Why Alien Covenant Will Blow Everyone Away

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    Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19, and fans couldn't be more psyched. Formerly known as Prometheus 2 and Alien: Paradise Lost, this latest installment in the Alien saga continues the story set in motion by 2012's divisive Prometheus. Here's why we think this sci-fi horror flick is going to be a return to form for the Alien franchise — and a big step forward from the last movie...

    Xenomorphs | 0:24
    H.R. Giger is all over it | 1:07
    Bringing back body horror | 2:15
    The new crew | 2:52
    Music to your ears | 3:56
    Practical effects | 4:44
    Ridley Scott knows what he's doing | 5:01

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  • Looper
    Looper  4 months ago +71

    What are you looking forward to seeing most in 'Alien: Covenant'?

    • BooBoo0818
      BooBoo0818 2 months ago

      How about a movie about  paradise or heaven  with 72 virgins  instead of all this blood and gore alien shit?   Now that would be different.

    • Daniel Carruthers
      Daniel Carruthers 3 months ago


  • Monty's Playhouse

    I was blown away by how shit a movie Ridley Scott can make.

  • Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central

    You should change the title to "Why Alien Covenant Blew No One Away"

  • fer04i
    fer04i Month ago

    I'm from the future and I'm here to tell you, no one will be blown by this movie. Now I must return to my time period, use this information wisely. Farewell!

  • Marcel Robert
    Marcel Robert Month ago

    This movie blows nothing, just a bad remake

  • black animals
    black animals Month ago

    so the movie ended up being a turd. are there seriously idiots who watch shill channels like this unironically?

  • The 80's Wolf
    The 80's Wolf Month ago

    More like the movie blows

  • Gaming Boi
    Gaming Boi 2 months ago

    I Actually liked the movie. Yea come here and atack me because i dont have a opinion like yours

  • Ankush Rana
    Ankush Rana 2 months ago

    Its not look like as prometheus 2..its rubbish as second part of movie..

  • afa78djd
    afa78djd 2 months ago

    I read many awful reviews for Prometheus before I went to see it, turns out I really liked it. Reading a lot of awful reviews for this movie as well, so I'm looking forward to possibly liking this one even more.

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross 2 months ago

    seen it and it was stink. whatv a waste of money!!!

  • Deniz Puolamäki
    Deniz Puolamäki 2 months ago

    Well it certainly didnt blow everyone away.

  • Luke Cy
    Luke Cy 2 months ago

    Well *that* title was a swing-and-a-miss

  • Modlio
    Modlio 2 months ago

    Shame the movie practically ruined Prometheus by throwing away it's setup...

  • Josh L
    Josh L 2 months ago

    Aaaaaaaand it sucks

  • dblkion
    dblkion 2 months ago

    really didnt blow shit

  • TJ Vincenzi
    TJ Vincenzi 2 months ago

    It blew away my money that's 4 Sure! What a waste of money this movie was!

  • TJ Vincenzi
    TJ Vincenzi 2 months ago

    It was Shit!

  • Robert Crawford
    Robert Crawford 2 months ago

    Well it's too bad Alien Covenant had some things that were far more ridiculously dumb then taking off a helmet in a breathable atmosphere. Example, a xenomorph, one of the most agile fierce predators that exist in this universe, gets crushed because oops he just wasn't quick enough that time around. My ass dude, this thing can walk on walls upside down.

  • deraj nitram
    deraj nitram 2 months ago

    Yeah 71% drop from week one to week two, after already under performing in it's first week, yeah...really blew everyone away.

  • R Stan
    R Stan 2 months ago

    I saw the movie and it is a big disappointment. Felt sorry for Michael Fassbinder who had to put up with this terrible script. Prometheus was incredible, this movie has nothing to do with the previous movie. Big rip off, wait for it to come to DVD.

  • ThoughtfulNewt
    ThoughtfulNewt 2 months ago

    Boy were you wrong.

  • aaronthompsonm
    aaronthompsonm 2 months ago

    ALIEN COVENANT didn't blow anyone away. It was by far the worst of the bunch. AVOID IT!!

  • 123z3000
    123z3000 2 months ago

    it was rubbish. the android did it.

  • rock hard richard
    rock hard richard 2 months ago

    hahaha! turns out the covenant crew was so much stupider haha

  • Alex Maverick
    Alex Maverick 2 months ago

    I was certainly blown away by how fucking awful it was.

  • JZSLD G-Fan
    JZSLD G-Fan 2 months ago


  • JZSLD G-Fan
    JZSLD G-Fan 2 months ago


  • Vandani Rawat
    Vandani Rawat 2 months ago

    Alien covenant has a very poor writing ...... really disappointed with Ridley Scott

  • TheConspiredOne
    TheConspiredOne 2 months ago +1


  • Tyrone titwaffle
    Tyrone titwaffle 2 months ago +3

    Well y'all were def wrong on this one

  • Nate Deuce
    Nate Deuce 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed Prometheus... covenant was a 2 hour long trailer for camping gear. Literally the most interesting part was when I could tell it was about to be over. Aliens are in the movie about 10 minutes altogether. The rest is just sexual innuendo and stupid people doing stupid things.

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie 2 months ago

    odd casting......

    XCHINO 2 months ago

    movie was boring 😴

  • Stephen Prince
    Stephen Prince 2 months ago

    Having just seen the film , I must say that while it is a logical sequence to Prometheus and full of the suspense and action, it is a pity that 90% of the plot is played out in near darkness, making it hard at times to see what the hell is going in. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth watching and is a worthy sequel to the previous films with an ending which, if not exactly surprising, gives fans of the Allen saga hope that Ridley Scott has plans for at least one more film.Having been a fan myself since seeing the first Alien film in the cinema back in the early 1980's, I sincerely hope so!

  • Stephen Prince
    Stephen Prince 2 months ago

    Having just seen the film , I must say that while it is a logical sequence to Prometheus and full of the suspense and action, it is a pity that 90% of the plot is played out in near darkness, making it hard at times to see what the hell is going in. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth watching and is a worthy sequel to the previous films with an ending which, if not exactly surprising, gives fans of the Allen saga hope that Ridley Scott has plans for at least one more film.Having been a fan myself since seeing the first Alien film in the cinema back in the early 1980's, I sincerely hope so!

  • Acekorv
    Acekorv 2 months ago

    It blew away my money and I want it back.

  • Hypnoz na
    Hypnoz na 2 months ago

    Just saw the movie.
    Was blown away by how it sucks.
    - It contain literally zero answer beside what Ridley Scott promised.
    - No fear / anguish in this movie (CGI don't help honestly). Forget about the claustophobic feeling of Alien, you will not find it.
    - the end plot is one of the most badly written I have ever seen, you can witness it at half the movie. If this isn't proof of a bad script, I don't know what is one.
    - Plot holes are as massive as in Prometheus
    - Character development is on par with Slasher movies
    - Dumbness of protagonist is even worse than in Prometheus, a few example :
    1 - Space Colonist don't even wear mask protection against micro organisms when they explore a totally unkown planet: WTF
    2 - They follow David in the temple without asking ANY question, even when he say that they're "safe" from the monsters in a temple that if clearly NOT closed. They prefer to do fire and to take a shower : WTF
    3 - The new capitain follow David in his "cave" after seeing him SPEAK with a Neomorph and beeing SAD with his death (anyone with half a brain would have shot David right after seeing this and go alarm his team of the security breach in the temple, but not him) and after that he EVEN put his fucking head on the Alien Egg when David ask him to do so : WTF ??

    I know some will love this movie, but I serously can't when the characters are too dumb to be true, or when the script is so bad.

    Just my opinion.

  • JokerNstuff Shy
    JokerNstuff Shy 2 months ago +1

    Alien covenant was a HUGE let down with major flaws , how is David meant to be the one who created the alien suckers when all past films shows they have been around for thousands of years , in alien vs predator in normal alien film plus alien vs predator:requiem so on and so on . Big let down

    • eureka0521
      eureka0521 2 months ago

      I don't know how canon the predators films are, but you're right about the eggs. So either David jumped back in time, or he just recreated something the Engineers already made.

  • ggulto2
    ggulto2 2 months ago

    Had a such hope for Alien:Covenant. They made us really curious about the origin of the Xenomorph and what will the engineers say or something along those lines and what they actually showed us in the movie utterly disappointed me.

  • shitmandood
    shitmandood 2 months ago +1

    It blew me away. Actually watching it and not listening to the critical rant on YouTube helps. Probably will turn off YouTube before the next one comes out.

  • pimeto
    pimeto 2 months ago +1

    except it didnt blow anyone away....

  • Ghost Gamers
    Ghost Gamers 2 months ago +1

    it actually blew my money away

  • GermanGDragon
    GermanGDragon 2 months ago +1

    the movie is stupid boring and killed the Alien story/mystery forever

  • Royz View
    Royz View 2 months ago +1

    Saw this last week and in my opinion I was disappoint The crew make far worse mistakes and make even more stupid decisions in this than they did in Prometheus. I was going to walk out but I kept hoping the script would improve but it just got worse. In all I thought it failed to be better than Prometheus.

  • JackassBauer1
    JackassBauer1 2 months ago +1

    Ridley Scott knows what he is doing? Really? If juicing money producing mediocre movie is what he does, then yes, he know how to do it...

  • Empress Bethany
    Empress Bethany 2 months ago +1

    Oops, Looper, you got this one wrong. The crew of the Covenant was the dumbest, most poorly trained crew imaginable (as well as just generally lacked personality). They set foot on an alien planet without any protective gear!!! And what got them? Spores -- one of the very reasons you wear protective gear even if you are opening archaeological finds on Earth.

    The so-called "twists" in the plot were incredibly predictable, I thought we were watching written as a Syfy monster movie like Sharknado or Anaconda. And a shower scene, really? Ridiculously overused in horror genre AND inappropriate for scifi. Even if that couple suddenly got dibs on the water rations for all their dead crewmembers they decide to blow it all on shower sex with all the shower jets going? It is totally appropriate to waste precious resources on a multi year mission. Heck, maybe they should vent the oxygen and roll around on food rations just to up the thrill level. So dumb.

    I found the most disturbing thing in the movie the lack of curiosity the crew exhibited towards the alien city. I guess they were just ignorant dirt farmers just intent on building houses because that asked practically zero questions about the dead city. That right there made this more of a run of the mill monster movie than anything remotely worth considering scifi.

    Prometheus had its problems, but it blew Covenant out of the water. Covenant was only little better than Alien 3. Soooo disappointing.

    • ms
      ms 2 months ago

      Well said!

  • Dani
    Dani 2 months ago

    Spoke too soon.

  • Jt Bartz
    Jt Bartz 2 months ago +1

    COVENANT had sooooo much potential. Yet we waited 5 years, half a decade for unoriginality and a plot with predictable moves that insulted our intelligence. I'm upset because they royally slapped Prometheus in the face, and once again really explained nothing but David has a fetish to create and destroy things.

  • Ghostayy
    Ghostayy 2 months ago

    it was terrible

  • caleb dahle
    caleb dahle 2 months ago +1

    AAAAAAAANNNNND it fucking sucked

  • Donna F. Millsap
    Donna F. Millsap 2 months ago

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  • Søren Borgquist
    Søren Borgquist 2 months ago +1

    "Why Alien Covenant Will Blow Everyone Away"?
    Well, the movie is out and it wasn't very good. We need an apology, Looper. xD

  • Cody.
    Cody. 2 months ago +1

    Honestly, don't see it. It's a joke. Joke acting, joke plot, joke movie.

  • Turtle
    Turtle 3 months ago +1

    It didn't blow me away, infact it left a lot of questions to be answered.

    and the ending scene could've been done soooo much better...

  • mlfgc
    mlfgc 3 months ago +1

    videos like these must be trolled lololol

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 3 months ago +1

    When I was in the theater, the thing I most looked forward to, was, "The End." Last Alien movie I'm ever going to see.

  • SkyyyGO
    SkyyyGO 3 months ago +1

    Was really really dissapointed, maybe i wouldnt be if i hadnt watched the trailers

  • ololadin91
    ololadin91 3 months ago +2

    Besides prometheus and alien 4 - was covernant the worst of those 6 movies... (or 8 counting alien vs predator). Way to manny plotholes and questions... :(

  • Patrick Simpson
    Patrick Simpson 3 months ago +2

    Update: It did not.

  • 11001money
    11001money 3 months ago

    didn't blow me away

  • Feyodor Karamazov
    Feyodor Karamazov 3 months ago +3

    Ha! So much irony, the movie turned out to be shit... And the name: Adventures of idiots in space suits it most!

  • bravetherainbow
    bravetherainbow 3 months ago +4

    "Did you ever wonder why a group of scientists would remove their helmets..."

    "Well, don't worry because now they don't even put helmets on in the first place!"

  • bravetherainbow
    bravetherainbow 3 months ago

    I clapped when I saw xenomorphs on the poster and in the trailer

  • Jeff Davison
    Jeff Davison 3 months ago +1

    the movie sucked... I think it was just as bad as Alien 3 and Alien 4 (Resurrection) ... First, the premise and start of the movie had so much potential then just sucked after they landed on the planet. Everything is off especially if you are a fan of following the original story lines of how the Alien (xenomorph) actually develop... In the original Alien and Alien 4 movie the face hugger would attach to the face, then let go, then the human host would be alive for a little awhile while the embryo develops and then "chest burster" would bust out of the rib cage as a snake like xenomorph and then it would run away for it as it took time for the xenomorph to fully grow. In Alien Covenant throw everything you know about the Xenomorphs out the window. In this movie the xenomorphs are born fully formed midgets and apparently grow to full size in a matter of minutes... smh and the big "m shamylan night" twist at the end of the movie isn't a twist or surprising as everyone in the audience already knew about Walter/David. smh... I seriously want to forget about this movie and hope they have a reboot or remake.... I wanted to see the back story of the Engineers/Space Jockeys... Nope, apparently they are all wiped out of existence in a 10 sec flashback scene... smh
    This movie was such a let down... bad bad bad movie....

  • Reid Smith
    Reid Smith 3 months ago

    this is a funny title because it actually seems to have completely flopped

  • Bitplex
    Bitplex 3 months ago +1

    I can't believe how much the face hugger's under side looks like the anatomy of a vagina...

  • Kim JongUn
    Kim JongUn 3 months ago


  • RMW1900
    RMW1900 3 months ago

    It blew me away, all right, with a colossal realization as to how horrible this movie is. The plot is full of holes, the decisions and actions of the crew are ludicrous and the terror is telegraphed as much it is in "Halloween" or any other horror genre series. It's slow and then it's fast and then it's slow again and then it's fast. There's no character development at all among the Human crew of the ship but there's way too much useless development of a returning character and a great deal of his participation in this shipwreck makes no sense. Ridley Scott has succeeded in destroying the Alien series and there is a terrific need for another director to step in if this series continues and it will take a monumental effort to redeem what was once a great concept.
    Do not waste your money on this garbage. Wait for it on Netflix and avoid it even then.

  • Alex Dementyev
    Alex Dementyev 3 months ago +1

    For some reason didn't blow me away.
    2 hours of disappointment.
    Predictable and cheesy.

  • TheRedJokerrr
    TheRedJokerrr 3 months ago

    The movie was shit.

  • Ash
    Ash 3 months ago +2

    Ending was horrible

  • Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell 3 months ago

    How does this universe even have a fan base it's been trash for like 30 years.

  • TheAngrymode
    TheAngrymode 3 months ago

    well now we knows: that movie is a failure like Prometheus

  • Mara But
    Mara But 3 months ago +1

    I think Ridley Scott died and we look at work of an impostor.You know,looks like Ridley and all but doesn't know jack shit about telling a good story.In fact that would be more interesting plot than the fucking Prometheus2.0 I just watched. I do not care about CGI or grand effects.Wanted to see ALIEN prequel.I got straight to DVD sci fi horror story .Mediocre.But if you take into consideration that this is supposed to be on par with original or even ALIENS? Sorry , but it was pile of shit.

  • SquidkidMega
    SquidkidMega 3 months ago +1

    it didn't blow anyone away…….it just blew

  • Far Flown Falcon
    Far Flown Falcon 3 months ago

    I think a lot of people have been blown away . . . but not in a good way . . .

  • jay 65
    jay 65 3 months ago +1

    everything this clown said that was gonna be good, was just the opposite lol

  • dddddddd
    dddddddd 3 months ago

    You were wrong the film's complete dog shit

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
    Fuzzy Wuzzy 3 months ago

    Nope, didnt blow me away. It was okay.

  • PeXis
    PeXis 3 months ago

    Nope. It was shit.

  • billthestinker
    billthestinker 3 months ago

    It will be revealed the engineers are transgender

  • dave loth
    dave loth 3 months ago

    slow down on the brit accent , it's puke

  • The Boxer
    The Boxer 3 months ago +1

    Can somebody let me know - I could not hear it - what David says to Daniels right before she steps into the chamber to enter the cryogenic sleep state? How did she realize it was David and not Walter? Thx!

    • The Boxer
      The Boxer 3 months ago

      Hey, thanks! Great movie. Something else. Does Daniel carry an "egg" because David "kissed" her when he told her he would do to her what he did to Shaw?

    • Maelstrom
      Maelstrom 3 months ago

      correct, I'm a bit sleepy over here x) edited my comment

    • The Boxer
      The Boxer 3 months ago

      I believe, it is Daniels, not Davids, correct?

    • The Boxer
      The Boxer 3 months ago

      Maelstrom, Got it! Thanks, bro!

    • Maelstrom
      Maelstrom 3 months ago

      SPOILER ALERT! Press "read more"

      Daniels talked to David about the cabin they were going to build together by the lake. Only problem is that David has no clue what she is talking about (since it was Walter that knew about the cabin). David doesn't respond to the question, and Daniels can see on his face that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Daniels then understands she is in fact looking at David, and freak out.

  • Rosemary Brown
    Rosemary Brown 3 months ago +2

    This is a very sad, slow movie...highly improbable situations..very poor heroine..aside from Aliens 3 this is the worst movie of the entire franchise.. please save your money..don't watch it

  • John Cameron
    John Cameron 3 months ago

    I found it very average ! :-/

  • Speednut1
    Speednut1 3 months ago

    sadly the movie sucked big time

  • Orlando Ramos
    Orlando Ramos 3 months ago +2

    the only thing this movie blow is crap because it's the worst ever,idiotic characters , forget about the lore, Friday the 13th kills kind of cliche shit with better visuals, after the first two Alien movies everything sucks.

  • RTerreur
    RTerreur 3 months ago +5

    Covenant is disappointing as all hell, zero suspense, hell, zero atmospheric music even, not to mention plot holes, rushed last act and watering down the franchise with numerous new alien sub-species which were not even remotely mentioned in the original quadrology which according to the timeline happens after covenant. Oh and by the way face huggers now only need to touch your face and you've been implanted. In nostromo the hugger fed on the host and carefully cared for the soon to be alien, which grew inside. Pathogen aliens are like an instant soup too. 5 minutes and you now have your own little alien to play with... The decision making done by bland characters is ludicrous to say the least. Fuck 2k colonisers, there's my wife down there, lets risk crashing. Hell, let's send a mission comprised of, almost exclusively, couples. That won't affect the decision making at all... right? I'd rather it expanded upon the synthetics and engineers, not try to touch upon everything and end up with a mush held together with duct tape... Fassbender's role was the only light at the end of the slimy tunnel but it's not enough. The last "bossfight" was an icing on the cake... waste of keyboard though. Welp there's my late night rant.

    • Gaming Boi
      Gaming Boi 2 months ago

      RTerreur Your just disapointed that he does not have the same opinion as you

  • matt lord
    matt lord 3 months ago

    I saw Covenant last night and I can confirm that Prometheus was doper.

  • HudsonCola
    HudsonCola 3 months ago

    way to be super duper wrong. Not even close. lol!

  • Adam Kent
    Adam Kent 3 months ago +1

    Remove the last two words from the title and then you get a video which would have seen Alien Covenants massive disappointment coming.

  • MsDboyy
    MsDboyy 3 months ago

    Lol what was that cartoon from ?

  • Al Barokah
    Al Barokah 3 months ago +1

    Alien Covenant Full Movie
    PLAYING NOW : plus.google.com/104219225468243026931/posts/G2Z3npPytDU

  • PrivateHudson90
    PrivateHudson90 3 months ago

    It was v. disappointing. 5/10

  • Nannette Cordell
    Nannette Cordell 3 months ago

    This movie will be epic! Alien franchise never seems to disappoint even Prometheus was bone chilling I think it is the mental shaking thriller that keeps you guessing which makes it brilliant think about it the thought of what it is scary plus if they spill all the secrets then the franchise becomes predictable and uninteresting!

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael Hamilton 3 months ago +2

    bet you think differently about this movie don't you looper

  • 어엿먹
    어엿먹 3 months ago

    James Franco is in this movie? Did he bring Caesar? First apes... then aliens... poor guy.

  • OSU Bucks421
    OSU Bucks421 3 months ago

    It's fucking amazing guys.

  • Islander HP
    Islander HP 3 months ago


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