Historic Barn Renovation Reveals Long Lost, Hidden Treasures.

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    Very nice!!!

  • Random Person
    Random Person 1 day ago

    Nice vid, but I am slightly triggered at you saying, "Dang it! Dang it it's just a buffalo nickel!"

  • Leon-Art-O's World
    Leon-Art-O's World 2 days ago

    I so,so,so miss regular episodes of DFA. You guys are why I got into metal detecting (Sadly I went with Garrett - LOL) Hope to see more of you, Diggler and Pick Head in the future ~ Peace!

  • Zero Discrimination

    Thanks for sharing! Great vid..HH & GL! ~ Gypsy

  • HiddenArtifacts
    HiddenArtifacts 3 days ago

    I absolutely love your videos - the cinematography, the locations, the humor - all of it! Your channel actually inspired me to create my own. I’d love for you to check it out!

  • Ralph Call
    Ralph Call 4 days ago

    I had a Great-Uncle Frank Nelson that had a ranch on the Salmon River in Idaho. I'm checking with the family to see if he ran any business that issued tokens—probably a different Frank Nelson, but interesting—cool!

  • Zach Byrd Adventure Hour

    Nice video Brandon

  • Relic Ryan
    Relic Ryan 5 days ago

    Super cool, Brandon. Looked like a fun place to detect. I liked the tokens man! Cheers!

  • daniel morris
    daniel morris 5 days ago

    back to your roots with dirt diggler~ i resubscribed~ i, for one, am very pleased. can't break up a good team.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 5 days ago

      We were never broken up. Our schedules just haven't meshed 👍

  • WildDigger
    WildDigger 5 days ago

    Good to see Diggler back at it. Good hunt guys! GL&HH!

  • NightDriver
    NightDriver 6 days ago

    Check out fairgrounds. Out of season.

    • NightDriver
      NightDriver 6 days ago

      A German janitor librarian fine a box full of rare coins over 2000 years old. In 2011, then turns them in.

  • Detecting The Invisible

    Love those tokens!

  • staydetuned
    staydetuned 7 days ago

    Always love your videos - that looked like a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!

  • Happy Hunters Metal Detecting

    Great videos!! Love all your finds and great seeing digger out again. Digger....love what you do and do what you love!!Hang in there buddy

  • 5280 Adventures
    5280 Adventures 7 days ago

    Great to see the band back together! Fantastic property and what a great couple to meet. Beautiful property.

  • Jerry Becker
    Jerry Becker 7 days ago

    great video, thanks

  • CalCobra
    CalCobra 8 days ago

    Nice to see a new detecting video....must be more at that farm eh?

  • Trooper Bri
    Trooper Bri 9 days ago

    First off, my deepest apologies for skipping the 20 minute ad before the vid. I can mail you a dollar or large cent, or half pence in compensation if needed.
    Great to see Double D back in action with you, it's been too long. He knows why divorces are so expensive, right?

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Well thanks for the support! Glad to have inspired!

    • Trooper Bri
      Trooper Bri 9 days ago

      No worries, I was laughing about it since it's twice as long as the vid. And yes you can skip it.
      I'll watch them as long as you keep cranking 'em out. It was great inspiration to get me into the hobby a few years ago.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Wow! Really? A 20 min add!? That's not acceptable! I unfortunately don't have the option currently to pick what adds run or what ones don't 😕 Did it give you the option to skip it soon in or did you have to wait? Cause that's not cool. Sorry bout that😕 No need to compensate 👍 Just glad you chose to watch! We're glad to have DD back too! Take care, sorry bout the add!

  • Candy Santillo
    Candy Santillo 9 days ago

    MAN,Ive missed you!

    • Candy Santillo
      Candy Santillo 9 days ago

      What?WHAT?!? I didn't get any notification! Excellent video.Now I gotta go a huntin' for the other one.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      It's only been two or three weeks 😉

  • pat goff
    pat goff 9 days ago

    lid to an old Avon bottle

  • Coinucopia
    Coinucopia 9 days ago

    Give that man a cigar!
    Excellent video, loved the tokens!

  • Forrest Stinnett
    Forrest Stinnett 9 days ago

    It's great to see a new video out and Eric back hunting.

  • Chrononaut Metal Detecting

    Great video guys! Pulling the key out of the ground and walking over and sticking it the door lock was pretty cool!

  • John Paul Mc Glynn
    John Paul Mc Glynn 9 days ago

    Great video Brandon! Love the history and the token spill. Can I ask you what camera you use (your good camera) to take the shots at the beginning (not the detecting action shots). Thanks!

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Thanks! I use the Sony a6500 with a few lenses but I use the Sigma 30mm f1.4 the most

  • Wayne Jackson
    Wayne Jackson 9 days ago

    was wondering about dirt digler good to see him back at it

  • TheSilversniffer
    TheSilversniffer 9 days ago

    Great job on the vid again Brandon... You got the cool finds for the day... them tokens... love me some tokens for sure!!!! Take care and GL&HH to you guys!!

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Thanks guys! I love some tokens too! Although... your river video with the 1/2 real was pretty epic. Watched that the other day 👍

  • happy single
    happy single 9 days ago

    Typical American show off....yawn   Watch metal detecting from Europe, they show what they find ...not themselves

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Yeah... maybe because they actually have AMAZING stuff to find! But I will say... I watch the show detectorists for the STORY and the CHARACTERS. No one but detectorists give a crap about coins. The average viewers want STORY, ADVENTURE, CHARACTER. That's why network television doesn't just run clips of unsteady camera shots of stuff coming out of the ground all day 😉

  • J theMW
    J theMW 9 days ago

    you americans are sweet🤗. a 100 year old House isnt historic. in Germany a building is historic if it is over 250 years old

    • J theMW
      J theMW 9 days ago

      i'm from Bavaria and its awsome to do sind metaldetecting here😍

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      no worries my friend. I would love to see Germany some day!

    • J theMW
      J theMW 9 days ago

      but your Videos are top👌. they are Made with a Lot of Work and the quality is wonderful. sorry for my english because my autocorrection Always writing something different than me😂

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Yeah, western America is soooooo new comparatively. We do have lots of native artifacts that are thousands of years old though. 👍

    I DIG HISTORY 9 days ago

    Sweet permission Brandon! Great to see Dirt Diggler again.

  • Wldbil
    Wldbil 9 days ago

    Good to see you guys doing another video and very cool place.

  • Joe Miholics
    Joe Miholics 9 days ago

    Great Seein Dah Boyz Back In Town...!!!


    And... DIRT DIGGLER....

    I've been through Three Divorces and One Desolvement of Business ("Common Law" Divorce)...

    It SUCKS...


    It took me 52-Years to FIND The WOMAN Of My DREAMS...



    (And, that "FIND" Will Mend-N-Polish & Cherish that Broken Heart of yours Brotha... 😉)

  • Brandon Laufenberg
    Brandon Laufenberg 9 days ago

    Love your use of drone footage in these videos. Really sets you guys apart. Great production quality and great finds as always!

  • Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors

    Great Video and nice finds guys!

  • vin muchow
    vin muchow 9 days ago


  • Fouilleuse Acadienne

    New subscriber here! Loving your enthusiasm and fun nature!!!  I do urban exploration and some metal detecting too, but I certainly don't have 37k subscribers!!! lol  (more like 34... ya, just 34) hahaha but it's so much fun and I laughed with you guys so keep up the good work and keep finding those coins!!!!

    • Fouilleuse Acadienne
      Fouilleuse Acadienne 8 days ago

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much! I'm totally going to do a shout out to you!!! **fanning my face** I'm so thankful!!! :-)

      I DIG HISTORY 9 days ago

      Make that 35. Look forward to checking out your digging vids.

    • Fouilleuse Acadienne
      Fouilleuse Acadienne 9 days ago

      I would honestly be honored if you did.  Thanks a million!!!!

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Thanks for the sub! I'll have to check out your stuff too 👍

  • Larry Stephens
    Larry Stephens 9 days ago

    Fun hunt, thanks for sharing. Hope they plan to a roof project soon. Love the drone pics.!

  • Goon Dock
    Goon Dock 9 days ago

    Haha, no wonder I only found a wheat at that house! I was a week to late. Nice video.

  • Metal Detecting Mike

    Great hunt and nice find on the property.

  • Jeff Gordner
    Jeff Gordner 9 days ago

    Good to see Dirk back. It's the interaction between the to of you that got me started detecting...not just the very cool finds. Please, more vids. I detected in 22 states in the last 12 months. i am always amazed at what folks drop on the ground and don't pick up.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching! More to come!

  • Richard Hoemberg
    Richard Hoemberg 9 days ago

    Their turning it into a what they used to be called a grange, their are more than a few locations where people gathered. Always talk to the locals!

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    that case was a old compact makeup case. I dug one just like it with the same rim pattern

  • Bill Hines
    Bill Hines 9 days ago

    Great video man! Too bad that key didn't fit the front door. Bummer that would have been too cool.

  • rj32
    rj32 9 days ago

    Dude, you are an artist! Love the style of this video, outstanding!! What a cool chunk of history!

  • Darlene Rowland
    Darlene Rowland 9 days ago

    Diggler looks great! Brandon, you put out interesting, quality videos...huge fan

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 9 days ago

      Thanks so much! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Swing4TheRing
    Swing4TheRing 9 days ago

    That's a great site!

  • Chuck Oaks
    Chuck Oaks 9 days ago

    Heyyy! Theres Dig! I missed that big lug!

  • Hot Diggity!
    Hot Diggity! 9 days ago

    I've learned a lot from your vids and really enjoy them. Hoping you don't mind questions from newbies, I have a couple. I've found myself lately digging deeper than I think the target is, for a better chance it's in the plug. Do you do this? I'm finding that in my small town, if it's a high number signal and more than 8" deep, it's usually garbage, because of old fill dirt. I would almost rather dig a lower tone/# than a higher one. Would you say that most of your best finds are under 8" deep?
    Thanks, and keep up te great work!

  • Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke 10 days ago

    that was an awesome vid Tones.. good to see it back to basics

  • JD's Variety Channel

    Great stuff Brandon! I love properties like this. Cool story and finds. Glad you got to show some of the coins the owners found.

  • Alex Bedatsky
    Alex Bedatsky 10 days ago

    Hahaha! I got such a huge laugh when he said tatanka... buff buff 😂

  • ProCali Adventures
    ProCali Adventures 10 days ago

    very nice episode, amazing how you can transmit that story in under 9 minutes. thats precisely what i was planing before i saw your vid. when ever your down to visit and kill it, doors are wide open. BS Y FP

  • milesnn
    milesnn 10 days ago

    Sweet adventure and great finds

  • Samuel Samurai
    Samuel Samurai 10 days ago

    that 1916 buffalo nickel is worth actually a lot for a buffalo shouldn't be upset about it xD

  • Rusty Nail Detecting

    Great video as usual. Only problem was it was too short, and too long since the last one. Thanks, and keep me coming.

  • Peter Wetton
    Peter Wetton 10 days ago

    it's is soooooooo nice to see you and dirt diggler detecting again : ) we'll it's 5am in the uk and my 10 week old springer pup woke me up so I'm chilli with a tea watching you guys.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Haha! Well we hope you have a great morning!

  • Terrestrial Treasure Hunter

    man, great editing and finds. looks like a fun property. those tokens are sweet!

  • Bill Richards
    Bill Richards 10 days ago

    I always look forward to the next new video. I am also glad to see the diggler back in action.

  • Past Masters
    Past Masters 10 days ago

    Another very entertaining and very well filmed dig you guys! Great to see Diggler again 😁

  • DDM Metal Detectives

    Nice two token hole. and glad to see the dirt diggler out diggin again.

  • kingpotatoman
    kingpotatoman 10 days ago

    I can't stand the quality of these videos, 10/10 outstanding. I can't believe you don't get millions of views, I really hope you get big.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Thanks king! Maybe someday 😉

  • Jon Courville
    Jon Courville 10 days ago

    Appreciate your story telling on top of the detecting! Keep it up!

  • mark Bohamed
    mark Bohamed 10 days ago

    LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, man they Rock!!!! You do it up right, I could watch your videos all day!! It's like watching the Discovery Channel.....lol You should have 100K Subs easy!!!

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Thanks Mark! 100k would be amazing! Share share share!

  • Bill Claussen
    Bill Claussen 10 days ago

    That is one awesome place!!! Thanks for sharing this video with those of us that can't get out!!! You guys make my day!!!

    BABA SOWLE 10 days ago

    quality, as usual. keep the videos coming.

  • Gone Diggin
    Gone Diggin 10 days ago

    Great video. That drone work is something I have to add to my videos

    • Gone Diggin
      Gone Diggin 9 days ago

      DrTones24k, Thanks for the reply. I love the fact you dig out west where there is so much cool stuff and so few people looking. If you ever wanna come and find something in Virginia shoot me a line I'd love to take you out.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Gotta love the drone!

  • 2Stonefly
    2Stonefly 10 days ago

    As always, very well made an an entertaining video. Great job Dr. Tones and nice to see Diggler back. Everyone should have at least one divorce under their belt.

  • Sydney Farmer
    Sydney Farmer 10 days ago

    More videos! Its been too long and too far in between!

    • Sydney Farmer
      Sydney Farmer 10 days ago

      DrTones24k I am sure! Ill be ready to watch when you you do. You do a great job and theyre always a chance to learn somthing fascinating. Thanks!

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Wish I could make them everyday. Just not possible for me 😕

  • J Miller
    J Miller 10 days ago

    Double D is back ... Sweet

  • David Stone
    David Stone 10 days ago

    Your videos are always so well done and very interesting from beginning to the end. Always enjoy watching! Thank you...

  • jamaf99
    jamaf99 10 days ago

    Nice to finally see a detecting video. Hope you can get some more out in the near future.

  • History Preserved
    History Preserved 10 days ago

    Yay! Eric's back!! I just want to say that I love your videos man! Whenever I watch them, I feel like I'm watching a professional movie/TV show, and the cinematic aspect of your videos add a whole new level to metal detecting videos. Awesome finds too! Love those tokens! Keep up the amazing work man!!

    -Nick/History Preserved

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Thanks for the awesome compliments Nick!

  • Mr. Beepers
    Mr. Beepers 10 days ago

    Good to see Dirt Diggler at it again.  Magnusen (sp)  You always put up a great video.  I am not disappointed, on the contrary, it is soooo Brandon Neice  like!!  Keep em coming!!

  • Dumpsite Digger
    Dumpsite Digger 10 days ago

    Sweet .. premission .. really like those tokens .. cause they hide from me fun time congrats

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      They're tough to find that's for sure!

  • Pamela Hegedus
    Pamela Hegedus 10 days ago

    Nice dig and property hunt, guys. Thanks for sharing. I love finding old tokens.

  • james roberts
    james roberts 10 days ago

    nice to see diggler out with ya again. and sweet tokens. i found one that said good for 5 cents at the bar. always cool to find those. true dr. style finding two in one hole. heck ya!

    RAIN MAYHEM 10 days ago

    great video we missed you

  • The Outdoors Daddy
    The Outdoors Daddy 10 days ago

    Nice finds guys!

  • Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill 10 days ago

    Nice video.

  • LesterKronk
    LesterKronk 10 days ago

    Makes me happy to see you and "dirt diggler" together again. I was worried if you two had a falling out. You two are the first people who got me into metal detecting. Thank you-

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Yeah, it was nice to dig with him again. Our schedules have been off for too long

  • Z BEAR
    Z BEAR 10 days ago

    I wish amazon took PayPal . I had to buy the book off eBay instead of off your link man

    • Z BEAR
      Z BEAR 10 days ago

      DrTones24k well that's good to know but a little bit to late lol

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Just FYI they're also sold through Target, Barns Noble, Walmart and most other online venues 👍

  • Matt Hyde
    Matt Hyde 10 days ago

    Cool video! Nice finds. Thank you.

  • Midwest-Th'er
    Midwest-Th'er 10 days ago

    Awesome hunt love the Tokens! GL & HH!

  • 21st Century Detector

    poor Diggler

  • 21st Century Detector

    Great Video! So jealous as a metal detectorist my self I wish I could have the same finds! any tips? Could you watch my videos and give me pointers on them too thanks!

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      I'll have to check them out, but all I can say is, just be patient 👍 Happy hunting!

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence 10 days ago

    Nice video! Thanks!

  • brian wood
    brian wood 10 days ago

    I been waiting for a new video from you

  • Vicious Bigot
    Vicious Bigot 10 days ago

    Rubbing the shit out of them.

    • DrTones24k
      DrTones24k 10 days ago

      Yup... and lovin every minute of it

  • Civil war kid 56
    Civil war kid 56 10 days ago

    Notification squad

  • Z BEAR
    Z BEAR 10 days ago

    Awesome video guys

  • A C
    A C 10 days ago

    Funny how the spots we think will blow are mind stink and the ones we think will stink blow our minds

  • Anderson P
    Anderson P 10 days ago

    Good work!

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