Propeller Plane Blades Not Moving! Hologram!

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  • Sequoia Washington
    Sequoia Washington 3 days ago

    Project blue beam is real

  • lucysluckyday
    lucysluckyday 15 days ago

    Can't see how it could be a synchronization artifact, as that depends on whether the image sensor in the camera uses global shutter or rolling shutter. I am almost certain the vast majority of consumer cameras use a rolling shutter sensor as they are cheaper and easier to produce. Rolling shutter should cause blur and warp on the fast moving parts, even at a really high frame-rate. Alternatively, if the sensor really was global shutter, then the timing on the image sensor would be perfect, but the analog timing on the propellor speed will have subtle variances causing the props to appear to slowly turn (remember it's throttle based speed controller - by the pilot).

  • Mr
    Mr 29 days ago

    we are waking up from the matrix

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni Month ago

    Why do they do it?

  • Sam Costello
    Sam Costello Month ago

    The 9/11 planes that we were shown hitting the WTC were holograms or CGI. Aluminum planes don't melt into buildings

    • Jetsetgo
      Jetsetgo Month ago

      Would you also care to explain how we had the technology to project an airplane flying over the sky that thousands of people we're able to see and capture on video and also add sound to all those videos in 2001

  • Emmett Coen
    Emmett Coen Month ago

    Is that what they were Saying was used in 9/11

  • Jak Thompson
    Jak Thompson Month ago

    No he shut the engine off hes going for a glide

  • Selena Phillips
    Selena Phillips 2 months ago

    I'm going thru gangstalking in Escambia County, FL- the government is using commercial aircraft, drones- all kinds of crazy shit like this. It's craziness!!!!

  • 24Teufelchen24
    24Teufelchen24 2 months ago

    der gleiche Flieger ist über Berlin geflogen im Süden 😐

  • Fatih Gülçiçek
    Fatih Gülçiçek 2 months ago

    It's normal. High blade rpm effect...

  • Donnel John Opone
    Donnel John Opone 2 months ago

    Holy fuck.

  • Mr Camoron
    Mr Camoron 2 months ago

    this guy is spot on.. it is interdimensional/spiritual. no matter how advanced a technology is you cannot break the laws of physics.. abductees give the same accounts of being in the presence of pure evil.. they kidnap against peoples wills, they preform horrible experiments on them.. many are reproductive, many claim to have been implanted with an embryo only to have it removed after 12 weeks.. then are presented with a freakish looking hybrid.. there are accounts of people praying to or uttering the name of Jesus and the experience stops immediately.. all accounts point to a demonic agenda that started back in the days of Jared and subsequently led to the flood.. believe it or not but the bible has warned humanity of this and clearly states that these final days will be a repeat of the genesis 6 experiment.. only this time it won't be water but fire..

  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 2 months ago

    I looked up at the sky when I heard an airplane engine right above my head. I saw a red vintage bi-plane, (about 10,000 feet) with the propellers churning. Then poof it disappeared! I wasn't high or sleeping. It was broad daylight in the middle of the day, sun shinning and clear skies, walking down the street. There's no punchline, I'm not kidding!

  • Alonso Moreno
    Alonso Moreno 3 months ago

    .....the propellers aren't moving because its gliding instead to be intentionally slow............for maximum noise annoyance........

  • Cricket Lynn Zimmerman
    Cricket Lynn Zimmerman 3 months ago

    Omg that's the same plane my mother inlaw and I seen flying very very low over our homes....strange.....

    • Cricket Lynn Zimmerman
      Cricket Lynn Zimmerman 3 months ago

      The only thing different was the one we seen had no windows but it was white with light blue stripe...

  • Ertu Comedy & Music
    Ertu Comedy & Music 3 months ago

    This is Blue Beam TEST !!!!

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  3 months ago

      Could be, but in this case I actually found the frozen propeller blades ARE in fact a sync with the camera frame rate.

  • pkmovies92
    pkmovies92 3 months ago

    Framerate of camera is the same as the speed of blades.

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago

    Wow.. Do you see the letters on the plane?

  • ga12f12o
    ga12f12o 3 months ago

    it's nice to see real channels like this, i know from my haert you are real. check some of my videos thanks

  • Blakka Fly
    Blakka Fly 4 months ago

    dude, I love the camera you are using.seriously

  • Karen Jade Steinhard
    Karen Jade Steinhard 4 months ago

    Doesn't look real either ! Well done Hun spotting it

  • Shapeinful
    Shapeinful 4 months ago +1

    If the camera shutter speed is 29 FPS and the propellers are rotating at a multiple of 29 RPM (for example, 2.900rpm) the propellers will show as not moving in the resulting footage. It happens sometimes; some other times the multiple factor is slightly off, and the propellers seem to be moving very slowly. Cheers

  • Dylan wicklund
    Dylan wicklund 4 months ago

    You can see the shadow of the propeller blades can the hologram produce shadows? Or is the sun really reflecting off the hologram plane as you call it I think it is real just on a glide as you said it maybe bevause it seems more likely then then trying to make you go crazy Over a youtube video when the video makes you sound crazy already lol just saying no need to discredit you all over shape shifting reptilians lol

  • Glenda Clark
    Glenda Clark 5 months ago

    May as well have massive ufo 's in the sky too. Why waste their time , and our ' s with fake passenger jets ? Props not turning.

  • MsVanorak
    MsVanorak 6 months ago

    I have these antics going on near me (UK) and it is tightly packed organised cloud stuff!  Sometimes it disperses as it is going along.  My gang stalkers threw some of it at me one night when I was taking a photo of something weird in the sky.  The stalker concerned picked up on the infra red of my camera otherwise he wasn't visible to the naked eye.  And it was just by chance that he threw it as I was taking a photo otherwise I wouldn't have known except for the unpleasant taste.  So I got an eye infection as a result and got the eye cak under the microscope and it is nano size aluminium (guess - shimmering hologram colours) rods and it was them pricking my eyes that caused the infection.  Or it could be nano fibre glass as I have heard that that is in chemtrails too.  It is sentient whatever it is and this what flew into the Twin Towers is my guess.  Towards the end of the Summer they released some of this one evening and it was in the distant landscape as a ground based cloud billowing about but staying together in a ragged shape.  By next morning it had dispersed to be like an Autumn mist spread across the valley but with the trees poking above.  Artistic landscape - but no the mist was way too white and dense.  And why anyway - this is being inhaled by the livestock and wildlife and is in our foodchain.

  • DickieBeard
    DickieBeard 6 months ago

    I've seen it many times. much better with helicopters. definitely shutter speed matching frame rate. fantastic illusion though. good Vid.

  • the nforcer
    the nforcer 6 months ago

    Cloaked UFO's are nearby. Get an infrared camera to see them next time... Scary shit!

  • Source express
    Source express 7 months ago

    What about the shadow. Does it move with the planes movement? Can that tell you if it is real or not?

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  6 months ago

      Turns out it was just the frame rate of the camera, but people love this movie so I left it up.

  • VancouverCanucksRock
    VancouverCanucksRock 7 months ago

    There should be some exhaust, no?

  • Chartise wells
    Chartise wells 8 months ago +2

    great video

  • Trust In Cod
    Trust In Cod 8 months ago +2

    wonderful keep the great work up bruce! and merry x mas! may God bless you !

  • HerasBlog Dot Com
    HerasBlog Dot Com 8 months ago

    Please stop by our blog at our username. They are doing this stuff to our family too. They are Satanic. Thanks

  • Like Kane
    Like Kane Year ago +3

    You might want to also get a pair of binoculars so you can refer back n' forth between the camera and the binoculars, as you record, that way you can dispel any notion of frame-rate causing the optical illusion, like the spokes of a rim of a car wheel when the light hits it a certain way, they look like they're spinning backwards and sometimes not at all.

  • Jeremy Jordan
    Jeremy Jordan Year ago

    Project BlueBeam Trials

  • Brandon Obi
    Brandon Obi Year ago +18

    This is gang stalking alright. I think the airplanes are military aircraft equipped with a newer thrust technology that allows for anti gravity like maneuverability. I've witnessed many times, 2 bright lights in our night skies here in TX of aircrafts appearing to conduct training excercises with one another as if no one notices. They are so arrogant and adamant in their acknowledgment of the public, I feeeeeeel sooooo sorry for the zombie public that have or care not to have any idea of the true reality of today. This government is shit, nazi infiltrated since WW2. SMH

  • Corrado Balducci
    Corrado Balducci Year ago +3

    This situation is just shady..the plane looks fake so either he's a great scammer or he's catching some fucked up shit.. Why flyy a hologram over the one dude who has the nicest camera who records cops in the sky? Why a hologram? They knew he would expose makes no sense..why would thy just follow him what did u do that ur not telling us about? Because I am deeper in this field than you could ever imagine and nobody messes with me, at all, but I am from nowhere USA an if a plan firedup over our skies we might claim the pilot a god and worship his aircraft be cause Eve. A plane flying over is a big deal..u can't be that important bro u can't be as big of a threat as u think..this is strangemi don't know what to think or believe

  • Adam Kotlarsz
    Adam Kotlarsz Year ago +15

    I prefer to look for the orbs to determine if it is a halogram or not.  After awhile you can just kind of tell by the vibe they put off when flying over.  More and more people are starting to wake up.

  • Commonle McDonald
    Commonle McDonald Year ago +10

    May our Lord .Jesus Christ" continue to, use those fellow servants that are true and obedient, to speak out the truth of advanced technologies. That are run by the up coming false prophet, and the beast. People please open your eyes, the world has changed and is only going to get worse. This is the fall of Babylon and the destruction of the earth. Revelations read the whole book.

  • HolyDiver
    HolyDiver Year ago +2

    Good catch............Skywatch Sacramento gets great footage like this too.

  • craneinsane USA
    craneinsane USA Year ago

    The same phenomena will occur with helicopters too. I know this because I have a pilot license. I have dozens of hours filming myself flying and if my rpms match the fps this illusion occurs. I am also on board with a lot of conspiracies and consider myself a truther, but videos like this make us look stupid and discredit our cause. I mean no disrespect, but I want to be taken seriously. You should too...

  • ReallyVirtual
    ReallyVirtual Year ago +11

    If the Camera is at 29fps and this propeller has 6 blades then a 60 degree rotation of the blade in 1/29 frames or 1/29th second will look stationary, as in multiples of 60, so 120 degrees, 180, 240,300 and keep on going up in steps of 60 degrees for a totally stationary propeller. However in your own slowed down video, from 1.30 -1.50 you can see the blades actually slowly rotating which means their rotation at multiples of 60 degrees does not exactly match 1/29th of a frame but is slightly off giving the representation of a slowly moving blade. you will see this in the viewfinder because unlike an optical viewfinder it's a Video screen for monitoring purposes working at the camera's input 29fps rate.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      +ReallyVirtual I agree, and I added an annotation saying that, but a lot of people don't notice. I keep this up because it gets a lot of views and draw attention to the reptilian subject. But I agree, it is the frame rate matching photonic speed of repeated movement, giving the illusion the blades are stationary. Oh well, it's funny.

  • Jaayo
    Jaayo Year ago +2

    this image displacement technology is commonly used to conceal large craft.

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      +Jayo Patt Actually as the comment I added, I do think it is just the camera frame rate aligned with the speed of the propellers. Still though it's funny because it get's a lot of views to draw more attention to the reptilian subject.

  • Danny God is Real Garrigan

    Demond in the sky. There in the clouds, in sheeple there everywhere! This is the devils kingdom, soldier's of God are under attack from birth. Keep sticking it to them Bruce! All pray for him n me n each other.

  • Google Lies
    Google Lies Year ago

    Hay Richard, did you add the text at the end of the video, stating the frame rate of the camera is what caused the optical illusion? Or was it a third party that edited your clip?

  • 306 CHAMPION
    306 CHAMPION Year ago

    We are in the digital age. Back in the days of 35mm film we could see the illusion of props turning backwards, forwards and slow or stationary. But with digital a prop can become still, curved, even non existent. Watch an old movie and then get on here and watch up to date footage especially from the plane itself. chalk and cheese Mate

  • C_Dragon0911
    C_Dragon0911 Year ago +60

    We live in the matrix

  • Paul Nomarkk
    Paul Nomarkk Year ago

    great video

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  Year ago +1

    I got this in my spam folder but thought I would check it out anyway. Below is the link to the video and my comment about it.

    This guy Nathan Shepard succeeds to see the prophesy of America Babylon, then fails to see the scripture that clearly says no man will be left in the land, everyone that is found will be thrust through, also no man afterwards will pass through (meaning likely nuclear radiation), and further God’s word says for the Jews and everyone to flee Babylon when the attack comes, and every man should return to his own nation, as these scriptures prove:

    [Isa 13:14 And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.
    Isa 13:15 Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword.
    Isa 13:20 It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.]

    So Nathan Shepard is selling you a book on how to survive in Babylon America, and God’s word clearly says there will be no survival here, neither shall any person even be able to pass through the land and live, forever (generation to generation). Unless you are Jerusalem or the Jews waiting for the prophesied redemption in the place of Babylon which must take place first before they can leave, I recommend getting your passport and going to the country of your choice or homeland, BEFORE the rush to get out.

    This is really odd, that he successfully finds the truth about Babylon America, yet fails to see what is clearly written that no man shall survive, and even makes this whole book on how you can stay in America and die. Really strange. Maybe he is really a foreigner trying to cash in on ignorant Americans, knowing they will be disposed of before they could come against him.

  • 2x4 Barrels
    2x4 Barrels Year ago +58

    I fly propeller planes.This is not a camera in phase with props.And a turbo prop motor does not shift to jet thrust and if it did the props would have to be feathered.I am so happy our gov. spends our money on playing tricks instead of helping us eat.We really need NASA I am so happy being dirt poor.

  • Kappa Keepo
    Kappa Keepo Year ago +2

    awesome catch Richard, i cant believe my own eyes, im shocked

  • Israel Geddes
    Israel Geddes Year ago +2

    thats really weird wow

  • Randy Truthful
    Randy Truthful Year ago

    Hey brother Bruce I really looked this video over and over definitely hollagram look at props and u will see that 2 props on both sides missing from no light source

  • Aperture2007
    Aperture2007 Year ago

    Very obvious it's because the shutter speed setting of the video matches the rotation frequency of the propeller. This actually happens more often than you'll notice.

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  Year ago +1

    An email reply I thought I would share:

    In your first letter you said, “I bring you a message from LORD JESUS”, which is to say Jesus had a message for me which he gave to you. Respectfully for a brother in Christ who I would want to help, not criticize, I need to admonish you for a sin of saying you received a message from Christ for me, which you did not. I made similar mistakes starting on my path of faith, thinking there were messages from God, or even things I wrote were divine inspiration, but this is not the reality. The men who wrote scripture were inspired beyond doubt by God to achieve his perfect work, and those mentioned in the bible giving message to others from God was a situation where they heard the voice of God or his angel without doubt.

    Realize the problem if you tell someone a message is from God, putting words in his mouth, when he has not spoken. I hope you realize the gravity of this, and consider this rebuke.

    As for the content of what you are saying, this is your opinion regarding the gangstalking which in fact may be accurate to a degree, that God uses it through the enemy to admonish us. I had that thought of course and would not deny this possibility. However you must realize that God has given us, the Christian disciple in the end times, the power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all power of the enemy, and nothing can hurt us, as this scripture tells us:

    [Luk 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
    Luk 10:20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.]

    This means, that the treading on these devils is a part of the Christian walk, which treading is also exposing them for all the sinners of the earth to be warned who is eating, enslaving, and murdering those who will not have Jesus as their Lord. I respect your opinion about your own sin because it shows self examination where many do not consider this problem, and I say if you feel it is used to admonish you and clean up your actions then great. I would add however that the reaction of the devils is quite normal for the situation of us threatening their food supply of disobedient humans, which food store society they work hard to maintain and keep their cattle in the dark. While it does bother me I actually am gratified by the stalking because it tells me daily I am effective in my treading which God has given us, therefore also at this hour of my life rather than hiding in the shadows I am fighting the enemy, and whatever else might be true, I will be found of God fighting the enemy, not hiding to avoid the harassment that results.

    God through the spirit admonishes us in many ways, and it could be the stalking is one of them, but do not think it is everything. Further you state your opinion as fact they are not aliens, only demons, another view of the simple which wisdom tells us will not escape God’s wrath in his day, and I urge you do not be fooled by simpletons who say things like the earth is flat, and there are no other planes, beings on those planets, or that they are coming here and are not connected to Satan except for some of them. The universe is vast and full of life, and just because earth is experiencing what it is this does not mean a simple view of reality will hold you in good stead. I hope you consider these things.

    - Richard

  • Mike Kretmar
    Mike Kretmar Year ago

    nice catch

  • Caelenium
    Caelenium Year ago

    Same illusion that we used to see at the cinema when the wagon wheels would go into reverse during their escape from the Red Indians chasing their wagon train pioneering across the mid west prairie. It is just an illusion. Nothing to worry about. Cinema is full of such illusions.

  • sibec skies
    sibec skies Year ago

    Awesome..great catch !!

  • budgetmoon
    budgetmoon Year ago

    its in the viewfinder plus what are the odds of having speeds match so that its super slow, many times you see the prop turning , most of the time its turning

  • Belfast observer skywatch

    super catch,sometimes I wonder could we all just get a collective conscious to shift these things out here.

  • pacer547
    pacer547 Year ago

    Have you looked into how holograms are created?

  • 1vinegirl
    1vinegirl Year ago

    weird so strange

  • sam phi
    sam phi Year ago +2

    This happens with digital cameras. They don't seem to like to blur movement. I took a shot of an engine running airplane on the ground taxiing in and the prop is stationery in the shot but I know it wasn't in reality when I clicked the button. I'm not sure if you used a video cam or a still photo cam. Either way, old style film with actual negatives is the only thing I can take seriously.

  • magicmaryd
    magicmaryd Year ago +5

    """"bhakta peter 4 hours ago
    i think many of these planes are actually on antigravity technology but they just build them in a plane design to fool people""""

  • Jaem Maddog
    Jaem Maddog Year ago

    awsome!!! i would of never spotted something like this

  • Agghh
    Agghh Year ago +3

    I don't know if I believe the propellers are exactly in sync with the cameras refresh rate. In order to maintain speed through the atmosphere the engines have to constantly adjust the rpm due to pressure/temperature/altitude changes. It could periodically sync up, but not like this.

  • bhakta peter
    bhakta peter Year ago +12

    i think many of these planes are actually on antigravity technology but they just build them in a plane design to fool people

  • Backyard Guillotine

    Wow that's a comical sight, looks downright ridiculous!
    I've watched and filmed a lot of dopey propeller failures, but this is certainly the best yet.

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce  Year ago +60

    Just want to say, someone said it is the shutter speed of the camera matching the speed of the propeller blades, and that DOES sound like a viable explanation. But I saw it in the viewfinder too, and how do they match 29 FPS?

  • Charlotzweb
    Charlotzweb Year ago

    Good catch!

    TOPROLLER101 Year ago +3

    Hi good video years ago I seen a jet it looked like a fighter jet small the size of a van with a wingspread of about 20 feet no sound what so ever I was about 140 feet from me in the sky over a factory and it was not a hologram it was real it was something I will never forget

    • Randy Truthful
      Randy Truthful Year ago

      +Richard Bruce awesome good job

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      +TOPROLLER101 Woah, cool. Where's a camcorder when you need one. Gotta have it on you 24/7.

  • sugarseas
    sugarseas Year ago +69

    It looks cartoonish

  • 14ALL41OK
    14ALL41OK Year ago +18

    not a hologram but camera shutter speed in sync with blades. Check this movie there are lots of examples of this with planes and helicopters.

    • 14ALL41OK
      14ALL41OK Year ago

      +Stew Pidass the most likely explanation is the camera not being able to film the high speed of the propeller as seen in the video i linked and more if you search for it.  I also know what it is like to be paranoid about gang stalking thank you very much.

    • ProjectMoff
      ProjectMoff Year ago

      +Richard Bruce They're trying to trick us into thinking that people are going on holiday oh no! And we've all heard about project blue beam so this must be a hologram!.... Ill logic and ill reason leads to ill minds.

    • The Clouds Have Eyes
      The Clouds Have Eyes Year ago

      how can you be so sure that it is not a hologram? or even something more supernatural that has the ability to "mimic" or "shapeshift" or assume the shape and form of familiar aircraft to conceal its true identity... To immediately consider that "you know its NOT a hologram, & merely explained by the camera's shutter speed", you must really NOT have a clue about the now thousands of videos posted online of people capturing highly strange anomalies with some of the "aircraft" filmed in the skies all across the world. If it was just Bruce's footage, then maybe its just "shutter speed" but clearly you havent seen all the people posting similar vids of "planes" with entire wings missing, "planes" disappearing, changing color/ shape, turning into balls of light... although you might think you know whats up, believe me when I say you really don't have a clue...

    • Richard Bruce
      Richard Bruce  Year ago

      +14ALL41OK Yeah I saw that, you might be right, but then again, how can you be sure that is what is happening, and it it's not a hologram? Is there a movie showing how that actually works? How is it that propellers are spinning exactly 29 FPS? You should still see a shimmer I would think. But you may be right, I will not say I know about this for sure. Also as you could see it showed up in the viewfinder, and if say I had the shutter speed at 60 FPS, would I have seen them frozen like that in the viewfinder, but the footage would have shown them moving? I think there is room to question the matching shutter speed theory here, but show me an analysis movie if there is one.

  • Tory mcEvoy
    Tory mcEvoy Year ago +13

    That is a freakin "HOLOGRAM!" I was at first going to say drone, but I believe you are right in your descriptions. Wow! Interesting!

  • Knight of Judah
    Knight of Judah Year ago +3

    WOW...more bogus shit! good footage friend ! hang in there, we will come out on top

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