How to Make Trump Care About Global Warming: The Daily Show

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  • gayrunnycumstain
    gayrunnycumstain 6 days ago

    trevor noah is a ignorant race baiting fucking nigger. go back 2 africa u faggot

  • demonic masters
    demonic masters 24 days ago

    I love the joke where he "said jokes on you the presidents not at the white house, he's out playing golf" 😂😂

  • Emily Steele
    Emily Steele 26 days ago

    When they said 'come join Heather in hell' during Heathers... I DIDNT THINK IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

  • Dalton Triputra
    Dalton Triputra Month ago

    Trumps Presidency is literally just to spite Obama

    ALEX ISHII Month ago

    Anti-Global Change moron + Warmonger = Trump x greedy monkeys to eat bananas from nature for free - kids under 8 years old recognizing nature beauty.

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson Month ago

    Global Warming is occurring and if Global Warming is not halted, by year 2100 Global Warming will kill every human on earth. Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from the Presidency So Global Warming will be halted and allow the Human Race To Survive.

  • Zackary Ryan
    Zackary Ryan 2 months ago

    Please Share this with anyone you think supports trump. XD

  • I like abs
    I like abs 2 months ago

    can I elect a 6 year old to replace Donald trump?
    he/SHE is going to do much better

    PRANKurFACE 2 months ago +1

    Some people just want to watch the world burn....

  • Atli Arnarsson
    Atli Arnarsson 2 months ago

    I was on the EPA website on climate change when they removed it

  • That_Guy
    That_Guy 2 months ago

    I wonder if companies will actually take the opportunity to take advantage of regulation rollbacks? The next president will just undo what Trump will do.

  • Adithya R
    Adithya R 2 months ago

    Trumptards with all the dislikes in this video XD

  • Austin Omoria
    Austin Omoria 2 months ago

    is the USA the whole world? which other nation protested against President Trumps Climate change policies?

  • shir salit
    shir salit 2 months ago

    trevor is brilliant. (and handsome 😀)

  • masao shiose
    masao shiose 2 months ago

    Trump wants to build a sea wall to protect his resort from global warming.

    "I think the climate change is just a very, very expensive form of tax," said Trump

  • powerlinkers
    powerlinkers 2 months ago

    Americans, why are you destroying the world by electing an idiot suffering from Alzheimer's disease?

  • Vanj Albis
    Vanj Albis 2 months ago

    F*** you Donald Trump, you've doomed our species.

  • Heidi Reis
    Heidi Reis 2 months ago

    climate change is other nations way of punishing us

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man 2 months ago

    Russians will buy him ten Maralago type estates.

  • jennifer Ervin
    jennifer Ervin 2 months ago

    I hope Trump supporters wakeup and smell stinking of his empire. We are the people need to drain Trump 's swamp now.

  • MikiKemo E
    MikiKemo E 2 months ago

    When you quote MIT you have authurity .

  • MikiKemo E
    MikiKemo E 2 months ago

    He never said , he disbelieves in climate change he said the agreement would do nothing.

  • Paras Choyal
    Paras Choyal 2 months ago

    Comedy Central app is not available in India.Why?

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster 2 months ago

    Well Trevor, evidently Trump never saw this video. He just signed off on the Paris Climate Accord yesterday. What an ignorant scumbag we have in the Oval Office.

  • lynncunningham35
    lynncunningham35 2 months ago

    Jokes on them, he will be dead before his winter whitehouse is flooded, stupid idiot

  • Saga Göteborg
    Saga Göteborg 2 months ago +1

    When the hell will you "Kennedy" this abomination? 😡

  • Terri  Jacobsen
    Terri Jacobsen 2 months ago

    I love it the people finally stood up against the orangutan I'm proud of them all of them. we need to do that more. terri

  • bensum9111
    bensum9111 2 months ago

    At what point is this supposed to be funny.  Jon Stewart is yawning in his bed, waiting for an actual comedian.

  • Maddy G.
    Maddy G. 2 months ago


  • Cleveland Peoples
    Cleveland Peoples 2 months ago

    that sounds like the Antichrist

  • vyperspit
    vyperspit 2 months ago

    I've heard that Trumpty Dumpty might decide to back out the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. Big surprise. He did promise to withdraw us from the agreement during his candidacy. As much as I admire a president to keep a promise, I believe this might turn out to be a big mistake. That idiot obviously didn't do enough research that environmental policies are not the major problem that are causing the coal industries to go out of business. Some American energy production corporations are gradually shifting to natural gas, wind, and solar energy generation because they are cheap and less hazardous to workers. In addition, it'll possibly cost a whole lot of money to resurrect every coal plant in the country. There is also the issue regarding healthcare for miners that are at risk of cancer and miner's lung.

  • RottenRroses
    RottenRroses 2 months ago

    "Get a "t" time before ...". I never went golfing and find it strangely fascinating, that you apparently get appointments to not interfere with ongoing games.

  • Blu3
    Blu3 2 months ago

    Trump is going to singlehandedly destroy the world.

  • hitch
    hitch 2 months ago

    Trumps mputh looks like an anus

  • who cares
    who cares 2 months ago

    you people are so dumb they want you to believe in global warming to justify killing off as many people as possible just watch what moron bill gates said about global warming before he started his immunization program .really Eugenics program

  • who cares
    who cares 2 months ago

    Al gore bought a house on the beach after he won the Nobel for his so called work on global warming .

  • CommentCrusader
    CommentCrusader 2 months ago

    RIP our planet.

  • Nicholas Menzel
    Nicholas Menzel 2 months ago

    But why does their music always have to be so bad?

  • Abeba Beyene
    Abeba Beyene 2 months ago

    This idiot so called President will kill us all

  • jmuld1
    jmuld1 2 months ago

    Obama did nothing on climate change the people don't buy it, no votes.

  • Raj the don
    Raj the don 3 months ago

    oh my fucking god what the fuck happend to america it's just depressing

  • It's a Beautiful Day
    It's a Beautiful Day 3 months ago

    Donald Trump is playing Russian roulette. That means high suicide/genocide risk. He'd better commit egocide

  • Lainie Yank
    Lainie Yank 3 months ago

    no joke tho we're all gonna die

  • Eugene DeVito
    Eugene DeVito 3 months ago

    everything comes to a end ! now is humanity turn and the rest of living on earth !!and what is the purpose of humans on earth anyway ??? besides destructive behavior !! global warming it would happen anyway !!but humans expedited the process !!

  • amethyst dawn
    amethyst dawn 3 months ago

    the fact that there are still climate change deniers out there is crazy... but the fact that they're in the White House is actually terrifying. we have to do something this is actually a nightmare

  • Woojin Choi
    Woojin Choi 3 months ago

    Companies that maintain a cleaner environment will be the trillion dollar business in the near future. Goodbye oil!!!! And fuels!!!! And coals!!!!!!!

  • FrEeZe MuZiK
    FrEeZe MuZiK 3 months ago

    Man I live in Africa (Mozambique) my bedroom before 2009 I didn't need A.C I could sleep with the doors open or with at a window open and it would be cool. Since 2010 I couldn't take the heat anymore that's when we decided to buy A.C for the room and since that time I can never get used to the heat when it's summer every year this just gets worse and worse. we basically don't have winter anymore. Like winter might last 2 months sometimes way less.

  • Ринат Хамиров

    сlimate change is fake it was snowing in moscow yesterday, it was the coldest since 1922

  • Lakerdude9
    Lakerdude9 3 months ago

    I can't fucking believe this is real life!!!! We're all gonna die cause of this fucking clown!!! Why tf would you people vote for this man!!!!! Our next generation will live on boats thanks to him

  • Van Plaisance
    Van Plaisance 3 months ago

    ,jK,Loki BBT

  • Calvin Green
    Calvin Green 3 months ago

    How democrats solve problems ~
    "I feel ___ about ___." "If you don't feel ___ about ____ then you are an idiot."
    (Waits for problem to solve itself.)

  • Ferris Welker
    Ferris Welker 3 months ago

    Honestly, I hope that Mar A lago gets flooded out.

  • John Ishmael
    John Ishmael 3 months ago


  • John Ishmael
    John Ishmael 3 months ago

    America (government) doesn't care about the fucking climate! How do I know this? THEY FUCKING ELECTED A CLOWN AND MADE IT PRESIDENT! And they fucking know it! But they still keep that orange Orangutan wearing a dead rat dyed in yellow for a hair as fucking President! This is what I think of your current POTUS!
    P - Piece
    O - Of
    T - Tempered
    U - Unrefined
    S - Shit!
    Flush it down America!

  • The Hot Air
    The Hot Air 3 months ago

    Your jokes aren't funny mam, try harder!!

  • SweetPinkCupcake
    SweetPinkCupcake 3 months ago

    Climate change is a serious issue, yet Trump refused to acknowledge it, which affects us as a planet.

    RAWSTEEL89 3 months ago

    You liberal's are so weak.Global warming is not the immediate threat you all think.America just had one of the coldest winter's you could ever imagine.Why don't you do something about the million's of homeless that are freezing to death?Instead,You cry over glacier's melting due to a little something called summer.

  • salg
    salg 3 months ago

    Drumpf a fucking imbecile along with republican fucktards.

  • Jeremy Wood
    Jeremy Wood 3 months ago

    Rule 34 in action

  • Vinette Schulze
    Vinette Schulze 3 months ago

    Go vegan to stop climate change!!!!

  • Lo'Z Washington
    Lo'Z Washington 3 months ago

    Such a fucking tool

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 3 months ago

    The "approach of new leadership" = lying based on ignorance and greed.

  • Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah is so unfunny. Also if there was Climate change, how can we as a collective solve the issue. You liberals are just saying "Climate Change is HAPPENING" well just stating that doesn't solve anything, give everyone a proposal that is actually realistic. I would like to hear a fuel source that is as efficient as oil or fossil fuels.

  • lendial
    lendial 3 months ago

    Can 97% of scientists be wrong?

  • Mythology Squirrel
    Mythology Squirrel 3 months ago

    "That has melted the soil so deep that bodies from shallow graves are coming up and that has caused an Anthrax outbreak."

    I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
    I will smash the doorposts, and leave the doors flat down,
    and will let the dead go up to eat the living!
    And the dead will outnumber the living!

  • Elaine Ferry
    Elaine Ferry 3 months ago

    Trump is in big coal, gas and oil's pocket. It is not just him, how can the leaders of ALL those companies justify destroying the earth for their children and grandchildren, while fighting the Estate tax so those kids inherit more? Money will not save them!

  • Bea Trice
    Bea Trice 3 months ago

    In a certain country it will snow tmr... hottest year people, hottest year. Usually by now its like 20°C but no... its literally snowing

  • Kris Dolbow
    Kris Dolbow 3 months ago

    Yes! Let climate change kick his cheeto ass!

  • Michael B.
    Michael B. 3 months ago

    Hey Noah...Please shut up...You are a crybaby..
    Global warming is the biggest scam in the history of man..
    They caught them hiding and deleting material that showed it wasn't happening.
    Noah is a liberal robot..He has been programmed to spew the liberal lines..

  • Krizx600
    Krizx600 3 months ago

    i hate you all 😞

  • WT
    WT 3 months ago

    POTUS can play golf in the sea in his eighties. Have fun.

  • Lorenz Resurreccion
    Lorenz Resurreccion 3 months ago

    Trump will probably just have the Mexicans build a wall around his estates to protect it from water.

  • Lavrentivs
    Lavrentivs 3 months ago

    He'll just build a (sea)wall and have Florida pay for it^^

  • Das Schlieman
    Das Schlieman 3 months ago

    How can Trevor Noah talk smack about racism in America, American Politics or the geeks that run for office in America?

    Mean while, back in the motherland Zuma the clown, rapist, embezzler, corrupt, communist is in charge.
    Zuma the racist is also pandering to popular racism in South Africa sponsoring a bill to confiscate land and property owned by whites and give it to his tribal clan and other loyal racists.

    Trevor's home land is rampant with cop rapists, massive political corruption and open racism... and yet here he is, telling us how screwed up we are????

    I do not live in the America Mr. Noah rants about and Mr. Noah has obtained his narrow view & knowledge of America from a box of Cracker Jacks.

    I used to like you Trevor, now as Mr. Zuma would say: Awuleth 'umshini wami

  • Chad Austin
    Chad Austin 3 months ago

    So does that mean if we end climate change, they'll stop making the Walking Dead? Okay, I'm in.

  • Gy Bx
    Gy Bx 3 months ago

    Go back to South Africa and put your cock holster mouth to good use.

  • PowerhousePR
    PowerhousePR 3 months ago

    Just put a Pussy in the Globe and he will care enough to grasp himself around it...

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 3 months ago +1

    He is probably counting on those properties getting flooded so he can collect on insurance.

  • navroj vaghulatri
    navroj vaghulatri 3 months ago

    Lol. He'll just build a wall to keep the illegal sea water out.

  • Rhesa Reeves
    Rhesa Reeves 3 months ago

    I do not care for that orange creamsicle-skinned person.

  • r3psyche
    r3psyche 3 months ago

    1:19 or a flock of Twitter birds...

  • Lone Mic Productions
    Lone Mic Productions 3 months ago

    This should terrify all of us.

  • Gavin He Vainglory
    Gavin He Vainglory 3 months ago +1

    Lost hope in humanity. How can the strongest country in the world be ran by such an ignorant person? Like really.

  • Humphrey Mwitangeti
    Humphrey Mwitangeti 3 months ago

    Its almost as if the current POTUS has been put in charge to wipe out all of the black mans legacy for the white man to come and clean it all up. How else would you explain undoing all that Obama did.

  • Joe S
    Joe S 3 months ago

    I think I figured out how to use trump to our advantage, We use reverse psychology on him. Trump just wants people to think he's doing a good job and give him an atta boy. So that should be exactly what we do but only we use alternative facts and say something like (Hey Mr president good job on passing that bill on funding education..I'm really excited about it! ) if he hears it enough he'll fall for it and we can use his stunted intelligence against him to clean up his pile of shit.

  • rbmaserang
    rbmaserang 3 months ago

    wow i just realised right to choice means abortion services. but it doesnt sound as bad as it really is.

  • Reverend Draco
    Reverend Draco 3 months ago

    How to Make Trump Care About Global Warming: Keep pretending it's real - that should do it.

  • Diana Watson
    Diana Watson 3 months ago

    He doesn't care if Maro Lago gets flooded, he'll just find another one. He is the disposable president.

  • Matthew Capuano-Rizzo
    Matthew Capuano-Rizzo 3 months ago

    I marched!

  • christopher tracy
    christopher tracy 3 months ago

    he is evil.

  • ViolentDelights56 James

    Even if first world nations do something about carbon emissions and numerous of other activities, then what about the poorest countries? They won't just become green overnight and still make a profit from technology that they just adopted. What will most of Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America do when shit hits the fan huh?? Not to mention Europe and the US/Canadian fracking fucks. I mean seriously this is why I have given  up on humanity1 second ago•

  • Agent Oblivion
    Agent Oblivion 3 months ago

    Daily show videos not loading for anyone else?

  • BloodyRain2k
    BloodyRain2k 3 months ago +1

    When Trevor said "his children" I was like "WTFH? Yeah sure..."
    Then he showed the buildings: "oh right yeah, those" xD

  • ViolentDelights56 James
    ViolentDelights56 James 3 months ago +1

    They've predicted climate change for well over a half a century and guess what's happened?? Not a damn fucking thing besides talking and conferences for the past thirty-odd years, all the while human population has been exponentially growing ever since the Industrial Revolution and you mean to tell me that we are FINALLY going to do something?? Wtf please when then huh? When? That's why I am no longer a tree hugger or nature loving as I used to be because this shit will just keep going and going until there is nothing left. Animal extinctions, desertification, extreme storms, refugees, agriculture, etc. etc. etc. and on top of everything else we are just as divided as a world all because of BIG business and corruption. And even if first world nations do something about carbon emissions and numerous of other activities, then what about the poorest countries? They won't just become green overnight and still make a profit from technology that they just adopted. What will most of Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America do when shit hits the fan huh?? Not to mention Europe and the US/Canadian fracking fucks. I mean seriously this is why I have giving up on humanity

  • Tina Carney
    Tina Carney 3 months ago

    metaphor? what's a metaphor - Donald Trump

  • Shivaram Gowda
    Shivaram Gowda 3 months ago

    Trump is very good leader he knows how to implement his people

  • Stina Marie
    Stina Marie 3 months ago

    Trevor is so gorgeous, smart, and funny💚😍😍

  • iwuzheree
    iwuzheree 3 months ago

    The major leading cause of global warming is animal agriculture.

  • avalokitha
    avalokitha 3 months ago +1

    global warming is so real and anyone who denies it is either a fool or a rich douche bag! and Donald Trump is both! here in South India we have so much water problems, weather patterns are so unpredictable the raising temperatures make it unbareble for the poor and the middle class to live, there's hardly any rain, the rivers are dry, there's a farmer suicide almost everyday on the news. global warming is an immediate threat to humanity. and the leader of the free world denies it and he's undoing all the good work Obama has done to reduce carbon emission and raise awareness on global warming. somebody stop this fool before he kills us all

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