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  • Markus Willer
    Markus Willer 1 year ago

    this is the best sports video I've ever seen

    • Travis Stanaway
      Travis Stanaway 4 days ago

      Markus Willer cosplay though? uughh

    • Kameron Krieger
      Kameron Krieger 18 days ago

      sports is fun

    • Hollawar
      Hollawar 2 months ago

      in america*

    • Tom Sweeney
      Tom Sweeney 1 year ago

      +FacePuncher1337 Go Flyers!!!

    • Austin Turner
      Austin Turner 1 year ago

      +FacePuncher1337 dude, that was one of the single greatest athletic moments in history. Respect the Lezak haha.

  • Clutchoholic
    Clutchoholic 3 minutes ago

    What i found out after this video:

    Basketball: not bad
    Soccer: nice
    American football: insane
    Baseball: lame af

  • Greek Blaugrana
    Greek Blaugrana 1 hour ago


  • Marcel C
    Marcel C 6 hours ago

    song name?

  • RMTP
    RMTP 18 hours ago

    Bautista bat flip??

  • TheEggnogMan
    TheEggnogMan 1 day ago

    Why is clocks in the background

  • Twan Darsh
    Twan Darsh 2 days ago

    could have just said american based sports ...

  • Trickshot Legend
    Trickshot Legend 2 days ago

    1:44 hey where ya going???

  • Can I touch your Rusty kettle

    No MJ?
    No Muhammad Ali?
    No pele
    No George beat
    No Freddie flintoff

    ERICK LOL PARRA 3 days ago

    Me pueden decir el nombre de las canciones

  • Ike 11
    Ike 11 3 days ago

    you should have named it best us sports moments in recent history

  • Diamantenburg der Schatztruhen


  • syruskick klyne
    syruskick klyne 3 days ago

    Vous êtes des gamins à avoir mis que des exploits américain en majeur partis mskn vs faites pitié avec votre fierté de merde

  • Drew Perri
    Drew Perri 4 days ago

    loved this video. but the guy who made it clearly hates bama

  • Travis Stanaway
    Travis Stanaway 4 days ago

    as a tigers fan I would not have any other man break my heart than big papi..... awesome dude.

  • Chad Brockerville
    Chad Brockerville 4 days ago

    great video🤗

  • Mar NOi
    Mar NOi 4 days ago

    Baseball sucks

  • PhelnoxGaming
    PhelnoxGaming 5 days ago


  • Mute
    Mute 5 days ago

    More like "BEST AMERICAN SPORTS MOMENTS IN RECENT HISTORY" (apart from soccer)

  • Stonefish
    Stonefish 5 days ago

    Why not call the video "Best American sports moments in recent history"?

  • Dieter Pablo
    Dieter Pablo 5 days ago

    1:27 Lavar Ball his bro? xD

  • mutatron
    mutatron 5 days ago

    At 4:08 you can see jimmy Fallon jumping behind jeter😂

  • mutatron
    mutatron 5 days ago

    You know what to do
    1. Spongebob
    2. Patrick
    4. Squid ward
    5.gary. Krabs
    7.old man Jenkins
    8.larry the lobster
    9. Plankton

  • mutatron
    mutatron 5 days ago

    Add 1:46 even the cops happy

    ERICK LOL PARRA 5 days ago

    Me pueden decir el. Nombre de las canciones de fondo por favor

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 5 days ago

    Throwing on the one yard like LOL

  • Jean Perroni
    Jean Perroni 6 days ago

    For your record no one care about baseball or american football.

  • Chris James
    Chris James 6 days ago

    Manziel is a shitshow now but DAMN was he fun to watch football in college. Guy balled out @ A&M

  • shivam kanojiya
    shivam kanojiya 6 days ago

    what the hell is this video about

  • Just Hockey
    Just Hockey 6 days ago

    No hockey?!

  • bgvdfb nhgfvgh
    bgvdfb nhgfvgh 6 days ago


  • Venny Trevino
    Venny Trevino 6 days ago

    Haha the giants still lost

  • Hayden Gray
    Hayden Gray 7 days ago

    I'm a Red Sox fan, but Re2pect for Jeter

    ZUNORUSH 7 days ago

    Fuck you ray Allen

  • Lucas Cervera Esteve

    american moments, americans moments & when u're about to finish more american moments

  • macetrolldonia
    macetrolldonia 7 days ago

    best sports moments in yankees history dislike

  • DT44 Gaming
    DT44 Gaming 7 days ago

    I thought it would be a great vid but its just shity american sports

  • ThePechou33
    ThePechou33 7 days ago

    LOL Only in US... better moments somewhere else in the world ^^

  • Liam Sangaku
    Liam Sangaku 7 days ago

    how about not using only shitty main stream sports.

  • Daniel Fruerhøj Helle 7C Korup Skole

    This vid actually made my eyes go into tears

  • Marcos González
    Marcos González 8 days ago

    9:00 LeBron lowkey the best basketball player I'll see in my whole life

  • Jared Luna
    Jared Luna 8 days ago

    Should've just ran the ball

  • hugo de charsonville

    Americans are the most arrogant people i ´ve ever seen wow

  • hugo de charsonville

    Plz say that it is for US this is ridiculous title

  • TS Fallout
    TS Fallout 8 days ago

    I enjoyed all the hockey clips

  • Joseph Andrade
    Joseph Andrade 8 days ago


  • Lephas
    Lephas 8 days ago

    90% american sports videos - rigged

  • Dear Pats Nation
    Dear Pats Nation 8 days ago

    Great video man! Don't listen to the haters in here,

  • IamFonix
    IamFonix 8 days ago

    No rugby, cricket, hockey videos, hardy any soccer or racing videos. Besides that, it was good.

  • Malik ' Henny God Jr' Monk

    As. Spurs fan I'm still pissed about that Ray Allen shot.

  • ERik cabaco
    ERik cabaco 9 days ago

    russel Wilson la vendió

  • Tre Warren
    Tre Warren 10 days ago

    damn Manziel was fun to watch

  • Ethan Collumbell
    Ethan Collumbell 10 days ago

    Any real football in that?

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 11 days ago

    So where's Max Verstappen's win?

  • P. H.
    P. H. 12 days ago

    fucking coldplay? really? you're a terrible person

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 12 days ago

    AGUEERRRRROOOOOOO!- or that arseAnal comeback

  • SturmZebraLP
    SturmZebraLP 12 days ago

    No Motorsports *sad face*

  • Joseph Howard
    Joseph Howard 12 days ago

    What about rugby

  • natour75
    natour75 13 days ago

    What's the name of the third song? Plz someone help

  • Héctor Alejandro
    Héctor Alejandro 13 days ago

    Ngbna quien es cezhar? Ah!! tu eres Cezhar?

  • Peanutpeeden Beast martini

    Now you need to add Jimmie johnson

  • ray mendez
    ray mendez 19 days ago

    I was about to say it's impossible doing this type of video without Gotze or Iniesta's goals in the World Cup final and ask why there isn't anything apart from Copa del Rey from football (or soccer lol) with last minutes goals with the likes of Agüero, Ramos, S.Roberto but then I realised there's copyrights on Youtube for every others competitions so I'll let you the benefice of the doubt this time. Great video and amazing work nonetheless.

  • Rane A.
    Rane A. 21 day ago

    I didn't want this video to end! That was an absolutely amazing reel. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Vaska
    Vaska 22 days ago

    3:47 why did referee throw yellow flag? I'm not from America and I don't know rules

  • ash the train
    ash the train 22 days ago

    Put best American sports moments in the title fucking shit not even any football

  • Kevin Moy
    Kevin Moy 22 days ago

    Better put Cubs winning WS here at some pt

  • Pomlo'
    Pomlo' 24 days ago

    Best sports moment in recent history ....... of the US history! No more than that.

  • Josh King
    Josh King 26 days ago

    Thank you for putting zekes run against Alabama on here🙏🏼

  • Ajjohnson_ 86
    Ajjohnson_ 86 28 days ago

    And yet I still wonder why the Seahawks threw the ball...

  • Ajjohnson_ 86
    Ajjohnson_ 86 28 days ago

    Jadevion Clowney's hit vs. Michigan?😄

  • Ajjohnson_ 86
    Ajjohnson_ 86 28 days ago

    Auburn v. Alabama. Just AMAZING

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee 1 month ago

    Nearly cried during jeter's last game.

  • Braden Boehmer
    Braden Boehmer 1 month ago

    Can wait until college football season

  • Törbian Schöbel
    Törbian Schöbel 1 month ago

    How is the name of the first song?

  • Abel Arcos
    Abel Arcos 1 month ago

    5:38 best one

  • Alec Ahern
    Alec Ahern 1 month ago

    Götze scoring in World Cup final ???
    Eder scoring in Euros final???
    Leicester winning the BPL???

  • Glasterz
    Glasterz 1 month ago

    Nebraska Vs. Northwestern hail mary?
    Also, where the hell is hockey, there has probably been enough hockey moments in recent history to reach the length of this video... people suck up to the nba WAY too much, especially when it is the same 2 teams in the finals for fucking 3 years in a row

  • 2am_ Ru3lz
    2am_ Ru3lz 1 month ago

    We will miss you big papi

  • pau catort
    pau catort 1 month ago

    Hahahaha, soccer is the most important sport in the world and It doesn't apear in this video

  • João Do Rosario Moutinho

    The skill of soccer players is highly above the one of the others

  • Adrian Acosta
    Adrian Acosta 1 month ago

    I came, I saw, and I cried. Incredible.

  • Brennanawesome Games

    America has da best sports

  • Fábio Guerreiro
    Fábio Guerreiro 1 month ago

    to mutch america

  • sgfgqueen
    sgfgqueen 1 month ago

    it's all us sports though...

  • ultrAs Life
    ultrAs Life 1 month ago

    Shit video where is Football ?

  • Feras Kai
    Feras Kai 1 month ago

    have to watch it on mute because it has coldGAY playing

  • APO11O
    APO11O 1 month ago

    New England Vs. Seattle: best damn football game ever

  • Martin Poland
    Martin Poland 1 month ago

    U need way more hockey moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ilegator | BadlionPvP & SkyWars

    u have no idea about soccer lmao

  • Ilegator | BadlionPvP & SkyWars

    USA sports suck

  • Pim Braadbaart
    Pim Braadbaart 1 month ago

    american prick

  • seubert22
    seubert22 1 month ago

    watching all these nba highlights remembering how great it used to be watching stars go against stars and then there's now with all the stars joining 2 teams

  • Nicola Pascetta
    Nicola Pascetta 1 month ago

    what's the name of the song at 8:49?

  • Andis
    Andis 1 month ago

    No love for hockey, huh?

  • Michel Smiffi
    Michel Smiffi 1 month ago

    So, it's a video about the "BEST SPORTS MOMENTS IN RECENT HISTORY" and 9/10 plays are from US sports that most people in the world doesn't even bother watching?

  • Stephen Mooney
    Stephen Mooney 1 month ago

    wheres dirk killing the heat?

  • Mobile Player
    Mobile Player 1 month ago

    where is ICE hockey

  • Vianney Kid
    Vianney Kid 1 month ago

    The first moment with the cards doesn't even fully explain the magnitude of that play. It was so huge for St. Louis

  • ManosTheOne
    ManosTheOne 1 month ago

    You mean best USA sport moments. Make this correction to this title so the majority won't waste their time.

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