Life is not a Job Training Program

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  • There were so many very good questions I didn't answer in this video, both specific and broad. What many of them come down to is, "Is college worth the money" or "I feel like I'm being eaten alive by my student loans and I don't know if it was worth it."

    The short answers is that, on average, college is very worth it:

    The long answer is that, as college gets more expensive, it becomes /less likely/ to be worth it every year. Which is why college needs to stop getting more expensive. And the only way that happens is if everyone gets a lot more price selective when picking schools.

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    Why is College So Expensive:

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  • Carolina Jiménez Rodríguez

    I still got two years until I have to decide a career, yet I am already struggling. I love sociology and I would like to major on that. Yet, I am sure job oportunities for a sociology degree are not nearly as good as with engineering and medical graduates. I know that not everything revolves around jobs and money, but I am scared.

  • My Valley
    My Valley 6 hours ago

    In my country, Mexico, you have the right to a free college education. If you wanna go to a private university you can do it, but that's up to you; no one forces you to pay for your education, there's no need to pay a tuition. In fact, the best 2 universities of the entire country are public. I'm a proud student of one of those universities and the education I receive is just as good (if not better) than any private school in the country.

  • hahaudieddumb
    hahaudieddumb 21 hour ago

    Hank's reaction to Pat was adorable...

  • gitadine
    gitadine Day ago

    PATRICK ROTHFUSS I'M DYING (his books are great though wow)

  • gitadine
    gitadine Day ago

    PATRICK ROTHFUSS I'M DYING (his books are great though wow)

  • Heloisa Ikeda
    Heloisa Ikeda Day ago

    I want one of those posters!

  • Shelley Johnson
    Shelley Johnson Day ago

    Why does every single one of your videos end in you trying to sell me things?

  • ᴶᴼᴺ Drinks Water 💦

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology costs $44,720 a year. (for in state tuition)
    For a four year program is $178,880 (assuming they don't increase costs, which it's almost guaranteed they will)
    And average plasma donation will get you about $35 (without subtracting the transportation costs to get there)
    $178,880 divided by $35 is about 5,111 plasma donations.
    You can donate twice a week. so about 49.1 years of donating twice a week to pay for engineering school.

  • hacott102
    hacott102 2 days ago

    Did anyone at first glance think that the need fighter crests were pretzels? Nope, just me? ok.

  • Millen Kanabar
    Millen Kanabar 3 days ago

    Anybody else thought that the plasma to be sold was actually ionised gas?

  • Justine Ravenclaw
    Justine Ravenclaw 3 days ago

    Yes, Life is NOT a job training program and as a young person I would love to hear more people say that and more people sharing this video with the people around them. University should be more about education and character growth than how much money you are going to get back. Don't get me wrong, job prospects after university is important but not everything.

  • arklowrockz
    arklowrockz 3 days ago

    At 1:50. That is why I like Vlogbrothers so much, when John or Hank comes out with a nugget like that! \m/

  • RavenclawSam
    RavenclawSam 3 days ago

    I'm not saying Crash Course Anthropology, but Crash Course Anthropology.

    And can we PLEEEEEEAASSE (pwetty pwetty please) have Hank host it?

  • AllisArcadia
    AllisArcadia 3 days ago


  • chriserony
    chriserony 3 days ago

    Seriously, Anthropology answered and validated so many things that I thought about people and recent events. (Global Warming, Down Syndrome​, Evolution, etc.) I left that class feeling less ignorant than ever. If majoring in Anthropology and trying to get a job didn't put me back in Business (and this you might as well just get a business degree) I would be an anthropologist and try to make all Americans a little less ignorant.

  • MacaSkys
    MacaSkys 4 days ago

    I remember when I watched a video of Hank or John talking about if College was worthy.... and it is true... College is not need... it is worthy because it helps you out to do better stuff and make you a better person for you and society. And today, I am graduated.... from art school and I am looking for a job right now... and sadly, the whole ¨is College worthy¨ thing is coming back to me when I send my cv to maybe my next boss... but hell... I am happy, I learned a lot, I met so many amazing artist and friends, I am a better person I think... life is good in some point

  • Jennifer Collins
    Jennifer Collins 4 days ago

    I know there are other countries that have it even better, but this video makes me SO GRATEFUL to live in Canada. I just got my bill for my second year of university and it's $8415. For the whole year. And I only have to actually pay back about half of that. Less if I get scholarships.

  • Erin Muth
    Erin Muth 4 days ago

    I find it ironic that you are encouraging us to buy a poster that says "Why buy anything else when you could be buying books?"

  • Ellen Liu
    Ellen Liu 4 days ago

    Vlogbrothers and some other channels disappeared from my subscribe list last week wtf YouTube

  • Mirri
    Mirri 4 days ago

    I love this video sm

  • SA N
    SA N 4 days ago

    *ironically having to buy a poster about not buying anything but books*

  • MyHandsAreStuck
    MyHandsAreStuck 4 days ago

    I'm so nervous for my first day of high school. it's like 18 days away. luckily i got a nerdfighter backpack to help me out

  • Elizabeth Aman
    Elizabeth Aman 4 days ago

    Here's the real question: where did you get your Narnia map? I'm very jealous.

  • SemenDemon
    SemenDemon 4 days ago

    Why do the brothers say hello to each other in the intro? new to the channel btw

  • Eter Wael
    Eter Wael 5 days ago

    Doesnt matter what you will study and no one cares about skills... the point is to become a tax payer and finance the rich and their wars

  • D.J. Pierce
    D.J. Pierce 5 days ago

    This is amazing. You're amazing. Vlogbrothers is amazing. Thank you so much.

  • Natasha Mazumdar
    Natasha Mazumdar 5 days ago

    S/O to mah anthropologists!

  • mirandatwodots
    mirandatwodots 5 days ago

    YES ANTHROPOLOGY changed my life too

  • DylanTheDramatic
    DylanTheDramatic 5 days ago


  • James Beech
    James Beech 5 days ago

    Oh Pat Rothfuss, you so silly...

  • ajko000
    ajko000 5 days ago

    I feel like the concept of education/learning is more important than the notion of college/university. The only issue is institutions/workplaces only recognize a sticker that says you paid a lot of money and passed a test that sometimes has nothing to do with or doesn't help you learn more/better and quite often is not a proper representation of what was learned and retained. Learning however is something that should constantly be done for the reasons stated in this video, in this day and age it's easier than ever to get (minus the social experience) what you can from college online. I work in IT, and the fact that most jobs in this field do not require/are simply supplemented with a "formal higher education" shows how non-compulsory it really is. What we learn in college might be stuff we went there for, we might just not see this in our marks. Sometimes we learn stuff we didn't plan to learn there, sometimes it's just a messy soup of "I needa find my way because I live in a constant state of anxiety because I don't know what I'm doing". Honestly the environment of the classroom in college/universities I find incredibly hard to actually learn in, I need to engage with the teacher/classmates and actually experience/discuss what is being taught. Listening to constant lectures just makes me numb to anything else being taught.

  • ek1coolartist
    ek1coolartist 5 days ago

    Posters in frames definitely equals "classy" - one of the first things I did when I was in college and had moved out of the dorms was by frames for my posters (some of which I still have in my now true adulting home)

  • Oliver Berner
    Oliver Berner 5 days ago

    "More (inspiring) truth when it ("journalism was dying"), before the latter 2-3(?) year transition process and govermental selfcensored content propaganda. . Low quality A.i. created content, fake news, disruptive technologies, troubled IT systems, Hacks and psychogenic pain coding and other things made "me" stop reading."

    It's the same with TV, nice classic movies (like face off. .) but the outlet wow, such a downturn. And smart tv realtime surveillence , with disruptive bugs. Selling of user history, without consent.

    All platform (u.i) revisal down into sewer system. With less quality accessible and recommended content. With specific questionable advertising and disruptive censoring. Increased risk usage, and changed group mentality. Strange app, game and system development. Talk about breaking the internet, trust and (h/)cracking democracy. Who would like to study and work for them honestly, without the benefits that comes with selling out or going to (" blackprojects ""offshore"").

    "I" mean like look at YouTube's alleged creator's depression syndrome. Now maybe under censoring efforts." Guess many would have payed for the service, of better (helpful) algorithms."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 5 days ago

      "But now you also know why "standard" park benches "(generally)" aren't designed to be "ergonomic and/or comfortable."As with "bars, restaurants, social/dating. . . services, gyms, study halls, conventions" to be concluded as "many a things."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 5 days ago

      "But soon off the network, "count the days. ." that soon "i", be gone if considered to have been. An annoyance. As if "I" could ever influence such a change in your stable, nature."Relief. . ." Then if reapplying to. ."Vr", he'll *hell "think twice", "improv ""hurts"" too much, over time." But if structure changes, for individuals or collectively continue down that path. . "I" doubt any one will use the services by their own free choice."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 5 days ago

      "I guess I would be (?)a couple of millions. . plus by now if it actually delivered on "its progressional promise."With or without some biasness." But (?)socialism of the progressional hippies, (pragmatic optimisers) and tyrannical good is unmatched."From an objective standpoint in regards to a positive outcome."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 5 days ago

      "Not a training program, is it possible that life and the exonom7c *exon *economic system isn't built for this type of capitalism since it collapses on a ten year interval, now. Third times, the charm they say."Unless it's covered up."

  • sniffthecactus duh
    sniffthecactus duh 5 days ago

    I'm just surprised that you can sell plasma??? As far as I know in Belgium, it is more of a volunteering thing...

  • Bia Ripardo
    Bia Ripardo 5 days ago

    I'm so glad that I get the chance to watch you guys, even though I'm in this faaar away trapical land called Brazil! Thanks soo much, Mrs. Internet!
    I love you guys, please send a hello to us, the hue hue hue br br br people, and keep not forgetting of being awesome, you're doing an amazing job!

  • Lewis Harbo
    Lewis Harbo 5 days ago

    i love your sweater.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 5 days ago +1

    Patrick rothfuss is who wrote the "collage" question, obviously in Jest- he is my favorite author (sorry john).
    I love that my favorite author follows my favorite youtube channel.
    (I wonder if Hank knows who he is?)

    • Krazy Leprechaun
      Krazy Leprechaun 5 days ago

      I really wanted to find a comment about the collage question. I'd really like to know the answer but I'm not sure I care enough to google it. I didn't know he was an author but I think Hank would know.

  • Cassandra Carpenter
    Cassandra Carpenter 6 days ago

    Thanks Hank, I really needed to hear that

  • LibbyLou102
    LibbyLou102 6 days ago


  • lame ghost
    lame ghost 6 days ago

    why would i buy that poster when i could buy books

  • Lisa Moya
    Lisa Moya 6 days ago

    Okay personal gripe a'coming. You are forewarned. Obviously Hank is speaking in generalizations and is not working in specificities, and I don't think he's wholly wrong, however as someone who went to college to become a teacher and then became a teacher, I always feel a bit frustrated with the hierarchy of college experience. Going to school to explore potential interests and gather skills while wool gathering is frequently treated as infinitely superior than going with a goal set in connection with a career. E.g. nursing, teaching, marketing, etc. Did I learn many, many things along the way? Yes, yes I did. Did I become a much better, more well rounded, more broadly minded person? Yep! But I respectfully disagree with the concept that college is universally about an individual exploring themselves and their passions. For one thing, it can be a bit exclusionary to those who cannot afford a four-year degree unless they connect that degree to specific career goals to help pay off the massive amount of student loan debt they will undoubtedly acquire. For another, it can also lead to the kind of hierarchy of interests and careers that leads people to say, "Why are you 'just' a teacher? You're so smart."
    TL;DR If you're out there, ready to start college with a major picked out and a ppst-grad plan, like I was, it is also okay. If not, also also okay. :) Phew. Lotta typing. Gripe over.

  • Joelle A-B.
    Joelle A-B. 6 days ago

    Wait... did yoiu go to Eckerd? My brother went to Eckerd....

  • Lindsay K
    Lindsay K 6 days ago

    mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Dana Harvey
    Dana Harvey 6 days ago

    My question made it into the video! No, it didn't get answered, and yes, I had to slow it down to make sure it was mine, but it was in there...for like .1 seconds! Woot!

  • Peyton
    Peyton 6 days ago

    Journalism is 100% dying. The industries of film-making, writing and music are also dying as well.

  • MrPobre900
    MrPobre900 6 days ago

    I did it! I watched all Vlogbrothers videos!

  • seasong
    seasong 6 days ago

    I'm kinda glad that in my country the whole degree cost about 1/4th of what hank paid for one year 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Ferguson
    Joshua Ferguson 6 days ago

    Can I have your sweatshirt hank?

  • Katilyn Kirkman
    Katilyn Kirkman 6 days ago

    Whoo win for anthropology!

  • Hugh Mitchell
    Hugh Mitchell 6 days ago

    Gotta say, strongly disagree with your answer to the passion vs. financial security quandary.

    Do we really not know what skills are going to be useful in the future? At all? 1000 years into the future, sure, but if we're taking just our lifetimes then there are definitely some safer bets than others.

    Chemical engineering, software engineering, computer science, medicine, law, accountancy and finance - these are all very very good bets compared with say music, dance, art or drama. And for obvious reasons.

    Do the financially secure thing. Keep the passion as a hobby. Otherwise you'll get into debt that you can't repay and that will turn into regret and resentment for your degree. Plus, you'll probably find that the 'boring' thing is actually not boring at all when you get to really understand it.

    KMYRED 6 days ago

    Framing a poster definitely elicits, "Who is this classy dude?" Spot on, Hank.

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor 6 days ago

    selling blood for college? better to just do porn lol... sadly. Could be a webcam person :P

  • Marwa Abdeen
    Marwa Abdeen 6 days ago

    i want ur shirt.

  • emmalinakelly
    emmalinakelly 6 days ago

    For the people wondering if its worth going to university for the high cost: maybe consider looking into some european universities? many teach in english and tuition is much lower if not completely free :)

  • Isabella Rollin
    Isabella Rollin 7 days ago

    What's up with his shirt

  • sconemountain
    sconemountain 7 days ago

    "We are on Earth to solve problems for ourselves and for other people" - This is a really good reminder. I graduated from a fancy university 5 years ago. Since then I've been working in a relatively interesting field & have been doing okay for myself in terms of Adulthood... but I still constantly fret over what I'm doing and what I SHOULD be doing.

    For the past couple years I've been trying to figure out what to do next, what will look good on my resume, what will make my college degree worth it, and frankly nothing has felt all that exciting or compelling to me... but I think I've been asking the wrong questions, because the goal isn't to build an enviable career path... if anything, it's about solving meaningful problems and trying to make the world a little better than it was before. That is something I tend to forget in my post-grad haze of doubt and anxiety.

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 7 days ago

    "Your mom goes to college" 😂😂😂😂 gosh you and your brother are 2 of my favorite humans in existence

  • Thessarabian
    Thessarabian 7 days ago

    For the passion vs. practical person- right now the "practical" thing would be to go through an apprenticeship or similar training program, get a job doing that, and go to college for your passion while you're working. We may not know what college degrees are practical, but so far we haven't found a way to replace beauticians, plumbers, auto mechanics, etc. so if you do something like that you're more likely to have a job to fall back on.

  • Mary Tjeerdsma
    Mary Tjeerdsma 7 days ago

    Thank you, Hank.

  • Pamela Barclay
    Pamela Barclay 7 days ago

    LIFE IS NOT A JOB TRAINING PROGRAM! This can't be said enough. Of course you need to figure out ways to make money (higher education being one way--but not the only way) but it is only a part of life. Try to have an overview. Question every assumption and expectation.

  • diana rodriguez espinosa

    Hate to disagree but, college kinda IS a job training program. You are supposed to be learning stuff that will help you get or create jobs.

  • Samantha Yobs
    Samantha Yobs 7 days ago


  • Hagindas
    Hagindas 7 days ago

    My move in day is a week form today :)

  • Danielle Bletso
    Danielle Bletso 7 days ago

    How did I never know that Hank went to Eckerd College?! I went to St. Leo University, which is an equally unknown university in Florida, but they just happen to be in the same conference for volleyball. I have been there so many times and never knew!!

  • WillTheProdigy
    WillTheProdigy 7 days ago

    I see college as job training.

  • aggrocrow
    aggrocrow 7 days ago +1

    My 2 Cents: I've been out of college and working for 9 years. With very few exceptions (things like medical science), what I've seen is that the content of your degree matters not even a tiny bit. What matters is (1) that you *have* a degree, which is arbitrary and unfair but how it is, and (b) that you have practical experience. That second part is almost always way, way more important to HR and hiring managers. So even if you get a degree in Obscure Interpretive Dance Methods, get an internship in your desired field EVERY SINGLE SUMMER BREAK. That's the real secret magic to employment success. I didn't and struggled to find work (I'm now 31), but I work alongside 20-year-olds who had awesome internships. DO THAT THING.

  • Joon Lee
    Joon Lee 7 days ago

    I have been international students for seven years. It has been rough and good at the same time. Now, I am a senior I'm high school, looking a college. Fun time, ye? I got 1520 in SAT and 4.0 GPA. Still, due to tepid financial situation, I don't know where I will be able to go. Maybe I have to go back to my home country, which I want to avoid. If you are having the same or aleast congenial problem, l wanna know how you are going through this. Peace guys.

  • Rokoman
    Rokoman 7 days ago

    You can never be sure what kind of field of study will get you a job in said field but most people can work out that an e.g. Engineering degree is more likely to lead to a job in engineering than sociology to lead to a job within social sciences.

    But just cos you didn't stick to the same field after leaving university it doesn't mean your time there wasn't worthwhile both in terms of your career and you personal growth.

    When I had a job advising prospective student I always told them "Yes go for something that will let you get a job in a given field, but if you don't like the subject to begin then what's the point?"

  • Cod Father
    Cod Father 7 days ago +1

    I want to move away from my parents when I get to university

  • Traore Abdoulaye
    Traore Abdoulaye 7 days ago

    Hello how are you my buddy there are some new at home

  • strawberryoes
    strawberryoes 7 days ago

    the nerdfighter logo on the bag looks like a pretzel and i am ok with that

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 7 days ago

    College scholarships are a joke. Take UCSD and Cal State San Marcos, for instance. CSUSM costs only $8,000 a semester. But then UCSD costs $32,000 a semester, which is four times higher than the former. I was practically forced to go to the state college because 1) I'm not black/Asian/a minority and 2) I'm not a female and also 3) I'm not dirt poor. I didn't think taking out a loan of over $32,000 was a good idea because minimum wage isn't even high enough to pay for interest. That was the only factor for me and I see students left and right somehow managing to pay even higher tuitions. Oh and I couldn't get a scholarship because 5) I'm not a genius/I don't have above average intellect/I'm not a prodigy. And if you've read this far, you probably think I'm some white male middle-class millennial, and you'd be correct! Where's the special white man treatment I'm supposed to be getting? Liberals? Oh that's right... It's 2017. The only special treatment is for special snowflakes, apparently. I practically need to be a mexican/black/prodigy/genius/workaholic in order to even qualify for any of the scholarships or dare I say, entitlements. How come poor blackie from the "hood" gets a free ride to institutions like UCLA just for being poor and black, but then white people practically need to do something extreme like start a successful business/win a national science fair/win an international karate tournament/become an Olympic athlete/etc. in order to receive the same free ride to the same institution? Does that sound fair?

  • shaopow
    shaopow 7 days ago

    love your sweatshirt too

  • Im at work right now
    Im at work right now 8 days ago +1

    Why buy that poster if you can buy books?

  • Emily L
    Emily L 8 days ago

    In re: choosing majors, I think it's actually ideal to be as interdisciplinary as possible. Many schools allow you to double major, or have a major and a couple minors, in which case you can study both your passion and a "financially stable" field. As you say, college is about the acquisition of skills, so why not acquire a skill set that's diverse?

  • Chris Hanson
    Chris Hanson 8 days ago

    If your major ends in *ology, *story, arts or chose poorly.

  • corrda1993
    corrda1993 8 days ago


    add that to things I wish I learned in college.

  • alexishasmysocks
    alexishasmysocks 8 days ago

    That sweatshirt looks like the dare logo. Is that in purpose?

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham 8 days ago

    "We are not on Earth to get jobs". I think Hank has said it all. From his viewpoint, several million dollars in the bank due to hard work producing videos, people shouldn't have to work for a pay check to survive, they should just try to solve other peoples problems and the money will take care of itself. What wonderful wisdom. (and then he plugs nerd fighter gear you can buy from him)

  • Landing Gear
    Landing Gear 8 days ago

    Why giraffes and not llamas? An equally long-necked quadruped that is so expressly told to be frenched

  • juststeveschannel
    juststeveschannel 8 days ago

    Well, I'm not going back through 1000+ comments to check, but probably it's already been pointed out that Hank needs to work on his marketing skills. I mean, trying to sell a backpack, clothing, and posters, he holds up a poster that reads "Why buy anything else when you could be buying BOOKS?"

  • Anand Vardhan
    Anand Vardhan 8 days ago

    Thanks for the video Hank.

  • Hannah Overton
    Hannah Overton 8 days ago

    I 1000% need that hoodie. I was admiring it the whole video before you said anything about it.

  • Father Dewitt
    Father Dewitt 8 days ago

    Please stop paying YouTube to promote your fucking video you sacks of shit

  • Kev
    Kev 8 days ago

    You kind of dodged the passion vs lucrative question there. There are degrees that are more or less guaranteed to pay you back, compared to most other degrees. It's a world of difference between majoring in psychology or women's studies and, say, something like computer science.

  • Yaume Lepire
    Yaume Lepire 8 days ago

    2:00, By the way, when's "Crash Course: Anthropology" coming? I can't wait to learn...

  • Nicole Karem
    Nicole Karem 8 days ago

    I love that your favorite class was Anthro! That's my major and I did a literal happy dance when you answered that question lol

  • skatergurljubulee
    skatergurljubulee 8 days ago

    Go local so you won't be in debt until you die! And go STEM.

  • Sarah Kuzell
    Sarah Kuzell 8 days ago

    5 stars*****

  • Faith Cantrell
    Faith Cantrell 8 days ago

    Thank you, Hank, for being real but not making this video stressful... I'm a senior this year and all of this stuff just about wants to kill me.

  • No 1 Shaniac
    No 1 Shaniac 8 days ago

    "What?! Who is this class dude?" Lol!

  • Sofia Types
    Sofia Types 8 days ago

    When I was an exchange student in the U.S. my civics teacher said that 'college is supposed to be expensive or else everyone can afford it'. When I asked him why college shouldn't be affordable for everyone he said that 'if everyone gets a college degree it won't be worth anything anymore', but I don't think that's how it's supposed to work. The amount of money you have shouldn't be a factor. I'm from Sweden and here college is tuition free, but still, not everyone goes to college. Some people are just not up for it, others don't need to go to get the job they want, and so on. And the only factor that decides if you can go to college or not is your grades. If you have good grades you can get into any college, but if you have poor grades your choices might be limited.

  • Laura Eye
    Laura Eye 8 days ago

    I will be a college freshman in a week from tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you for this video I'm so scared.

  • Angelo Perri
    Angelo Perri 8 days ago

    If you guys need help with college, join the U.S military. Simple.

  • Morgan G.
    Morgan G. 8 days ago

    As someone who is leaving for college for the first time in ten days, this made me feel much better and less anxious about it, especially the ones about the distance from family and the major. Thank you

  • kristin
    kristin 8 days ago

    the nerdfighter crests look like pretzels

  • EElectric_M
    EElectric_M 8 days ago

    College is a scam

  • Kate Berger
    Kate Berger 8 days ago

    I graduated college a few years ago and grad school is a long way off....but damn do I want that backpack

  • Matthew Herndon
    Matthew Herndon 8 days ago

    I'm headed to college at the end of the month, actually. This video could not have had more perfect timing.

  • Fu Talks
    Fu Talks 8 days ago

    Hear, hear!

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