Shouldn’t Jared Kushner Be Arrested? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • Bernadette Gouveia
    Bernadette Gouveia 14 days ago

    Jerad Shour he should go to jail..Wath is even to ask or think abouth that
    Put hem to jail

  • Stella Bar
    Stella Bar 18 days ago


  • forttottenrocks
    forttottenrocks 21 day ago

    I have a lot of admiration for Keith Olbermann. He isn't a little snowflake. He is a fighter.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 24 days ago

    Zionists RULE America.

  • Eric Hvinden
    Eric Hvinden 25 days ago

    Gee Keith, you keep telling anyone to do something now! = Well, Im still waiting for the Video of the Russians Hookers! -

  • Tony Petrozza
    Tony Petrozza 25 days ago

    Pure comedy

  • Janet Percell
    Janet Percell 25 days ago

    Dope drumpf and his whole nominations to office...kushner is the worst.

  • Joe Mota
    Joe Mota 26 days ago

    Lock that micky mouse🐀 sounding girly boy💇 now!

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith 26 days ago

    Goon prints up crap paper. puts it on the tv screen, and thinks his viewers are so stupid he can control their mind with it.

  • r kurz
    r kurz 26 days ago

    Lock them all up the Senate house and supreme court

  • David Daugherty
    David Daugherty 26 days ago

    please do arrest him and his wife and others

  • maria booboo67
    maria booboo67 26 days ago

    Yeah but all the money Kushner and the Trumps were looking to make with the Russian OIL DEAL ALONG WITH TILLERSON AND EXXON?

  • bo rivers
    bo rivers 29 days ago

    I agree,but you will have to arrest Clintons ,etc. as well. Let's not be hypocritical about it. Politicians are corrupt and they all have done it ,and worst. Oh ,but let's just go after the ones that we disagree with..this is corruption too.
    Trump is stupid for bringing his family into the Whitehouse. Ivanka & Jared should go back to New York . Trump needs to stop being a chump.

  • free money
    free money 29 days ago

    how about digging on the democrats.afraid of what you may find?be fair.

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain Month ago

    Keith over men Google uranium one Hillary Clinton and see how Hillary Clinton sold out the United States to the Russians she sold 20% of us uranium to the Russians the whole Democratic parties and collision with the Russians

  • MrPunkforlife
    MrPunkforlife Month ago

    Yes, he should be arrested.... AND beaten in custody 8D

  • Joanna Ramessar
    Joanna Ramessar Month ago

    Thank you for voicing in plain language what we all feel.

  • Daniel Krauze
    Daniel Krauze Month ago

    No. Jared is a good guy. Traitors such as Manafort and Flynn needs to go to jail. I agree that Donald can't handle the job. He should be replaced by Pence or Ryan. However- It would be fair to let Hillary have the job.

  • Rick Turner
    Rick Turner Month ago

    welcome to earth

  • Rick Turner
    Rick Turner Month ago

    jail? are you serious no one ever goes to jail

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez Month ago

    arrest Trump's Mafia family now

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan Month ago

    treason put him in jail or to death he must go. now

  • Jason X
    Jason X Month ago

    YES, he should be arrested... along with the entire corrupt Trump clan!!!

  • Anonny Anonymous
    Anonny Anonymous Month ago

    This man is mentally ill. I love this collapse of the Democratic Party.

  • DSherman50
    DSherman50 Month ago

    Kushner is as confused, stupid, unaware, and corrupt as his wife and father in law. Why are the rich so very greedy?

  • Flypurplecat
    Flypurplecat Month ago

    Fits Kushner's activities precisely. And GOP is so desperate to get on with their transfer of wealth to the top 5% (listening Mr. Paul Ryan?) that they will allow 29 million MORE Americans to lose medical insurance. LISTEN to this! A DIRECT line to Kushner's & Trump.......unbelievable!

  • Old Uncle Bob
    Old Uncle Bob Month ago

    Follow your daddy to jail, Jared, but for a much longer sentence.

  • Rob the lionheart
    Rob the lionheart Month ago

    arrest trump NOW!!!!!! matter of fact,,,kick every single solitary person/demon that works for the government out of the, blue, right or left all of em, gone...I fear that the world is truly at a precipice... a cusp teetering the line of destruction...I feel we are doomed...good luck people...I'm praying for us all.

  • Rob the lionheart
    Rob the lionheart Month ago

    Your a brave dude MR Olbermann...keep em coming.

  • linda from ga
    linda from ga Month ago +1

    This was published May 30! Why hasn't Kushner been arrested already? Any ordinary citizen would have been attested!

  • ShaunieBNaturalista

    WHY does Jared still have a secret clearance?? Snatch it NOW.

  • Dean Labella
    Dean Labella Month ago

    Kiefer Olbermann is a paranoid and bitter old coot..

  • Dean Labella
    Dean Labella Month ago

    I know for a fact Donald Trump sold 20% of America's enriched uranium stockpile to Vladimir Puttin!!
    Oh sorry I was wrong that was Hillary Clinton. .

  • Palmira Rodriguez
    Palmira Rodriguez Month ago



    The only innocent trumps are Tiffany & Baron.

  • Sandra James
    Sandra James Month ago

    I can't wait for this soul-less monster ito shut up for good! .....He has ranted on and on for tooo many years!!!.....America hurry up and send him quietly into the night.....Give the world a rest;....The entertainment was great, but the nightmare is going on for too long...God bless America

  • Bob Martini
    Bob Martini Month ago

    Hhahahahahahahaha pill time ? ur unhinged......👄👄👄👄👄👄

  • Grant Palmer
    Grant Palmer Month ago

    I can't make my mind whether this is just Olbermann's schtick or whether he is completely insane. In other words, whether he really believes the awkwardly humorous conspiracy theories these shows cover.

  • TD052
    TD052 Month ago

    he is already a felon he just needs to be a convicted felon

  • Steve W
    Steve W Month ago

    Olbermann once again making something out of nothing. Olbermann is so taken with our President's family, he can hardly sleep at night. Hope this doesn't cause insanity.

  • Claudette Claereboudt
    Claudette Claereboudt 2 months ago

    It would be interesting to know why Kushner's father is in jail.

  • Racewar
    Racewar 2 months ago

    keith oberman should be commited to the insane asylum.crazy loser

  • Wonder Wonderful
    Wonder Wonderful 2 months ago

    Why Jared Kushner want to have computer specialist to go to White House for update or comform our United States computers now? Isn't that how the Russians meddling​ into​ our Election?

  • Ron Ryan
    Ron Ryan 2 months ago

    impeach trump noww

  • Diana Pizarro
    Diana Pizarro 2 months ago

    Get KUSHNER....

  • FW Glenn
    FW Glenn 2 months ago

    Nothing here!! fwg

  • mark marco
    mark marco 2 months ago

    Why yes, yes he should - BE arrested.
    WE should have him arrested.
    On the money...
    These Russian banks are fronts for the Russian mob.
    You know, the guys that have Putin for a boss, poor them.
    When nobody would loan Trump money, after his numberless defaults and bankruptcies, at the bottom of the crash in the West, Trump took advantage of this mob...BIG TIME... And of course Kushner, too. Manafort. Flynn, Page, the Generals, they are ALL in it up to their eyeballs.
    We need to see the subpoena for the tax returns for all of them. Until then, America remains in the dark, Russia at the advantage. Thank you, Donald J. Trump. Russia thanks you. You are their Golden Child of presidents.

  • frank alder
    frank alder 2 months ago

    Covfefe is a code word that only russia understands

  • tammy dwight
    tammy dwight 2 months ago

    is kushner Russian

  • WildFlower
    WildFlower 2 months ago +2

    If trumps son in law Jared Kushner has done anything illegal then YES he should be punished just like any other person HE is NOT free to go against the Law. He is not above Americans Laws.

  • vinestreet7
    vinestreet7 2 months ago

    Keith your words have no impact though you may be right.

  • Stu Smith
    Stu Smith 2 months ago

    I am so sorry you can't keep a jobs.  Maybe it is because you are not doing well.  Maybe you insane, crazy, wacky, loopy, nuts, psychotic and just totally wrong.  I am guessing all...

  • Roger Cassady
    Roger Cassady 2 months ago

    Keith get outside and get some sun this Jobs made an old hag out of you.

  • John B
    John B 2 months ago

    lol, it's funny to observe you all losing your minds while these "actors" feed you garbage. go outside and pound sand or kick rocks, it's infinitely more productive than watching this hack.

  • Jo Hammerstein
    Jo Hammerstein 2 months ago

    Arrest that whole administration NOW!

  • Alex Raphael
    Alex Raphael 2 months ago

    I thought I clicked on the GQ channel, not CNN. What the heck is this

  • Helen Shaughnessy
    Helen Shaughnessy 2 months ago

    If Kushner abused powers/influence to promise Green Cards to Chinese investors in his property developments, is this not illegal. Emoluments clause.?

  • sayyestofairness
    sayyestofairness 2 months ago

    Preach, brother!!! The right is basically wanting us to believe this is a nothing-burger, as they continue to distract us and say "There's NO evidence!!!" However, they're just distracting us. We know there's collusion, and the right doesn't want to admit it. We are now at a point where the evidence that the Russians colluded with Donald Trump's election can no longer be denied, no matter what the rightists say. Let's just confess that Trump/Russia collusion deniers are now on par with holocaust deniers. Though one denies the past and the other denies the present.

  • LGBT-Today
    LGBT-Today 2 months ago

    We love you, Keith, but why aren't you talking about Trump directly addressing Russia during a speech and urging them to hack into the DNC? That's the more damning evidence yet and no one is talking about it!

  • BrownCow1919
    BrownCow1919 2 months ago


  • Natasha Vonoskabaya
    Natasha Vonoskabaya 2 months ago

    I voted for Trump, and I want Kushner to be DESTROYED.
    The Kushner Family is a criminal enterprise.

  • boredom2go
    boredom2go 2 months ago

    It's almost cute how Keith believes he's a real journalist.

  • Larry McCann
    Larry McCann 2 months ago

    Keith O, keep up the resistance, we need you and a lot more like you. This gang of thugs and thiefs need to be stopped now. Jared needs to be in jail. There money has bought them there freedom for to long. the whole gang of trumps.

  • Dale Ray
    Dale Ray 2 months ago

    If Kush' doesn't "squeal", before He gets to Prison, He most certainly will "squeal" afterward!

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 2 months ago

    Keith Olbermann how about what the clintons have done Bill Clinton sold weapons to North Korea will he go to jail for selling American Secrets how about Hillary Clinton arming Isis Benghazi will she go to jail how about unprotected servers in her basement

  • 2ndamnd
    2ndamnd 2 months ago

    Russia is a foreign ENEMY nation? When did we declare war on Russia? I missed that.

  • gangelone999
    gangelone999 2 months ago

    Olbermann is a swamp creature, don't listen to this guy

  • Midwest Mage
    Midwest Mage 2 months ago +1

    You should be committed to a hospital for observation. That or just smacked upside the head nine or ten times.

  • Navillus 55
    Navillus 55 2 months ago +4


    • Lester Pace
      Lester Pace 25 days ago

      Navillus 55 sounds like every president ever elected

  • Leroy Lee
    Leroy Lee 2 months ago

    i think social media is gonna be the key to waking up everybody to Russian Oligarchical take over of the US

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 2 months ago

    Manchurian candidate?

  • snakey973
    snakey973 2 months ago

    I wish someone could explain to me how he is still walking around with his security clearances when he LIED in obtaining them?! A felony?!

  • Cooly G
    Cooly G 2 months ago +1

    Lock Him Up

  • OakhillSailor
    OakhillSailor 2 months ago +1

    Keith, who are you asking to arrest Kushner?

  • OakhillSailor
    OakhillSailor 2 months ago

    Getting arrested runs in the family. Why do rich people seem so slimy now days?

  • Jonathan Wiskee
    Jonathan Wiskee 2 months ago +1

    You guys watch CNN too much lmao

  • steadilsr
    steadilsr 2 months ago

    Espionage, Money Laundering,
    Mr Olbermann, this is decisive. I pray your free speech will NOT be encumbered by this thuggish administration.
    Throughout America, race relations, immigrant relations, are being put into turmoil. It seems we are heading to a CIVIL WAR unless the RULE of LAW and common decency to all humans can be re established SOON!

    and making jokes about going to Starbucks for some covfeve are not going to accomplish anything.

    • klrdotorg
      klrdotorg 2 months ago

      Are you seriously concerned about Olbermann's free speech? You're joking, right? He wouldn't be stuck doing Vlogs, if he didn't burn every bridge he could with every employer he's ever worked for. Perhaps if we elected Trump to be our dictator, he might try to silence someone like Olby. But the Right isn't trying to silence anyone. The American Left are the only political body trying to silence speech they don't like. And they are regularly using violence to achieve it.

  • Tomas Kuli
    Tomas Kuli 2 months ago +2

    All trumptards have left: "Fake news", "he's you're president", "libtard", "snowflake", "'we 'won"' (While never elucidating what exactly they won. Unless you think having your thieving no-good brother in law move in to live on tour couch and steal the change out of your pocket is a win.)

    • Tomas Kuli
      Tomas Kuli 2 months ago

      klrdotorg Yeah, the president is an idiot. That should make anyone with a brain mad, dumbass.

    • klrdotorg
      klrdotorg 2 months ago

      Mehki, dude, look in the mirror. You're the troll, and you're the one who's mad. Deal with it.

    • Mehki
      Mehki 2 months ago

      klrdotorg Neither did I, troll.
      He's a moron.
      Don't be mad.

  • Tomas Kuli
    Tomas Kuli 2 months ago +4

    Lock him up! Lock them all up!

  • Radio Laboratory
    Radio Laboratory 2 months ago +3

    kushner: like father like son...crooked prix

  • Robyn Palumbo
    Robyn Palumbo 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, Kushner donated to many Senators, including Democrats. I'm not convinced that the congress is capable of investigating financial wrongdoing. That's what this "Rusher thing" is all about in the end... financial corruption.

  • John Michael
    John Michael 2 months ago

    So how much longer do we have to be subjected to this travesty of an administration?

  • Averyofthemain
    Averyofthemain 2 months ago

    you leftists are a gift...and out-and-out gift. It proves what we've always known about you, you're pathetic, envious, weak, fragile, inept, honor-less, hateful, and DUMB! Beautiful.

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman 2 months ago

    Russia an enemy nation? I was not aware we were at war with Russia.
    Sorry for injecting a little sanity. Carry on with your TDS

  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    All that talk and no one is listening. What was once a respectable career, Olbermann has resorted to being a liberal hack spewing nonsense akin to the old man on the patio yelling at kids on his lawn. He goes for the low hanging fruit to remain relevant, always acts like America's warrior despite never being assigned to task and uses conflated jargon to make himself sound smarter than he is. He has been doing this for years and I'm surprised people still take him seriously. He only labels this show, "the resistance" since his former GQ show was supposed to end once the election was over and he parlayed this as a way to stay relevant. I doubt he even believes the snake oil he sells. He is like a WWE wrestler always playing the heel because he knows someone has to fill that role. Sad how his career has become a caricature of itself.

  • Johnny Thomas
    Johnny Thomas 2 months ago +3

    Yes, Jared Kushner should be arrested because he is simply a traitor.

  • John Michalski
    John Michalski 2 months ago

    If this happened during the Obama administration.... OH MY! Are you KIDDING ME? Such hypocrisy. The Republicans have SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR. They have made a DEAL WITH THE DEVIL and we are ALL PAYING FOR IT.


  • Brian Hewlett
    Brian Hewlett 2 months ago

    Wow Keith! If I didn't know it before today, I certainly know it now. You have completely lost your mind. I see a padded cell in your near

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q 2 months ago

    Mr. Olbermann, you must be getting awfully close to the whole truth. The trumpster trolls have their knickers in a knot!

  • David Myers
    David Myers 2 months ago

    All the thumbs down people do you look at how outnumbered you are and maybe rethink your stand? Or will you follow your tin god off of a cliff and take the rest of us with you.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 months ago

    I'm guessing that Olberman was among the many who found the "LOCK HER UP" chants disgraceful. This isn't really any better. The investigation is proceeding. An arrest based on the arguments here would be premature and counterproductive.

  • Dan Whitesall
    Dan Whitesall 2 months ago

    What a lunatic!! "arrest kushner now" absolutely no evidence, no nothing but arrest him now! Good thing this isn't Olbermanns country. This man's mindset is scary! I have never seen such manufactured panic and outrage.

  • Mey Junkmail
    Mey Junkmail 2 months ago


  • BlondeSavant
    BlondeSavant 2 months ago

    "I call for the immediate arrest of Jared Kushner!"
    LOL. Do you now? Would you like a baked potato with that?
    Sound condescending? GOOD. You liberals have condescended to the American people for decades and now that we the people have duly elected a leader according to our laws (Google "electoral college") you're all acting like a bitchy bunch of little girls! And I love it!

  • l l
    l l 2 months ago

    Oh Commrade Kushie,
    in Russian we say, U tebya problemy s chuvakom!
    In English, You're in trouble dude! Bigley Tlubbel !
    Arrest Commrade Kushie Now !

  • nuffsed
    nuffsed 2 months ago

    what happens if he gets arrested and trump preemptively pardons him... like ford did for nixon

  • Jon Coda
    Jon Coda 2 months ago

    So is there probable cause that Kushner gave the Russians any "information related to the national defense"? If so, yeah, arrest him. If not... then the statute at the begging of the video does not apply.

  • Amy Herrmann
    Amy Herrmann 2 months ago

    This is Olbermann's best yer.

  • Kimmy Smiley
    Kimmy Smiley 2 months ago

    So why is he NOT being arrested?

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