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  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow  5 months ago +55

    Damn! What do you think of this news?
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    • Ami
      Ami 3 months ago

      Shifty 117 my comment is not idiotic, you're idiot who didn't get just like most people.

    • Shifty 117
      Shifty 117 3 months ago

      Ami The most idiotic comment I have ever read...

    • Ami
      Ami 3 months ago

      sorry don't understand you, no english...No english
      mi amigo fukka u motha like doggy. so sister say si si si and girlfriend say gi gi gi aahh. lol

    • Ami
      Ami 3 months ago

      Christopher Wood whaaat ? naoma
      i fukkkkaa u mumma baad, dogy style muthafukka. lol
      take this in your english ass 🚩 then read it again n again if still you don't get it.
      try to take two more 🚩🚩. guaranteed you'll get. c ya mutha fukka 😃😃

  • GrimPacker
    GrimPacker Month ago

    12 and watching fucken alien and not getting scared lol

  • SestraAnka
    SestraAnka Month ago

    Cool video man, thanks! I think Covenant and Prometheus are garbage. If you need to find explanations for the movies in order to understand what the f.... was going on in the movie, that means the movie is shit. Period! Next alien movie = biggest garbage ever, trust me.

  • PrinceEvoLuTioN
    PrinceEvoLuTioN Month ago

    Yay gore!

  • Damian_ 07Plays
    Damian_ 07Plays 2 months ago

    Shaw isn't a alien, she's just infected from the goo

  • Miroljub Ilic
    Miroljub Ilic 2 months ago

    worst movie ever

  • Mohamed Shouky
    Mohamed Shouky 2 months ago

    shaw is a queen mother

  • Bart Borden
    Bart Borden 2 months ago

    very well presented, but droned on and on.... no real fact/ theory relating to Shaw's fate? yes I know it's all "fiction' but to us the true fans of the " alien" genre? disposition was lacking, and didn't answer the question? ... Shaw is Bad A** and what did she have in store for "our" engineers?

  • Andres Cadungog
    Andres Cadungog 2 months ago

    I'm confused right who designed the aliens in Alien Vs. Predator?

    • AcidGlow
      AcidGlow  2 months ago

  • Adrien Chenaf
    Adrien Chenaf 3 months ago +1

    I agree with you. David didn't use shaw for experiment, she probably mutated. Proto xenomorph needs human to evolve to final xenomorph. Since no final xenomorph exist before the convenant crew arrived, david didn't use shaw in his experiments.

    • iucidium1982
      iucidium1982 2 months ago

      +Adrien Chenaf​
      I did of course. *We probably see shaw dry on a table in the movie but doesn't mean david killed her. She was probably infected in prometheus.* You can tell what you think

      you obviously haven't watched it. David killed Shaw then used her to create the Xenomorphs we know now.

    • Adrien Chenaf
      Adrien Chenaf 2 months ago

      I did of course. We probably see shaw dry on a table in the movie but doesn't mean david killed her. She was probably infected in prometheus. You can tell what you think

    • iucidium1982
      iucidium1982 3 months ago

      Adrien Chenaf you need to watch the movie.

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated 3 months ago +1

    I got an ad for Alien Covenant right before the video started.

  • Jorge Montaño
    Jorge Montaño 3 months ago +1

    I get really frustrated with simple minded dorks complaining about not getting to see xenomorphs, zombies, monsters, etc in various series or movies, just enjoy a good storytelling you dull apes...

  • Ami
    Ami 3 months ago +2

    The movie has endless flaws and questions even i stopped counting it. This is the most idiotic and silly movie i have seen in last 5 years worst and stupid.
    1. make no sense how scientists stepped out unknown planet environment without taking any safety measures. " this is dumb"

    2. In the movie scientists swear at each other and use unprofessional language such as "sweet tits" while landing their space ship through life threatening condition. "Dumb thought"

    3. One of the pilot got emotional when he heard his wife got in trouble then he decided to take whole mother-ship closer to the planet without consent of other crew member. "dumb act unrealistic "

    4. The leader of the astronaut crew decided to change the destination planet and visit it to check just like some one found an island near to holiday beach and think it is interesting let's go there and relax for a day, like it is not colony mission more like evening walk around home. " super dumb"

    5. One of scientists she was taking samples of soils while her body guard who suppose to act professional, ethical and trained in knowledge as equal as other scientist traveling with him, in the movie he went to leak into the forest like he was leaking his grandma's backyard and playing with his cigi. " super dumb"

    6. walter confirmed in the movie that he's a next generation and better humanoid compared to all the last models in david league, but david which is inferior humanoid defeated new generation humanoid walter in every sense of physically, mentally and strategically capabilities, how can it be possible that iphone4 is faster and powerful than iphone6. "dumb"

    7. in the end David is so damn smart that in the movie within few seconds he decided to kill Walter, cut his own cheek so it looks real, chop his hand as walter, pretend like nothing happened when got into spaceship and also when he could kill the crew member which he wanted from the begging as he hate human race, why didn't save Alien as he wanted because he created let Alien life and let it die. "strange"

    8. in the movie David copied every single behavior of Walter and last alive crew members did not doubt on him.

    The movie makes no-sense at all. This is huge disappointment. redley scott you're done and finished. Time for retirement now.

  • Progressive17God
    Progressive17God 3 months ago

    She is dead, simple as that...

  • Zenox101
    Zenox101 3 months ago

    I think David infected her while she was in hyper-sleep and she becomes the 1st alien 👽 Queen 👸🏼

    • Pizza Man
      Pizza Man 3 months ago

      Zenox101 lol... I am not hating on your theory, but you should really watch the movie and remember who directed it. It's not a James Cameron movie.

  • sung seo
    sung seo 3 months ago

    she turns to the Queen alien maybe?

  • thepofmeister
    thepofmeister 3 months ago

    How long does a bioweaponized Queen Live for? Or any of these Xenomorph? Has a lifespan been put on the motherfuckers? They could live for thousands of years? Yes?

  • thepofmeister
    thepofmeister 3 months ago

    Well her DNA is in the creature that kills the bio-android engineer that came for Shawat the end of Prometheus. So she has helped to get her Humanity into the Bio weapon Alien Gene Pool. The race that origianally greater the weaponised silicon life form weapon was a kind ofXenomoroh looking carbon based creature wasn't it? Fuckin' horrible looking thing that played god with a small G and helped create the race that created the Engineers - the humanophorm fully natural version. Then the military bio android fuckers went shithouse on everything and the black goo weaponised stuff accumulates and weaponises any races it comes across. ??? So the engineers know there God is an xenomorph queen looking bastard - and it's evil plan for the hypercubian mockery of the first Creator GOD was to for its own unfathomable purposes, conquer wherever conciousness is in creation? Just shootin' the shit here!...

  • Amanda Girard
    Amanda Girard 3 months ago

    I'd love for Shaw to be a Queen mama.

  • HooliganMovement
    HooliganMovement 3 months ago

    Instead of a full on alien morph I think David will have an incapacitated and mutilated Shaw serving as a forced organic incubator for his experiments. That would be the most horrific fate, I think. Still human/conscious due to forced life support, but so long as the reproductive organs don't fail due to systemic shock your android captor could give a fuck less if you feel everything happening. Chilling.

  • knop3se
    knop3se 3 months ago

    LOL I thought you said your name is "Assy blow", at the end of the video haha!

  • Car1Sagan
    Car1Sagan 3 months ago

    alien queen

  • john rawr
    john rawr 3 months ago +1

    2:10 does her head not look WAY too big for her body in that shot

  • Kenneth Clark
    Kenneth Clark 3 months ago +1

    I hope Shaw live really enjoyed the actress.

  • papinbala
    papinbala 3 months ago

    shaw is the alien that's trying to break the glass in the trailer, that's a fact

  • Chris Heald
    Chris Heald 3 months ago

    I think David infests all the people in Paradise, and makes Shaw into their Mother. He as their Father. She saves him. In Prologue: The Crossing, he says that she is kind to him. Treats him better than any other. This is the role of Mother. To care and nurture and protect. I think he never knew a Mother before since he was created. He only knew Father. Which is what drives him to create a new race. Now that he had someone take the role of Mother, he gains a new respect for the idea of Mother, and decides to honor Shaw with the role of Mother to a whole new race.

  • jpthsd
    jpthsd 3 months ago

    However Xenomorph's still lower race...human and Engineers' advanced technologies could just kill them at will. Human and Engineers don't have to hunt Xenomorph but leave it for robots. At the advanced technologies like Human's , Engineers, they could have number of flying robot, hunting drone robot walking around to clean up the mess...well if it's as being said, we will not have Aliens sequel to watch then LOL!!

  • Juanito Gonzalez
    Juanito Gonzalez 3 months ago

    I know she didnt want to go back to earth dhe wanted answer from engineers how they created the humans and why they hate humans what they really came from See if i was i would go back I mean after what happen to charie elizabeth shaw husband and now she really trusted the robot

  • Juanito Gonzalez
    Juanito Gonzalez 3 months ago

    your saying dr shaw is the queen alien after she help david to get of that place and repair his head she didnt want to go back to earth and after what david did to her husband put the black glue in his drink after chairle and eilzabeth had sex then she had that alien in her stomatch that when she had get it out of her and towards ending david need shaw to help him I wouldnt even trust david after he got mostly got everyone killed and now Im seeing shaw is aliem queen how that possiable after she patch up david head he told her I wake you when we arrive

  • doody dood
    doody dood 3 months ago

    fassbender infected shaw with the alien chromozone!!

  • Nastasha Reinke
    Nastasha Reinke 3 months ago

    She is made into the queen to create all the others.

  • {MGTOW}
    {MGTOW} 3 months ago

    if she is an alien that would be really cool

  • Palium Noobi
    Palium Noobi 3 months ago

    eliz => queen eliz. isnt' it obvious? besides david woud like to killl his creator and his creator's creator. so he will turn eliz into a queen and drop alien bombs to the planet to kill everything. to make it android world. i can also explain why he does all that and why engineer killed peter.

  • Lewie Lewis media
    Lewie Lewis media 3 months ago

    David wants to be like his "father" by creating his his "children" he will fuse shaw with technology as he know she can give birth now to aliens , this why the Xenomorph is a mix of flesh and technology wires , i see a scene where david is standing over shaw tell her she will be the mother of his new children made in their likeness , also i think there is a big in the black goo , if you remember in prometheus after david touches the black goo a strom with of silicon and a lot of static is caused with is kinda like what david is made from .

  • Carl FromTheOC
    Carl FromTheOC 3 months ago

    Wild theory - Shaw is either the mother or grandmother of Ellen Ripley.

  • zealot951
    zealot951 3 months ago

    So you don't know shit...ok got it.

  • Grenge g
    Grenge g 3 months ago

    you'd think she would of died by now from post alien removal infection.

  • Emanuel Arevalos
    Emanuel Arevalos 3 months ago

    but she left in the ship and she took David with her that's why he is fixed

  • Alex Oyarzabal
    Alex Oyarzabal 3 months ago

    the trailer explained what happens to her is out.

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 3 months ago

    Yeah this crap makes zero sense especially when looking at things from the predator side of the story.

  • Ouija1210
    Ouija1210 3 months ago +1

    Another interesting aspect of this remember horrible Alien 4 (Ressurection) film where one of the scientists says "an now she is perfect, Ripley has given her the human reproductive system" .... implying that the queen that was extracted from Ripley's character gained Ripley's ability to give live births instead of eggs.... We know that Shaw was sterile and unable to produce life maybe that is the reason why all alien queens are unable to give live births but instead lay eggs....

  • Ouija1210
    Ouija1210 3 months ago

    David turned her into an alien queen...

  • Steffe Lindman Media
    Steffe Lindman Media 4 months ago

    The Engineers are the "Anunnaki" and they took part in the developed earth and DNA tweaked us Humans (hens, did not create us) , just read the research of Zecharia Sitchin

  • Brandonmdog
    Brandonmdog 4 months ago

    Does he use real blood instead of cgi

  • IanPrino
    IanPrino 4 months ago

    I really hope they don't go this route with Shaw. I can't imagine her allowing David to harm here after she apparently puts him back together. I am not sure how they should proceed with her character, but I would be disappointed if they "transformed" her into a queen alien.

  • Hired GunGames
    Hired GunGames 4 months ago

    I watched prometheus time and time again, I saw the embryo face hugger burst it's amniotic sack and spill liquid into Shaw. perhaps that was enough to start to mutate her. David took advantage of that and use her to make the eggs. maybe she locked herself away cause she was mutating and I'm guessing it's before they get to the planet. otherwise Shaw wouldn't have let David drop the bombs of black goo. then once he lands he collects bodies to study and create more aliens

    • Hired GunGames
      Hired GunGames 4 months ago

      I'm also thinking David hung her dog tags up as a symbol that was her tomb. I already know she's dead cause The director is using artsy clues to tell us. the hologram gram the echo... it's haunting and ghostly. she's dead.

  • Randell Daugherty
    Randell Daugherty 4 months ago +2

    Damn I hope she hasn't turned Alien. That's one Gorgeous Lady:)

  • William Dobbie
    William Dobbie 4 months ago

    I think Shaw is going to be another strong women presence. If only we could have Sigourney Weaver. I can't wait for the movie to hit the theaters

  • Commander Bly
    Commander Bly 4 months ago

    The original ALIEN wasn't about gore, not by a long shot. Gore was needed for the chestburster-scene to make it look real - which is important to sustain the tone of the movie - but even in that scene the gore was pretty low-key in comparison to gore-focused movies. What made the scene so intense was how intensely John Hurt portrayed Kanes shock and pain - masterfully. It was not the gore that carried the scene, but the acting. Gore invokes disgust and terror, but I am one of those strange people who prefer an ALIEN-movie to invoke horror and dread, but these days habe been long gone since 1979 ;-)

  • cumal chambers
    cumal chambers 4 months ago +2

    Shaw is the mother of the Neomorphs, hence the pinkish hue to their skin.

  • Gus Alcon
    Gus Alcon 4 months ago

    shaw looks like the engineers wonder why?

  • Pedro Alexandre Dillemburg

    still wainting to see ALF in the new Alien.

  • mickeyeldred
    mickeyeldred 4 months ago

    I hate to say it but I believe that Shaw is dead, You all should not be surprised... remember Newt I was bummed out at the start of Aliens 3 after all she was put through, I believe Shaw suffered the same fate as Newt.

  • darth flagger
    darth flagger 4 months ago

    Giger's drawing of the woman with the biomechanics was supposed to be the original queen design. It was scrapped for the queen from A L I E N S. I wonder if they are going to revisit that idea in terms of shaw's character.

  • Michal Slatina
    Michal Slatina 4 months ago

    I begining to think,that Scott is an alien himself and in fact,he´s directing his own personal curiculum vitae,haha.On a personal note,I allways find Shaw interesting character and main and only reason for me,why I will go to Covenant,is that I find out,what happened to her after Prometheus.If not,this movie will be complete clusterfuck,for me.That question is very intriquing for me.Signing off.

    LINUS CHEUNG 4 months ago

    Shaw brings human diseases to the engineer's planet.... and the diseases destroy the engineer's planet.........

  • rodster6
    rodster6 4 months ago

    Shaw can never turn into an alien. If some creature in the film was once Shaw, that creature can never be an alien as it's just mutated from a human. Humans aren't aliens to us. Even a mutated human is still a human.

  • Titan Scream
    Titan Scream 4 months ago

    Shaw is the neomorph - David chained her , and introduced the gue into her.

  • Russell Westhaver
    Russell Westhaver 4 months ago

    i think the movie is bullshit i wanna see the engineers where are the destroyers on our world why bring xynomorphs into this movie it makes no sense David was just a dam head where is Shaw? where are the makers? movies like these need to stop jumping ahead its stupid where is Paradise ? I don't see it in this movie i don't even see a continuation where it left off just more holes

  • sam smith
    sam smith 4 months ago

    i hope shaw is alive, just to provide a plot twist the audience did not see coming. given all the information that now floods the trailers, it would be brilliant to see something unexpected.

  • Jesse Bond
    Jesse Bond 4 months ago

    If they turn Shaw into an Alien, imma be real pissed. Shaw was a great character, and I want to see her arc be complete - I want her to find her answers.

  • Kevin Keller
    Kevin Keller 4 months ago

    One thing about weaponized organisms of the human verse they can never reproduce on their own as a means to control them. So, not saying Shaw is a queen, but...will we learn how the weaponized organism came to have a queen and reproduce?

    Note, all trailers seem to hide David who must be alive as well.

  • Kevin Keller
    Kevin Keller 4 months ago

    I'm finding it odd that David managed to get his head reattached to his body, or that Shaw would help him. I know characters who to do dumb things sometimes to move a story, but Shaw helping David have a body would top the top of dumb.

    So, she was on set for two weeks. That is likely two action sequences, or one action sequence and 2 to 4 dialogue scenes. Two weeks is a long time if she has dialogue, but big action scenes can take a week. Unless there is flashback, she's not an alien. She has dialogue, and she found a way to survive. Perhaps, she is a human conscious creature of some kind, but like I said. I'm leaning towards scenes with dialogue meaning not an alien.

  • cool fox
    cool fox 4 months ago

    hmmmmmmm who cares will find at soon

  • FabioPirovano
    FabioPirovano 4 months ago

    Shaw has not save and change her faith after the surgery,just postponed.. I would like to know how David and her been able to reach another juggernaut because the pyramid in LV233 is full of danger specially after black goo break loose.. and the Deacon escaping from the pod...

  • Zinc Chameleon
    Zinc Chameleon 4 months ago

    David turned Shaw into an Alien Queen. That ties together the popular but deleted scene from 'Alien' when she finds Dallas and (especially Brett) being transformed into Alien eggs. This will turn out to be David's idea: the create a superior amoral being that can survive just about any kind of disaster. David's condescending attitude toward Shaw when he rips off her crucifix is a foreshadowing, if the writers go in this direction.

  • sam farkas
    sam farkas 4 months ago

    name an acid that can glow there is an answer.

  • Chris Maher
    Chris Maher 4 months ago

    If I remember the lore from the comics correctly, You can't survive embryo implantation. Unless Ridley is throwing out cannon facts about a creature he brought to the big screen. Even if successfully removed from the host, whats left behind spreads through the body like a cancer, killing them. Although a scientist from the labyrinth story arc somehow managed to do it, so I guess fuck it, shes the alien.

  • Narelle shurdington
    Narelle shurdington 4 months ago

    I think that shaw is the xenomorph queen and she anhilates every single one of them

  • Mark Higginbottom
    Mark Higginbottom 4 months ago

    I think it was a mistake not to reprise Elizabeth Shaw in AC

  • mlr2112
    mlr2112 4 months ago

    Regarding that Giger-esque depiction of Shaw, I wouldn't get too excited about it. It may very well be a Giger's portrait of Li Tobler, who was Giger's lover during the 70's.

  • Issac Benton
    Issac Benton 4 months ago

    david is able to control the aliens, he now has a opportunity to leave using the covenant ship, first he has to kill the crew using the aliens he created , he steals the covenant ship and heads off to another planet

  • Yggdrasill4
    Yggdrasill4 4 months ago

    Since these are a precursor to the aliens in the original films, a weaker protoaliens, and since Shaw's new alien form encompasses her entire human mind and body transforming into an alien queen (not the traditional birthing of a xenomorph leaving a human carcass in its wake), it would be nice to see some conflicting humanity and intelligence in her new alien queen form, even for her to give a reaction when her name is being called, or to even try and make some right decisions in the mist of her horrible nature. The engineers where interesting, but it looks like they will remain mysterious and unseen in this film; an element like a conscious being would make for a more interesting conflict rather than the generic survival horror where the antagonists are mindless monster killing machines in which case it would not introduce anything new to separate itself from the original films, and become pointless copy paste with little touch ups like setting and crew.

  • Bryon Turner
    Bryon Turner 4 months ago

    Her fate is much worse. Through experiments with the black goo, Shaw's human dna, some aliens, and some engineers David has created a perfect mountain sized alien uterus. Shaw is the apex, the gapping maw, she is the first vaginal orafice that spits out face hugger eggs.

  • Bulous me Fab
    Bulous me Fab 4 months ago

    shaw is hiding, at 5 pm in starbucks...sipping latte

  • Lonely Noodle
    Lonely Noodle 4 months ago

    She totally turned into an alien. 👍🏻

  • Patrick P
    Patrick P 4 months ago

    David is going to kill Walter and assume his identity and head back to Earth with some black goop.

  • Jeremy Greenidge
    Jeremy Greenidge 4 months ago

    I think it would be cool if Shaw became an alien. It would be more interesting and dramatic.

  • RT Elkin
    RT Elkin 4 months ago

    Don't know. Lots of available scenarios that are equally plausable. One thing I do not buy is the Hooded Ones' creation of life on earth, given the fossil record, the obvious workings of evolution, and other related facts. The opposite might be true, however -- humans creating the Engineer race, as the two species' DNA is virtually the same.

  • Kieren Lucas
    Kieren Lucas 4 months ago

    Shaw's alive. She's in cryosleep and woken up by the crew

  • dizon
    dizon 4 months ago

    i am very excited promoteus 2 because shaw. im curious what happend to her journey to find the engeneers with the robot.(david) need to now what happent to her and the ship.

  • kyle bradley
    kyle bradley 4 months ago

    Shaw will have bore a queen through David's meddling is my bet

  • Munkylaw
    Munkylaw 4 months ago

    I have a theory...the humans were revolting against the engineers, tired of being enslaved they broke the bonds of slavery and with massive fields of people (because we breed faster than them) were killing all the creators. The xenomorphs were made because the humans were winning the war and the lack of numbers forced them to use biological planetary warfare. I just blew my own mind.

  • Talks Anything and Everything

    What if all of us are Aliens and we are bored because we ended everyone?

  • OVi HaRPeR
    OVi HaRPeR 4 months ago

    SHe iSiN HYPeRSLeeP AS AN AVaTaR ON eaRTH in 2017

  • Dave L
    Dave L 4 months ago

    I thought we were in for the continuing adventure of this brave space-girl and her robot. The uneasy alliance between Shaw and David is fertile ground for a great story in itself and was something I was greatly looking forward to. Shaw was clearly on a hunt for truth and her determination was so strong that she was prepared to charge across the galaxy into almost certain death to secure her prize and this must surely make her a formidable being and her journey truly epic. David's development is fascinating too-imagining how the duress of his repaired but now imperfect body, the taxes of his incredible journey and his need for Shaw might disarm him or make him less guarded, what we might learn of his motivations and needs and what kind of being he might become.
    Looks like this will not be the story though so I am at least glad that we'll see her again and I hope we see David too and learn a lot about their story arc and of course there appears to be another David so that's great. Fassbender's depiction of that robot was a very high point in a movie that was basically 2 hours of high point for me. Truly excellent. And this movie will probably be much like every Alien movie so far in that it isn't what I imagined but it is freaking awesome none-the-less. Bring it on.

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 4 months ago

    Here's hoping that Shaw mutates into something Gigeresque; but not a damn bug queen.

  • Stuart Champion
    Stuart Champion 4 months ago

    I know, she gets eggmorphed! thus becoming the first facehugger egg! pretty ironic considering we learned she couldn't get pregnant by normal human means in Prometheus, until David infected her boyfriend with the black Goo

  • vodkalust1
    vodkalust1 4 months ago

    she will become like the lengendary riply.
    due to the fact she was infested, and survived.
    if she's in alien covenant she will probably possses the same features as riply

  • Spencer Hamblen
    Spencer Hamblen 4 months ago

    I think she mutated from the black goo in Prometheus and will be introduced as the first alien queen.

  • Indominus MGTOW
    Indominus MGTOW 4 months ago

    I think shaw was captured and disected by the engineers for study.which would explain why when the human expedition team are in the area full of drawings and what not with a morph looking down on can see a disected body some where to the right in that over head view.

    it could be.

  • Smut Peddler
    Smut Peddler 4 months ago

    "Excuse me sir, a xeno - what?"

  • Heather Sickles
    Heather Sickles 4 months ago

    hearing that there was art of Shaw's face surrounded by biomechanical stuff made me instantly image that David uses the cryotube to keep her alive while he has mutated her into the queen. after all, she mothered the first. lol that is sooooo Giger. I'm stoked about everything so far

  • J Lo
    J Lo 4 months ago

    I like the Prometheus film, I feel the continuation of Dr Shaws challenges in the next installment would be the right way to go

  • Christian Reed
    Christian Reed 4 months ago

    i am guessing the movie Prometheus is the beginning of the alien maybe

  • Uh Oh
    Uh Oh 4 months ago

    Yea .... David's a rascal .....

  • John Perrotti
    John Perrotti 4 months ago

    David uses Shaw to give birth to the eggs of the facehuggers so basically Shaw becomes the queen, what do you think?

  • James Campbell
    James Campbell 4 months ago +1

    they are making ailens 5 put it come out in about six months time and is nothing to do with alien covenant .

  • Sephirous
    Sephirous 4 months ago

    Shaw, The first Alien Queen. That will certainly change the views of the Queen. Only a month to go!!

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