Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure (Classic Queen Mix)

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    "This remix is very close to the final album version. The bass lines seem to be a bit more prominent in the mix and the overall sound is a little less muddy. Freddie singing "that's okay!" has been removed right before Bowie sings, "it's the terror of knowing..." It is unknown who did this remix. It is rumored that this is actually an old mix from around the Hot Space time period".
    Info taken from www.QueenVault.com

    This video is a new mix between the Wembley version (12/7/86), the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert version at the same stadium in 1992, and the now old video made by DoRo for Under Pressure (Rah Mix) in 1999.

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  • Runtime: 4:04
  • Queen  David Bowie  Freddie Mercury  John Deacon  Under Pressure  1981  1992  Hot Space  Hollywood Records  Classic Queen  Queen (band)  Roger Taylor  Brian May  

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    XIMENA GILER 6 days ago +64

    mis idolos

    ANTONIO PAT PISTE 27 minutes ago

    este concierto como lo puedo buscar completo alguien me podria decir porfa gracias espero su respuesta pronto y en ke año fue el concierto

  • Andrea Alaniz
    Andrea Alaniz 4 hours ago

    I can't stop to listening this song... my favourites singers together?! OMG, that's amazing... lot of years after this song people's heart beat with 'under pressure' ! ♥

  • crocfixio
    crocfixio 8 hours ago

    2 words - freddie mercury !! what an absolute legend !! he makes the best look average !!

  • Jesse Simoneaux
    Jesse Simoneaux 12 hours ago +1

    nice of kira to show up

  • l Cxmo l
    l Cxmo l 13 hours ago

    I swear I can hear under pressure coming from the sky's must be one hell of a concert going on in heaven

  • Marcelo Rian
    Marcelo Rian 14 hours ago

    tenpo bom

  • Lorenloveslife
    Lorenloveslife 14 hours ago

    Ice ice baby?

  • Alvin Alpire NecroGoth
    Alvin Alpire NecroGoth 16 hours ago

    Cause love's such an old fashioned word
    And love dares you to care for
    The people on the edge of the night
    And loves dares you to change our way of
    Caring about ourselves
    This is our last dance...

  • gyro phantom
    gyro phantom Day ago +1

    Cant wait to get to heaven...
    There is one hell of a concert there!
    R.I.P david bowie
    R.I.P Freddie Mercury
    R.I.P Prince
    R.I.P Whitney Houston
    R.I.P Michael Jackson
    ..."here we go"!!!🙂

  • NecroFist1488
    NecroFist1488 Day ago

    Holy fucking shit that was awesome!

  • Ian Brewer
    Ian Brewer Day ago +1

    Man why tf did these guys have to die that needs to not be a thing.

  • raymond arena
    raymond arena Day ago +1


  • Itmeansthemoon
    Itmeansthemoon Day ago +1

    is this at the freddy mercury concert?

  • FrancyXisde
    FrancyXisde Day ago

    Amo essa música

  • psycoticbastard
    psycoticbastard Day ago +1

    R.I.P to two great artists

  • Martin Vaupell
    Martin Vaupell Day ago +2

    You know they arrived on the same spaceship, but left on separate ones.

  • camilo salcedo
    camilo salcedo Day ago

    El Amor es una palabra de moda, dice la canción y tienen razón!!

  • Cindy A
    Cindy A Day ago

    amazing Freddie M. Love you in this song. So much energy

  • X. Breogán Costa L
    X. Breogán Costa L 2 days ago +1

    giants here. Once we lost them, the world is a worst place

  • Mich Borens
    Mich Borens 2 days ago


  • Snailier- Gaming 2
    Snailier- Gaming 2 2 days ago +1

    If only there was a way to hit the 'Love' Button......

  • Bernardo Carbajal
    Bernardo Carbajal 2 days ago +1

    Heaven sounds amazing I'm sure.

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz 2 days ago

    Know one can imitate this special talent masterpiece in the works

  • Oxente Solta os Cachos


  • Gamebro The gamer
    Gamebro The gamer 2 days ago

    david bowie looks like kira yoshikage

  • elton yong
    elton yong 2 days ago

    lo maximo

  • Ian N.
    Ian N. 3 days ago

    Who came here from ________________?

  • Creamy Cookie
    Creamy Cookie 3 days ago +1

    My favorite song 😭why must the good singer pass away so quickly??? 😥

  • kitno1
    kitno1 3 days ago

    People dislike why they watching it. Queen and Bowie one of the BEST!

  • Greg Triplett
    Greg Triplett 3 days ago +1

    I cant wait to get to heaven to hear this live!

  • Matthew Bernal
    Matthew Bernal 3 days ago +1

    Both have a great voice!

  • Ana Alonzo Pintor
    Ana Alonzo Pintor 3 days ago

    Two great legends !!!

  • Per Hederyd
    Per Hederyd 3 days ago

    just White folks.....

  • Grupa 433
    Grupa 433 4 days ago

    wonderful artist wonderful music

  • Tamy Aguero
    Tamy Aguero 4 days ago

    Holy smokes what a pair😍

  • Davide Gobbicchi
    Davide Gobbicchi 4 days ago +1

    David Bowie is amazing

  • Maggie Moffat
    Maggie Moffat 4 days ago

    My heart....

  • Fakierterfas Jippie
    Fakierterfas Jippie 4 days ago

    The fallen angels are coming 2gether this is like feeding the beast! Listening 2 this crap music.period bye next song please

    • Fakierterfas Jippie
      Fakierterfas Jippie 4 days ago


  • Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson 4 days ago

    Ice Ice baby... wrong video

  • Lossiemouth Beach
    Lossiemouth Beach 4 days ago

    The perfect men. A performance for the ages.

  • Pokemon Trainer
    Pokemon Trainer 4 days ago

    Ice icr baby ah.
    Don't get fucking triggered. I know this song came first and Vanilla Ice sampled the riff. Jesus. If I have to put this here it just shows how much people don't know what a fucking joke is. Shit

  • McPaste
    McPaste 4 days ago +1

    Can't we give ourselves one more chance. Why can't we give love that one more chance.

  • Erik Urquidi
    Erik Urquidi 4 days ago +1

    have u ever heard queen and david bowie ooooooooon weeeeeeeeddd?

  • Kathy King
    Kathy King 4 days ago

    Who would ever think that in 2017 we would not have either of these wonders? I miss you both. ♡

  • Fiona Jennison
    Fiona Jennison 4 days ago

    My heroes

  • Montse Rodriguez
    Montse Rodriguez 4 days ago +1

    Que voces. Que música tan grande nos dejaron

  • zizoegy8460
    zizoegy8460 4 days ago

    Was in Atomic Blonde 😍

  • Antoine des bordeaux sayaverde

    Dos grandes se juntan para que se hagan eternos

  • Prodromos Logaridis
    Prodromos Logaridis 4 days ago

    we are all under pressure of facking trump and the madhouse Korean mother fucker sorry for swearing (Clinton horre is not better aufcourse)

    • QueenHouse85
      QueenHouse85  4 days ago

      Well, Trump and that shitty north korean scump are not the only ones. In Venezuela that bullshit called Maduro, in Chile that fat bitch called Bachelet... we're Under Pressure everywhere.

  • Thierry BLANGERO
    Thierry BLANGERO 4 days ago

    bowie qui a le talent de rester en second plan. Et pourtant.... Et Fred MERCURY , quel géant ! Il est toujours là .

  • Rovix
    Rovix 5 days ago

    I put a random list with david bowie songs followed with queen songs and coincidentically this one was the last of the david bowie songs (i didnt take it into account :P)

  • gonzalo morales
    gonzalo morales 5 days ago

    see it in august 11 2017

  • FIST2k8
    FIST2k8 5 days ago

    42 million views and counting. Perhaps the greatest song every written.

    GXLD SAM 5 days ago

    Is the real? Them preforming together

  • Rita Cordeiro
    Rita Cordeiro 5 days ago

    😄😄😄😄Muito legal esse som....😄

  • erica orloski
    erica orloski 5 days ago


  • Sean Stephens
    Sean Stephens 5 days ago

    Annie lenox

  • Kathi Bäätjer
    Kathi Bäätjer 6 days ago


  • Cassio Belizario
    Cassio Belizario 6 days ago

    -* os melhores.

  • PAD hmm
    PAD hmm 6 days ago

    2017 anyone

  • Diane Tegarden
    Diane Tegarden 6 days ago

    loooove me some bass man....in fact, I married three!

  • robert t
    robert t 6 days ago

    best duo ever

  • Green Hat
    Green Hat 6 days ago

    You'll always have that nagging doubt that I meant you

  • kristina santos
    kristina santos 6 days ago +1

    saldades deles

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson 6 days ago

    This song makes my spirit soar!  Thank you my most talented Freddie and David!

  • queen debi
    queen debi 6 days ago

    Miss you Freddie! Best ever!

  • Donny H
    Donny H 6 days ago

    5k vanilla ice fans thought this was a rip off baby...

  • Ethan  Smith
    Ethan Smith 6 days ago

    I wonder if any people came here from Atomic Blonde

  • Matteo Malaguti
    Matteo Malaguti 6 days ago

    This was their last dance, after all...

    Tears. RIP.

  • Jay Ken Nara
    Jay Ken Nara 7 days ago

    2 legends that will never be forgotten. Rip queen and Bowie.

  • sliat1981
    sliat1981 7 days ago

    It annoyed me the music video shows neither queen or David Bowie

  • Wes Loroff
    Wes Loroff 7 days ago

    the ULTIMATE show man...Freddie Mercury lmao

  • ayman kashani
    ayman kashani 7 days ago


  • ayman kashani
    ayman kashani 7 days ago


  • Elisangela Rodrigues

    Algum brasileiro em 2017?

  • Bruna Domingos
    Bruna Domingos 7 days ago +1

    *Feel good to hear this song~~♥*

  • Sebas Guez
    Sebas Guez 7 days ago

    Jaja me da risa que en este vídeo deacon envejece y se rejuvenece JAJA

  • Matha Fuentes
    Matha Fuentes 7 days ago +1

    Miss you both God bless

  • abigail Rodríguez
    abigail Rodríguez 8 days ago

    I love you freddie ❤❤❤❤

  • dianne Dido
    dianne Dido 8 days ago

    Pure classic

  • El Tigre de Naniwa
    El Tigre de Naniwa 8 days ago

    I don't want, but I must, KIRA QUEEN BITES ZA DUSTO

  • Jah Wise
    Jah Wise 8 days ago +1

    So many memories...best song ever

  • xMetalx59x
    xMetalx59x 8 days ago

    Rest in fucking peace, man.

  • Roger Blackwood
    Roger Blackwood 8 days ago

    Don't know if it's the remix, but the base is definitely a touch flat in the opening bars! It won;t be John Deacon so must be something in the mix?

  • Jose Armando Alejabo Mendoza

    Freddie mercury le sacaba mucha ventaja a david bowie...

  • Cormac Allen
    Cormac Allen 8 days ago

    is it just me or is the piano and bass in this song from vanilla ice?

    • Movie Nerd
      Movie Nerd 6 days ago

      Cormac Allen Eat hot stinking death, you fuck.

    • Mary Kelly
      Mary Kelly 7 days ago

      Cormac Allen I really hope you're being sarcastic lol

  • Giblet1111
    Giblet1111 8 days ago +2

    Just mind blowing

  • clarissa sonnenberg
    clarissa sonnenberg 8 days ago

    Goodness David was one handome fellow. Mmm mm mmm

  • omke
    omke 8 days ago

    Here cause atomic blonde..

  • Fakrey_ind
    Fakrey_ind 8 days ago +1

    Я русский)

  • leanne gillette
    leanne gillette 8 days ago

    2 greats are now together couldnt be a better pair in heaven oh wait dont for get cobain

  • Space Kittty
    Space Kittty 9 days ago

    ice ice baby is better

    whatcha gonna do about it?

  • Morganne Courtney
    Morganne Courtney 9 days ago

    my Lord and Savior Freddie Mercury

  • Ivan P. Vaghely
    Ivan P. Vaghely 9 days ago

    What can you say after that comment. Pretty soon we will all be there listening to them in ecstasy, waiting for Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart.

  • Louise Bradley
    Louise Bradley 9 days ago

    Apparently they sang this separately not actually together but great tune nevertheless.. queen still to this day are awesome and no one would ever be able to sound as amazing as Freddie Mercury x

  • Sylvie Bleckmans
    Sylvie Bleckmans 9 days ago

    Two genius

  • Beatrice Matulla
    Beatrice Matulla 9 days ago

    Great , great, great........2 Kings

  • Arctan wave
    Arctan wave 9 days ago

    fuck i love rap more than 70's music but this is gold. RIP, both of them

  • Daniela Cortez Sanchez
    Daniela Cortez Sanchez 9 days ago +1

    de las mejores canciones del mundo... Mercury & David Bowie...🙏✨✨✨... a pesar de que ya no están entre nosotros, siempre estarán presentes en el mundo en espíritu como en esta magica canción que jamás sera igualada...♥.. always live

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