8 "Grate" Cheese Hacks!

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  • c@mbaz
    c@mbaz 2 days ago

    Are the zip bags heatproof? What about the material itself does it react in a wierd way?

  • iTutorial GT
    iTutorial GT 3 days ago +1

    This Grate video was so Cheesy

  • William Tobin
    William Tobin 7 days ago

    Grate hacks

  • Piki/Nico
    Piki/Nico 7 days ago

    Damn I'm hungry now

  • Benooo
    Benooo 10 days ago

    Use a potato peeler

  • Kawan Gomes
    Kawan Gomes 11 days ago

    You suck

  • AlphaEarth Wolf
    AlphaEarth Wolf 12 days ago

    This was just 6 minutes of cheese puns

  • Jaedyn Thavongsa
    Jaedyn Thavongsa 12 days ago

    I only came cause it's 2017 and the title is just so cheesy

  • Frank Briseno
    Frank Briseno 12 days ago

    He called his arm bestie 😂

  • FishN Chips
    FishN Chips 12 days ago

    8 *GRATE* Cheesehacks. HAHH

  • GamerZini 00
    GamerZini 00 14 days ago

    0:11 for all the airgun experts or random people who like BB guns that's the Beretta 92A1 semi/fully automatic.

  • George Lilley
    George Lilley 14 days ago

    Shallow fried mac n cheese

  • ppinkiepiee
    ppinkiepiee 15 days ago

    Oh my gad the punnnz

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwmuhwem Osas


  • Lemoran
    Lemoran 16 days ago

    That is parchment paper. Not waxed.

  • Brent M
    Brent M 16 days ago

    Mmmmmmmm now I'm hungry

  • Ezequiel Wilcox
    Ezequiel Wilcox 16 days ago

    I'll hire you to take out some blue cheese

  • Amelie Johnston
    Amelie Johnston 22 days ago


  • Andy Mendivil
    Andy Mendivil 23 days ago

    What kinda cheese for the mac and cheese?

  • SOKUN Visoth
    SOKUN Visoth 24 days ago

    What do you do to my 🧀 i like it so much im a🐭

  • Ultimate Top 5
    Ultimate Top 5 24 days ago

    I did the omelet hack and it worked the first time but when I did it again I had to cook it for half a hour and it was still under cooked

  • thor CoolGuy
    thor CoolGuy 25 days ago +1

    1:11 - 1:18 what is this an infomercial??

  • kirby superstar
    kirby superstar 25 days ago +1

    That opening made me say "oh brie oh my"

  • Furio Rudolph
    Furio Rudolph 25 days ago +1

    Cheese puns

  • Noel Barnes
    Noel Barnes 25 days ago

    As soon as I got the pun in the title I said "I quit" then I remembered I live in Wisconsin

    • Noel Barnes
      Noel Barnes 25 days ago

      Also watching some guy I don't know in 4K 60fps is strangely addicting.

  • Reginald Cajot
    Reginald Cajot 27 days ago

    Cheese porn

  • Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen 28 days ago


  • ThatOneYoutuber 070

    Wait... You're from Portland too!?!

  • Richard pham
    Richard pham Month ago

    how many eggs do you need? like are you howtobasic?? (4:06)

  • ellie howse
    ellie howse Month ago

    Who ever has leftover Mac and cheese any way 😂

  • Somewhat Perfect
    Somewhat Perfect Month ago

    Man these puns are pretty... cheesy

  • arsalan khan
    arsalan khan Month ago

    3:27 what cheese is that

  • rich 89
    rich 89 Month ago

    I watch these but never try it like if your same

  • Hayley Elizabeth
    Hayley Elizabeth Month ago

    1:27 o.o wut

  • Jesse K
    Jesse K Month ago

    a heady

  • Windex
    Windex Month ago +1

    For the mac and cheese thing
    I didn't have milk
    So I used orange soda

    It didn't go well

  • supernatural fan
    supernatural fan Month ago

    Mac and cheese mug keeps boiling over

  • mona isawesome
    mona isawesome Month ago

    0:55 I did this on the stove top and doubled the recipe. Took a little bit longer but it came out sooooo. cheesy and delicious

  • Anton.d09
    Anton.d09 2 months ago

    why is that tomato soup so thick?

    WAFFLE. KING 2 months ago

    Kill the cheese

  • Capital Cosplay TV
    Capital Cosplay TV 2 months ago

    the mac and cheese is damn good, I tried it last night

  • Sombra Rose
    Sombra Rose 2 months ago

    I feel so provolone
    *drum sfx*

  • crystal
    crystal 2 months ago

  • crystal
    crystal 2 months ago


  • Roque Gurza
    Roque Gurza 2 months ago +2

    instead of using a cheese slicer or floss you can just use a knife idiot

  • Aidil Shazwan
    Aidil Shazwan 2 months ago


  • iDoMacaroni
    iDoMacaroni 2 months ago

    best intro ever

  • Thank You Fish
    Thank You Fish 2 months ago

    If I eat breakfast at someone's house and they start putting plastic bags full of eggs into a pot of boiling water I will shoot them in the goddamned face.

  • Tai Nam Chin
    Tai Nam Chin 2 months ago +1

    3:00 trypopobia

  • Kelsey Carbary
    Kelsey Carbary 2 months ago

    you should use unflavored floss for cutting cheese and cake!

  • cheuk kwan lai
    cheuk kwan lai 2 months ago

    keep Portland weird

    ICEE LOVER 2 months ago

    The mac and cheese sucks, bro.

  • Connor The Cat
    Connor The Cat 2 months ago +1

    What a grate video! I chedder share it.

  • xpgaming 156
    xpgaming 156 2 months ago

    im enjoying the mugncheese thing right now its good

  • Threelluminati
    Threelluminati 3 months ago

    Big Smoke gon' love this video.

  • Adora Phan
    Adora Phan 3 months ago

    The introduction is so retarded.

  • Alejandro Adrianzen
    Alejandro Adrianzen 3 months ago


  • Jugdeep Rathore
    Jugdeep Rathore 3 months ago

    other people: oh wow these life hacks are so easy!
    me:how the fuck did I get my dick stuck in a toaster!?

  • Kamik Gamer CZ
    Kamik Gamer CZ 3 months ago

    thx i made myself some good ass macncheese :)

  • Liam Benson
    Liam Benson 3 months ago


  • rader789
    rader789 3 months ago

    "Or if you et hungry, you can eat him too" this one sentence earned the like


  • The Popped Tart
    The Popped Tart 3 months ago

    w8 do u live in Portland?

  • Dinoking
    Dinoking 3 months ago

    8 "grate" cheese hacks the name is AWSOME ğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž

  • DeSend Spades
    DeSend Spades 3 months ago

    He said cheese 24 or 23 times

  • Andre Ibarra
    Andre Ibarra 3 months ago

    0:25 "not every one has fancy cheese cutters" man I don't even have fine looking cheese!

  • BaddestSalmon
    BaddestSalmon 3 months ago

    I take it you like cheese

  • Stylianos-Marios Seitanis

    the Mac and cheese didn't work

  • PEBble
    PEBble 3 months ago

    the cheese things doesnt really work the noodles are still pretty hard but the cheese just kinda clumps together and there is just kinda milk left and the bottom

  • Maria May
    Maria May 3 months ago

    FUCK you I GUST WASTED $5.00

  • Yugo Matsuhashi
    Yugo Matsuhashi 3 months ago

    iv ALWAYS needed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU :) ;)

  • Matthew Rowe
    Matthew Rowe 3 months ago

    The YouTuber HealthyJunkFood has the exact same iPhone slide to unlock sticker on their fridge :0

  • Oliver j
    Oliver j 3 months ago

    10/10 best pun

  • Ronin FN
    Ronin FN 3 months ago +2

    3:00 how to make fried diabetes in cylindrical form

  • Japhet Torallo
    Japhet Torallo 3 months ago

    Just because of Annie96 there's this app that's called hooked

  • Sir Isaac
    Sir Isaac 3 months ago

    I just ate some food and this is what I said
    Me: I'm hungry

  • MaxGallant
    MaxGallant 3 months ago

    I feel like the boiling water would just leach plastic into your omelet

  • Ahrujan
    Ahrujan 3 months ago

    F O R E V E R P R O V O L O N E

  • Asher Brown
    Asher Brown 4 months ago

    audio mistake at 4:11

  • Falafel BananaBooty
    Falafel BananaBooty 4 months ago

    "C'mere Bessy!"

  • Tox1c
    Tox1c 4 months ago

    Automatically disliked because of the title pun.

  • DerekAnims 24
    DerekAnims 24 4 months ago

    If u played basketball then you'd make 1 million Swiss-hes

  • fireland 007
    fireland 007 4 months ago

    Have commonsense man boiling that zip let bag will melt it into the food !!

  • Nightfall gaming
    Nightfall gaming 4 months ago

    also when rainbow six siege gets corrupted and you have to reinstall it and it taken 104 fucking minutes

  • Nightfall gaming
    Nightfall gaming 4 months ago

    I can't have dairy

  • progamerundefeated
    progamerundefeated 4 months ago +4

    that's not the way gordon ramsay makes an omelette. Gordon ramsay says f*ck about 15 times

  • chris houseman
    chris houseman 4 months ago

    3:26 not for people with triphobia

  • Dashie Panda game
    Dashie Panda game 4 months ago +1

    This video was very cheesy

  • slug2012
    slug2012 4 months ago

    10/10 best puns ever

  • Death Ball4444
    Death Ball4444 4 months ago

    I love making cheese wax candles

  • minecraftkid 247
    minecraftkid 247 4 months ago +1

    Who else wants all of these?

  • The gaming Lime
    The gaming Lime 4 months ago

    I'm not a fan of CHESSE

  • Dr.dropsho T
    Dr.dropsho T 4 months ago


  • Itz Millz
    Itz Millz 4 months ago

    Who has leftover mac and cheese

  • TosiKivaIhminen
    TosiKivaIhminen 4 months ago

    I tried the mac and cheese in a mug thing. I put it in for 2 minutes on high. The Water boiled over the mug and spilled over. Thankd

  • TheDarkSeraph
    TheDarkSeraph 4 months ago

    pretty gouda video

  • Gio's Not-Amazing Life Hacks

    *sees title*
    *calmly turns off tablet*
    *walks to bucket of gasoline*
    *cover myself and tablet in gasoline*
    *slowly set myself and tablet on fire*

  • Xiano Trey
    Xiano Trey 4 months ago

    What some GRATE puns you have!

    BALLIsForLIFE 4 months ago

    Are you HowToBasic's egg supplier? Because gosh, you have a lot of eggs

    THE CUZEZZ 4 months ago

    I hope there ain't mice running around you're house

  • Oneil Barnes
    Oneil Barnes 4 months ago

    Where do you acquire your cheeses?

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