Trump Confronts Canada and North Korea: A Closer Look

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump is handling a potential conflict in North Korea and a trade standoff with Canada.
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    Trump Confronts Canada and North Korea: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers*YVUZGK3EDEM

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 11:02
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Comments: 2 627

  • moongod1
    moongod1 2 hours ago

    Just leave north korea alone.........there will be a korean ISIS

  • Mary Munro
    Mary Munro 2 days ago

    I was talking about the soft wood. Any man who equates himself with his penile performance isn't performing. And I mean in every aspect of his life.

  • Mary Munro
    Mary Munro 2 days ago

    You nailed it.

  • Morgan Hayes
    Morgan Hayes 3 days ago

    As a Canadian I can officially confirm that few people hold doors open for eachother

  • Harrison Rutledge
    Harrison Rutledge 3 days ago

    Let's hope He isn't slapped by Kim Jong Un's soft wood. A soft stick. Our US Navy SEALs work decapitate him. It's his biggest fear.

  • Marcus Houston
    Marcus Houston 3 days ago

    Not Vanilla Bigfoot. Hilarious.

  • SuperJTutorials
    SuperJTutorials 5 days ago

    I like Seth's tie...where can I get one like it?

  • Paramjit Sidhu
    Paramjit Sidhu 5 days ago

    I AM Proud to be Canadian

  • Paramjit Sidhu
    Paramjit Sidhu 5 days ago

    I Love CANADA

  • Paramjit Sidhu
    Paramjit Sidhu 5 days ago

    Mr Late Night Seth Meyers you heve Answer

  • Paramjit Sidhu
    Paramjit Sidhu 5 days ago

    any American go traveling all over world people hate nobody see American why hate any one know

  • Paramjit Sidhu
    Paramjit Sidhu 5 days ago

    We love Canada. Please excuse us for having an idiot in office. Everyone loves Canada.

  • Sam L
    Sam L 6 days ago

    Trump needs to calm the hell down, i love Canada!!!!!! And I'm American :)

  • rebloon
    rebloon 7 days ago


  • Omar Alor
    Omar Alor 9 days ago

    Stumpage? More like Strumpage!

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox 13 days ago

    Trump IS democracy, you bloody clown. He said he's back out of NAFTA, build a wall, etc, during the campaign.
    The only people who've forgotten what democracy is are the petulant children throwing a fit and destroying freedom in America by thwarting his key policies (the things the electorate voted for).
    The left in America are acting very much like fascists. Not Trump... The left. It's disgusting.

  • Jerry Lynch
    Jerry Lynch 15 days ago

    He was behind the curtain because he thinks he is the Wizard of Oz. In reality he is the wizard of orange diarrhea.

  • Alien FromSpace
    Alien FromSpace 17 days ago

    A Canadian romance novel 唐

  • RedHoodAssassin3
    RedHoodAssassin3 22 days ago

    i kinda wanna see Trump die, but then Seth Meyers wouldnt be able to make fun of him anymore. just impeach him already

  • Fola Olusanya
    Fola Olusanya 27 days ago

    Seth's Trudeau impersonation could be literally any francophone canadian.

  • Jim Murphy
    Jim Murphy Month ago

    I think I speak for a great number, hopefully a vast majority, of Canadians when I say that our concerns about Trump are on a personal level. We are concerned about the safety of our American family members and friends. I, personally, cannot shake the feeling that something catastrophic is going to happen and millions of Americans, Koreans, or Japanese are going to die if Trump is not impeached. His politics of hate and division are plain and simply put. scary.

  • 9_Universe _9
    9_Universe _9 Month ago

    I hope someone kills trump with a gun/sniper idk just something that would be awesome! Like if you agree, Sorry supporters.

  • 9_Universe _9
    9_Universe _9 Month ago +1

    Hillary wanted to re start world war 3, Aye I am Canadian :P #RespectCanada.

  • Kristiana St. Vincent

    Can we make Trump supporters wear dunce caps for the next 3.5 years as penance?

  • Kristiana St. Vincent

    Let's just send the whole White House "I'm with Stupid" T-shirts!

  • Kelsey O'Connell
    Kelsey O'Connell Month ago

    OMG I should have known better than to drink while Seth is talking.... I just choked so seriously I coughed for like 1 min before I could really breathe again

  • PhillyFrank1
    PhillyFrank1 Month ago

    "It was OK." Bob Corker sounds like my teenage son after a field trip.

  • Murad Pervez
    Murad Pervez Month ago


  • prevalain
    prevalain Month ago

    How paranoid can this guy get?

  • tucker com
    tucker com Month ago

    Canada hates trump

  • a1tz10
    a1tz10 Month ago

    Dear American people against President Trump, How about a trade? you take our turdeau, birdshit chugger, ugly khalid and the rest of the mozlem crap and we'll take President Trump. I doubt President Trump would agree but I tried.

  • kap1618
    kap1618 Month ago

    You can't pick a fight with Canada and not look like an ass. Canada is the Butters of the world.

  • Virginia Clark
    Virginia Clark Month ago

    i am canaden ! man

  • LeoVomend
    LeoVomend 2 months ago

    that comerce dude looks like he falls asleep on meetings where he's the one speaking

  • No Newfriends
    No Newfriends 2 months ago

    Hey guy! Canadian soft wood lumber is not a joke. It's very serious up here.

  • Penny4Life
    Penny4Life 2 months ago +1

    Trump please don't, it's literally the only country that can withstand our American Bull

  • marleemuffin
    marleemuffin 2 months ago

    As a Canadian, I just want to remind everyone that we burned down the White House once... ;)

  • Dusty Coutu
    Dusty Coutu 2 months ago

    Best joke ever! Pulling out because of soft wood!!!! HAHAHA!!

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M 2 months ago

    it's okay, Canada hates Trump back

  • Levin Otto
    Levin Otto 2 months ago

    Professional into controversial monitor boyfriend constitute security proposal.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 months ago +1

    Take all the Canadian players out of American NHL teams and see how much they win....

  • Melissa Richardson
    Melissa Richardson 2 months ago

    seriously getting sick of not being able to hear the damn video ive clicked on with the volume on high, but getting my ears blown out by the stupid fucking adds. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!

  • Shape Shifter
    Shape Shifter 2 months ago

    Where are all the "I'm moving to canada" comments?

  • Dante Pulse
    Dante Pulse 2 months ago

    What ever happens don't underestimate that family

  • Coyotee Water
    Coyotee Water 2 months ago

    Kim was smart enough to stay in Paris agreement! !!!

  • V12 POWER
    V12 POWER 2 months ago


  • Sharman Klinefelter
    Sharman Klinefelter 2 months ago

    you are an asshole

  • William Ridge Sr.
    William Ridge Sr. 2 months ago

    I can understand why trump would want to challenge Canada over one thing. He definitely knows about soft wood. Just ask his wife.

  • Catherine Hier
    Catherine Hier 2 months ago

    Hey, Trump. Keep away from Canada. You've already made a fool out of yourself. Why don't you just give up and go back to your Trump Towers. I'm hoping you get impeached soon.

  • Kuroda Cursus
    Kuroda Cursus 3 months ago

    Please do not drop a bomb on Canada...

  • Dregrite l
    Dregrite l 3 months ago

    I think that time we invaded Canada would be the worst thing that the U.S. has done to Canada though that hockey match is a close second.

  • T-Rex Chick
    T-Rex Chick 3 months ago

    "They just wander around the stairs looking for democracy" so sad it's funny

  • Lavrentivs
    Lavrentivs 3 months ago

    The worst thing Canada has done to the USA and vice versa? Well, the USA invaded Canada and Canada in turn burned down the White house =D

    • lowaces
      lowaces 2 months ago

      the us white house was burnt down by British soldiers who arrived on british ships from the royal naval yard in bermuda, the british soldiers were veterans of the napoleonic wars, no canadians were involved

  • Glnz Jmshdzh
    Glnz Jmshdzh 3 months ago

    You are great

  • Supe063
    Supe063 3 months ago

    The total trade deficit is less than 2%. Two percent!!! You wanna rip up NAFTA? .... for what????

  • forresttation
    forresttation 3 months ago

    hey does anyone remember when the news had something to talk about expect trump

  • Tony Fernandez
    Tony Fernandez 3 months ago

    they all came out sounding like AL Bundy lol

  • Gemini Girl
    Gemini Girl 3 months ago

    best year for comedy ever lol

  • Sir Westleton
    Sir Westleton 3 months ago

    Picking on Canada is like picking on the nicest person in the classroom! I feel like we're taking away the bully status from North Korea

  • Spicy teK
    Spicy teK 3 months ago

    Trump is green with envy at Canada's hot, smart PM. He probably just read the news about how weak he was perceived by the public when they met.

  • Rafael Perez Barron
    Rafael Perez Barron 3 months ago


  • markj6700
    markj6700 3 months ago

    Soft wood Trump

  • BestTop10
    BestTop10 3 months ago

    stop trying to be funny FFS.

  • DF Rellom
    DF Rellom 3 months ago

    Hey... Bernie is not a socialist. seth, you wanker.

  • andrew liddell
    andrew liddell 3 months ago

    Vanilla bigfoot...ohhh that's funny

  • Podcast CarlRitten-hug
    Podcast CarlRitten-hug 3 months ago


  • Sarah Stark
    Sarah Stark 3 months ago

    What do you mean the worst thing we have ever done is pass off ham as bacon!? We burnt down the White House in 1814! Sure we weren't "technically" a country until 1867... Come to think of it.... sorry about the ham thing...

  • MisteryTune
    MisteryTune 3 months ago +5


  • ojb512
    ojb512 3 months ago

    Seth and team, keep it up y'all are doing a great job

  • Carol Volkmann
    Carol Volkmann 3 months ago

    It looks to me like Princess Ivanka has eyes for your P.M. Wouldn't that be a great new scandal if he would indulge her for just one time. He probably doesn't have the stomach for it. Just dreaming......

  • Robert Flaherty
    Robert Flaherty 3 months ago +1

    Amazing .... what will occur in the long run!!!

  • Jevo Groni
    Jevo Groni 3 months ago

    What's with the tiny china joke? Writer's strike?

  • Just trash
    Just trash 3 months ago

    give the man a little more time to settle in to his role

  • matt jacobsen
    matt jacobsen 3 months ago

    Funny how Trump likes mcDONALDS

  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren 3 months ago

    That northern passage...

  • Lester Magnuson
    Lester Magnuson 3 months ago +2

    Canda and Mexico still have the TPP and we'll just sell the softwood to China - house prices will go up in the US though

  • C J
    C J 3 months ago

    Why aren't the republicans more afraid of what the D is doing right now and their reputation?
    They do know that there will be more elections, right?

  • Julian Prokop
    Julian Prokop 3 months ago

    Seth Meyers likes like a psychotic clown in the freeze frame before the next video loads. Makes sense.

  • pippin 1964
    pippin 1964 3 months ago +1

    As funny as this is, I really do think that people who continue to support Trump should be "culled from the herd," in order to protect our sustainability.

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 3 months ago +2

    Yes, we are a tiny GROUP OF islands in the Pacific. You took us over with military force, imprisoned and dethroned our queen illegitimately, and expected us to give you our sugar and plantation products in exchange for, pardon me for saying this, very little in return. You wanted us for the benefit we would give you. So, now the tables have turned. If we are to be a part of you, then you must hear our voice, respect our judges, and give us the same benefits of democracy that you have whether you like it or not. Because you didn't give us a choice when you took us over--now you don't get to label us off as a "tiny island in the Pacific." You wanted us to be a part of you, you get us--all of us, everything we are, including the stuff you don't like.

  • Dreamwell
    Dreamwell 3 months ago

    And now, on top of everything else, we have a nuclear standoff? The international situation these days is truly nerve-wracking. Here we have this country with a history of military aggressiveness renewing it's commitment to building up its nuclear capability, now lead by a mental case with a ridiculous haircut - and the scenario in North Korea is worrisome, too.

  • Michel Hamelin
    Michel Hamelin 3 months ago +1

    APA aliapsa.

  • Michel Hamelin
    Michel Hamelin 3 months ago +1

    lol soft wood.

  • Rocker5593
    Rocker5593 3 months ago

    yo check out Bernie Sandwiches hair LOL!!!!!!!! that is rebel, thats straight out of "tales from the crypt" no question

  • Thomas Mayers
    Thomas Mayers 3 months ago

    Still or commander. He's doing good for this country but crybabies will do anything to try and get there way. All braimwashed and yes he's a much better choice then hillary. You can trust Trump more then you could hillary.

  • Emma Ashby
    Emma Ashby 3 months ago

    legit tho... no Canadian has ever called ham Canadian bacon...ever.

  • A Person
    A Person 3 months ago

    I'm terrified of a nuclear war, I believe the world will be a ball of nuclear waste in the next 20 years. I can't die a virgin.

  • Harrison Ells
    Harrison Ells 3 months ago

    No Canadian team may have made the play offs but 90% of The player are Canadian

  • Craven Morehead
    Craven Morehead 3 months ago

    Hockey teams in the USA at one point were 90% Canadian and even now are 65% so when a Canadian teams don't make the playoffs really the majority of the teams are Canadian players so no big deal !!

  • WormDiGital30
    WormDiGital30 3 months ago

    When i see Seth I just want to punch him in his face!

  • Jamered
    Jamered 3 months ago

    People who voted Trump thinking that he will makes America great again which is a fantasy, but in reality Trump is struggling in his 100th day in the office.

  • Lankey Bastard
    Lankey Bastard 3 months ago

    When you're punching up at a guy on a few boxes and a stool, is it still punching up?

  • s. marty
    s. marty 3 months ago

    I and the majority of true Americans are so so sick of these so call
    comedians, cry babies , fake news medias, dumb ass students..all
    traitors on Soroe's payroll, who are out to destroy America---your
    Country and your helping them SICK
    ....Get behind your President..make America great..give him a fair
    This is your last chance at freedom, if these bastards get their way.
    you will lose everything !!!.
    I can not believe you really want those Clinton's/Obama's in again to
    finish it off.....give me a fuc....g break, they made this whole mess
    (home and world wide).
    Fuc...n wake up you really must be in a deep brainwashed sleep. !!! GOD
    help you.

  • That one guy from Hs
    That one guy from Hs 3 months ago

    Canada, please pardon our moronic excuse for a president.

  • Guillermo Dietrich
    Guillermo Dietrich 3 months ago

    How about the $500 B. trade deficit the US has with Canada? How is that for nice Canadians, hehe ;)
    ps. I'm Canadian, suck it America! while I smoke this legally bought joint! :D haha

  • Erik Humleker
    Erik Humleker 3 months ago

    Everyone...quick... take up arms and get those Canucks! Damn them, thier cheap wood and their Molson Canadian beer!

  • savage q
    savage q 3 months ago

    Trump must take revenge for the shitty Justin bieber music.

  • Jet Jaguar
    Jet Jaguar 3 months ago

    Wheres the black panthers when you need em?

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