Poland Travel | 10 Best Places to Visit in Poland

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  • gregory kupicz
    gregory kupicz 3 days ago


  • Oscarevich
    Oscarevich 5 days ago +1

    It's embarrassing that the lektor did not learn how to properly pronounce city names

  • nolcia1982
    nolcia1982 6 days ago

    POLAND is Central not Eastern European country...

  • Row Meysh Gyawali
    Row Meysh Gyawali 7 days ago

    I like it polland country

  • Peter A
    Peter A 14 days ago

    Wtf is paaaalland...

  • mohd. didar Alam
    mohd. didar Alam 15 days ago

    I want visiting in Poland.

  • Kocham Alpaki
    Kocham Alpaki 15 days ago +1

    Lublin to dziura, Nie radz臋 odwiedzac;-)

  • marcindpol
    marcindpol 22 days ago +2

    Central European country!!!

  • Rebellion PL
    Rebellion PL 23 days ago +2

    Death Camps were German. Gulags were Russian.

  • Rebellion PL
    Rebellion PL 23 days ago

    Poland is in Central Europe..

  • Polishsquadron 303
    Polishsquadron 303 28 days ago

    And again Eastern European what is not true.Poland is Central Europe

  • Lots To Learn
    Lots To Learn Month ago

    Skiing at Zakopane.

  • Lots To Learn
    Lots To Learn Month ago

    & Sopot just north of Gdansk.

  • skiper 8998
    skiper 8998 Month ago

    hello guys Poland ist ok?

  • Violin Strings Aidan Vlogs

    What about Kielce?

  • Steve Hardman
    Steve Hardman Month ago

    to the great people of poland do not open your borders to migration keep your country GREAT AND SAFE馃憤馃憤馃憤

  • Deagu 92
    Deagu 92 Month ago

    Best video

  • lkeaboy
    lkeaboy Month ago

    12:30 Mistake. it's Piaskowa Ska艂a in Ojc贸w west from Krak贸w. Pretty place, forests, springs and calcium rocks.

  • Joanna Sroka
    Joanna Sroka Month ago

    Who cares if Lublin was home to jewish community...

  • SamsonB
    SamsonB Month ago +2

    Been to number 1, 3, 4 and 5, and will soon be going to number 2, Poland is a great country :-)

  • Pietrucha
    Pietrucha 2 months ago

    My country... so beautiful

  • Merri Cat
    Merri Cat 2 months ago

    okay I'm going to complain this computer voice is annoying and the comments about Poland being in Central Europe instead of Eastern Europe is getting a bit old. Yes I know it's in central Europe and people call it Eastern Europe

  • WEGO
    WEGO 2 months ago

    Anyone do metal detecting in Poland?

  • Katarzyna Strucinska
    Katarzyna Strucinska 2 months ago +2

    My beautiful country. So proud to be polish.

  • grzesieeeeeeeek
    grzesieeeeeeeek 2 months ago

    Germans nazi death camp...

  • Lynn Kunkel
    Lynn Kunkel 2 months ago

    Lousey robotic voice with awful pronunciation. Good vid

  • Ola Zwierzchowska
    Ola Zwierzchowska 2 months ago

    it's not bad but you want to show Tatra mountains without Tatra? What about ,,Morskie oko" ,,Giewont" ,,"Valley of Five Polish Lakes" it Tatra's, not only this waterfall...the same with another places...Gda艅sk without market square and Neptun. This film showes cool cities and places in Poland but a lot of the least cool parts of this places. The real top 10:
    1. Gda艅sk
    2. Tatra Mountains ( ,,Morskie oko" ,,Czarny Staw" ,,Giewont", ,,Valley of Five Polish Lake's",,Rysy"
    3. Wroc艂aw
    5. Krak贸w+jura krakowsko cz臋stochowska(the part of Poland with a lot of castles)
    6. Warsaw
    7. Masurian Lakes
    8. Bieszczady
    9. Toru艅
    10. Pozna艅 or Sandomierz

  • Lukasz Sleczkowski
    Lukasz Sleczkowski 2 months ago


  • You don't know me 'cause I don't know you

    How to piss of Pole?
    1 Buy anti - cringe shield
    2 Say that Poland is in Eastern Europe
    3 Ya're welcome

  • TAPP Channel
    TAPP Channel 2 months ago

    Nice video. I'll use it as an advice...

  • Wujas _
    Wujas _ 2 months ago +1

    Don't get fooled by this - poland is still a third world country. Visit
    us only if you're brave enough...and you have good life insurance.

    • Wujas _
      Wujas _ Month ago

      That's a good buuoy! Cry more you fat wanker :]

    • lkeaboy
      lkeaboy Month ago

      Wujas _ thanks, you are a nice faggot

    • Wujas _
      Wujas _ Month ago

      awww is gettn'hot'ne'here, buuoy!
      Cry more, you loser...I do allow you :]

    • lkeaboy
      lkeaboy Month ago

      Wujas _ eat a bag of dicks provocateur

  • Maciej Strapagiel
    Maciej Strapagiel 2 months ago +1

    POLAND IS LOCATED IN CENTRAL EUROPE !!! not eastern europe.. go back to school

  • Lunatic Fringe
    Lunatic Fringe 2 months ago +1

    How come they keep bringing up the jewish population...I never hear jewish people claiming they are Polish. Just make it about Polish people without interjecting the jewish thing every chance you get.

  • Kamil Tara
    Kamil Tara 2 months ago

    Warsaw bitch please, swap that with tatry

  • ScottStorm1
    ScottStorm1 3 months ago

    Fuck off with your computerised voice

  • Eve Gogola
    Eve Gogola 3 months ago

    THE COMPUTER can't pronounce the names correctly

  • danuta nowak
    danuta nowak 3 months ago

    I can't stand the music!!!!

  • Agula Anezka
    Agula Anezka 3 months ago +2

    Last castle is called Pieskowa Ska艂a , it's not in Krakow...

  • Lukas Ski
    Lukas Ski 3 months ago

    Polish national anthem playing in the background ?

  • Agnieszka Thingithu
    Agnieszka Thingithu 3 months ago +2

    Gdansk hasn`t been known as Danzig since the end of II world war.

  • Agnieszka Thingithu
    Agnieszka Thingithu 3 months ago +1

    Nice documentary , but unfortunately the pronunciation and accent of Polish names is atrocious.

  • _Oliwiersky_
    _Oliwiersky_ 3 months ago

    I Like Warszaw and Malbork

  • _Oliwiersky_
    _Oliwiersky_ 3 months ago

    Wow Wow Wow..... Akurat mieszkam w Malborku 馃榾馃槀馃槂

  • oliz6
    oliz6 3 months ago +11

    Who's from Poland? 馃槀

  • zazu102
    zazu102 3 months ago

    God protect against such people and such programs - want - supposedly promote Poland. Not this way

  • Leszek krzy偶owski
    Leszek krzy偶owski 3 months ago +1

    Ta kraina le偶y po 艣rodku!
    Jest pi臋kna i by si臋 przekona膰 trzeba w臋drowa膰 a nie byczy膰 si臋 w fotelu.

    • lkeaboy
      lkeaboy Month ago

      Leszek krzy偶owski wi臋c... 呕yjemy w 艢r贸dziemiu :D

  • Marta Kudyba
    Marta Kudyba 3 months ago +1

    a pile of confusing info with horrible pronunciation. A very annoying voice. Just terrible to watch... :(

  • Holy League 1683
    Holy League 1683 3 months ago

    This fake voice is freaking turn off. I boycott all the channels with robotic voices.

    • Gamesteri
      Gamesteri 3 months ago

      I agree, this is so damn annoying. I want to hear about all these cool places, yet the stupid, robotic voice is grabbing my attention instead.

  • Jacek Panczak
    Jacek Panczak 3 months ago

    It snows more in poland it even snows on THE end of april

  • MateuszMachla
    MateuszMachla 4 months ago +1

    its not warsaw is Warszawa

    • Roblox channel
      Roblox channel Month ago

      MateuszMachla I know English ppl say Warsaw but polish say Warsaw.

    • Laura Grande
      Laura Grande 3 months ago

      MateuszMachla Ale tak si臋 to m贸wi po Angielsku

  • Head full of ideas
    Head full of ideas 4 months ago

    Pi臋kna Polska!!!

  • Ilona Duda
    Ilona Duda 4 months ago

    Hmmm. .. Frederic Chopin was born in Zelazowa Wola not Warsaw

  • 闋呯洰娉㈣槶閬婃埐

    and Cz臋stochowa good place to visit

  • Polish Patriot
    Polish Patriot 4 months ago

    Poland is Central Europe but if you look at it in a polish prespective theres 2 sides western culture and eastern europian culture mixed together

  • jawkneekat
    jawkneekat 4 months ago

    I'm sure this video is on the 10 Best Robot Voices in Media list.

  • chaine :-)
    chaine :-) 4 months ago

    This country suffers actually the opinion of people describing it WITHOUT A GEOGRAPHICAL KNOWLEDGE OF CONTINENTS.....

  • Rawicz Rawa
    Rawicz Rawa 4 months ago +1

    horrible narration and pronunciation

  • sdia1
    sdia1 4 months ago +1

    why the fuck did u use Syri

  • Louis Paul Rutko
    Louis Paul Rutko 4 months ago +1


  • Fred Fact
    Fred Fact 4 months ago

    No mixed race messages please @12:45

  • Peter A
    Peter A 4 months ago

    it's Poland not Paaaalaaand

  • Krzysztof Neubauer
    Krzysztof Neubauer 4 months ago

    2:21 The roof is breathing:D

  • kara1127
    kara1127 4 months ago +1

    i cant stop laughing at the way the city names are pronounced in this oh my god jhgvcfdsdfdgf

  • Gerard Gruszczynski
    Gerard Gruszczynski 5 months ago

    Jak mo偶na pokaza膰 TPN i nie pokaza膰 pi臋kna naszych Polskich g贸r. A poza tym co krok podkre艣lanie 偶e to niemieckie ale 偶e wcze艣niej przed zaborami czy okupacj膮 by艂o polskie to cicho sza!

  • Dyna Blaster
    Dyna Blaster 5 months ago

    nazi is super race that came from Mars, took over fucking germans and started second world war

    just in case you were wondering

    • Dyna Blaster
      Dyna Blaster 5 months ago

      BTW: Another magical place to visit in Poland is Auschwitz Birkenau,
      a place where GERMANS, were killing subhumans and making handbags or soap out of them after. There was a bunch of other experiments there, but i don't want to bury your curiosity. You should see it, it's such fun :)
      sorry for my (who gives a fuck) english !

  • Doge DogeDoge
    Doge DogeDoge 5 months ago

    why u sound like google translate

  • mountainhobo
    mountainhobo 5 months ago

    To all those complaining bitterly in comments that it should be "Central Europe", not "Eastern Europe", I can tell you that no one gives a flying f# about Central Europe, no one even knows what the heck that is. Try to sell "Central European food" somewhere in the US. Good luck. On the other hand, "Eastern Europe" sounds romantic and exciting. Being located in Eastern Europe is good and could be used to attract tourists.

  • radioactiveXP
    radioactiveXP 5 months ago

    Is castrato speaking this ?

  • Andy Reasoner
    Andy Reasoner 5 months ago +2

    Let me correct: "Danzig" - it's German name of very old Polish city Gda艅sk. The only correct name is Gda艅sk! It would be rather strange if in the middle of Poland (strictly - middle of Polish Baltic coast) was 1 German city! It's relict of German historic policy and wars against Poland.

    • Tango Smurf'en
      Tango Smurf'en 4 months ago

      The correct name is Gdansk on Polish. A city may have another name on other languages.

  • Andy Reasoner
    Andy Reasoner 5 months ago +1

    I would add, Wroc艂aw in its beginning was strictly Polish city, being part of Great Duchy of Silesia, conquered by Prussia in XIX century during partitioning of Poland by Prussia, Russia and Austria at the same time - each of them was to weak to defeat Polish Kingdom Commonwealth - at that time large and rich country, although not so military powerful as during Golden Ages of Poland (e.g. winged hussars, 1683 Sobieski's Vienna Victory etc.). The ancient Polish territories reach even up to Berlin and eastern part of today' Germany - the proofs, beside artefact is DNA - haplogroup R1a1 typical for Poles/Sarmats/Aryans so Poland has close genetic connection with ancient Persia and part of India. Before Baptism (about 966) Poland was called Lechia having - as genetics proovs - about 7000 years. Until now there are some artefacts from the ancient history of Poland/Lechia, e.g. in Cracow I saw mounds of Wanda and Krak - probably thombs of ancient Queen and King of Lechia/Poland and some archeological researches tell that they have over 2500 years, so long before Baptism. The mounds are available for tourists.

  • Andy Reasoner
    Andy Reasoner 5 months ago +1

    In fact, as I've read the Malbork was ready when Teutonic Knights settled it - they wouldn't be able to build it so quickly in even 1 year being able to use it in reasonable time. So it was earlier Polish gothic castle only temporarily inhabited by the Teutonic Knights until the great battle between the Teutonic Order and the Kingdom of Polish in 1410. Teutonic Knights were defeated and Poland set free from them.

  • Janina Marte
    Janina Marte 5 months ago +1

    Horrible comments, not knowledge about Poland and its history, many mistakes. I saw in Poland much better places. Many shots are not necessary and not good. I wanted to share it on FB to show my friends how beautiful is Poland but not. I will try to find a better video. Go, go Poland! We should be proud of our country, its history, and beauty.

  • andrzej w.
    andrzej w. 5 months ago

    spieprzaj dziadu

  • Budy艅
    Budy艅 5 months ago

    Shitty pronunciation
    Shitty voice
    Shitty list
    Shitty music

    Shitty video

    Dislike :)

  • janusz Czaplicki
    janusz Czaplicki 5 months ago +1


    • Marcel Skorupka
      Marcel Skorupka 4 months ago


  • areees100
    areees100 5 months ago +5

    I like Gdansk & Wroclaw

  • Not a glory Supporter FM
    Not a glory Supporter FM 5 months ago +1

    LOL the pronunciation is terrible!!

  • Clitoris
    Clitoris 5 months ago +3

    Best cites in Poland
    Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Torun, Poznan
    Best places
    Karkonosze montain, Tatra Mountain, Bialowieza National Park, Mazury National Park

  • Martin Olczak
    Martin Olczak 6 months ago

    awesome i am pland! one sa聽 prawdziwe

  • Arturgg Banysgg
    Arturgg Banysgg 6 months ago +12

    polish people are not Jewis :I know that cause I was born in Poland and I am from poland

  • Maria de Lourdes da Silva

    Amei. S茫o lind铆ssimas cidades. Os Castelos s茫o muito bonitos e com cultura preservada. Belo document谩rio.

  • Sara .-.
    Sara .-. 6 months ago +1

    I was born in Toru艅 鉂わ笍

  • Sara .-.
    Sara .-. 6 months ago

    I was born in Toru艅 鉂わ笍

  • Eryk Siegie艅
    Eryk Siegie艅 6 months ago +3

    Allways nazis. Not Nazis from Mars, German Nazis !!!

  • jakepi jakepi
    jakepi jakepi 6 months ago +2

    Why would a tourist wish to spend good money to see any of the ovens at a prison camp? Polish travel leaders would do much better if they were to deemphasize these sites and direct the travelers to much better and much more interesting places within POLAND!

  • Lukasz Janisz
    Lukasz Janisz 6 months ago +54

    Wroclaw City was always Polish not only from 1945 idiots... and Warsaw was not destroyed (pretty much). Warsaw city was destroyed in more then 95% dumbass...

    • Ka Wu
      Ka Wu 2 months ago

      adam me Wroclaw was Polish from 10th to 14th century, next was Czech to 18th, next Prussian (from 1871 German) and from 1945 again Polish.

    • Nieuczesany
      Nieuczesany 2 months ago

      A co teraz zazdroscisz?
      PIekna jest Polska

    • adam me
      adam me 2 months ago

      Nothing really, but better would be to put it this way - 'Wroclaw used to be German city for about 6 centuries'. Germans weren't and are not native in this part of Europe!

    • Kluk Ztopolovky
      Kluk Ztopolovky 2 months ago

      The old architecture of Breslau couldn't be more German ,.What's wrong with admitting the fact that Breslau used to be a German city ?

    • Skull Master
      Skull Master 3 months ago

      dok艂adnie 610 lat

  • Anna
    Anna 6 months ago

    horrible musik :-(

  • mejdzer77
    mejdzer77 6 months ago +8


  • mejdzer77
    mejdzer77 6 months ago +3

    NAZI IS GERMANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERMANS

  • mejdzer77
    mejdzer77 6 months ago +12


    • mejdzer77
      mejdzer77 5 months ago

      so where are o from !!!!! i will tell you , what i think about

    • XFazernX
      XFazernX 5 months ago

      mejdzer77 I don't think it's beautiful. Maybe beacuse im in Jaworzno. Never visit Katowice or Jaworzno. Ugly as hell ( Im PL )

  • Florida*ARMY*VET
    Florida*ARMY*VET 6 months ago +29

    Best thing about Poland,no rapefugees

  • mountainhobo
    mountainhobo 6 months ago +1

    Advice -- if you want to attract tourists, stop talking about concentration camps.

  • jonpgh
    jonpgh 6 months ago

    The voice over sucks with poor pronunciation.

  • Karen Lee Marzak
    Karen Lee Marzak 6 months ago +1

    The computer voiceover has got to go. It wrecked everything. So lame.

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    Wiktoria Bochniak 7 months ago

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  • SureFor
    SureFor 7 months ago

    Prosz臋 Nas Polak贸w nie uto偶samia膰 z 呕ydami !

    • Cyma cymowski
      Cyma cymowski 6 months ago

      Obcokrajowcy na 100% ci臋 zrozumiej膮

  • Kavita Redkar
    Kavita Redkar 7 months ago +9

    Amazing,Beautiful video with effective commentary.Thanks.
    BEST Wishes from India.

  • Jorkan
    Jorkan 7 months ago +3

    It's not Bialowieza Forest, but BIA艁OWIE呕A. [I'm PL]

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