College students stumped over socialism

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  • RB 24
    RB 24 2 days ago

    It's funny how every time Capitalism is instituted within a country it works and it's a miracle. Socialism, however, has a horrible batting average and proponents claim "it just wasn't executed properly". It's not a 6-4-3 double play. Socialism sounds great short term and fails in the long term.

  • craxd1
    craxd1 6 days ago

    This is what the left-wing professors, who Bill Ayers et al taught, depend on. The student snowflakes have no idea that they are sitting in a thought reform program, when they are taught cultural Marxism/socialism, such as capitalism is bad, nationalize all industry, cops are pigs, tax the rich, make the rich pay, demand social programs such as welfare and medicine, be anarchists, protest, riot, free speech is bad, gun rights are bad, religion is bad, postmodernism is good, social justice, black studies, LGBT studies, Hispanic studies, and that Marx, Engels, Marcuse, and Adorno are our savior; they're just misunderstood. They're being taught radical communism, and are too blind to see it, because they believe that a university has all the answers, and that a professor would never lie to them. They refuse to listen to anyone from the right lecture, including other professors, mainly because their left-wing professors have threatened them with their grades. They ask for everything, even though our GDP is lower than our national debt. Who will pay for it?

    Margaret Thatcher, on Feb. 5, 1976, in a TV interview for Thames TV This Week, said, "...and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."

    Prof. Mary Grabar, Ph.D., English, University of Georgia in 2002:

    "Bill Ayers likens a traditional school to prison because it requires students adhere to dress codes, schedules, and rules of discipline. But he has had captive audiences and has used his power as a professor to indoctrinate future teachers. His education philosophy is based on anarchism, progressivism, and Marxism. It’s all about radicalizing children in social justice lessons, and making them see themselves as victims of an evil capitalistic system."

    "I want to show that although Ayers was a failed bomber, he was successful in helping to transform and destroy education. And he did it at taxpayers’ expense. He has trained hundreds of teachers. He worked closely with Obama and [U.S. Secretary of Education] Arne Duncan in Chicago in funding programs aimed at radicalizing students. One of his closest colleagues, Linda Darling-Hammond, was on Obama’s education transition team, and was in charge of developing one of the two Common Core tests. And Bill Ayers has appeared at conferences with Duncan and other officials in organizations that devised Common Core."

    "What Bill Ayers would have in the classroom extends the 1960s agenda of smashing monogamy, ending the bourgeois family and its values, destroying the work ethic, [and] patriotism. So what we have is kids indoctrinated with lessons about the police—the 1960s narrative about the “pigs”—fatherless, rootless, joining gangs, and looting in the streets. It’s a Marxist’s dream come true. Those like Bill Ayers don’t have to do the dangerous work of setting bombs any more. They can watch the Crips and the Bloods unite against the police, as we’ve been seeing on the streets of Baltimore. They can watch from the comfort of their homes in nice gentrified neighborhoods, as they collect retirement checks and honoraria for speaking gigs."

    VOLT ZORO 7 days ago

    Congratulations Faux Nooze, 80% of your commenters here are NOT smarter than a fifth grader.
    'Recent study shows that Fox viewers are LITERALLY better off not watching Fox AT ALL, than relying on Fox for facts and unbiased news.'

  • Ike Brecher
    Ike Brecher 8 days ago

    Socialism works ONLY in 2 places. Heaven, where they don't need it, and hell, where they already have it.

      VOLT ZORO 7 days ago

      That's just great. YOUR idea of 'socialism' is imaginary.....
      just like those '2 places'. And you guys think it's _Colleges_ that are *brainwashing* our children. SMH

  • Raymond Doetjes
    Raymond Doetjes 8 days ago +1

    They make it seem that socialism is about free everything. It's merely government ownership of assets. Which is not per definition bad. As a libertarian I hate the fact that our electricity, transports systems are now privatized. Prizes sky rocketed and quality even went down in most cases. Certain things are better done by governments which usually are the very expensive things like healthcare (which also became semi privatized here and a lot of people can't afford it anymore the insurers wean billions and don't put that cash back into healthcare). So our healthcare became more expensive and less effective. And those are the facts and this is coming from a libertarian!

  • So Cal
    So Cal 8 days ago

    Dumbass millenials! They aren't college students, they're minions! #WakeUp

  • Tiger Snooze
    Tiger Snooze 8 days ago

    How socialism should be taught in schools.
    Lesson 1 : Socialism is and old shitty idea that will never work.
    End of lesson kids, lets eat some lunch, brought to you by capitalism.

  • DRS_ au
    DRS_ au 8 days ago

    What worries me is the ignorant title to this video clip an the shit those 4 stooges are talking about.
    Anyone who wants socialism can fuck off to North Korea or China and don't come back.
    Lets see how that works out for the snowflakes.

  • My ways of thinking!

    Fucking "kolluj" students these days. I wouldn't give a bucket of piss for a college diploma. It sounds like they should do what we used to in the FIFTH grade! Which is have to take a dictionary and write down certain words, along with their definitions. Idiots! This is the future of our country folks! This is exactly why I actually get offended and laugh when someone brags about a college degree to me.

    I am a self taught guy who got his GED. I wouldn't trade that for all of the degrees that any college has. I could beat these little snot nosed brats in a debate or quiz ANY day of the week!

    Who would have ever thought that colleges would become nothing more than places that worship stupidity and call it brilliance. If you haven't seen the movie "Idiocracy", I STRONGLY suggest you check it out!

  • Tj Johnson
    Tj Johnson 8 days ago +1

    Fucking morons.. social programs are not getting something for "free". It's simply paying for something collectively, through taxes, and made available for all, seeking efficiency and universal access rather than profit; there is nothing "free" about it. Public libraries, schools, police/fire, roads, etc, are social programs, and they were instituted by our founding fathers. There is utterly no conflict between a social program and our constitutional democratic-republic style of government.

    Socialism, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is: "The political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole."

    Capitalism is the opposite of that. Capitalists think that a few obscenely rich powerful persons should be able to own the means of production, distribution, and exchange (as well as the natural resources of a country..). Capitalism is not synonymous with a competitive market economy. You can have a competitive market economy without letting a few people with more wealth than most of the world own everything.

  • Jennifer Heinle
    Jennifer Heinle 8 days ago

    yep its the "everyone gets a trophy" generation

  • Brian Waters
    Brian Waters 8 days ago

    this is would think that they would have done a very simple Google search on the subject instead of blindly trusting a moronic professor.

  • Paul Artz
    Paul Artz 8 days ago

    Definition of socialism – Socialism is when the government is God and the government deicides what the citizen needs. When God is God we choose between good and evil. We make our own decisions.

  • toshsani
    toshsani 8 days ago

    fox news is talking bad about socialism, but yet the support putin. now they talk about what obama has done. trump has invited socialism to your white house

  • digiPlant AB Bokning

    The myth of Scandinavian socialism. The Nordic model is far from socialist. Scandinavian countries are not good examples of democratic socialism in action because they aren’t socialist. In the Scandinavian countries, like all other developed nations, the means of production are primarily owned by private individuals, not the community or the government, and resources are allocated to their respective uses by the market, not government or community planning. For example, democratic socialists are generally opponents of global capitalism and free trade, but the Scandinavian countries have fully embraced these things.

  • digiPlant AB Bokning

    Socialism is cancer and will never work. Socialism rewards irresponsibility, laziness, and poor accountability. Encourages self-indulgence instead of self-reliance. Encourages finger pointing and shifting of responsibility to others. Replaces the self-discipline of delayed gratification with the need for instant gratification. Undermines the values that are the foundation of the traditional work ethic (i.e. thrift, diligence, self-reliance, self-discipline, responsibility, accountability, deferred gratification, and hard work) and replaces them with an entitlement mentality. Treats those who contribute to the betterment of society the same as those who do not, even when they are capable of doing so. Promotes a get-something-for-nothing mentality that undermines the moral character of the individual and society. Robs people of initiative, drive, and ambition. Undermines the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness. Promotes totalitarianism, thereby undermining freedom and liberty. A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both. I know it's kind of hard to understand because you suffer from lack of economic education. Bernie or Hillary supporters are left-wing maniacs. People with "useless" liberal arts degrees, it makes you entirely useless for the future.

  • Sue Sally
    Sue Sally 8 days ago

    Liberals millennials or playing a game called follow the leader. they don't really know what they're following but they following it !

  • Debra Thomas
    Debra Thomas 8 days ago

    I lived in a socialistic country. taxed 65% of your income for people who don't work, and get free everything, food, clothing, housing, you basically work for people who refuse to. gets old

  • Cat Angelhead
    Cat Angelhead 8 days ago

    This would be a more effective news report if given by someone alone and not sitting on a couch.

  • Matt Finish
    Matt Finish 8 days ago

    What these liberals are teaching the kids is destroying our Country!  We all see how socialism is working(or I should say failing)  over seas.

    VOLT ZORO 8 days ago

    Of course, young people rarely watch Fox.
    But if they _did_ want to know the _all the facts_ about socialism, DON'T watch Fox.

  • videolabguy
    videolabguy 8 days ago

    Socialism: Government controls the means of production. That's it.

    VOLT ZORO 8 days ago

    "Capitalism DEMANDS that you compete."
    The 'socialism part' is what CARES for the *inevitable* portion of our society that DOES compete, but loses. (or gets hurt, or gets shafted, or gets cheated)
    Regardless of the amount of effort.... a certain amount of people WILL live in poverty.
    TRUE PURE CAPITALISM, in the human sense, is INHUMANE.
    Famous quote: _The measure of how great a country is, is determined by how well the least fortunate are treated._

  • Dick Ochampaugh
    Dick Ochampaugh 8 days ago

    Wrong! You are confusing Communism with Socialism. Socialism does NOT demand the government controls all means of production for one thing...that is Communism. If you wish to understand socialism, simply look at socialist states like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland (nations with the top 5 highest standards of living in the world and the happiest people). They are very capitalistic nations, having many very successful and profitable private enterprises.

    To paraphrase yourselves, I am amazed how so many people can be against Socialism without knowing what Socialism really is!

  • Mike DEEZ
    Mike DEEZ 8 days ago

    y is "spreading the wealth " good thing?

  • Kyle Wolnik
    Kyle Wolnik 8 days ago

    We need to keep Socialism out of the United States of America

    VOLT ZORO 8 days ago +1

    Fox News wonders why kids don't understand socialism, when CLEARLY they don't either.

  • нαρργ моνие

    Social is slavery

  • Exported Accomplishments

    I agree. Only I worked for thousands of hours only to have my childhood accomplishments exported to other countries while one beneficiary of my accomplishments cursed America. Either whoever is running our country is extremely liberal and doesn't care about Americans, especially people from my state, or this world is very fake.

    RONAN DAX 8 days ago +1

    Everyone has a smartphone in their back pocket, yet the average college student today seems less intelligent than a 14 year old kid from the 80s.

  • Drew common
    Drew common 8 days ago

    Lol, it's sad when these people cannot even define "Their phony and hollow Wannabe Revolution", in the first place!", with any substance...I read that diabolical Marx Manifesto in frigging ninth grade!...tragic is what mainstream education has become.

  • Samuel Mbengu
    Samuel Mbengu 8 days ago

    I did this topic since 8th grade. It's a disgrace for millennials to say that socialism promotes freedom. Does anyone know what caused the Soviet Union and communist Europe to collapse? why Venezuela is in the brink of failure, Cuba, corrupt African nations and other communist nations. It's socialism. These are things you can check on the Internet! don't rely on the lies that the mainstream media and progressive politicians tells you. if you don't know about something, find out in the Internet. Come on you have phones with mobile data but you're busy using them to text your friends

  • shur7318
    shur7318 8 days ago

    These poor kids have been robbed from critical thinking ! It's abuse !

  • MeanGreen
    MeanGreen 8 days ago

    Reagan predicted this decades ago.
    Too bad we didn't listen.

  • Paris Belle
    Paris Belle 8 days ago

    The teachers and professors need to be fired for sedition for insurrection we need to weed them out and send them on their way. I don't see any way else around it.

  • Paris Belle
    Paris Belle 8 days ago

    our universities have been infiltrated by Socialist Communist it is a fact and they teach the sponges these children are children to think socialism is this great thing

  • Brayant Galvez
    Brayant Galvez 8 days ago


  • Lowell Williamson
    Lowell Williamson 8 days ago

    Socialism is when the government bribes its citizens into slavery and slaughter.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 8 days ago

    You douchebags still talkin Bernie? Why? Because Trump is burning bag of shit that's why. LMFAO

  • kelvin urena
    kelvin urena 8 days ago

    Time to join The Security Force 3% Militia, go to this Application Page

  • Eirexeyes
    Eirexeyes 8 days ago

    Whose wealth are they gonna "spread around"? Not my wealth I hope. Come near my family's, friend's or my wealth and I'll cut you and your family up and feed you all to my pigs... I keep pigs because I fucking hate Islam and it's false prophet Muhammad..

  • Game Bred Duramax
    Game Bred Duramax 8 days ago

    " But wait it's free rite" if nobody has to pay for it, and the people performing the service work for free then free is cool rite! The idiots can't figure out free stuff destroys everyone's lives not just there's!

  • Dreamwell
    Dreamwell 8 days ago

    It's not surprising that most Americans don't know what socialism is. The idea that the government might help ordinary citizens is a foreign concept here and now - where the government helps only those who can afford to buy congressmen or senators.

  • M.D.
    M.D. 8 days ago +1


  • ILLAngel101
    ILLAngel101 8 days ago

    funny.... The baby boomer generation love to put "millennials" down, but raised us all. You're our "parents" Good job.

  • Broderick Wagoner
    Broderick Wagoner 8 days ago

    That blonde chick can have dinner at my house any time

  • brian mckee
    brian mckee 8 days ago

    with the econamy being the way it is. using solisum for houseing. makes sence. like collages letting people live on campus for free. our system is great. so people can start a business. maby the business has all the courses that take 3 months or less. after taking a course. show up do the job get paid scram. no hiring no firing. sociamism would give one fre trip to dentist a year like in canada. remove that plaq. socialism would let people ride the bus. train subway for free.
    socialism is good for a few things.

    • Douglas Jacobs
      Douglas Jacobs 8 days ago

      brian mckee
      So a person could spend $100 to get their teeth cleaned or spend $150 for insurance to get teeth cleaned twice a year for "free" but you think it would be better to have a socialist policy where you pay $200 a year extra taxes so you can get your teeth cleaned once a year for "free".
      I suppose "free" is better but the dentist still gets paid.

  • S Cramer
    S Cramer 8 days ago

    Socialism is the completely failed Marxist theory what the central system of production is controlled and governed by government ownership. Never worked because of human failure and false promises. USA public schools, college and universities have failed to teach our core values. Plain and simple.

    A US Senator from Vermont is a 75 year old Bernie Sanders and is a 'Socialist'. He and his followers would be the death of

  • mike dar
    mike dar 8 days ago

    1st question should have been. 'did you know that Socialism killed 100 million people in the last 100 years?"There after those students would have been changed for life..'give a man a fire and he can make his dinner..'needs to be followed up with destroying missed concepts..'set a man on fire he will burn till he dies,, '100 million people in the last 100 years..' '.Giving ignorance a chance to air solves nothing going forward, destroy the ignorance.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 8 days ago

      Even if that's true, 100 million people over 100 years is nothing compared to the body count for Capitalism... which kills 100 million people *every 5 years*.

  • OutaSynch
    OutaSynch 8 days ago +2

    Every student should either read or listen to Milton Friedman and read/hear his arguments of why free market capitalism is so superior, and why socialist countries have so often failed.

  • From the Depths of Gehenna

    Millennials....Brain Dead and Proud.

  • Feleyra Sims
    Feleyra Sims 8 days ago

    That's funny .... a word that gets thrown around a lot. ..... idiots, please learn about what you are fighting for.

  • P. Hamilton
    P. Hamilton 8 days ago

    The Leftist Seditionist Indoctrination Centers...aka "colleges, universities".....should be "cleansed" of the verminous "teachers".

  • Lindsay Hale Boyd
    Lindsay Hale Boyd 8 days ago


  • Jesus is coming
    Jesus is coming 8 days ago

    And we are the dumb ones????????? LoL

  • Jay Forbes
    Jay Forbes 8 days ago +1

    OMG! think about this.... this next generation can't figure out if their male or female???????? the end is definitely in sight.. :(

  • orver1
    orver1 8 days ago +1

    You could find just as many idiot "capitalists" that couldn't define what a market economy is. This stupid stunt is beneath a news organization. Talk about fake news! This show is nothing but shameful cheerleading for right-wing nonsense. Socialism has brought a wave of prosperity to the planet (even in the US). And, by the way, Obama was far from being a socialist. Bernie Sanders is the man to be president. trumpf isn't even on the political spectrum—he's a narcissistic moron who is probably at home right now playing with his own poop (which isn't hard to do since it pours from his anus mouth all day). Impeach trumpf and make way for President Sanders.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 8 days ago

      Oh, Trump is on the political spectrum all right. He's a fascist. Fortunately for us, he is by far the most incompetent and least effective fascist ever to reach head-of-state level power.

  • JoeyRamonAllones
    JoeyRamonAllones 8 days ago +1

    They are not educated, they are brainwashed.

  • Phil
    Phil 8 days ago

    This is an interesting video because a large percentage of Fox viewers don't know the definition of Socialism either.

  • letthemhate
    letthemhate 8 days ago

    corrupt government = socialism.

  • Bert Stir
    Bert Stir 8 days ago

    Socialism is supposed to be about the community owning everything as a whole, so if you invent an ingenious tool that everybody wants to use it gets taken by the community and maybe you can help with its production as another cog. In practice socialist governments claim everything is for the community while inequality exists between those who work in the upper echelons of the government exploiting the people while the rest of the population gets screwed over.

  • Deborah Toirac
    Deborah Toirac 8 days ago +5

    Is communism dressed up in a cute outfit!

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes 8 days ago

      That's so stupid! Communism does not have a democratic system. Socialism does! Socialism is merely the ownership of shared goods by an elected and accountable government.
      Most of Europe has at least one or more socialist parties and I dare say that the poor are better of here than there. And this comes from a social libertarian! Living if a pretty socialist country, The Netherlands

  • Chris Pyves
    Chris Pyves 8 days ago +5

    Whenever the government intervenes you get potential for fraud and abuse. George Orwell summed it all up in his parody of communism called 'Animal Farm' where the animals revolted and created an equal society. Only it didn't last very long.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 7 days ago

      Likewise. I've enjoyed this conversation with you, and I appreciate your insights. It's refreshing to have an intelligent conversation with someone online, when so much of the dialogue these days just seems to be openly hostile and narrow minded. Much respect.

    • Chris Pyves
      Chris Pyves 7 days ago

      John I think it is a good thing when people can talk intelligently to each other whatever their differences. There is a lot of common ground that people can agree on if they want to live within a free & democratic system. It may not be perfect but it is a hell of a lot better than any of the alternatives. I think that there has been corruption deep within both political sides. The President said that he wants to serve all the people and I just think he should be given a chance to show people that he truly cares deeply for the country & its people. An american 'glasnost' would prevent the deep state from feeling that it has to takeover and run the show and help them refocus on serving the people. I am not a socialist nor am I a corporate capitalist.I think that the economic landscape is changing very rapidly and believe we could see a renaissance in small businesses working with new technology to create stronger & self sufficient communities. I agree with you about reducing the role of the state but there are some public services that are important and essential. But there are many different ways of how it can be done. Unfortunately there are some horror stories that have been going on for years that need to be exposed to the sunlight so that the country can move on.
      I respect the fact that you can reach out to others as a human being as that is the starting point for understanding and both learning to see the world differently. With kind regards.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 7 days ago

      To a great extent, I agree with what you've saying. The politically-motivated targeting of conservatives by the IRS was completely unjustified. Those actions (and others) by the Obama Administration have done a lot to undermine public confidence in the integrity of our federal government institutions. Transparency in government is an absolute must-have, at all levels. The system that we have in place now has reached a level of bureaucratic complexity that makes it extraordinarily difficult for it to be accountable to the people. We are long overdue for a system-wide reorganization of the federal government... and I think it was Trump's promise to do just that which ultimately secured his election victory. Unfortunately, whether due to bad advisers, a fanatical opposition, dishonest intentions, or some combination of those and other factors, it seems highly unlikely that he will accomplish that goal. Or if he does, that it will be done in a manner which truly serves the best interests of all Americans.

      I agree completely that we are in need of a massive "opening up" of information about what has been going on in government & politics over the last few decades. An American 'glasnost', so to speak, would go a long way towards healing our deep political divides and restoring confidence in our democracy. To that end, I think there is enormous potential in the US for the development of an electoral united front consisting of libertarians & socialists who sincerely want to return power to the people. I was a supporter of Ron Paul during the primaries in 2008 and 2012... yet in 2016, I supported Bernie Sanders. I found it pretty fascinating last year when I attended a Bernie rally and saw many of the same faces I had seen when Ron Paul came to speak four years ago. If I believed all of the propaganda (on both sides) and were observing my own actions from the outside, I might conclude that the person I'm observing is a simple populist, an emotional voter... or just ideologically schizophrenic. But the reality is that despite some of the fundamental differences, there are many areas in which American libertarians & socialists actually agree - perhaps most importantly on questions of government accountability and transparency... but also on numerous areas of foreign policy.

      Most importantly, American Socialists and Libertarians agree on the desirability of a future classless & stateless society built on the basis of voluntary cooperation and human solidarity. Socialists seek the "withering away" of the state as it becomes obsolete due to social & technical progress... whereas Libertarians seek to abolish the state. Those two viewpoints, while somewhat contradictory, seek the same ends... and furthermore, have the potential to act as checks & balances on each other.

      Anyway, sorry to ramble on so long... just food for thought. I'm curious to hear your opinion on that idea.

    • Chris Pyves
      Chris Pyves 7 days ago

      John you only have to look back into the past to see the footsteps. Just investigate HSBC where an employee tried to alert authorities to the billions that were being laundered. I agree with your sentiment that "the state must act in the interest of all of us" but when the people who were supposed to be regulating the system turned a blind eye to "their friends" and use the full force of the law (i.e. the IRS) to attack their enemies then the system has failed. The government has effectively become like the mafia. Obviously the fear of having all this corruption exposed was reduced if they could rig the system and cover up their peccadillo's. But living in a Democracy means holding people to account for their wrong doing so that others are not tempted to follow suit. It might be painful for some and embarrassing for many but it will allow the country to heal & move on rather than remain divided for years. It might also silence this phoney media war of disinformation & propaganda that everyone is knowingly or unknowingly being subjected to.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 7 days ago

      Who is the beneficiary of all that fraud and abuse, which results from "crony capitalism" (or as I call it, just "capitalism")? The big corporations themselves who have captured the state! The state must act in the interest of all of us, not just those able to buy influence and game the system.

  • The Good wife
    The Good wife 8 days ago +5

    They need to go to work and help pay their way through college like the rest of us then they'll think twice about asking forr others heard earned money.

  • Mike Hascats
    Mike Hascats 8 days ago

    they confuse socialism with welfare statism. they are welfare statists because they want poor people to get handouts

  • scrumsey
    scrumsey 8 days ago

    College is a Leftist indoctrination center. And a jobs program for nutty professors.

  • David Sharaby
    David Sharaby 8 days ago

    It looks like going to University makes you dumb! Why would anyone think there is racism and that white males are privileged, by hearing the white liberals i am finding that whites are far from being the best, they have a self destruct mode that makes them a very weak race! They should get benefits and extra points as help.
    Save this wonderful country from being ruined by Marxist Leftist Atheists.

    • David Sharaby
      David Sharaby 8 days ago

      John LeCoque What I am trying to say is that a whole generation being raised with such things as safe spaces and thinking socialism is good, and talking all the time about racism, is very bad, since Obama was president all i hear all the time is race race race, i never thought and heard so much about racism before Obama, I am just getting sick of this victimized culture, and yes, i am saying this as a Jew, there will allways be racists and there will allways be killers, what does that have to do with the general population, America is the best place on earth regarding all that, why turn it into a victim society?

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 8 days ago

      I'm guessing by your name that you're also Jewish. Perhaps I am misinterpreting your comment... but do you seriously think there is no racism in the US? No antisemitism? Because I've been on the receiving end of that ignorance since long before I even knew I had Jewish ancestry. White people dominate this country politically and socially. I don't know that Affirmative Action is necessarily the best solution to making things more equal... but it seems borderline ridiculous to say that white people are somehow being held back by the system.

  • Monica Wallis
    Monica Wallis 8 days ago

    All you have to do is Google the definition... it's basically the govt in total control of all goods and services... it's communism... people today are fuckin STUPID

  • Melissa Denbo
    Melissa Denbo 8 days ago

    This shit is so old, and not relevant. Obama never preached socialism.

  • Unreachable 1983
    Unreachable 1983 8 days ago

    This is why you keep score in games. This is what you get for giving them all metals and telling them their all winners! You created self entitled assholes!

  • freespeech_zone
    freespeech_zone 8 days ago +6

    College doesn't make you smarter any more than playing professional basketball makes you taller. These people were probably dumb and lazy to start with

  • sayresy Devino
    sayresy Devino 8 days ago

    MORE IMPORTANTLY - you lose free speech.

    • Colt M4A1
      Colt M4A1 8 days ago

      sayresy Devino And you're taxed into poverty.

  • Grand1Admiral
    Grand1Admiral 8 days ago

    Socialism is inherently evil.

  • Jeremy Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons 8 days ago

    this actually happens to be the truth. even muslim refugees dont want to go to a socialist country looking for welfare. and this is why in 1960 china killed all the college professors, oops wait, my bad. china didnt want the new generations knowing they once had more freedoms than they do now.

  • John
    John 8 days ago

    Everyone who is reading this should go and Google the word "socialism" and see Googles definition BUT then find the word in Websters dictionary.. Scary stuff everyone!

  • dacosta0656
    dacosta0656 8 days ago +1

    colleges and universities are worthless and useless as long as they are infested with communists

  • john O
    john O 8 days ago +5

    Socialism is the democratic control of means of production.

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes 8 days ago

      And the government is elected and accountable.
      So socialism in its core is not bad at all. Our transport ran better when it was state funded (aka by us paying for it with taxes) our electricity was cheaper and more reliable back when it was done by the state -- they delivered against cost prices. Now since its privatized we have longer outages and it's gotten very expensive.
      That's globalism from the EU for you. And I am even a libertarian but I'm for having government control for certain assets. Like energy, army, healthcare.
      But these governments do need to be teukybdmeoctrat and that's where (also the US) have suffered the last 40 years

    • Ox AO
      Ox AO 8 days ago

      Fascism is a more centralized control of the means of production. Or what socialism will become from the given: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    AMERICA FIRST 8 days ago +6

    millennials need to be rounded up and put in front of a firing squad. it needs to be done to save america.

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes 8 days ago

      Jesus! The fact that inner to defend millennialist is sad but dude you are a fucking moron!
      Who do you think will keep your economy going in 20 years? Those are the millenials you daft fuck! These kids are no different than you or I were. Their visions are different but that'll pass.

    • Delaney Wolf
      Delaney Wolf 8 days ago

      John LeCoque dang I don't believe him literally, more on a metaphorical level lol and you have bought the ticket for crazy land, if you think Ai intelligence is going to make our lives easier. We will no longer be relevant, and they're no longer going to want... their wealth... to pay for socialist programs to keep people around. The global multinational corporations, and their shareholders already see us as useless eaters, and we will be removed, so we don't get in the way of their clean AI wonderland. The last part of your comment you hit the nail on the head, that's all we're going! And no I'm not left or right either, I believe here in the states, we should re-connect with what it means to be a constitutional republic remembering the underlying philosophy, as expressed in essence in the Declaration of Independence.

    • MrJon79
      MrJon79 8 days ago

      John, your are too smart to be here. You probably sound like chinese to these people. Too many people are shouting for a civil war/genocide as the solution to their problem. America will implode...

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 8 days ago

      I'm not an oracle, and I don't have a solution for you. But I do know that if the old bastard you're defending got his way, you'd be shot too. He said he wants to round up and shoot all *millennials*... and pardon me if I misread, but I believe you just admitted that you too are a millennial.

      The socialist movement has brought us the 8 hour work day, weekends, workplace safety regulation, labor unions... the list goes on and on. If you want to be a slave to an employer for the rest of your life then be my guest (I'm actually hiring if you have IT skills + certifications, LOL)... but I think there are a lot of people who are sick of being dominated by these global, multi-national corporations and want more out of life than perpetual debt slavery. New developments in technology, namely Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, are on the verge of revolutionizing the way goods are made and services are delivered by companies of all sizes. This technological progress has the ability to make all of our lives much easier... but it could also make our lives much more difficult if it is used in order to further concentrate power and wealth into the hands of the ultra-rich.

    • Delaney Wolf
      Delaney Wolf 8 days ago

      John LeCoque just stop with the Nazi, and the old white fascist comments... they're old and tired. So I'm also millennial, and what's your big idea on how we're going to clean this mess up? Personally I think progressive liberals and their ideologies need to be removed from the governing system because they're toxic, and degenerates flocked to those ideals in mass. Socialists do not belong in America.

  • H Pn
    H Pn 8 days ago +19

    liberal propaganda for years have brain washed these people! I see the same problem with some online. They don't get it. Sanders is an example. Nothing is free! Venezuela is an example of socialism. Greece is another.

      VOLT ZORO 5 days ago

      +H Pn
      _Nazism grew out of a liberal socialism!_
      Nazism grew in Germany due to a desperate and depleted country (loss of WWI and then heavy global sanctions) which allowed a sociopathic liar to gain control and TAKE their country and their rights. The citizens ALLOWED Nazism to flourish because they *blindly* followed a leader that told them only HE could make Germany great again!!!! #MGGA

    • H Pn
      H Pn 5 days ago

      VOLT ZORO some people don't know what it is... millennials especially. They need a civics course or study Germany during the 30's.. Nazism grew out of a liberal socialism! Some think socialism isn't fascist...they confuse communism with it. The only difference is that one strips population identity.

      VOLT ZORO 5 days ago

      +H Pn
      _socialism is fascism is progressive Democrat is liberal._
      _... it's all the same stuff_
      So, should you tell others about this, like smart people who understand the differences?

    • H Pn
      H Pn 5 days ago

      John LeCoque that's a new one on me... it's all the same stuff... socialism is fascism is progressive Democrat is liberal.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 5 days ago

      != means 'is not equal'

  • Nomad Killa
    Nomad Killa 8 days ago +4

    Bernie for President 2020!

  • MadDogBG
    MadDogBG 8 days ago +15

    These retards think they're communists/socialists when they're actually miserable unemployed SJW left wing liberal lunatics.

    AKASHIC TRUTH 8 days ago

    When US invaded Grenada to stop Russian airbase and secure American College Students my freshman Humanities professor in Palo Alto Ca. told students to protest the "Imperialistic Invasion" and he would give them an A on their next test... none of the kids even knew where Grenada was or why Marines were securing it...

  • The Ultimate Warrior
    The Ultimate Warrior 8 days ago +29

    all children left behind

  • danielgarrison91
    danielgarrison91 8 days ago +3

    Socialism as you say has given us: The 40 hour work week. Voting rights for women and blacks. Social security, Medicare and Medicaid, Unemployment benefits, Child Labour laws, Minuim Wages, The Right to bargain with your employer, Freedom to marry anyone you love no matter your race or religion. These are just some of the basic socialism ideas that everyone takes for granted. Not all socialism is bad just like not all capitalism is bad either.

    • RB 24
      RB 24 2 days ago

      Don't misconstrue equal rights under the law with socialism. They are not the same.

      VOLT ZORO 8 days ago

      +America First,
      At first glance, it sounds like you are *advocating* for dictatorshop-communism.

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 8 days ago

      Bisquiteen Trisket : Well if we go back to the good ol days like FOXS always says and raise the tax rate on the top earners to 80% again this country would get back up. And have these rich ass companies pay there workers according to GDP growth and stop paying themselves million dollar bonuses. Stop sending jobs overseas for cheap labor. And actually invest in our infrastructure and education in this country. We would be okay. And if your talking about people sitting on there ass. Well your right there are many muchers. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee just to name a few. Why is it a State like New York or New Jersey or California or Massachusetts sends money to the Federal government but gets back less then we give. And those other States send less to the Federal government and get more back. And you would be surprised at how many people in those States get checks from the government.

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 8 days ago

      K Vogel : Hey I checked your channel and to my surprise I seen a video about Earle Naval base in Leonardo. I live right down the Highway in North Middletown. If you shot the video the next time your around you should hit me up. I would love to meet and chat.

    • danielgarrison91
      danielgarrison91 8 days ago

      K Vogel: Lol. Sure if you say so. At least I'm smart enough to know how to leave a comment on a thread directly to someone. Lol. You don't even know what Socialism is, it's not Socialist you dumb ignorant shite. It's a term that is used just like Capitalism.

  • cjbos81
    cjbos81 8 days ago +15

    "I'm young and I go to college. I'm entitled to free stuff. I'm a socialist. Waaa waaa. I want free stuff. The government should pay me a salary of $50,000."

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes 8 days ago

      Making the same amount of money is not socialism but Marxist and Communist! Socialism is merely the ownership of common good by us the people controlled by an elected government to do this work.

      VOLT ZORO 8 days ago

      _I'm entitled to free stuff. I'm a socialist. Waaa waaa. I want free stuff._
      FREE example above of a dim-wit dip-shit.
      All societies deserve to have a system that doesn't make them homeless if they get a cold. (miss work, doctor bill(s), medication and drug bills)

      VOLT ZORO 8 days ago

      +Ike Brecher
      _A heart surgeon make the same salary as the toilet cleaner in the hospital._
      Uh.... source please.

    • Ike Brecher
      Ike Brecher 8 days ago

      In Cuba Every citizen gets a government salary of $15 a month regardless of profession or employment. A heart surgeon make the same salary as the toilet cleaner in the hospital.,(now, that's income equality!!)They get free food (200 calories a day) and free housing, (3-4 families in a 2 bedroom apt.) You don't like it?? You want more?? Don't dare to protest, they'll send you to 3 years mandatory " social re-education" with hard labor in a gulag.........when you come back, you'll be very content and happy with what you got.

    • G-Dog! 58.
      G-Dog! 58. 8 days ago

      cjbos81 / you'll grow up ,one day!!!!

  • HeATThER Mdd
    HeATThER Mdd 8 days ago +11

    so they want the government to control who gets what and how much. then say bye bye to the free market.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 8 days ago +5

    Fox "News" Propaganda Show.

    • Zangetsu
      Zangetsu 5 days ago

      +robert smith doesn't like any truth that exposes his commie buddies at the colleges

    • Doug Yankunas
      Doug Yankunas 8 days ago

      CNN = Conspiracy News Network !

    • Doug Yankunas
      Doug Yankunas 8 days ago

      CNN= Crap News Network !!

    • Doug Yankunas
      Doug Yankunas 8 days ago

      CNN= colluding news network !!

    • 5824 balderrama
      5824 balderrama 8 days ago

      Clinton News Network

  • Blerim Albert Nokaj
    Blerim Albert Nokaj 8 days ago +36

    hang the teachers who teach children that Islam is peace and that socialism

    • jannmutube
      jannmutube 8 days ago

      Bierim ALbert Nokaj, Islam and socialism are not synonymous. Islam is a supremacist totalitarian theocracy (government + religion). It is not a democratic system. Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production; etc. Here inn the U.S. it social ownership includes personal ownership of property. Social insurance programs in themselves are not necessarily a form of socialism.

      A majority of people in the U.S. know enough about the Islamic ideology to know it's not a religion of peace. We have separation of church and state but our government is based on Judaeo-Christian values and principles. No other religion or ideology includes these values of equality and the dignity of the individual.

      We have freedom of religion but that shouldn't mean freedom of government. Muslim is not a race. Our legislators should have the courage to outlaw Islam sharia (law) because it represents foreign law and a foreign state.. from any IS to Saudi Arabia.

    • Samuel Mbengu
      Samuel Mbengu 8 days ago

      HeATThER Mdd Right now Islamic organizations like CAIR and ISNA are trying to bring America under Sharia law. And liberals support that, without knowing what it means

    • HeATThER Mdd
      HeATThER Mdd 8 days ago

      woah, that's something a liberal would. The teachers are hanging themselves. b4 too long they won't have a job, 4 spreading lies and losing our trust.

    • Blerim Albert Nokaj
      Blerim Albert Nokaj 8 days ago

      and that socialism is good for the soul

  • Shah-Allah Shabazz
    Shah-Allah Shabazz 8 days ago +24

    Are people tested in American history before they are permitted to vote? Don't answer that. Is American history even taught in school, anymore?

    • Shah-Allah Shabazz
      Shah-Allah Shabazz 5 days ago

      John LeCoque I don't vote based on emotion. Emotion is the cousin of death. That isn't my point. My point is, these are the kinds of people that will be at the polls. If they want to vote, fine, let them answer who was George Washington? Who won the civil war? Who assumed office after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated? That's not emotion. That is reason. It is unreasonable to allow people that can barely read and write, to vote.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 5 days ago

      Who cares? I don't give a shit if he was in a picture banging a hooker. I vote based on policy rather than emotional reaction. Novel idea, I know... but it's one I"d recommend to anyone.

    • Shah-Allah Shabazz
      Shah-Allah Shabazz 5 days ago

      John LeCoque Wrong, you didn't "school me on history". Unrelated.. The history of reconstruction is relevant to my point; because, I am acknowledging that there was abuse, in the past, when relating to test. However, that doesn't mean it was a bad idea. It only means that the methodology was flawed.

      There should be test, prior to voting. Case in point, a friend of mine, sent me a couple of photos of Bernie Sanders throwing up Blood signs, with a group of Bloods. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. He was in a picture with actual Bloods, throwing up gang signs.

      I really don't see why I would have to defend my point.

    • John LeCoque
      John LeCoque 6 days ago

      +Todd Stefl: What is it that I'm supposedly wrong about? You said "Wrong." then brought up a whole list of points that are completely unrelated to anything whatsoever that I was discussing. I don't think I'd even call that a straw-man... it's almost like you're arguing with yourself based on what you think I said, rather than anything I actually said. I was talking about the definition of the word "socialism"... not the state of post-secondary education in the US.

      But anyway, since you brought it up... I am a huge advocate for career & technical education programs. The idea that every student should attend a 4 year university and graduate with a BA is, frankly, absurd. I don't think it was the "mainstream media" who created that problem, so much as it was employers who decided to start requiring a bachelor's degree even for the lowest-skilled, entry-level jobs. That said, the anti-intellectual, anti-university claptrap that you're spouting is absurd and misinformed to such an extent that it isn't even worth refuting. Anyone with an IQ above 60 who has spent more than 5 minutes on a college campus wouldn't even have to read past the second line to accurately predict the amount of substance in the rest of your post (zero).

      Personally, I like to think for myself, rather than taking advice from the mainstream media (which includes Fox News), or even the people immediately surrounding me. I dropped out of engineering school after my second year, giving up a full scholarship... to a loud chorus of "you're an idiot" and "what the hell are you thinking" from practically everyone I knew. My justification at the time was the fact that I had started a business during my freshman year, and was already earning a higher income from the proceeds of that business than the average starting salary for new graduates in my 4-year degree program.

      Looking back, I am so thankful that I followed my own path instead of succumbing to pressure from others. I can't imagine where I would be in life if I had wasted two more years in university instead of dedicating myself full-time to the business at such a critical phase in it's development. Frankly, I believe our country is now at a similarly critical juncture. We need to take a sharp turn for the left sooner rather than later if we want to have a chance at maintaining reasonably decent living standards in the future. Unfortunately, I'm not a billionaire, so I can't just pay off Fox News to tell you how to think. There are an enormous number of people in this country who have been completely brainwashed by cold-war era propaganda against the idea of Socialism. It'd actually be a pretty impressive accomplishment from a mass-indoctrination perspective, if not for the fact that such beliefs will ultimately result in our downfall as a functioning democratic society. At this point, if you oppose American Socialism, you essentially support relegation of the United States to third-world status in the future (assuming it continues to exist at all).

    • Todd Stefl
      Todd Stefl 6 days ago

      John LeCoque
      College is a continuation of the indoctrination that is the public school system.
      Explain to me why the MSM INSISTS on you going to college and incurring tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt when you could go to a trade school for a tenth of the cost and be making good money WHEN you graduate, not 5-10 years down the road assuming that you can even find a job in your chosen field of study?
      Why don't they encourage you to study STEM subjects in stead of things like Liberal Arts or lesbian dance theory?
      College is NOT the be all, end all that you have been told it is. It is a business and businesses are there to make money. And they will take advantage of ignorant, uninformed people.
      Remember that one definition of an intellectual is someone who has been educated beyond their intelligence.
      Colleges have destroyed themselves with all of their anti-American, anti-White, anti-free speech crap.
      Racism and intolerance are running rampant on college campuses all across the country.
      Berkeley, Harvard, Evergreen, Mizzou, etc...
      have used intimidation and violence to silence ANYONE that has a different opinion.
      Colleges are bastions of bigotry and facsism and regressive ideology.
      Save your money. Learn a trade.

  • Troll Boss
    Troll Boss 8 days ago +12

    They never even had a job, of course they want free stuff. Heck, even their tuition is 'free'.

  • obin03
    obin03 8 days ago +64

    Idiot fucking kids. Colleges and universities need to be burned to the fucking ground for teaching these impudent fucking retards

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes 8 days ago

      It's kind of ironic that in the US a lot of the schools are privatized and teach this.

    • Moonlight
      Moonlight 8 days ago

      Retard: "Cause uhhh....derr...uhhh socialism is about being social and socializing, cause the word "social" is in socialism, so it has to be about that. So that must automatically mean support for socializing."

    • jannmutube
      jannmutube 8 days ago

      SacrificialLamb71, The thing is we're nearly slaves under Corporate socialism already and moving toward a kleptocracy. I doubt that anyone wants to do away with the private ownership of property or supply and demand production. I see nothing wrong with paying someone a living wage and I think that's what you're afraid of. In fact, higher wages would mean a higher GDP, more spending, greater demand and so higher profits. Lower wages means less spending, lower demand, low profits and business closings.

      There's no such thing as permanent welfare income. It's limited to $4,000 over ten years and becomes inactive once a person is making minimum wage. A person can't get medicaid just because they're unemployed but I see no reason to let anyone die from no health care.

    • SacrificialLamb71
      SacrificialLamb71 8 days ago

      It's true that most nations have some elements of BOTH socialism and capitalism, but these idiot millennials want to FORCE the nation to switch over almost entirely to a Socialist state....with "basic income" and socialized health care for all.

      Socialized health care is less efficient than what we have in America. My friend shared a horror story about his grandfather dying in the hospital in Europe, where their "socialized" health care system caused the nurses to refuse to grant certain things that would improve his health, because..."he's old, and he's going to die anyway".

      Also, it's one thing to pay into social security, and then benefit from it if you become disabled or elderly.....but it's another thing entirely to have a COMPLETE WELFARE STATE, and be TAXED INTO OBLIVION.

      In socialism, the "community" (which is really just the government) owns the means of production and distribution...and it's the GOVERNMENT who decides which businesses succeed. And we also cannot own property under Socialism.

      If I have a screen printing company (in a fully socialist state), then I cannot own:

      * digital printing machines
      * heat platen press machines
      * the warehouse that holds my equipment
      * the merchandise

      If I had this T-shirt company, I wouldn't even own it...and I'd be unable to profit from my own ideas, because the distinction between employer and employee would be dissolved. We all would become a cog in a faceless mob.

      And forget about actually owning a house, or owning land, or owning a farm. Just forget it. No private property in socialism. We'd all become SLAVES under full-blown SOCIALISM.

      If you want to succeed under SOCIALISM, you have to focus more on increasing your POLITICAL POWER....rather than on actually being PRODUCTIVE.

      Small elements of socialism are fine, but full-blown socialism is DEATH.

      An analogy would be: small doses of botox can be useful for improving your face, but larger doses of botox can kill you.

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