6 Simple Soda Can Hacks

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  • elijah Wood
    elijah Wood 23 hours ago

    some places won't accept crushed cans

  • Sudais Mohammed
    Sudais Mohammed 8 days ago

    Do u go byron

  • Sudais Mohammed
    Sudais Mohammed 8 days ago

    Who are u

  • Finn Kennedy
    Finn Kennedy 11 days ago

    Who's watching before going to bed like if you are

  • swag bros64
    swag bros64 26 days ago

    why cant i just use my dads foot to smash cans

  • minecraft master
    minecraft master 28 days ago

    Im going to show up to a party with the popcorn maker

  • ParasiticPupp3t
    ParasiticPupp3t Month ago

    what's with the Anchorman cardboard cutout? xD

  • Donny Vo
    Donny Vo Month ago

    For the apple pealing hack idk if you care but the peal is good for you

  • Alex & Chesco
    Alex & Chesco Month ago

    "I'll love you till pigs fly" (throws stuffed pig across room) I guess you don't love her anymore

  • Antti Grönstrand
    Antti Grönstrand Month ago

    just saying here on finland we get some money when we take empty bottles and soda cans to the store thats some easy money

  • Basinbot20
    Basinbot20 2 months ago

    You can always put a spring on the hinges and make it automatically pop back up once you crushed a can

  • LevaKinZ
    LevaKinZ 2 months ago

    or you could just crush the cans with your foot

  • Jeisson Aparicio
    Jeisson Aparicio 2 months ago

    I liked the fruit peeler

  • ABeeGal Werner
    ABeeGal Werner 2 months ago

    popcorn maker

  • Roblox and pokemon Gamer

    The popcorn hack is my favorite

  • Jeremiah Gonzales
    Jeremiah Gonzales 2 months ago

    at 2:25 when he said here an old trick you might have learned in grade school I smiled because I thought he was talking about spin the bottle because he was spinning the can

  • Jeremiah Gonzales
    Jeremiah Gonzales 2 months ago

    any body notice he landed a yellow beer can when he flipped it's​ at the beginning of the video

  • cats69512
    cats69512 2 months ago

    U are desperate for popcorn???

  • VuorilaFX
    VuorilaFX 2 months ago

    in finland we recycle them because 15cent per a can

  • hansol kang
    hansol kang 2 months ago

    I looked at the title, it said 'simple'. yeah we totally have every item available for us at that moment totally... screws and hinges........

  • Jordan Rager
    Jordan Rager 2 months ago


    Or just stomp on them..
    And how in the world is that "simple"?

  • ~(Rogue Jedi)~
    ~(Rogue Jedi)~ 2 months ago

    Stomping on cans is more fun though

  • ShadowBlitz
    ShadowBlitz 2 months ago

    aluminium is not safe to cook with because it has been use over and over again and you may end up vety sick

  • Gamer 1635
    Gamer 1635 2 months ago

    whos watching with socks

    THE TRAYSHMAYN 3 months ago

    "The world consumes over 200 billion aluminum cans each year"
    Wait, you can consume your soda cans? And I've just beed throwing them away!

  • Marine Life
    Marine Life 3 months ago

    Him: "if you dont have a *vegetable peeler*" | *Peels An APPLE*

  • kittypotato07
    kittypotato07 3 months ago

    hack my lifffffeeee ASAP!!!!!!!!

  • Zuhair TV
    Zuhair TV 3 months ago

    I saw the popcorn maker ten times

  • laca zette
    laca zette 3 months ago

    Why would any retard buy popcorn kernels without an air popper or machine?

  • Shorty The Hamster
    Shorty The Hamster 3 months ago

    Who's watching while drinking soda

  • animusauthor
    animusauthor 3 months ago

    You forgot the alcohol camp stoves!! :-)

  • Carrie Nichols
    Carrie Nichols 3 months ago

    save the tabs at the top for families at the ronald mcdonald house.Its really fun to get them all out and count them after a while.

  • Bries dolls And more
    Bries dolls And more 3 months ago

    Vegatable peeler and then he peels fruit

  • RankSlave /GeekSphero
    RankSlave /GeekSphero 3 months ago


  • Rin Lin
    Rin Lin 3 months ago

    i mean you could also turn the bottom and top of a can in different directions and just apply a small amount of pressure and itll crush. no need for building .

  • Alondra Perez
    Alondra Perez 4 months ago

    Or you could just step on the can to crush it

  • Rio Blackhawk
    Rio Blackhawk 4 months ago

    0:02 bottle flip

  • Chubby The Bean
    Chubby The Bean 4 months ago

    What kind of oil do I use for the popcorn?

  • No1wierdguy
    No1wierdguy 4 months ago

    Y are u peaking apples

  • ClickClick Gaming
    ClickClick Gaming 4 months ago

    why would you crush a can or a soda bottle. if we go to the store here in sweden we can recycel a whole can or bottle for money

  • Taha Rizwan
    Taha Rizwan 4 months ago

    i now the #5 one

  • Hi how are you
    Hi how are you 4 months ago +1

    WHO PEELS AN APPLE!?!?!?!?!?

  • BlueOmega
    BlueOmega 4 months ago

    "drinking soda ( btw it's pop) from a can is bad for your teeth" bitch you don't Honda on to it with your teeth! you put your lips on it dumbass.

  • Exeadus
    Exeadus 4 months ago

    my brother made the last one for my dad cuz he drinks mountain dew all the time and he says it's more easy to just stomp on the pop can

  • Niki Lu
    Niki Lu 4 months ago

    are you canadian

  • SlyCooper92
    SlyCooper92 4 months ago

    drinking straight out of a can is bad for your teeth? Isn't it more the stuff you're drinking than the method?

  • ERROR_CODE 509
    ERROR_CODE 509 4 months ago

    Dat Boi waz heer

  • Timmy Tim
    Timmy Tim 4 months ago

    My favourite part was the last one the cane crusher

  • beth98362 R
    beth98362 R 4 months ago

    Please read up on the danger of what you just taught people to do...

  • beth98362 R
    beth98362 R 4 months ago

    Cooking and eating food out of Aluminum is STRONGLY NOT recommended.

    It seriously affects the brain!

  • Player Gamer903
    Player Gamer903 5 months ago

    man, people are really picky about apples. just eat it with the skin on

  • Cadyn Peschke
    Cadyn Peschke 5 months ago

    You want to know how my dad crushes cans
    Then click read more

    He puts them down in the path of his car so when he puts his car in the garage he runs them over

  • Soup
    Soup 5 months ago

    Or take your car and place 2 cans on each wheel...

    Super flat and easy

  • I collect Pokemon cards


  • Panda_Swag5935
    Panda_Swag5935 5 months ago

    I was subscribed at 500k lol

  • Ashton Brasher
    Ashton Brasher 5 months ago

    I'm not saying carpentry isn't manly but be a man and crush it with your hands

  • Sandro Maisurdze
    Sandro Maisurdze 5 months ago

    Cool vid

  • TruNurd
    TruNurd 5 months ago

    i always melt down my (and my friends) soda cans into ingots

  • England is my C I T Y
    England is my C I T Y 5 months ago

    Bless this channel

  • Crunchy Munchy
    Crunchy Munchy 5 months ago

    wouldn't it be easier if you use the sharp object to peel foods instead of making a peeler.

  • Matthew Churchward《Delta》

    your foot also works.

  • Aredonaz Serah GAMING
    Aredonaz Serah GAMING 6 months ago

    Can't we melt them in a crucible to get molten aluminum?

  • NetherThief
    NetherThief 6 months ago

    The can crusher isn't simple lol

  • Sean Torres
    Sean Torres 6 months ago

    my favorite one is the pop corn one love it

  • Lewis Thomson
    Lewis Thomson 6 months ago

    why does every American basically have a hardware store in their house?

  • Needle Stabbing Guy
    Needle Stabbing Guy 6 months ago

    When you're drinking Dr dynamite (cause you can't afford damn dr pepper) while watching this :P

  • Techno
    Techno 6 months ago

    Who's watching in captain dees?

  • Nalah Hope
    Nalah Hope 6 months ago

    I didn't know wat to sa

  • Nalah Hope
    Nalah Hope 6 months ago

    Who's watching with Minecraft apple

  • LeonOrenValentine
    LeonOrenValentine 6 months ago +1

    Is this a joke...?

  • Itz Millz
    Itz Millz 6 months ago

    Why not peel the apple with the knife you just cut the soda can with

  • Danielle Perry
    Danielle Perry 6 months ago

    Great hacks for camping! Thanks.

  • Barbaric Duck76
    Barbaric Duck76 6 months ago

    you can STAMP on them

  • Barbaric Duck76
    Barbaric Duck76 6 months ago


  • Connor Courtoies
    Connor Courtoies 6 months ago


  • Casual Draws
    Casual Draws 6 months ago

    In Sweden you can recycle cans for money

  • Wowa Ze Best
    Wowa Ze Best 6 months ago

    im watching this while im drinking a Pepsi Can lmfao

  • Jani Storlöpare
    Jani Storlöpare 6 months ago

    popcorn maker is not working

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 6 months ago

    popcorn popper

  • Aidan Edgar
    Aidan Edgar 6 months ago

    You could take the crushed cans and put it in a metal foundry

  • AapeliSeveri
    AapeliSeveri 6 months ago

    Y am I watching this I dont drink soda

  • Sudhakar Mummadisetty
    Sudhakar Mummadisetty 6 months ago


  • Daily Ava
    Daily Ava 6 months ago +1

    College y'all

  • chickenboss37
    chickenboss37 6 months ago

    Yeah I think I'll just step on my cans to crush them....

  • Klosop28
    Klosop28 6 months ago

    i'l use all of em' except the last one

  • Sophia Nguyen
    Sophia Nguyen 7 months ago


  • Michelle Hogg
    Michelle Hogg 7 months ago


  • Artlover108 Aj
    Artlover108 Aj 7 months ago

    6 Eye POPPING soda hacks. Perfect

  • Monster Marshmallow
    Monster Marshmallow 7 months ago

    i always make a cotton candy matchine with pop cans tried 5 times but worked 3 times i am working on a better one is a big achievement for me in the age of 12&13

  • cadeKaiser
    cadeKaiser 7 months ago

    Can crusher equals my foot in a shoe

  • P. Prasad
    P. Prasad 7 months ago

    POPular choice... nice one.

  • 182zeldafan
    182zeldafan 7 months ago

    When I got to the cam crushing, I was thinking about myself, like I would just slightly bend the sides of the cans, then stomp them, don't build a can crusher, be a can crusher

  • MeBeatYou
    MeBeatYou 7 months ago

    This is the best comment section I have ever seen in my life

  • Nicholas DeCarlo
    Nicholas DeCarlo 7 months ago

    could the veggie peeler also be used as a bottle opener?

  • Green Serpent
    Green Serpent 7 months ago

    mini bbQ

  • ً
    ً 7 months ago

    For me its only 5 simple soda can hacks.. the last one is just a fuckin waste of time. There is something that most people have. Its called feet.

  • SwagBuster
    SwagBuster 7 months ago +1

    In Germany the can-crusher would be an absolute waste of money :D

  • lolhi
    lolhi 7 months ago

    First start by carefully cutting... FUCK MY DICK FELL OFF

  • Neko Master
    Neko Master 7 months ago

    Who is watching while drinking soda

  • Juzi Outdoors
    Juzi Outdoors 7 months ago

    i made a popcorn maker like that it caught on fire

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