The Best Of Vocal Deep House Chill Out Music 2015 (2 Hour Mixed By Regard ) #1

  • Added:  2 years ago
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  • EntertainmentEntertainment
  • Runtime: 2:4:04
  • House Music (Musical Genre)  Deep House (Musical Genre)  Mix  Dance  Remix  Midnight  Club Mix  Best  Out  Friend  Moments  Disco  Disco (Film)  Vocal  Feat  Anime Mix  Best Friend  Ever  la belle musique  XYP (Musical Group)  

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  • jojo aa
    jojo aa 19 hours ago


  • Mustafa Toprak
    Mustafa Toprak Day ago +1

    1.26 da çaln şarkıyı bilen varmı arkadaşlar

  • Ximena Mancilla
    Ximena Mancilla Day ago

    Quiero ir al W por un trago

  • DJ murilinho Som e Luz
    DJ murilinho Som e Luz 2 days ago +1

    top top top maravilha parabéns

  • Naveen Putta
    Naveen Putta 3 days ago

    why is this set not famous enough?!!!

  • bobbie oob
    bobbie oob 3 days ago

    💕: ) (((👍)))

  • Firoz Kabir
    Firoz Kabir 4 days ago +1

    wow excellent song

  • Josué Velarde
    Josué Velarde 4 days ago

    Excelente , excelente , excelente ! ! !

  • M.N.L.
    M.N.L. 4 days ago

    Is the best song, god, is awesome!!!!

    BLOODRAVENS!! 4 days ago


  • أنت ولد Al
    أنت ولد Al 4 days ago

    Hoop hoop hoop

  • allawi alsabbar
    allawi alsabbar 5 days ago

    I love it

  • Vitana avb
    Vitana avb 7 days ago

    Супер классный сборник..... спасибо Вам....

  • Krishna Arancibia
    Krishna Arancibia 7 days ago

    no entiendo nada de lo que dicen ingleses culiaos

  • Shem Jones
    Shem Jones 8 days ago

    Lovely mix!! Complementing my evening in front of the fire with few beers 👆🏻☝🏻

    PATRICIA ARAUZ 9 days ago

    Gente hermosa❤👏Suscribanse a mi propio canal en el otro Se llama amo la musica electrónica los invito a que pasen a mi canal tengo muchos vídeos de electrónica y ponen la campanita si les gusto mis videos

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez 9 days ago

    Connie lugo

  • Antyon M7chouis
    Antyon M7chouis 9 days ago

    Out my head on the mdma it's 5 am last one awake all I can say is I'm bobbing my head like a madman

  • ДЕТИ и РОДиТЕЛи シ семья онЛАЙн Арина и Никита

    *Украине тоже нравится*

  • Ismael Mercado Carrillo

    Me gusta! !!!

  • Ismael Mercado Carrillo

    Muy buena música!!!!

  • Ousmane Ba Ba
    Ousmane Ba Ba 12 days ago

    J'aime beaucoup

  • pitt nyul
    pitt nyul 15 days ago



    Wow My dancing and my wonderful songs 😆👍💓 funny lol Deejays super Good Dance 👏👌😍😗

  • Flavie DB
    Flavie DB 16 days ago


  • Alec Aguillon
    Alec Aguillon 18 days ago

    Greatest playlist !

  • Никита Огий
    Никита Огий 19 days ago

    it seems like it is bar Rafaeli , Israeli fashion model on the frame

  • Никита Огий
    Никита Огий 19 days ago

    most wonderful set that I have listen ever ,like like like!!!!!

  • Mr 3
    Mr 3 22 days ago

    House battle mix song

  • Mohammad Mjalli
    Mohammad Mjalli 22 days ago

    where can i find this wallpaper O.o

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 22 days ago

    she did lol

  • 1103MusikGermany
    1103MusikGermany 22 days ago

    sound is nice

  • Andrew Chantrey
    Andrew Chantrey 22 days ago

    Listening to this in 2017, this really chills me out and helps me get through Uni and if I'm having a tough day at's a good mix 😀

  • James Buccelli
    James Buccelli 22 days ago +1


    TFC ROD BELL 22 days ago


  • noe carvalho
    noe carvalho 23 days ago

    Pura inspiração!

  • 0 1 6 1 manny on the map


  • Levente Kiraly
    Levente Kiraly 23 days ago

    1:CTRL + U
    2:CTRL + F

  • María Del Carmen Narvaéz!!

    the best music

  • 나주연
    나주연 23 days ago

    이건 무슨 노래인가요?????

  • Wellington Lopes
    Wellington Lopes 24 days ago +1

    algum Brasileiro ai presente que tambem curte...
    Deixe seu Like para representarmos o BR

  • // SweFist Clan Team VD Mikael Schultzberg

    Nice nice nice......
    & Love This new - older remixes...

    GREAT JOB !!!!
    / SweFist Clan Team , Global Offensive EA - SPORT
    Super Visior..

  • Royal Deep House
    Royal Deep House 25 days ago


  • mira takagi
    mira takagi 25 days ago

    2時間04分02秒の間のボーカル・ディープ・ハウス・チル・アウトは歌は元よりリズムとメロディーが好きです(私のガイドラインに一致します・ディレッタント・TS・評論家・TS)尚コメントの中に音楽や映画関係の専門用語を含んでいます。ミキシング・一部の曲のマルチトラック・レコーディング・曲と曲の間の無音部分カットテクニックが素晴らしいですね又ビデオクリップの素敵なフェースラインの上目遣いの表情と格好が何とも言えませんね尚素敵な肩出し衣装の色がグリーン・オリーブグリーンの場合は・安心・安全・リラックス・リフレッシュ・安らぎ・調和・協調性・バランス・ハートの真実・方向性・決断力・再生・スペース・女性的リーダーシップ・全ての色には意味があります。動画の題名はボーカル・ディープ・ハウス・チル・アウト・ミュージック2015(2時間Mixed By Regard)#1

  • DeadZone33
    DeadZone33 26 days ago

    ke guena muzica xdxd

  • Влад Котельник

    залупа, но качает

  • Mario Finanziere
    Mario Finanziere 27 days ago

    Come with me on this journey of respect for all living things
    Control those that harm us
    Free those who teach us
    Together we are one when
    Love conquers all ❤️

  • Oscar Uriel Barron Olivo

    esta muy buena

  • hurr burrr
    hurr burrr 28 days ago

    just dance 1:05:00

  • Nada Komelj
    Nada Komelj 29 days ago


  • ferdi kaptan
    ferdi kaptan 29 days ago

    broova broova broova mıchael jackson wonderfull mıx

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 29 days ago

    Kinky movement 'show me', sic as fuck tune

  • hurr burrr
    hurr burrr 29 days ago

    stranger 33:00

  • hurr burrr
    hurr burrr 29 days ago

    the music at 22:00

  • Espen Abusdal
    Espen Abusdal Month ago

    'Overflow Error' by Oh Yeah(c)2017 by EEA from Object Design Joh.:Trilled Cannonball:

    Say That we Should Alway's Get a Line Or Two,
    into this way if we were to Make mistake's,
    so under Grand beneath You Indian's Shrunken Head's,
    way's like my opened Ever Ever Never Since,
    not like this Beat of Poem's Ever Ever Since.

  • Espen Abusdal
    Espen Abusdal Month ago

    It Depend's on the Contains of Any Menu.

  • Massimiliano Bosco dj

    Love it 😁👍

  • Lori A
    Lori A Month ago

    Love hearing Michael at 32:08. Stranger in Moscow - Michael Jackson (Anton Ishutin remix)


    Buen track csm!! Believe In Me - Lenny Kravitz (Andrey Keyton, Ramis Remix)

  • Imad Kebbati
    Imad Kebbati Month ago


  • david quilet
    david quilet Month ago +1

    superbe musique merci

  • Espen Abusdal
    Espen Abusdal Month ago +1

    For Regard:'By The Time You Get a Round into You'r Heaven Sky,..time show's all our way's are Don't Know Why,..'

  • Espen Abusdal
    Espen Abusdal Month ago

    Please act Humble for Regard's PFI

  • Nevzat düzel
    Nevzat düzel Month ago


  • english_ili
    english_ili Month ago

    good job !

  • Никита Огий


  • James Barratt
    James Barratt Month ago

    Nice mix

  • Mvtthijs
    Mvtthijs Month ago

    This man made dollars out of this vieuws ! rofl

  • E A
    E A Month ago

    Vocal deep house chillout remix " plays losing my religion stupid mix" .... not gonna bother listning the other traxks

  • fatih özdemir
    fatih özdemir Month ago


  • Justyna Dymowska
    Justyna Dymowska Month ago


  • trevor ncube
    trevor ncube Month ago

    sex sells

  • Florian Kochinke
    Florian Kochinke Month ago


  • Levent Solmaz
    Levent Solmaz Month ago

    TRACK's : PERFECT , MİX : %100 BAD

  • ArmRetroTube
    ArmRetroTube Month ago +1

    !!! Bom Ba !!! !!! 💙+❤️+💛+💚 !!! !!! Bom Ba !!!

  • Mixed Music
    Mixed Music Month ago

    Hey dude Nice video!, make sure too check out my channel too!😄

  • Radu Bogza
    Radu Bogza Month ago


  • Verano Dulce
    Verano Dulce Month ago


  • Hoover Agusto  Ruiz
    Hoover Agusto Ruiz Month ago

    Excelente música lo mejor para este veranito. para acompañar un buen guintonic 🍹🍹

  • Robert Davies
    Robert Davies Month ago


  • Просто Сашка

    Please say to me, what in 20:00 song?
    n1 track, really

  • Griimpa
    Griimpa Month ago

    Please Listen My New Track 🔥 Argentina

  • Daniel Irazabal
    Daniel Irazabal Month ago

    wow temazo !!!

  • Dawood Cader
    Dawood Cader Month ago

    How is it possible you have such a great ear? @DjRegard Official

  • Dawood Cader
    Dawood Cader Month ago

    Really thumbs up on your jams. Bless your soul fam! <3

  • Gustavo Rios
    Gustavo Rios Month ago

    a mi me gustó mucho de diez los remix

  • Frau Geheimrat
    Frau Geheimrat Month ago

    Einfach nur der Hammer , weltklasse abgemischt....I love it:-)

  • Alexandria Nicholas

    We do are model class with this mix it's awesome I been trying to find it and I finally found it this mix gets me so happy

  • valentina srpcanska

    I'm loving this mix-Thankyou !

  • Jules Lei
    Jules Lei Month ago


  • Agustin Perez
    Agustin Perez Month ago


  • Durmush OZDEMIR
    Durmush OZDEMIR Month ago


  • Bro Dabro
    Bro Dabro Month ago

    сам трэк перевод песни что означает.вот англиский не знаю

    PERFECT EVENTS Month ago


  • Leonid Toburokov
    Leonid Toburokov Month ago

    She looks like Dicaprio cheerings, but somewhat unhappy lol

  • jose ernesto TIKI justiniano

    Who's that Model !!!!! WTF

  • kpoolillanes
    kpoolillanes Month ago

    stay see 2015 is so much better than this

  • Leandro Cavalcante
    Leandro Cavalcante 2 months ago

    Is she that girl from How deep is your love ft. Calvin Harris?

  • Silvia Okaliova
    Silvia Okaliova 2 months ago

    tha exo oti mou xreiazetai...

  • Muhammad ichsan
    Muhammad ichsan 2 months ago +1


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