Republican Jeff Flake gets wrecked at Town Hall

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  • Ron Ryan
    Ron Ryan Month ago

    walk n chew gum waldorf russia and single payer

  • Robert Keefer
    Robert Keefer Month ago

    Love the chicken costume at 9:05!

  • Gretchen Wagenseller

    It would be best if the yelling, chanting, sarcasm, and other incivility would be dispensed with--does not show the resistance in a good light. Better to just stick to incisive, fact-based questions.

  • sherrie sullivan
    sherrie sullivan Month ago

    with the last name Flake, he should never be in public

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley Month ago

    Obamacare, climate change, etc. diversions created to deflect the people's attention from
    other issues.

  • shonenlad one
    shonenlad one Month ago

    Actually i've seen clips of Town Halls where constituents ask about the Russia connection. Also, LOTS of Democrats have been talking about healthcare, jobs, and every other issue important to voters. Finally, obviously SOMEONE wants to hear about the Russian connection. The media wouldn't go out of it's way to report on a story, unless it was getting traction from the viewers. Apparently all people complaining about the Russia story, don't know how these things work?

  • shonenlad one
    shonenlad one Month ago

    Just a question. What do the green and red pieces of paper carried by the Town Hall crowds mean?

  • Martin Medina
    Martin Medina Month ago

    Another few decades of this kind of system and the American system may find itself at the end of the global race. And those meant to safeguard America's position will have pilfered its wealth and moved on to live in the lands of the new global superpower.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 2 months ago

    the ones getting rekt are tyt. tl;dws

  • occam
    occam 2 months ago +1

    A bunch of uneducated women and cucks that are pro larger government. I can't wait for the backlash against these people.

  • crithon
    crithon 2 months ago

    "Actually Yeah, that's kinda cool!" THIS IS MY GUY!

  • Slagon Drayer
    Slagon Drayer 2 months ago

    I was at this town hall, Flake could not have cared less about the people there, you can tell by the smug grin on his face the entire time. He openly laughed at all the people there supporting PP, and when confronted with the facts of the organization he simply stated "I disagree". No amount of facts or pleading or shaming would dissuade him from saying what he wanted to say and continuing to do what he wants to do, because he knows there will be no consequences for him. Its not that he's out of touch or doesn't understand, he knows very well what he's doing and he knows we can't do anything to stop him. He even joked about elections having consequences, because he knows even if he happens to get voted out of office he can simply take a job at any one of the companies he takes bribes from currently and continuing his overly comfortable, entitled lifestyle.

  • roxiehart0731
    roxiehart0731 2 months ago

    That 16 year old girl was savagely awesome. I nearly lost hope in my own state, but it seems to be looking up. Frosted Flake is done and needs to be dumped down the drain.

  • big Cahuna
    big Cahuna 2 months ago

    maybe the Tomahawk missiles needed testing. Or maybe they had to get rid of old inventory to bring in the new and improved missiles. Mr. Flake is working for Americans (when it doesn't interfere with his lobbyist donations ). The Russia thing serves as a great distraction from issues Americans actually NEED addressed.( (corruption, pedaphelia, taxes, individual rights).

  • North Orbital.
    North Orbital. 2 months ago

    How cool are these" Kids"!

  • joey robinson
    joey robinson 2 months ago


  • videomaxx9
    videomaxx9 2 months ago +1

    Republicans don't care!

  • Trish St Clair
    Trish St Clair 2 months ago

    An arrogant twerp. Very disrespectful to smirk at her

  • Diego Terr
    Diego Terr 2 months ago

    this is just a roast session.

  • lilgrasshoppah
    lilgrasshoppah 2 months ago

    dude. if you're name is Jeff Flake... you should seek a career in breakfast cereal, if you want credibility. In public service? your constituents will see you as nothing but a flake. move along, dandruff.

  • Amy Sternheim
    Amy Sternheim 2 months ago

    I went to my Senator's town hall, it went well very civilized. Elizabeth Warren is a great Senator, but her predecessor was a mistake that we corrected and now that weasal is ambassador to New Zealand.

  • Se Lu
    Se Lu 2 months ago

    As someone involved in biomedical research I can't agree more with this. The American people have invested in biomedical research since WWII and that investment touches the lives of every human being around the world. Now we want to start dismantling that!! You can't have it back if you start tearing it apart and there is no way private research can do what public funded research has done and is doing!

  • airmark02
    airmark02 3 months ago +1

    Single Payer is the new Gay Marriage ... just a matter of time

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 3 months ago

    Anyone who says that the protesters were paid is a liar.

  • Eddie Rispoli
    Eddie Rispoli 3 months ago

    is there a way to remove these people from there offices before there election trough a vote of no confidence

  • True Cerium
    True Cerium 3 months ago

    Actually Germany does not have a single payer system, they have a publicly controlled health insurance model so does Switzerland. Great Britain has a single payer system

  • True Cerium
    True Cerium 3 months ago

    May your anger hold until Nov 2018

  • True Cerium
    True Cerium 3 months ago

    What a smug face! They should throw rotten tomatoes!!

  • SpotOn
    SpotOn 3 months ago

    I'm glad she was able to ask him that question but she's so young and already has that angry bitchy feminist voice. Ugh lol...

    More school less sex for her

  • Rick Stevens.
    Rick Stevens. 3 months ago

    Russia is a distraction Dems use cuz they got nothing better to offer! most are republican that are soft on abortion and gay rights etc!

  • Peggy Newvine
    Peggy Newvine 3 months ago

    I am sorry but these town halls are from some time ago, before the Russia situation had been revealed to be as insidious and far-reaching as it is rapidly being revealed to be. Health care is certainly vital to our future. So is cleaning the traitors out of the very center of our democratic institutions. We have never seen a foreign agent, witting or otherwise, with hands on the nuclear codes and full access to our nation's secrets. Kudos to Maddow for keeping on the story. Kudos also to everyone who is continuing the fight on other fronts. You don't do anyone a service by denigrating those on the same side.

  • Samuel Wright
    Samuel Wright 3 months ago

    The Dems have the same policies as the GOP. They are pro-TPP, pro-fracking, pro-war, pro-insurance company, pro-bank. Fuck them. #BernieWouldHaveWon

  • bob See
    bob See 3 months ago

    This 16 yo is awsome!

  • mako zero
    mako zero 3 months ago

    i love the smirk on flakes face ... he know will all fuck them in the ass ... and get a lot of $$$ for it ... bastard

  • chris ambrose
    chris ambrose 3 months ago

    WE all need to DRAIN THE SWAMP at the next election !!!!!

  • Oran Payne
    Oran Payne 3 months ago

    excuse me but didn't Arizona go for trump? I am so sick and tired of hearing these trump voters cry like little bitches about trumps policies. get the fuck over it. you voted for trump stop crying. you voted to get rid of Obama care when you voted for trump. man up you crying ass pussys and live with you president. if you lose everything you have, YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP.

  • Cenn
    Cenn 3 months ago

    Hell ya, I'm all for free birth control.  Who the fuck wants to pay 18 years of child support?

  • Robin Fox
    Robin Fox 3 months ago

    its her show, n Americans care about get rid of trump...... Rachel is doing the same thing as you , getting info out. She choose to do a different topic . Around The Nation, ur doing the same thing . Stop complaining R.M. , there are Americans who want to know about our enemies. Single Payer, never happen until the administration is changed, n dems are silent to showing their cards

  • Kathy Nickele
    Kathy Nickele 3 months ago

    Just a note, the insurance companies, medical community, doctors, patients all want ACA over AHCA.

  • Kathy Nickele
    Kathy Nickele 3 months ago

    At least he allowed people to have the microphone. David Brat of Virginia lacks the courage and intelligence to even attempt to allow people to ask questions or have a followup. Brat tells the same lies. You would think that after the lie fails they would give facts a chance.

  • Gary Doss
    Gary Doss 3 months ago

    It's about the corrupt nature of the current administration. We actually need to clear the air about Russia's involvement. Otherwise, none of the other things matter.

  • Kevin T. Stein
    Kevin T. Stein 3 months ago

    "The American dream that all of us has been successful at?"

  • Rudy Morrison
    Rudy Morrison 3 months ago

    Lmao hilarious that senator snowFLAKE IS SMILING, laughing and isn't scared the piece of shit! You snowFLAKE go fuck yourself and get cancer you piece of shit!!!!!!!

  • Hulk Hulk
    Hulk Hulk 3 months ago +1

    People are starting to wake up.

  • unmissedrose
    unmissedrose 3 months ago

    What a smug smile his probably retiring before reelection

  • Iamno1 Noone
    Iamno1 Noone 3 months ago

    to tough a question pal...

  • HoneyDew King of the West

    Flake is an idiot android.

  • 15anerachoreographer
    15anerachoreographer 3 months ago

    This commentary video should is, for a lack of a better word, perfect. Good job!

  • Unilev Corp
    Unilev Corp 3 months ago

    The Democrats should be facing this and worse heat for their lack of doing their job!

  • Troy J
    Troy J 3 months ago

    "Real" - "Fake"......
    Wrapping your identity around these "Clubs," and you are only serving the people who run them.

  • Not Important
    Not Important 3 months ago +1

    Gonna be funny when the phony Repubs lose seats in 2018. ITS GONNA HAPPEN GUARAN-DAMN-TEE. Failure Trump's NOT gonna make it to 2020, that's for damn sure!!!

  • Real Investing 200
    Real Investing 200 3 months ago

    Trump is draining the swamp

  • Timothy Duffy
    Timothy Duffy 3 months ago

    how can Democrats win office? Get rid of the misandrist scum feminists.

  • steve cannon
    steve cannon 3 months ago

    Fortunately, it really looks as though Flake will be drifting towards a big loss in 18

  • moustachio cowboy
    moustachio cowboy 3 months ago

    Lock him up - they voted against single payer for us taxpayers while they enjoy it themselves!

  • Pondart Inc
    Pondart Inc 3 months ago

    Hahahah.............this is great. The public is actually speaking.......

  • Trippy Traveler
    Trippy Traveler 3 months ago

    the guy is tone-deaf!!!!

  • bella sanchez
    bella sanchez 3 months ago

    Vote Flake out in 2018 !!!!!

  • andrzej123453
    andrzej123453 3 months ago


  • michael wentworth
    michael wentworth 3 months ago

    These are not Republicans... well, not all! There is an infiltration of these town halls by democrat operatives. To shut it down.

  • Bryan Owens
    Bryan Owens 3 months ago

    The 16 year old associates her ability to have abortions with achieving her dreams. Try not being a slut instead.

  • Ander Drake
    Ander Drake 3 months ago

    Ah, Jeff i think they've figured out you're a fraud. You can't fool everyone forever. Although, I must say it took long enough.

  • Chase Hatley
    Chase Hatley 3 months ago

    Jeff Waldorf: Fat, bald and a lisp.  You might just be the ugliest person on YouTube.

  • Christy Krohne
    Christy Krohne 3 months ago

    I believe the Green and Red card boards is supposed to mean something?

  • Khemetian Dragon
    Khemetian Dragon 3 months ago

    somebody needs to bring a bell to this and totally do that, maybe on capital hill

    • Khemetian Dragon
      Khemetian Dragon 3 months ago

      you see him smile at the crowds like "Ohhhhhh shiiiiit"

  • AboxoroxRoxursox
    AboxoroxRoxursox 3 months ago +3

    The people are breaking and cracking and bursting at the seems. Revolution is coming.

  • Suzanne Nichols
    Suzanne Nichols 3 months ago

    The DEMS aren't focused exclusively on Russia; they're thinking about running their failed candidate Hillary Clinton again. Look for 4 more years of Trump after 2020 if they do!

  • Suzanne Nichols
    Suzanne Nichols 3 months ago

    I wish I had been there. So proud of my fellow Arizonans. At least this portion of our population "gets" it. God bless that young woman. Jeff flake's answer cements, in my mind forever, that he truly lives up to his name. Please don't reelect him again, AZ.
    I think it is important to note that the people in this audience sounded (and are) educated and unfortunately that's not true of a lot of the State's residents as evidenced by who they elect.

  • Matthew Bassett
    Matthew Bassett 3 months ago

    Don't you want to punch (the Flake) him in the face when he giggles when people shame him for being a thief.

  • Matthew Bassett
    Matthew Bassett 3 months ago

    Shame on the whole republican party... And that comes from republican voters who feel ripped off.

  • Matthew Bassett
    Matthew Bassett 3 months ago

    Jeff Flake is a con man. He doesn't care about those folks in Arizona. He is a giggling sociopathic asshole. Phony POS. Those murdering assholes in the republican party are doomed. You can only fool all the people some of the time. Time is up.

  • Kevin Donahue
    Kevin Donahue 3 months ago

    The real question is who the hell was that guy in the chicken costume!?!

  • funkyflights
    funkyflights 3 months ago

    Americans for god sake, why do you vote for these idiots ...

  • Ralf Oltmanns
    Ralf Oltmanns 3 months ago

    Jeff, I really don't get why the Justice Democrats, the non-corporate, "money out of politics" Progressives aren't founding their own party and kick both the Democrats AND the Republicans​ in the ballsack ... bigly!

  • MrMagoo
    MrMagoo 3 months ago +3

    Bernie, an Independent, is the only politician working for the people!!!!!
    The Democrats have proven time and again that they work for Corporate America.
    Russia is the shiny object to distract us from their corruption.

  • Michael Tanner
    Michael Tanner 3 months ago

    Please don't go down the rhino to talk to you. :)

  • Loose Marbles
    Loose Marbles 3 months ago

    eventually the stages will be rushed and the hager slacks models will get torn apart.

  • Trumpenstein
    Trumpenstein 3 months ago +1

    "Go Devils"? The fucker grew up in Mesa then went to BYU cuz he was a Mormon. Guess what folks. He's still a Mormon. Always will be a Mormon. The Church of Latter Day Saints Faux Christian comes first!

  • Yan Akatsuki Benitez
    Yan Akatsuki Benitez 3 months ago +3

    That's how you destroy a ignorant
    knowledge is power!

  • Pete V
    Pete V 3 months ago +2

    That young lady has some brain power. She should replace this dumb-dumb Flake in Congress.

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones 3 months ago +1

    Man I would not like to be a Republican now...............they are not all bad people just they are being looked at like their leader is, President Triump, hypocritical, liars, and not caring about the average person.

  • Signed Up
    Signed Up 3 months ago

    Any defunding that f public schools for another system which excludes,discriminates or otherwise oppresses any of our citizens should definitely result in a lower tax burden for all

  • Oliver Wolfson
    Oliver Wolfson 3 months ago

    Love this guy, but... see what happened here? He just spent the majority of this video bashing democrats and the Russia investigations. What would Moscow like more than that?

  • J McC
    J McC 3 months ago

    You better worry about Russia, healthcare, climate, marriage equality and on, won't matter. You'll have to worry about food water and air to breath, why didn't Hillary talk about those?

  • Susan Hepler
    Susan Hepler 3 months ago

    I live in AZ , I love that kid.

  • Jay Rock Jinx
    Jay Rock Jinx 3 months ago

    I thought snuff films were illegal.

  • marioozzie
    marioozzie 3 months ago +3

    11 fucking kids?!? sorry, but if your parents decided to have up to 11 spawn, they were not counting every penny and depending on neighbours and the community...

  • Viv Pace
    Viv Pace 3 months ago

    I agree with most of your commentary, but the RUSSIA ties 'could' run deeper and wider than we think which could potentially and in the very near future control our elections and policies to mirror something other than Democracy. Trump is uninformed and self absorbed enough to make detrimental deals with fascists and mob masters all over the world. As the country tries to move forward on other important matters it, somehow, inadvertently forgets the outrageous behaviors and deeds of Trump and other repub lawmakers which unwittingly normalizes their breaches of citizen expectations. Now is not the time to pick one over the other. Shortening the list of 'things for dems to do' won't work in this fast and furious world. We don't forget, and we don't want to wake up one day to a LOCAL Russian network.

  • Pam
    Pam 3 months ago

    You look like Edward Snowden about the eyes.

  • WileyCoyote69
    WileyCoyote69 3 months ago

    His first name should be "Snow", not "Jeff". Most of the current serving Republicans are far bigger snowflakes than the liberals they accuse of being that.

  • God of destruction
    God of destruction 3 months ago

    do all Americans I come as you as not a Democrat or Republican get out there be involved and get these people out of here regardless if they Republicanor Democrat get these fools out here

  • Ambre Phillips
    Ambre Phillips 3 months ago

    why can't russia as well as the issues you care about be important? how the hell will we be able to even think about doing universal Healthcare if our democracy is currently being taken from us?? a hostile foreign government is manipulating and running Washington and we have a dictator in office, don't you think getting him out before massive permanent damage is done should be priority #1? and people in AZ do care about the Russia story, I know because I live here.

  • Tony C
    Tony C 3 months ago

    trust me universal healthcare wont. happen we aew a capitalist nation not socialist. government will protect healthcare companies.

  • Tony C
    Tony C 3 months ago

    we have an image as usa to be #1 in military might everything needa to be sacrificed for military spending.

  • Hogman Go
    Hogman Go 3 months ago

    His name isn't Flake for nothing. First time I've seen a grown mans balls cut off by a sixteen year old girl!

  • elijah mikle
    elijah mikle 3 months ago +1

    what are people talking about, democrates in office are busy blocking trump right now. them blocking the action against ACA is what is causing poeple to except the idea of single payer. people had to see republicans drop the the ball. that was thier last chance at stopping universal healthcare for all, and they know it. you poeple forget that the nation is just now coming to see the light on healthcare. we were not ready as a nation 8 years ago for single payer. we had to see just now bad it be without government being involved. ACA put the issue into the front pages. by the way I have seen good old Bernie Sanders on plenty of main stream media introducing the idea of single payer system, and in fact he admits the nation is just not ready for it yet. It's coming don't worry, and you can thank Obama for taking the first steps making it happen. a corporate demcrate. that's what I love about them they lour in the greedy with ideas that they can be bought, than they unleash ACA and regulations. their our wolves in sheep clothing. by the way I hate them, but like it or not we still need corporations, we just need to keep them under control. still need to give a little. were not at war with them. we just need to stand up and demand more.

    • bob See
      bob See 3 months ago

      elijah mikle ya. but when the get the power majority, They fuck us the same as republicans.
      Both parties are evil twins .

  • elijah mikle
    elijah mikle 3 months ago

    good job, more footage of town hall meeting, heck start letting lazy people know when they things are happening. got to get the word out.

  • Barnaby ap Robert
    Barnaby ap Robert 3 months ago +6

    16 morons disliked this video.

  • Barnaby ap Robert
    Barnaby ap Robert 3 months ago +2

    Face it, you don't even need the intro, just play the video. I love that the GOP is destroying itself! LMFAO!

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis Mitchell 3 months ago

    I do have the job of representing Arizona... not for long I guess.

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