 16 hours ago

    My eyes are less than 144p

  • Owen Hagan
    Owen Hagan 16 hours ago

    Hey are you from British Columbia

  • TheCraftingSisters16
    TheCraftingSisters16 17 hours ago

    The rain thing always happens to me,ALWAYS,so consistently I'm doing a mad dash across the parking lot with my glasses in hand,or flying out of my hands 'cause I smacked into something,Hard.(mostly buses)thank god they weren't moving)

  • Marie Joly Parent
    Marie Joly Parent 17 hours ago

    Omg am I the only one whose glasses would do the foggy thing whenever I did sports because I would get hot and only the bottom of my glasses would become foggy? I always felt I looked absolutely stupid when that happened!

  • Some Person
    Some Person 17 hours ago

    Ah Arizona hahahaha

  • Some Person
    Some Person 17 hours ago

    If you're really close to tv it doesn't do anything it does not affect your eyes

  • Candy Can 2469
    Candy Can 2469 18 hours ago

    Lol the chess part XD

  • Liza Zayl
    Liza Zayl 19 hours ago

    В России бы сказали: " Делай операцию, иначе ты нихрена не будешь видеть! Склеропластика, склеропластика, склеропластика!"

  • ellie turner
    ellie turner 20 hours ago

    once i ran up a slide and my glasses fell off my face, right where my foot landed and were crushed(10 year old me was an idiot)

  • ellie turner
    ellie turner 20 hours ago

    i too wear glasses, but since i was nine *cough cough* reading in the dark *cough cough* and i experience these problems, my close friends also wear glasses, and my brothers will never know why i stay indoors often and wear hoodies all the time outside.

  • Rainbowlamma :3
    Rainbowlamma :3 1 day ago +1

    I wear glasses and people say that "Oh YoU PRobaBly GOt THEm bEcauSe You StAred At DE Tv 2 LoNg" and I say nope that's not true even if I did looking at the tv 3 inches apart dosnt hurt your eyes or make you basically go blind at all so WAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT~always let hot guys/girls wear your glasses

  • *kira -chan*
    *kira -chan* 1 day ago

    0:55 *sees jungkookie* me : *GOES CLOSER TO THE IPAD AND LOOK AT HIM WITH A BIG SMILE ;O; i love you biassss

  • Vivian So
    Vivian So 1 day ago

    I've had bad vision since 3rd grade and I'm in 7th now but I asked my mom if I can get contacts so I've been using contacts for days I go out and glasses for when I'm too lazy to wear contacts

  • Jesse Playz
    Jesse Playz 1 day ago

    You know when you know you need to change your glasses but are to ashamed to go to the doctors because your vision sucks

  • EriSteKad
    EriSteKad 1 day ago

    I know you put Momo in here

    Jordan jersey

  • Flying Deer
    Flying Deer 1 day ago

    I have reading glasses, but I wear them all the time, because I am on the phone and I need to read and look at things close to my face all the time. But, my glasses thing is + 1.25. But, since I was wrong about my horrible vision I need + 1.75.

  • _Ryan_
    _Ryan_ 1 day ago

    who else put the video down in rez because he told us how he sees

  • Geometry Dash Frazor

    why does soldier 76 have a Kermit voice

  • portal Master11
    portal Master11 1 day ago

    I'm near blind too😅😓

  • Themoustar15
    Themoustar15 1 day ago

    You're vision will get worse the more you stare at the stun

  • Ellie Acharon
    Ellie Acharon 1 day ago

    @0:14 THAT OUTFIT

  • naruto10649
    naruto10649 1 day ago

    I'm only in 6th grade and I have had 6 pairs of glasses............sad....I know

  • GamingWithShelby AndMore!

    I came here cause I saw glasses and I wear glasses, I feel the struggles. The struggles. R real.

  • Fatema Abuwala
    Fatema Abuwala 1 day ago

    You might think that the foggy glasses problem doesn't exist in warm places but in warm places this happens when you walk out of a air conditioned inside to the warm outside.

  • Kk_Kenge Vlogs
    Kk_Kenge Vlogs 1 day ago

    Omg this explains everything😣😂

  • Foxina The wolf girl

    I can't aggree more

  • George Horne
    George Horne 1 day ago

    *Y E S*

  • ranger girl 16
    ranger girl 16 1 day ago

    When I watch tv I watch it when my face is literary touching my screen and I can still see well

  • PJ Lolito
    PJ Lolito 1 day ago

    0:09 to 0:25 ONE PIECE!!!!!!

  • Bon bon
    Bon bon 1 day ago

    I got an ad for sunglasses before the video... wow

  • ouranllamas
    ouranllamas 1 day ago

    "I will never get to witness the beautiful things of this world. " Jin's 1 second scene appears from not today .
    ....that's my boy

  • Luna Gomez
    Luna Gomez 1 day ago

    I was and still am in the negatives too! 😂😂😂 sometimes life sucks

  • Azure_Shadow _Gaming

    Buy some sport glasses bruh. it helps.

  • Elizabeth Heriz
    Elizabeth Heriz 1 day ago

    I used to wear my glasses all the time, and once they broke so ya know, I couldn't wear them. I only had a lazy eye, anyway. So I came to school and someone yelled 'GODDAMN' and that's how I had a conversation with my crush.
    lmao now I don't wear them.

  • couchmermaid
    couchmermaid 1 day ago +1

    the scarf thing, no, but there's the reverse of walking out into 100 degree weather (40ish celsius) from an air conditioned room. still fogs up. also if you're sweaty they fog up.

  • Kaylee the cancel
    Kaylee the cancel 1 day ago

    just realized your character looks liek its one of teh yuri on ice characters

  • Vinlie
    Vinlie 2 days ago

    perks of wearing glasses: you can die alone because no one likes an ugly snob who wears spectacles.

    just kidding im just an ugly snob

  • izzat firdaus
    izzat firdaus 2 days ago +1


  • Mena not Nina
    Mena not Nina 2 days ago

    When I had contacts to wear, I would pretend that they shifted and were hurting me so I could go to the bathroom and "fix," them (but to be fair they did actually stab me just as many times as I pretended they were)

  • nikolai arlovsky
    nikolai arlovsky 2 days ago

    dont get me started on using 3D glasses while using glasses

  • Sarah Koursar
    Sarah Koursar 2 days ago

    Jungkook 😂

  • Rymael Xynn
    Rymael Xynn 2 days ago

    My eyes are bad enough so I need glasses to read streetsigns, but at the same time good enough to count the individual stitches on a piece of fabric. Is that what you call shortsighted? I always get the two mixed up lol

  • Danielle Westman
    Danielle Westman 2 days ago

    I didn't know I could relate to video so much

  • Immortal
    Immortal 2 days ago

    Haha I was on the negatives since like 8.

  • ThatCrazyNerdGirl Productions

    Also sucks when you eat really hot soup or open a steamy dishwasher.

  • Ohare Air
    Ohare Air 2 days ago

    tbh I just watched vids cuz I am to much of a wuss to ask my crush out, but ur channel is gr8 (maybe I'll update about my crush)

  • Hasser 123
    Hasser 123 2 days ago

    2 words- contact lenses

  • clay ants
    clay ants 2 days ago

    I feel bad for me cuz I print the quality 144p and I felt pain

  • Isabella Norskov
    Isabella Norskov 2 days ago

    Ugh- everybody wants to try on my glasses 😂 and their reaction is always:


    And then I take them back and they want to try them again because they think that if they wear them, they'll look different and... their reaction is EXACTLY the same...

  • Isabella Norskov
    Isabella Norskov 2 days ago

    Ugh- everybody wants to try on my glasses 😂 and their reaction is always:


    And then I take them back and they want to try them again because they think that if they wear them, they'll look different and... their reaction is EXACTLY the same...

  • cupcakediamond02
    cupcakediamond02 2 days ago

    All I was thinking for the rest of the video (after you said that you could take the lenses out) was,
    "I wish I could do that"

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 2 days ago

    I relate to all of these lol

  • Pastel Princess
    Pastel Princess 2 days ago

    "Maybe my glasses just have bad wifi connection"

    "ThATs nOT fUnNY!"

  • The Tinykid
    The Tinykid 2 days ago

    1 million views congrats hope you can see the sudden rise in views and subscribers! Good job :)

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 2 days ago

    Gee I wonder who's a Momo stan

  • TheWingsOfFiree
    TheWingsOfFiree 3 days ago

    And I wonder if I will ever get rid of them..

  • Krysta Doblanko
    Krysta Doblanko 3 days ago

    My life in one video.

  • Lonely Potato
    Lonely Potato 3 days ago

    My vision is worse than yours.. :D ...? Kill meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;^; mines used to be the best until i went to 5th grade e-e y u ruin my life 5th grade!

  • Al
    Al 3 days ago

    When you don't notice your glasses are dirty so when you finally clean them vision suddenly becomes HD-er.

  • Neko Donut :3
    Neko Donut :3 3 days ago

    I like wearing glasses so when me and my friends are looking to something I can laugh at them and say "UR NOT PAYING ATENTION" also nobody could hit me cuz I had glasses

  • Kiris 678
    Kiris 678 3 days ago

    Well, I also have a story and is that I actually made a friend because of my glasses. She would take them off my face, put them on while saying "Girl, I'm in Narnia!" We only took one class together so that's the only class she could do it and it was funny.

  • Mehitab Adel
    Mehitab Adel 3 days ago

    the accent you did when you are acting in the class ,I died 😂😂

  • Андрей Вялков

    Oh, are you telling me this? I live in Russia where it's 9 months cold. And I wear glasses for 9 years.

  • Lulu - Chan
    Lulu - Chan 3 days ago

    I watched this in 144p, just to know what errold feels. ITS SO BAAAAAAD!

  • RyGuyMemes
    RyGuyMemes 3 days ago +1

    That sadness and sorrow LMAO

    NICOLE LIN 3 days ago

    I feel like me and Erold can get along pretty well because we are about the same. I am asian and I wear glasses. I'm practically blind

  • Gabby Yww
    Gabby Yww 3 days ago

    who wears glasses?

  • Joel
    Joel 3 days ago

    I have glasses from first grade and still have them

  • Thixus
    Thixus 3 days ago

    When your glasses are ALWAYS dirty but you are so used to it that you don't see it until someone else complains about it...

  • Fuzzy ShiverWolf
    Fuzzy ShiverWolf 3 days ago

    Is it weird that my teachers let me use glasses but I don't need them?

  • Mahalia Savage
    Mahalia Savage 3 days ago

    Me: *takes of glasses*
    Other people: OMAGAD You look sooooooooooo different!!!!!!!

  • The ArchTrooper
    The ArchTrooper 3 days ago

    Kenji is that you?

  • Mycats :P
    Mycats :P 3 days ago


  • Selina Troll
    Selina Troll 3 days ago

    dem kpop fans in the comment section

  • Max Power
    Max Power 3 days ago

    The absolute WORST is when you lose or break your glasses multiple times per year. Not only are they expensive (I once lost a $350 pair of self tinting wire aviators), but when you go to pick out a new pair, it's like trying to pick a new face! Especially when you think you're ugly to begin with, and have limited options based on what fits comfortably on your head,, what fits your lenses (mine are literally thicker than a drinking glass), and what insurance would cover (which is pretty much nothing but Skrillex glasses. I'd literally rather be damn near blind). Then there's the people who are like "if you hate it so much, just get contacts." Why the fuck would I want to become more prone to conjunctivitis, poke myself in the eye every day, and have absolutely zero chance of finding them when, not if, they are lost?!

  • The Unique Dreamer
    The Unique Dreamer 3 days ago

    I have experienced and experience every single one of these problems accept for the broken glasses thing XDDD -.-``

  • FoShizzles Storys
    FoShizzles Storys 3 days ago

    Can he just wear Contacts?

  • derposaurus rex
    derposaurus rex 3 days ago

    that subtle "THAT'S NOT FUNNY" in the background killed me c':

  • Tania chen
    Tania chen 3 days ago

    BTS!!💕 TWICE!!💕

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